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Anyone can see the world has gone mad.
Our matrix is insane. Why?
Since antiquity, the ruling families have practiced strategic inbreeding programs to sustain their wealth and power, from Pharaoh to King Charles III and everyone in between.
+1 ImageImage
Its no secret the ancient Egyptians used this practice during many of their dynastic periods. The most famous being King Tut, the offspring of the famous androgynously portrayed monotheist, #Akhenaten and his sister. Tut also married his sister.…
Hapsburg Holy Roman Empire was so inbred for centuries that ruling heads of state suffered from low intelligence, mental issues and physical deformities ranging from inability to walk straight like King Tut, enlarged tongues - inability to eat/talk and the famous #HapsburgJaw ImageImageImageImage
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#GlobalWarming gang itself is not aware whether it is warming or cooling. They are shifting goal post from one aspect to another and fooling global people. Time to show them the door says Visionary @IMPraveenDalal. #ClimateChange @_PTLB @_OfficialECI @_GroundReality @_CEPHRC
From #IceAge to #GlobalWarming, international cabal and its gang have used all possible dirty tricks to fool global people. Time to show them the door says Visionary @IMPraveenDalal. #ClimateChange @_PTLB @_OfficialECI @_GroundReality @_CEPHRC @FreedomMyths @ODRConnect @_AFPOH
UN and its gang have used all possible dirty tricks to fool global people for past 50 years…. Time to show them the door says Visionary @IMPraveenDalal. #ClimateChange @_PTLB @_OfficialECI @_GroundReality @_CEPHRC @FreedomMyths @ODRConnect @_AFPOH
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Two weeks before the pandemic started, the government (NIAID) and MODERNA signed a confidential agreement regarding COVID VACCINES, how did they know!!??

Anthony Fauci has to answer some questions!
#vaccine #vaccineinjury #vaccinedeaths
This might have been done before….
#vaccine #plandemic
On behalf of the Rockefellers, dr Frederic Gates injected the army with, ‘A VACCINE MADE FROM, BACTERIAL HORSE PUSS’ in order to stop, ‘MENINGITIS’ so the army got sick and spread it around the world.

Give me a break.

Google it.
#vaccine #vaccineinjuries #VaccineDeath
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Millions of people have lost jobs, students coerced and intimidated with mandates, and millions still discriminated against due to a worthless, bullshit status.
Millions of people virtue signaling and shaming others for doing their own risk/benefit analysis concerning #genetherapy jabs. Bullying and threatening people (innocent children) into taking an experimental gene therapy so they could function in society.
Ask yourself…..
👉 Did you buy into the propaganda?
👉 Did you and do you frequent establishments, services, and destinations that openly practice discrimination based on covid19 vaxx status?
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#SatanicNewMoon 7-28-22
#CommonwealthGames opening #ritual depicted worship of the #ApisBull This is extremely important because the #PriestKings are advertising their control of the masses. #AgeOfTaurus

Let me explain.
The #PriestKings bloodline date back to antiquity. This sun worshiping pharaonic cult hails from the era of the bull (Taurus) which predated Christianity by 4k+ yrs. This is the era in which God created Adam.
Below is their vassal Bull General #KlausSchwab @WEF
#KlausSchwab is the military general exercising the will of the #PriestKings and their #DavosAgenda. World dominance by means of global government infiltration and subversion under false pretenses #Plandemic #ClimateCrisis #GreatReset #SocialJustice…
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WEF (World Economic Forum), WHO (World Health Organization), IMF (International Monetary Fund) and a whole bunch of non democratic, unelected organizations try to control the narratives of this free world.

We can’t follow them blindly, a thread 🧵👇
@wef Klaus and the Davos crowd are scared that they'll lose control of their #GreatReset narrative if #Bitcoin  succeeds as a worlds top currency Image
WEF motto…

You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy Image
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Man-made famine, coming soon to America, courtesy of the @JoeBiden Regime.

Doubt me?

Since he took office some 42 food processing facilities have been torched soon after he announced there would be food shortages at the G7, the most recent a chicken 🐓 processing facility.
Yet another bizarre fire 🔥 that will threaten our food supply.

I’m sure that in the mind of @JoeBiden Vladimir Putin is somehow to blame.

Wait for it.

I would say #Google it, but when I actually USED @Google vs @DuckDuckGo the results were obviously censored with pro-Biden narratives.

