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@TamePunk I just shared this article to a blue mountains discussion group.
Instantly I had rape apologists in a fury. Demanding the article be removed. We don’t talk about this stuff, was the narrative.
That’s the problem
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Since September last year, I've been arguing we need urgent law reform in Scotland to give complainers in sexual offence cases the automatic legal right to anonymity which already applies in the rest of the UK -and almost all of the rest of the common law world.
I'm delighted today to launch a dedicated campaign website with @seonaid90 and our @GCULaw students to press on with the arguments for reform in this new session of Holyrood.
We've already made significant progress - raising political consciousness that this is an issue & securing support for change. A commitment to reform was embraced by @theSNP, @ScotTories, @scotlibdems & @scottishgreens manifestos - we hope to hold our MSPs to their promises.
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If You Want Change There is Only One Choice: Jo Jorgensen (@Jorgensen4POTUS):… by @MishGEA
As a libertarian, I agree with this. I am completely unimpressed by Trump or Biden. It’s time to think outside of the tired, outdated two-party box. #LetHerSpeak

For the past four years, I’ve been very frustrated with President Trump. I don’t see any real accomplishments. He’s mostly a showman. This presidency was primarily about boosting his ego. He’s another Silvio Berlusconi.
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The #TwoPartyDuopoly has worked together for decades to erect a mighty #FortressOfProtection. The #2020Election may be an unprecedented opportunity to break right through it.

This is our original depiction of the duopoly's fortress. The first slide shows the structural barriers (exclusionary debates being one of those). The second slide shows how these concrete barriers are reinforced by various barriers of perception. 2/ The Problem: Two-Party Duopoly protected by a fortress it haThe Problem: The fortress is reinforced by barriers of perce
It's hard to argue which type of barrier is stronger, & the reality is they are mutually reinforcing. When the media goes along with a phony narrative that the CPD is a legitimate institution working in the public interest, that has a powerful impact on perceptions. 3/
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@crikey_news The idea that bc I'm a journo & sexual assault survivor advocate I should b forced 2 "cop a few body blows & move on" is unhelpful, especially when some of those 'body blows' r rape threats. But the idea that I dont work hard for gender equality is just plain funny.
@crikey_news Maybe your journalist didn't have time to research me b4 deadline. I'm not going to list every single thing I've done for gender equality here. I'll let you do the homework. But since we are talking about the 'body blows' I cop - & since it's my body up for discussion (as it...
@crikey_news often is when you're a public sexual assault survivor) I thought it might be an idea for me to give you a bit of insight into the type of 'body blows' I cop, courtesy of Bettina Arndt's ongoing abuse, & the decision by mainstream media to put those defamatory views on blast
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NOT SHOCKING (ethics violations).

Trudeau PMO interfering in criminal prosecutions pressuring Attorney General to abandon criminal prosecution of his cronies. When she refused Trudeau fired her. Now he's denying it!

Times' Up Trudeau - Criminal investigation NOW. #cdnpoli
WATCH Trudeau lie to the nation & how easily he does so.

🇨🇦journalist @ezralevant (regularly vilified by Trudeau govt & state media CBC) points to system flaws:

Attorney General "duty of confidentiality to client" Only Trudeau himself can waive!!


🇨🇦 Parliament: Trudeau Government grilled re PMO interference in criminal prosecution at highest level.

Smirking sheepishly, refusing to answer question. Believe themselves above law & untouchable



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