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#Florida Can Defeat #DeathSantis in 2022 @RepValDemings Will #RetireMarco #ALEC, #CNP, #KochNetwork Legalize #Cannabis Resist the Privatization of America
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26 Oct
1/2 ‘Christocrat’ Rick Scarborough Has Big Plans to ‘Take Over’ School Boards All Across Texas… thousands of Texan pastors will activate their congregations to ensure that conservative Christians “take over their local school boards” all across the state
2/2 "Rick Scarborough, a self-described “Christocrat,” strident anti-LGBTQ activist, and longtime critic of public education" sits on the Board of Governors of the Council for National Policy. #CNP #LGBTQ #publiceducation

Are you surprised? Image
“If Every Church Said, ‘We Will Take Over Our Community'”: The (Christian Right) Revolution Starts Small and Local… "the Christian Right is seeking to ignite a grassroots political revolution beginning with local offices."
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14 Oct
Trump Supporters Are Waving All-Black American Flags, and Here’s Why You Should Be Nervous… Black American flags are the flags that mean “no quarter shall be given.” They are the opposite of the white flag of surrender.
"Trump supporters have begun flying all-black American flags, in an implicit threat to harm or kill their opponents — meaning nonwhite people, “socialist liberals,” Muslims, vaccinated people and others deemed to be “enemies” of “real America.”
"It means that they will not surrender, will not take prisoners, and are willing to die for their cause. It means they will execute their enemies.

"Who are their enemies? Pretty much any non-Conservative. You know, Democrats, Liberals, LGBTQ, BIPOC, and the vaccinated. ..."
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30 Aug
1/ What’s Missing From Popular Discussions of Today’s Christian Nationalism?…

This MUST READ article is from @kathsstewart,
author of "The Power Worshippers: Inside the
Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism".
2/ “Seven Mountains Dominionism” is a heartbeat away from everything that happens in the Republican Party. This year, in fact, the Road to Majority featured a breakout session titled “The Seven Mountains of Influence.”
3/ “You got to put on the full armor of God,” said Florida Governor Ron #DeSantis, alluding to a passage from Ephesians that’s often used to invoke a “spiritual war” against the devil. “You got to take a stand, take a stand against the Left’s schemes.”
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12 Aug
1/ #KochNetwork Infiltration of Public Schools 'Harms Students, Teachers, and Our Democracy': Report… "In their assault on public education, the network has taken actions to increasingly privatize and corporatize K-12 institutions." #education
2/ "In order to influence K-12 public education, the #KochNetwork has financed local, state, and national mechanisms to create multiple crises, only to turn around and cite these same crises as reasons to adopt their free market solutions," according to @UnKochCampus
. Image
3/ "All public institutions are a threat to the #KochNetwork's free market economic agenda," the report states. "In their assault on public #education, the network has taken actions to increasingly privatize and corporatize K-12 institutions." Image
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7 Aug
1/ The Right-Wing Political Machine Is Out to Take Over School Boards by Fanning Fears of Critical Race Theory… Leadership Institute training conservatives to run for school boards to “stop the teaching of #CRT before it destroys the fabric of our nation."
2/ The Leadership Institute, which is offering trainings on taking over school boards, runs a project called Campus Reform, which encourages conservative students to “expose the leftist abuses on your campus.” Image
3/ Campus Reform is a project of the Leadership Institute connecting "conservatives into a nationwide conservative network and a lifetime of civic involvement.Almost all significant conservative organizations across America now employ Institute graduates" Image
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5 Aug released a treasure trove of documents and videos from the highly secretive Council for National Policy #CNP. These videos are taken from the report by @NickSurgey published at… (this is updated with new YouTube links)
#ALEC CEO and Council for National Policy member Lisa Nelson told the #CNP that ALEC had been working with three GOP attorneys on “action items that legislators can take to question the validity of an election.”
"How to Win - Untapped Strategies for Igniting the Right's Resources" Speakers at the CNP May 2019 meeting include President of Lindsey Communications Joan Lindsey, Faith Wins President Chad Connelly and Council for National Policy President Bill Walton
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4 Aug
Who is working against distributed solar: National actors…
2/ Edison Electric Institute (EEI) warned of net metering’s potential to adversely impact utility investors. EEI is a member of #ALEC and worked to create model legislation to attack net metering at the state level
3/ The report asserts that the #ALEC Energy, Environment and Agriculture task force has authored and introduced model bills intended to get rid of or heavily compromise net metering programs…
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2 Aug
This Florida COVID surge is different. So is the state’s response… “the seasonal wave we’re experiencing in Florida, that’s being driven a lot by a lot of younger people. They’re not getting really sick from it or anything” DeSantis said