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Nothing to see here ...
Just some Sheeple going to start WWIII 🤷‍♀️

#PatriotsWWUnite #together

WWIII = 🦠💉#Plandemic #Scamdemic

The Sheeple up there didn’t know this 👇🏻

Who, actually, are shooting and 💣ing the civilians? for 8 years?

#PatriotsWWUnite #together

WWIII = 🦠💉#Plandemic #Scamdemic

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“The Sonoma County Sheriff has officially opened a criminal investigation into the charges of MURDER and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY regarding the Covid injections” 🔥

- Michelle Ford

(Post 1 of many) ⬇️

#Covid #Covid19 #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Michelle Ford:
(Part 2 of many)

“after I petitioned them to stand up for the PEOPLE and enforce the law. 
We have a case number!!!!

So similar to the UK we can now place ads in papers in local Nextdoor listings - essentially EVERYWHERE and

#Covid-19 #Fraud
(Part 3 of many)
Michelle Ford:

“ask anyone who has experienced adverse effects to the injections that they can now report it as evidence OF A CRIME.  

I need help creating an action team ASAP to help get this information OUT TO THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA

#Scam #CovidScam
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75+ lawmakers bought and sold stock in:

• Pfizer
• Moderna
• J&J

• 479 is the number of clients that were represented by Pharmaceutical/Health lobbyists in 2021.

• 1,616 is the number of lobbyists that represented pharmaceuticals/health products in 2021.

• 59% of those 1,616 lobbyists are former government employees.
• 511 is the number the clients that were represented by Pharmaceutical/Health lobbyists in 2020.

• 1,560 is the number of lobbyists that represented those 511 clients.

• 61% of those 1,560 lobbyists are former government employees.
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#కరోనావైరస్ వదంతి గురించి 
విస్తుపోయే నిజాలు తెలుసుకోండి....


#కరోనావైరస్ వదంతి గురించి
విస్తుపోయే నిజాలు తెలుసుకోండి....


#కరోనావైరస్ వదంతి గురించి
విస్తుపోయే నిజాలు తెలుసుకోండి....

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CV thread, lengthy but informative #coronavirus #cv19 #scamdemic #plandemic

I am not a doomsday preacher nor a fatalist nor a conspiracy theorist. I would be defined as a realist - a person who accepts a situation as it is, and is prepared to deal with it accordingly.
Do I think that the coronavirus is the sign of the end of this age? No, but it has shown me how easily the antichrist will be able to enforce the taking of his mark (Rev. 13:17). Maybe the coronavirus is a plague from God. I do not know, but it seems very evident that it may well
be a practice run, a drill, a simulation, a rehearsal, for Satan to work out the bugs for his superman. This is the beta version, being used to get all the nations prepared for the FINAL WORLD GOVERNMENT.
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I teamed up w/ academic to see if banned #COVID19 disinformation videos like Plandemic were still widely available on the mainstream social networks. Short answer: 100%

Over 8-month period, these banned videos racked up 600k of @Facebook engagements even though they were banned
How did that happen? Well, these videos were uploaded to fringe sites like BitChute (a YouTube rival), then those videos were shared widely on FB w/o getting flagged. FB took down many of these banned videos when I told them about issue. But still, not a good look, imho
Let's call it the "replatforming" problem. You can ban as many videos/posts as you like. But whatever you do, ppl will find ways around those checks. Case in point: this version of #Plandemic is still on FB (via BitChute) 👇
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1/ The New Age of Aquarius World Order

Discussed in this thread;

