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The future of Senate Bill 150 - aka the pronouns bill - is very up in the air rn.

Some of the House Rs tied to the more drastic "parents' rights" measures are trying to get pieces of those bills, which are dead after not getting enough readings, into SB 150. #KYGA23
If the plot sounds familiar, that's because this happened last year.

House Rs filed harsher bills aimed at "critical race theory." Sen. Max Wise, SB 150's sponsor now, had a "Mr. Nice Guy" approach to such legislation.

Wise's bill cleared the Senate. #KYGA23
When it got to the House, some of the folks tied to the House's "CRT" bills -- which were on their deathbeds -- had Hail Mary attempts to add their language to the bill in order to get it through.

Those attempts failed. #KYGA23 #KYGA22
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🧵The Dept of Ed has proposed rules governing the federal Charter Schools Program grants.

Charter lobbyists & right-wing talking heads are declaring that they are trying to "regulate choices of parents."
@kyhousedems #kyga22 #teacherlegislator

What the regulations actually do is ensure that new charter schools receiving the grants are:

➡️ Racially and socio-economically diverse
➡️ Driven by the needs of the community
➡️ Fiscally responsible and transparent, especially regarding for-profit management organizations

Grant applications will require a community impact analysis describing how student demographics are taken into account and ensuring that desegregation efforts would not be negatively impacted.

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🧵Charter schools control access, shape enrollment, and effectively pick their students. Rep. McCoy stated that, "This is a public school that must take all comers." That is not what actually happens.
@wagmamommandi @NEPCtweet
@kyhousedems #kyga22 #teacherlegislator

How charter school select students during the enrollment process.

How charter schools get students to leave once they are enrolled.

Read more here:…

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🧵How much money have companies paid to lobbyists to advocate for charter schools in KY?
@kyhousedems #kyga22 #teacherlegislator

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Jan. 2012 - Feb. 2019
Charter school trade association.

National Heritage Academies
Jan. 2017 - present
For-profit charter management company based in MI.

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🧵HB9, the charter school bill, passed out of Senate Ed Com today. Rep. McCoy made several statements that don't align with my reading of the bill or my personal conversations.
@kyhousedems #KYGA22

1⃣ Rep. McCoy stated that, "You can't require local funds to move from one entity to another." However, HB9 does just that.

2⃣ Rep. McCoy stated that it is "only the SEEK portion [of the funding] that is going [to the charter school]."

However, the bill states that state budget and KDE add-on funding must be appropriated to the charter school. These payments are in addition to SEEK funding.

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🧵 Debate on HB9, charter schools. I called for 5 amendments:

1⃣ Ban 100% sweeps run by for-profit management companies.
2⃣ Return SPED funding if student returns to district school.
via @YouTube

@kyhousedems #kyga22 @NPEaction @DianeRavitch

3⃣ Report data on student withdrawals and disciplinary action.
4⃣ Remove unconstitutional appropriation of local funding from charter funding mechanism.
5⃣ Ensure that charter accepts students from a waitlist over the course of a school year.

I got the com sub for HB9 on Mon. at 8:11 p.m. The Ed Com meeting was Tues at 8:00 a.m. during which the com sub was adopted.

I immediately requested that all of my amendments be filed to the sub. The amendments I had filed to the original bill were no longer germane.

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If we could get through this week without off-loading millions in KY taxpayer funds to for-profit charter school management companies…

….that’d be greeeeeeat. #kyga22
Context: KY still doesn’t fully fund, among others:
📌 Transportation to school
📌 Textbooks
📌 Kindergarten
And we’re talking about how KY’s public schools are irredeemably broken? Y’all…

Do you realize that Kentucky actually punches well above its weight class in education?
This IN SPITE of a near universal, and in some places precipitous, decline in teacher pay?

(Source: @KyPolicy) Image
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A floor amendment on Senate Bill 1, the school council bill that has been stalled in the House, would add what appears to be the full language of HB 487, an anti-CRT bill. #KYGA22

SB 1 has two readings and could move out to the House Ed cmte and through the House all on Tuesday.

HB 487 never got a committee assignment and is basically dead at this point.
But the fact this comes in a floor amendment rather than a committee sub is interesting. If the bill sponsor wanted those changes, I would think they’d be in the sub.

(Of course, there may be a sub that I haven’t seen because no one ever posts them online before a vote.)
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Kentucky House and Senate set to gavel in an hour earlier than usual today at 1pm in the Old State Capitol. #kyga22
Senate Judiciary on Thursday is taking up HB 269 to prohibit the death penalty for those with a diagnosis of serious mental illness. Already passed the House with 76 votes.
Also on Senate Judiciary agenda Thursday: HB 256 increasing felony penalty of unauthorized practice of law (potential Eric Deters effect), and HB 222 of @RepNimaKulkarni, which would give Kentucky an anti-SLAPP law against frivolous lawsuits meant to silence people
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Yesterday a charter school bill was filed in KY. It is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bill.
@kyhousedems #kyga22 #teacherlegislator
@NPEaction @DianeRavitch

1/17… Image
We are one of the few states that doesn't have charter schools. In 2017, we passed a bill to allow charters, but it did not include a funding mechanism. There was not much interest in charters without money. So today we don't have any. Zero.

We also don't have any voucher tax credit schemes. Parts of last session's bill were ruled unconstitutional and other issues are not yet resolved. They haven't given up, but at this point KY does not appropriate any tax dollars to private or parochial schools.

