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Random screenshot time!

Found this is my folder. Seems relevant.

Justice Kavanaugh & Justice Alito with Brian Brown

Go ahead & click #ThurnundTaxis

@trcfwtt @clayberg @RanceWilla @HereLiesLolo @insiderfilms1 @gregolear
Brian Brown- Pres of IOF - International Org for the Family
Promotes the "Natural Family"

World Congress of Families (WCF)
The Natural Family: An International Journal of Research & Policy (TNF)
Article 16 Initiative (A16)
Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)
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Feb 3 2018

Ginni Thomas interview w/Don Jr. H/t @LeaLovesUSA. DJTJ talked almost the whole 30 min. I clipped it down to her Qs re: Soros, Obama, Civil War - she learned from a blogger.

Clarence Thomas must be removed from the Supreme Court now!
Ginni Thomas was quoting from this blogger, Daniel Greenfield, a Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His blog articles are regularly featured on multiple sites, but the one that we really need to deal with is ACT for America. Image
Ginni Thomas' preferred reading material apparently.

Horowitz launched FrontPage Mag, an online publication. FrontPage is a platform for publishing a plethora of far-right & anti-Muslim writers/commentators. Employee of DHFC: Daniel Greenfield, a prolific anti-Muslim blogger. ImageImage
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This thread discusses the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates pushed by #MikeFlynn & associates to challenge authority & assert supremacy of county sheriffs & governments over federal authority as part of an ongoing Christian nationalist insurrection against lawful authority. /1
.@PaulHRosenberg, citing Christian Right researcher Rachel Tabachnick, writes how Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates first emerged "out of Operation Rescue,” the anti-abortion movement, as way to challenge authority, even if violently. /2…
Matthew Trewhella, founder of Missionaries to the Preborn based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, wrote a book on The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates in 2013 to develop his theory to challenge authority. /3
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This thread is about the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, its ties to the radical right hub organization the #ShadowNetwork Council for National Policy, & efforts to overturn the 2020 election, particularly in Florida. /1
The National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) was founded in 1996. That came many years after several state-based Republican Assemblies. California was the first in 1934. /2…
The California Republican Assembly was known for its support of Barry Goldwater & Ronald Reagan. The National Federation of Republican Assemblies touts Ronald Reagan & Phyllis Schlafly, one of its founding members, as luminaries & inspirations. /3
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This thread is about #ClayClark, a South Dakota-based former DJ, business podcaster & founder of the ReAwaken America tour. /1
#ClayClark was an early partner with #RogerStone on the Big Lie Stop the Steal movement & works with #MikeFlynn. He helps them with outreach to the Pentacostal, charismatic & “prosperity Gospel” communities. /2
Of local interest, #ClayClark’s productions have featured at least FIVE #Sarasota-based conspiracy theorists: #MikeFlynn, #PatrickByrne, #AnnVandersteel, #JohnMichaelChambers, & #RajDoraisamy. /3…
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January 6th 🧵's

I will be watching for new information and ommissions by the committee tonight.

#January6thHearings ImageImage
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Tuesday, June 7th, 2022.
News you can use. 🧵
The DeSantis admin/GOP wanted to spread COVID on purpose.

"State auditors reviewed a sample of 2,600 tests taken at three state-run testing facilities and found that state-contracted laboratories failed to return results for nearly 60% of tests."…
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#InstitutesofMassDestruction literally created to make other IMDs impenetrable by regulation, accountability & societal contribution.

It's this sh¡t that created whatever this melted crayon version of America we see today.

Trump was their Trojan Horse. The rest let it happen.
@sourcewatch's info on Capital Research Center (CRC)
Founded in 1984 to "examine the influence of money in politics".…
#CNP #BradleyFoundation #SNP ImageImage
Facebook ads w/climate change denial viewed over 8mil times in the first half of 2020.
CRC, Prager (who's fav black woman-white nationalist Candace Owens was just w/Orban, Texas Public Policy Foundation (who wrote the #79days wargame w/Claremont), Turning Point USA & others. ImageImage
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@SethAbramson Have you read #DemocracyInChains or #ShadowNetwork @SethAbramson?

The #KochNetwork & #CNP goal is to destroy America & replace it with christofascist theocracy with Christian biblical law instead of the Constitution with libertarian economic policies. They're going to end 1/
@SethAbramson All public schools, social safety net programs, environmental laws, & labor laws.
They will force you to be indoctrinated in churches to receive help. White children will be sold to the wealthy. All other children will be slave labor. #LowWageConservatives are against any help 2/
@SethAbramson So you're so desperate that you'll accept poverty wages just to eat.

Everyone needs to read the GOP #11PointPlan. It's this agenda laid out as govt policy.