•The imminent mass culling of humanity

•Why the Elites want 'Truthers' to survive this cull for the main event in 2025

•The coming Luciferian One World Religion
#plandemic Image
2/ The Theosophical Society was started by Helena Blavatsky in the late 1800's to lay the groundwork for the destruction of Christianity to be replaced by a new Satanic one world religion. Theosophists openly worship Lucifer who they refer to as the 'Light Bearer'.. Image
3/ Theosophists like Alice Bailey spoke of a "Plan" for a 'New World Order' or 'New Age of Aquarius'. They say that a 'new Christ' who they refer to as 'Maitreya' or 'World Teacher' will appear sometime around 2025 & usher in a golden age of light and peace.. Image
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Sooo.... NOW for the good news. It’s now being confirmed by military and forensic cyber analysis that OUR election was hacked by many governments. Mostly CHYNA. Trump won by at least 81mn to Chyna Joe’s 68mn. It’s NOW also been proven that the @DOJPH @FBI @CISAgov and more KNEW
about this PRIOR DURING and AFTER the election and held it from the American people. Why these analysts waited till now to come out with this can only be because they were also monitoring WHO else “KNOWINGLY” went along with this. Heads are gonna roll hard for “TREASON”. Suicide
weekend will soon be upon us for those who would like to save us taxpayers some money. I can’t wait to see ALL those corrupt MFers being paraded out in the streets in handcuffs. It’s going to be a glorious spring. But then again, most Americans already saw this coming. Just wait
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This will probs get me banned or offed, but #Retweet and expose that this #communist agenda is why they unleashed the #covid19 #Plandemic
Below are many facts + personal theories. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK,
This goes back far beyond 2014, but this is where things got weird, and the agenda becomes quite obvious. GOF research halt- they wanted to create "viruses virulent/pathogenic,- their words. For vaccine/protection purposes, of course. 🙄
The researchers reviewing the request for GOF shot it down- here's a taste of the 200+ page discussion, more ss to come. I believe Obama wanted to wait bc he didn't want this to tarnish his memory in the WH, & it was used to take #Trump down/implement communism. My take.
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@BillKronoss @CatrionaColllns @FatEmperor Thread about Matt Hancock.

Hancock was a protégé of George Osborne for whom he worked 2005-2010. Elected an MP in 2010 he had several junior (Minister of State) posts in the Cameron govt. And of course was a Remainer.

Replying to @tonyseymour @BillKronoss and 2 others
@BillKronoss @CatrionaColllns @FatEmperor After the 2016 Brexit Referendum, Hancock mysteriously survived PM Theresa May's "purge of the Cameroons". In Jan 2018 he was promoted to full Minister (Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport).…

@BillKronoss @CatrionaColllns @FatEmperor The same month, Jan 2018, Hancock gave his speech in Davos ‘Reimagining policy making for the fourth industrial revolution’.…

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The movie 'V for Vendetta' that everyone is saying resembles our current #plandemic reality was actually Hollywood programming us to follow the coming Antichrist. Image
Just like in the Movie, the fake virus, #fakenews & over the top dracronian nonsensical restrictions we are now seeing are not intended to permanently enslave us...
The intent is for us to rise up, tear down this 'evil' corrupt Satanic NWO and usher in the 'good' Luciferian New World Order and worship the one who helps us do it.

#SCAMDEMIC2020 Image
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.Programación subliminal ❓

Echa un vistazo y decide por ti mismo

✔Una muestra de que los conspiranoicos son los que todavía creen en sus gobiernos, las farmacéuticas o los medios de intoxicación informativa
✔Grecia pide mandar un SMS al Gobierno durante el segundo confinamiento para poder salir 🤯
✔Vacunas obligatorias Ej.Alemania/Australia ImageImage
Pues ya está aquí...
Ahora a ver si somos como otros países que se levantan o un país de 🐑🐑

🤔Tienes miedo?
✔Quédate en casa, vacúnate, ponte tetas o haz lo que quieras... Pero NO puedes obligar a nadie a tratarse o vacunarse en contra de su voluntad
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4 million children go back to school in #Syria, including in the liberated parts of #Idlib - sanitary regulations apply. The start of the school year is regarded as a victory over US backed terrorism and occupation. Image
Yet physical distancing and online education are often not possible in Syria's current conditions. Image
Western anti-war orientalists: 'what a shame the #Gates #plandemic conspiracy has spread to #Syria ! Syrians: whatever, we will protect our kids going back to school.
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With Dan Andrew's Roadmap Out of Lockdown I doubt Victoria will ever be allowed to go to ‘covid normal' ... let alone real normal.…
This roadmap has just being announced.
I think Melbourne is being used as a test case for the rest of the world.
Thank heavens it is spring here and more sunshine keeps helps my mental state.
#Shamdemic #Plandemic #DictatorDan #COVIDIOTS
#DanielAndrews, Victoria's Premier, passed legislation last Feb that muzzled victims of pedophilia from speaking out publicly and doing activism in their own name.

No one would do this unless they are working for and controlled by the pedophile network.
#Pedos are #Luciferians
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@garethicke World Bank Launches First-Ever Pandemic Bonds to Support $500 Million Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility [2017]…
@garethicke International Bank For Reconstruction And Development [2017]…
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