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1 of 11/  THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4700: Donald Trump's Lisp of Fear (and other Tells) — Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #BehaviorAnalysis #NonverbalCommunication #DonaldTrump #LipCurl #Lisp #Fear #LispOfFear Image
2 of 11/ As fear crescendos, we may see any number of multiple nonverbal tells. A cluster of behavior Donald Trump displays when he's scared & feels backed in a corner includes:

• Tightening of jaw
• Extending jaw forward (mild jaw jut)
• Flaring Lips outward (aka a Lip Curl)
3 of 11/  Donald Trump also often Lips slightly when he's frightened. Did you hear it?

It's crucial to differentiate Trump's Fear-Lisp from the separate and distinct phenomenon when he lisps on occasions when his oral prosthesis temporarily loosens.
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2 of 38/  After being arraigned and arrested on Federal charges this week, this image of Donald Trump during a subsequent golf outing not only gives us a peek into his psyche, ....
3 of 38/  ... but it also provides an excellent example of a particular body language behavior commonly displayed, but rarely described in the nonverbal literature:

The Neck of Fear.
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This thread may be a little long but I promise it’s worth it if you have an open mind.

Especially if you’ve ever lived in fear of some puppet President or Ruler pushing the ever dreaded “Red Bottom” and launching nukes.

#goboomboom Image
Nukes do not exist in the way they have been described to us.

Look at this video with your adult eyes. Odd? These are miniatures used to fool you into being afraid.

They showed you these and made young children do drills in schools and hide under desks in manufactured fear.
This man Galen Winsor (1926-2008), a chemist and nuclear physicist went to the Hanford Nuclear Site where they housed 200,000 cubic meters of high-level radioactive waste, swam in the pools where the spent fuel rods were kept and drank a glass of water out of them each day.… Image
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I wrote some threads recently about #fear, and I'd like to return to that topic. one could fill entire bookshelves with treatises on fear.

Western society, however, has not encouraged an understanding of fear. it's easy to see why: understanding fear would lessen it.

and Western politics and leadership and most especially Western *religion*, i.e. Christianity (for the West is hostile to all other religions but Christianity), rely heavily upon fear as their chief tool. the practical psychology of #marketing is largely about fear.

fear furnishes a ready means for *manipulating* people: put a *scare* into people and they panic. they act on fearful impulses, clutching to things for security, behaving in predictable and even ritualized manners that they've learned—coping mechanisms for their fears.

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ah yes, I was going to say more about The Fear™, which is so difficult to discuss. discussing #fear in general is tough; the social taboos of Western culture and Western discourse forbid open discussion of fear. hardline Christianity is largely to blame; fear is useful to them.
fear is the chief weapon of Christian fanatics—e.g. @MattWalshBlog, @laurenboebert, @PastorMark, even mild-mannered @DouthatNYT—and they've good reason: they themselves are afraid. it's likely that they're at least partly afraid of *themselves*; they feel they need a tight leash.
that's the general effect of fear on the human psyche—limitation. your fears determine your boundaries and the range of your likely actions.

extremist Christians believe they've solved the problem of fear, through unwavering faith in...well, something. they have faith, though.
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more on the subject of #fear and how American right-wing politicians and pundits have exploited it. let's start with Mr. @dick_nixon and his aggressive foreign policy, which was contingent upon a lot of trite and racist ideas about how foreigners only respond to force.

"the Communists / the Vietnamese / the Cubans only respect strength," goes the general notion—along with the assertion that any backtracking or correction of mistakes will show "weakness" in the eyes of Johnny Foreigner, as if you were betraying fear to a wild animal.

incidentally, there's a very strong tendency in racist Western discourse (especially on the right) to refer to nations in terms of stereotypes about their peoples, and it's betrayed in language like "the Chinese" or "the Vietnamese" used instead of "China" or "Vietnam".

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I'd like to talk about #fear, which is probably one of the favorite subjects of right-wing discourse, especially if (like @mtaibbi and @NateSilver538 and @DrLeanaWen) you've got some ideological commitment to telling lies and spreading nonsense about #COVID19.

it's not a good sign when people talk constantly about fear, while pretending the entire while that it's not *their* fear they're talking about but someone else's.

imagine being next to someone on the street, and they start asking you over and over: "are you afraid?"

imagine it. "are you afraid? are you afraid?" over and over.

that's not how a brave person is used to talking; courage is *controlling* fear, whereas needlessly pushing fear into conversations is a great way to *generate* fear—which is what @NateSilver538 *&c. WANT.