Mass incarceration is a form of voter suppression & ensures GOP power with prison gerrymandering. The 14th Amendment 3/
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@SpeakerPelosi @TeamPelosi @SenSchumer @WHCOS @POTUS @JoeBiden @dccc @dscc @RepSeanMaloney @DemGovs @DLCC @DemocraticAGs @VP @KamalaHarris @DNC @harrisonjaime
Please read this thread and listen to what I have to say.
We have a serious problem in our country. The GOP is fascist. 1
You need to come up with a united messaging strategy & go on the attack. I'm a lifelong Democrat. I'm incredibly disappointed in the lack of defense of: #JudgeKetanjiBrownJackson; the #LGBTQIA community; abortion rights; voting rights; and civil rights of Americans.
It's time 2/
To have daily press conferences pointing out the danger of the GOP to Americans.
The GOP has been taken over by white, fundamentalist, 'Christian', nationalists, who don't believe in multi-culturalism, democracy, or separation of church & state, aka #Dominionism.
#Ziklag, #CNP 3
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We need to frame every radical right wing thing in the context of its #CNP ties bcz every single radical right wing that outrages us & threatens our nation, is born of that network & done to bring its vision to fruition, which is...
The #CNP vision has been consistent, since it formed in 1981. Trump wasn’t who they wanted but they made good use of him. We’d be a nation governed by “Judeo-Christian” laws, rn, if Ted had been the GOP 2016 candidate. The CNP is capable of bringing their mission to fruition.
When we see a name on a radical RW thing, it’s CNP tied, whether it’s a former CNP name, like, Bannon, Flynn, Conway or DeVos, or “grassroots” orgs, like, Moms For Liberty & criminal elements, like, Proud Boys, as well as Governors, Senators & a SCJ wife, there is a CNP tie.
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This thread investigates Moms for America, its history, founder, involvement with January 6 Big Lie Stop the Steal activism, & post-Jan. 6 activism with #MikeFlynn, anti-CRT, anti-masking, anti-public education & the trucker convoy. /1
Moms for America, formerly Homemakers of America, was founded by #KimberlyFletcher in 2004 & changed names in 2018. Moms for America Action is the 501c4 political advocacy & lobbying arm. /2…
The Moms for America corporate address is Englewood, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. The payments & correspondence address is Mansfield, Texas, in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. /3
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@ThePlumLineGS If you want to expose the movement, look at the following hashtags: #ChristianNationalism; #Dominionists; #exvangelical; #ChurchToo; #SpiritualAbuse; #CouncilForNationalPolicy; #CNP; #Ziklag; #UIP; #Gloo & #ProjectBlitz.

US churches have been using data mining since at least 1/
@ThePlumLineGS 2013. They use #Gloo to target opioid addicts, mentally ill, and vulnerable people for outreach & indoctrination into RW politics.
It's not a coincidence that in 2016 trump won every county with high opioid use. They were targeted.
I heard it in my evangelical Christian church 2/
@ThePlumLineGS Currently #ProjectBlitz, a bill mill like #ALEC, run by radical, conservative, 'Christians', is legislating their religious beliefs into law in the states.
All of the anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ, anti-woman, anti-trans, anti-education legislation is coming from them. It's related 3
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CNP's favorite psychopath Cleta Mitchell on Warroom to tell "patriots" about a "secret plan" coming to an election office near you.
Claims she was on Trump’s legal team & that "Georgia was a lawless election". /1
She's not hallucinating, she says about a Biden executive order from March 2021. She's not getting her FOIAs and rep. Ted Bud w/14 others are asking for the "secret plans". She claims tax dollars will be used & "ZUCKERBUCKS" (wink wink Amistad Project) /2
Let's detour for a moment before we play the rest.

Here's what she's "not hallucinating" about, except reading this confirms she is in fact, hallucinating.

EO 14019: Promoting Access to Voting Signed: 03/07/2021… /3
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Florida GOP bill would further shield names of dark money donors
Some political groups have come under increased scrutiny recently as a result of a Miami-Dade County “ghost” candidate investigation.
Two versions of the so-called “Personal Privacy Protection Act” & records show language was provided by a lobbyist working on behalf of 2 nonprofits whose tax-exempt status allows them to engage in a restricted level of political activity & doesn't require they disclose donors.
People United for Privacy & Opportunity Solutions Project. Wouldnt provide who was behind groups.
Gruters, Overdorf & Chamizo said the proposed legis is in response to a SCOTUS ruling challenged by Americans for Prosperity Foundation, a conservative political org w/#KochNetwork.
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Intercessors for America (IFA) warrants some investigation.

In Oct 2020, IFA teamed up with True the Vote and launched Pray the Vote Project

Catherine Engelbrecht of TTV
Dave Kubal of IFA

**You want to look at this whole thread**
@January6thCmte @DempseyTwo
True the Vote is a Houston-based vote-monitoring initiative. Many believe that the org's activities are aimed at voter suppression & right-wing agenda.