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With the KY House's tax proposal that would devastate $ for critical services while tax cuts are skewed heavily to the rich & with the Senate’s budget expected soon, it’s important to underscore the damaging impact of so many years of budget cuts & the need for reinvestment 1/
Here’s a look at higher ed funding in KY (a thread) #kyga22 2/
According to a report by @CenterOnBudget , KY is among the 10 states with the worst cuts to state funding for higher ed since before the Great Recession:… 3/
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New version of HB 313 doesn’t go as far as banning charitable bail funds outright (the original version did). But by limiting how much bail they can pay & for which charges, it subjects people who can’t afford their own bail to rules that don’t apply to people with means #kyga22
Charitable bail funds are needed in Kentucky because in the current pretrial system, a person’s ability to await trial at home rather than in jail is largely and unfairly dependent on which county they live in and whether or not they are poor…
Charitable bail funds help to alleviate some of these injustices by assisting people who otherwise could not afford to pay their bail make the payment, and by providing community supports to help them appear in court and get the services they need.
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Through the rest of #kyga22 we’re going to hear a lot of false claims about a slow recovery to justify painful cuts to the safety net.

I just wanted to come here to say those claims aren’t true. We’re in the midst of a historically strong recovery.🧵…
Just by way of comparison, the current employment recovery is 6 times faster than the 2001 recovery, and outpaces all of them going back to 1981.

(And that's even after throwing out May 2020 when call-backs led to >100,000 returning to their jobs!)
What’s really remarkable is that for employers who pay even modest wages, the jobs have fully recovered.

Its only jobs paying less than $27,000/year that haven’t recovered yet – still employing 15% fewer than at pre-pandemic levels.
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At noon today two committees are taking up bills proposing to amend Kentucky's constitution. HB 476 appears to give local governments more taxing powers, while SB 149 would limit governor's ability to grant pardons and commutations at the end of their terms. #kyga22
There can be a maximum of only 4 statewide ballot initiatives to amend the Kentucky constitution on the ballot this fall, and there are already 2 related to the length of legislative session and declaring no right to an abortion. There's room for 2 more but unclear which will be.
McDaniel's SB 149 restricting governor's pardon powers at the end of their term passed out of committee 7-2. He and some other Republicans made big criticisms of Bevin's action, and Bevin's running mate Alvarado voted for it.
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LIVE NOW: We're in the House Education Committee where lawmakers are considering another bill to ban trans athletes from schools sports and a bill to ban universal mask requirements at schools and colleges/universities. Watch at #KYGA22 #HB23 #HB51
#HB51 would prohibit schools, colleges, & universities from requiring universal masking. Banning safe, simple, and effective precautions would limit equal access to education for some students w/ disabilities. Similar bans are been blocked in other states.…
#HB23 would build on #SB83 by banning trans children students from sports at schools AND at colleges and universities. These bans are discrimination, plain and simple. These are also blocked in court in other states. #KYGA22
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Y'all, I know it is Friday night, but I have a 🚨 new bill alert.

House Bill 487 is an anti-"CRT" bill. This will be the fourth filed in #KYGA22.

Let's chat. 🧵
HB 487, from Reps. Matt Lockett and Jennifer Decker, would prohibit "any classroom instruction, discussion, or instructional materials that promote bigotry, revisionist history, or critical social justice."
Unlike Lockett and Decker's first attempt at this type of legislation, HB 18, this bill specifically says it shouldn't be used to block historical instruction or student speech.
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Hello from the Senate Education Committee! This is the most filled I’ve seen a committee room in a long time.

Several are here for the vote on Senate Bill 83, which would bar trans girls from girls sports teams. #KYGA22 Image
Here's the full agenda. If there have been any changes to the lineup, I haven't seen them. #KYGA22

Please know this is hottest room I remember being in anywhere in the Capitol Annex, so if I pass out, let me go.
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The Kentucky Senate is back for a fun Saturday session. Hearing the two education bills, SB 1 and SB 25, could come up for a vote. #KYGA22
Aight, SB 1 is up in the Senate!

Again, this is the school council bill that would move power over curriculum and principal hiring from SBDM councils to superintendents.

Sen. John Schickel, the bill's sponsor, says the school governance model is "dysfunctional."
Schickel, a NKY Republican, says the problem with SBDM councils is that "it does not answer to the entire community and only answers to a select number of people."

He reiterates the power shift would give the taxpayers more of a say in schools.
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A few education policy updates from #KYGA22 👇

Senate Bill 59 would make more tweaks to the school accountability system, including adding a few ways kids could be considered ready for college or career.…
Six floor amendments have been filed for Senate Bill 25, the one with remote learning days.

All of the amendments basically do the same thing: Give districts 20-25 targeted remote days per school, instead of 10.…
And Senate Bill 1, the school council bill, has two floor amendments.

One would add a parent seat to SBDM councils, bringing them in line with teacher seats.

Another would require a superintendent to implement a "culturally responsive curriculum."…
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Aight, y'all, it is party time.

The Senate Education Committee is about to begin its first meeting of #KYGA22, and what an agenda!

SB 1 would gut the power of SBDM councils.

SB 25 would give districts 10 extra remote learning days.

Follow along!
SB 1 is up first — here's my thread from a few days ago on what it does + why it matters 👇

Sen. John Schickel, the bill's sponsor, says the bill does two things:

1. It puts the final say of curriculum with the citizens (technically, it moves the authority to the superintendent, refer to the above thread for an explanation)

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Someone asked if I could explain what Senate Bill 1 — the school council bill of #KYGA22 — means as if they are five.

Yes, I would be honored to do so. A thread.
Basically, Kentuckians love local control.

So, several major school decisions — curriculum, textbooks, teachers — are made by school-level councils of teachers, parents and a school leader.

These are SBDM councils, with the "s" standing for site or school.
In the last few legislative sessions, bills have been filed to change the makeup of these councils to align the voting power of teachers and parents. (Teachers get 3 seats, parents get 2)
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