Oh, then it's Okay
Like he said, "younger people, They're not getting really sick from it or anything", so, WTF, DeSantis seeks to block school mask mandates in Florida…
Disney requires all non-union U.S. employees to get COVID-19 vaccinations…


DeSantis signs bill banning vaccine ‘passports,’ suspends local pandemic restrictions…
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28 Jul
1/ ALEC’s Annual Meeting Queues Up Fights Over Federal Powers, Fossil Fuels, Big Tech, Labor Rights, and the GOP’s Culture Wars… via @EXPOSEDbyCMD
2/ A new ConCon proposal called the Application Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution to Propose an Amendment to Require Fiscal Limitations and Accountability for the Legislative and Executive Branches of the National Government.
3/ The radical Energy Discrimination Elimination Act would punish financial institutions and other companies that cease to do business with fossil fuel companies by barring the state from investing in them and denying them state business. Image
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15 Jul
1/ Putin personally authorized a secret operation to support a “mentally unstable” Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election during a closed session of Russia’s national security council according to what are assessed to be leaked Kremlin documents…
2/ A Trump White House would help secure Moscow’s strategic objectives, among them “social turmoil” in the US and a weakening of the American president’s negotiating position.
3/ There is a brief psychological assessment of Trump, who is described as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex”. There is also apparent confirmation that the Kremlin possesses kompromat on Trump.
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15 Jul
1/ Meet the new tea party, same as the old tea party… Both mobilized the grass roots with crackpot conspiracy theories, racial dog whistles and apocalyptic depictions of the impending liberal destruction of the American life.
2/ Just as before, the new tea partyism is functioning as a kind of front-line energizing force that could help enable a series of GOP donor-class and plutocratic interests to grind the current progressive economic moment to a halt.
3/ For the old tea party, claims of destruction of the American way and charges of socialism about a health care that conservatives once championed. In practice, the energized base meant a House GOP takeover — and a check on progressivism that led to years of grueling austerity
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18 Jun
1/ BLOCKING ROOFTOP SOLAR… In 2021, a national network of utility interest groups and fossil fuel-linked think tanks continues to offer funding, advice and support to utilities across the country seeking to undermine rooftop #SolarPower. These include: 👉
2/ Edison Electric Institute developed the model for utilities to use in attacking #SolarPower at the state level. EEI worked with #ALEC to create model legislation to attack net metering, and spends a lot donating to and lobbying national Congressional candidates and parties.
3/ The Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is a Houston-based front group for the utility and #fossilfuel industry, representing companies like Florida Power & Light, ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell Oil. It helps utilities fight their battles in states like Florida, Indiana and Utah.
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17 Jun
1/ Former ALEC State Chair Joe Manchin Continues to Do the Group’s Bidding…
In blocking the #ForThePeopleAct Manchin was also furthering the policies of #ALEC. The first message on ALEC’s website about H.R. 1 is that it would “exacerbate partisanship.”
2/ As a state senator in 1994, Manchin was ALEC’s West Virginia state chairman and an #ALEC national director. An inquiry to Manchin’s Senate office about his ALEC participation and his views on on S. 1’s nonpartisan redistricting provisions did not receive a response. Image
3/ #ALEC's Federal Relations Federal Relations Program is listed under ALEC's Federalism and International Relations Task Force. As recently as 2017 Joe Manchin was a member. Image
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16 Jun
Cable Connector Market 2021 Insights and Outlook- Amphenol Corporation, Molex Inc. (Acquired by #Koch Industries), Fujitsu Limited, Prysmian SpA… The market for cable connectors is booming, owing to the global digital transition. Image
The increasing popularity of electric vehicles is expected to boost the growth of the market for connectors, aided by the adoption of highly advanced electronic systems such as audio controls, driver assistance systems, diagnostic systems, cruise control, and infotainment systems
Koch Industries taking large position in another 21st-century industry while fossil fuels and other old tech businesses face extinction over time.
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14 Jun
GOP Lawmakers Intensify Effort to Ban Critical Race Theory in Schools via @pewtrusts The Center for Renewing America created model #CriticalRaceTheory legislation for lawmakers to introduce
The Center for Renewing America is a right-leaning nonprofit organization created by Russel Vaught, director of the Office of Management and Budget under former President Donald Trump.… Image
There is no evidence that #CriticalRaceTheory, as defined by its originators, has been taught in any public school. Nor has a school board in any state cited critical race theory as an element of its curriculum.
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6 Jun
Top ALEC Official Is Behind Conspiracy Theory-Fueled Arizona Ballot Audit… by @duboo via @truthout Republican Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann also serves as the second-highest ranking board member of #ALEC
in the summer of 2019, ALEC secretly launched a “Process Working Group” that is tasked with elections and redistricting. Fann is part of that group, which is chaired by fellow Arizona State Rep. Shawnna Bolick (R) as well as disgraced attorney and Trump advisor Cleta Mitchell.
Cleta Mitchell, Gold Circle Member of the Council for National Policy #CNP worked with #ALEC exploring additional ways to invalidate a potential Trump loss #ShadowNetwork
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5 Jun
1/ Neoliberalism Has Always Been a Threat to Democracy… Neoliberalism has survived by altering the very foundations of our democratic institutions and organizations.
2/ Understand that neoliberals’ age-old fear of the tyranny of the propertyless majority and the possibility that their democratic ambitions might impinge on economic liberty.