TTV trains volunteers to monitor elections & report incidents of voter fraud. @sourcewatch…
Following the Nov 2020 election, True the Vote "promised to file lawsuits in 7 swing states as part of its push to 'investigate, litigate & expose suspected illegal balloting & fraud'."
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March 4 2019


When things collide... like Claremont's Eastman and Propagandist Bausman with WCF & Alexey Komov. |1
The World Congress of Families (WCF), a notorious anti-LGBTQ group that’s reportedly received funding from sanctioned Russian oligarchs, is hosting its annual conference in Verona, Italy next month. And a number of Americans have decided to join them. |2
John Eastman, former clerk for SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, and megachurch pastor Jim Garlow. Mike Donnelly, a higher-up at the right-wing Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) & Sean O’Hare, chairman of one of the most prominent anti-abortion groups aimed at American youth.|3
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One year ago today, rightwing attorney Cleta Mitchell resigned from her law firm, Foley & Lardner, after new reports revealed she had been on Trump’s shakedown call to Georgia

So buckle up, buckaroos, it’s time for a long thread on this legal eagle at the GQP nexus.
January 5, 2021, Tea Party lawyer Cleta Mitchell announced she was leaving Foley & Lardner after 20 years. News reports revealed her role in Trump’s call to Brad Raffenberg, Georgia’s Secretary of State.
Now Mitchell is suing to block her J6C subpoenas.…
Cleta Mitchell’s lawsuit against the J6C subpoenas appear to be fishing for information on what the J6C knows, to my eyes. And we could discuss that, but what I’m really curious about is this woman herself, who among the GOP is almost a cipher.… Image
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Two days ago, Vision Surreal shared a link to the PowerPoint in the very recalcitrant Mark Meadows’ emails.

You can see it’s an archived link. Delving into the hosting organization last night turned up a few dumpsters worth of unsavory associates.
The PowerPoint had been hosted on the site of a company that goes by the name of Ingersoll Lockwood, Inc.

Their offices are located in DC in what appears to be a coworking and virtual office space, which makes them look totally legit.
The company’s name is an homage to an American lawyer of the same name who published political novels in the 1800s. Several had a character called Baron Trump. The final novel from 1896 is called “1900, or The Last President”.
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This document on authoritarians and how they are swayed makes for a fascinating read. I’d like to pull out a few tidbits, compare them to the approach Cambridge Analytica used, and make some inferences for the future in this thread.
“Authoritarianism is substantially heritable and mostly determined by lack of “openness to experience.””

It is driven by aversion to complexity.
Compare this to the OCEAN characteristics identified by Cambridge Analytica. The four major groupings into which they place their target audiences all share high levels of Neuroticism AND are very low on Openness.
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Im letzten Politikteil Podcast der Zeit sprach die neue Korrespondentin @amraicoen über die Lage in den USA - und auch wenn ich froh bin, dass sie klarstellt, dass Trump die Republikaner fest in der Hand hat, wurden die Ursachen/Mittel nicht ausreichend analysiert.
Die Einschätzung der Demokraten und der Virginia-Wahl war ebenso oberflächlich - Trumps Motivationskraft liegt in seinem Pandering zu Christlichem Nationalismus, und nicht daran, dass er „Arbeitern den Stolz wiedergegeben hat“. Studien belegen, dass der Schlüssel…
zum Verstehen des „Phänomen Trump“ Christlicher Nationalismus ist - und der ist nicht neu. Er führt Rassismus, Religion, Ausgrenzung, rigide Geschlechtervorstellungen und Hyperkapitalismus zusammen. Trump hat nur als erster die Codierung ganz weggelassen.
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The Leadership Institute jumps in on the right-wing disinformation campaign to destroy public education & censor #intellectualfreedom

"The Leadership Institute will train conservatives, in person and online, willing to stand for election in the skills they need to fight & win."
Dan Crenshaw, who just wrote his own ridiculous children's book as pointed out by @RonFilipkowski
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Heute geht es hier darum, wie die heutigen intellektuellen Vordenker der Politischen und Religiösen Rechten in den USA den Weg bereiten für autoritäres, (proto)-faschistisches Denken und so zu seiner schleichenden Normalisierung beitragen.
Wie schon erwähnt, geht es im christlichen Nationalismus darum, zu definieren, wer „wahre“ Amerikaner sind und wer nicht. Das ist keine Interpretation meinerseits, sondern das wird genauso formuliert. Beweisstück A: Dieser Artikel von Glenn Elmers:…
Abgesehen davon, dass Elmers in einem Nebensatz behauptet, „Millionen von illegalen Einwanderern“ würden sich nie kulturell einleben und seien „rechtlich wie auch politisch Fremde“ (a lot to unpack even here), formuliert er den Kern des Christlichen Nationalismus ganz deutlich:
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