James Buchanan explained this neatly in his famous coauthored book, Democracy in Deficit.
3/ Buchanan's focus was not on free competition, proper market operations, or even on criticizing state intervention. It was on “the political institutions through which economic policy must be implemented.”
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5 Jun
1/ Think tank policy and the 67th Montana Legislature… GQP legislators this session tackled issues that #ALEC, the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Prosperity pushed nationwide with model bills. Many are now law in Montana and dozens of other states.
2/ ALEC appears to have taken notice of the state’s embrace of its agenda from transgender rights to the environment, as evidenced by a recent announcement that #ALEC staff will be traveling to Montana this summer to “discuss the issues that matter to you and your communities.”
3/ Montana HB218 aimed to eliminate so-called free speech zones on university campuses. HB349 prohibited universities from limiting a student group’s access to funding and campus facilities. These were based on #ALEC’s 'Forming Open and Robust University Minds Act' model policy.
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23 May
American democracy is in even worse shape than you think… We have four huge problems. I don’t see solutions to any of them...-->
(1) The Republicans are laying the groundwork to refuse to certify a 2024 Democratic presidential victory should the GOP hold a House majority.

“We need to grapple with what that should mean for our expectations going forward and start thinking about real worst-case scenarios.”
(2) Expect to see Republicans gerrymander legislative districts, making it virtually impossible for Democrats to win a majority in either house of additional state legislatures. And all indications are that the six GOP appointees on SCOTUS aren’t going to do much to halt it.
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12 May
Divided Republicans reunite to mount defense of filibuster… While Democrats have struggled to unite members of their Senate caucus, especially their centrist holdouts, to get rid of the #filibuster, Republicans have been lockstep in opposing changes (1/5)
Conservative outside groups have been organizing overtly and covertly to counter Democratic pressure to gut the #filibuster. Heritage Action is targeting “constituencies of Democratic senators in which we have a very large footprint– Arizona, Georgia, West Virginia” (2/5)
Americans for Prosperity, another outside group, funded by Charles #Koch, has launched a six-figure ad campaign focused on Manchin and Sinema (3/5)
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30 Apr
New AFP-NH ad, grassroots campaign urges Hassan to ‘keep her word’ on filibuster… Americans for Prosperity is targeting New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan to oppose changing the #filibuster rule (1 of 4 )
Americans for Prosperity this week is unveiling a six-figure social media and radio ad campaign – coupled with a grassroots effort – urging “select senators” to oppose the push by Democratic Senate leaders to do away with the 60-vote #filibuster rule. #KochNetwork (2 of 4) Image
The ads link to a web page urging visitors to sign a letter that says: “Dear Senator Hassan: Do not end the #filibuster." Reform is a “partisan tactic to make it easier to ram through one-sided legislation” and “increase partisanship and division …”(3of4)… Image
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