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Tuesday Top Crypto News.

Everything you need to know in one short thread…
According to the Wall Street Journal (#WSJ) Coinbase Global (#COIN) told clients on Monday it’s no longer supporting #Signet, the real-time payments network of failed #SignatureBank.
The #Crypto #Fear and #Greed Index has hit its highest index score this year, reaching levels not seen since #Bitcoin posted its all-time high in November 2021.
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C'est toujours mieux que des slips anti-onde #VerreÀMoitiéPlein, mais je viens de regarder la vidéo marketing, il n'y a rien qui va, pratiquement tous les chiffres sont faux à part le 256 dans AES-256. Du coup (logique) c'est soutenu par le ministère de l'environnement. ⤵️
Déjà, là. Ce ne sont pas vraiment les premiers DC qui ont défini l'hébergement web, mais admettons. Ce n'est presque pas faux.
Ce 20 % (non sourcé) est faux (mais ça vend du bon gros #fear), c'est largement en dessous (le numérique dans son intégralité est estimé à 10 %, tout compris).
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1. Is a none confrontational & none radical opposition useful in Zimbabwe?

I'm often asked about that question above, particularly from those who #fear that 'Chamisa has pacified the Opposition, which is failing to do any demonstrations'

Here's what that narrative misses 👇
2. Firstly, a demonstration isn't an end unto itself.

Put differently, once off demonstrations are actually pointless & ineffective, unless the intention is mere optics, and stoking egos of the organizers.

Demonstrations must result in a clearly defined outcome.
3. So if the Opposition is to engage in mass action today, the success of it won't be on the number of those in attendance.

Rather, it should be on the impact it has, and/or the ability to sustain such a course of action, until the message is delivered, and it's impact felt.
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I'd like to return to this subject a bit—this strange business of how "movement #conservatism" in the United States, by which I mean the lethal strain of reactionary #Christian theocracy that infests the current Republican Party, puts such an enormous value on *feelings*.

it's strange, because not one American reactionary—not @loganclarkhall, not @thomaschattwill or @shadihamid, not a single propagandist at @NRO or @AEI or @FRCdc—will ever admit to being motivated by anything other than pristine, sparkling _logic_. it's part of the costume.

the @GOP and its partisans have been practicing this pose for *decades* now. William Buckley—a coarse, vulgar, thoroughly ignorant man who was good at sounding erudite when a camera was running—was typical of the new "rationalist" pose in right-wing American politics.

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#BoJo branded '#provenliar' as Met Police issue fines over Downing Street parties -2 hrs ago
- #ScotlandYard statement confirming twenty fixed penalty notices will be issued for breaches of Covid-19 rules following lockdown-busting parties in #SesameStreet
#SesameStreet's Awards, The Worst Actor Winner.
The #UK health secretary, #Hancock #CrocodileTears | Dec 09, 2020
- “It’s been such a tough year for so many people and there’s William #Shakespeare putting it simply for everybody...
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@WholeMarsBlog now...this sort of thing is very interesting. it's speculative and futile, nonsensical even, but these little arithmetic calculations are one of the chief preoccupations of the grifter class—the #entrepreneur class, the #investor class, the #cryptocurrency gambler class.

@WholeMarsBlog @WholeMarsBlog, @APompliano, @BillyM2k, and all the other grifting rag-tag who are wont to dangle after @elonmusk (or any other wealthy and famous person whom they perceive as blessed with #success) spend huge amounts of time with these napkin-scribblings that forecast *riches*.
@WholeMarsBlog @APompliano @BillyM2k @elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog starts out with a false assumption: @Tesla will be able to extract cash from literally every car driver in the country. this is their presumed #market, and it's deliberately chosen to be as broad as possible, so as to forecast even greater riches from extorting it.
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#Protest against #Covid19 #lockdown after fire kills 10 in Xinjiang | Nov 26
- Late Friday, videos circulated widely on the Chinese internet showing throngs of residents in #Urumqi marching to a government building and chanting “end lockdowns,”…
#China is #Rothschild's Model for #NWO | Dec 9, 2019
- The #genocide experienced by the #russians in Ukraine, funded by the #oligarchs and carried out by the #Azov-#Nazi - battalions is a copy the #China’s genocide against the #Uyghurs
#Rothschildism #MSM: 154 articles in less than two days.
Title: "#China's Communist Party to celebrate 100th #birthday in show of pomp and power."
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"#ClimateCrisis" #FEAR porn started as early as 1800s. #KhazarianMafia #USA's #ClimateScam engineering and #ClimateEmergency #CarbonFootprint #propaganda chronology for at least half a century:

1966: Oil will run out in 10 years
1967: Famine in 1975
1968: World is overpopulated "#ClimateCrisis" ...
#KhazarianMafia #USA's #ClimateScam #ClimateCrisis #FEAR porn chronology:

1969: We will disappear in a cloud of blue vapour by 1989
1970: The world will exhaust its natural resources by 2000
1970: Cities will need to wear gas masks from 1985
1970: Pollution will kill all fish #KhazarianMafia #USA's #Cli...
#KhazarianMafia #USA's #ClimateScam #ClimateCrisis #FEAR porn chronology:

1970: Killer #bees arrive
1970: New ice age by year 2000
1970: Water crisis rationing in 1974 and food crisis in 1980
1971: New ice age by 2020
1972: New ice age by 2070
1972: Oil will run out in 20 years #KhazarianMafia #USA's #Cli...
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#COP27 Your #CarbonTax is rising.
#UN '#climatechange' conference delegates to stay at five-star hotels and luxury resorts | Nov 4
- #SharmElSheikh was built up by the Egyptian govt to become a luxury tourist destination for the world’s richest.…
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THREAD: A picture is worth a thousand words. Let's look at a few of the globe's largest #ETF's & their graphs & see if we can make some sense of the current market environment.

What a year it's been for #Oil & #Energy! Only positive YTD #MSCI #Sector.


#Global #CleanEnergy #ETF relative to Global #Energy shows an interesting picture.


#EmergingMarkets #ETF seriously lagging #DevelopedMarkets ETF, mostly due to disinvestment from #China.

#SouthAfrica might be down over 1YR, but $EZA performance in USD (-15.9%) is still way ahead of both $URTH (DM -22.2%) & $EEM (EM -28.9%) over the same period.
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Want to know a secret that far-right politicians & right-wing newspaper editors have ruthlessly exploited for at least a century? Traditional ideologies, usually embodied by mainstream parties, are anchored in emotionality as much as ideology or what we call 'populism'.
Conservative thinking is often a response to a need to reduce #fear & #uncertainty (Jost, Kruglanski, Glaser & Sulloway 2003). Experimental evidence shows that priming 'mortality threats' results in post-manipulation conservative identification (Thorisdottir & Jost 2010). 🇬🇧
Liberals, on the other hand, are less concerned with fear, & rather characterized by a higher propensity for #empathy (Hsu, Anen, & Quartz 2008; Taber & Young 2013). This emotion emerges as a distinctive trait of liberal ideology in a number of studies, highlighting (Smith 2006).
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... attending the #advertisements #workshop at the #BHC2022MidYear w/ @susmitadrc @AnneHummert look out for post-conference proceedings for great resources on #archives for #advertising #history #bizhis
With these images, @susmitadrc @AnneHummert and the audience discussed how #advertising created new #anxieties #bodyodour #Fear 1920-1950 Perhaps @AiHisano and @sevenofnein can say more! #senses Image
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All it is/has been this whole time is, ones who have been long gone for YEARS NOW but continuously put within the public eye with CGI or people wearing masks & Ones who sing/dance along with the false reality
Trying to give the truth BEYOND face value like I do but little to no one sees what those who have bo choice but to sing & dance along with the script are saying ..
Those who have to sing & dance along with the scripted reality that has been scripted for the last 100 years
Have bo choice but to leave it up to 1 “nobody”/GOD because of they try doing what God is supposed to do, the people will look at them with the eyes they’re supposed to look at God.


Most of The people have chosen everyone
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The LTCM Crisis taught #Quants one thing in common.
Never trust the risk pricing/hedging models blindly.
The Black Scholes option model assumptions and the Value at Risk Metric both failed miserably.
The liquidity assumptions of the #VaR Model provided a false sense of security.
The most worrying thing is that if #LTCM which was a hedge fund managed by two @NobelPrize winners in Economics could not get things right, then what should one expect from humble risk practitioners like myself!?
imagine the amount of risk that is concealed by Black Box Models.
Always backtest and stress test your #risk models.
Not just the mathematical components, but also the semantics, the #hermeneutics, the syntax that is used for coding the automata, and the symbols which are shown on the analytical dashboard.
It is a big #CON industry at work!
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Since your malicious cyberattack timelines matched cybersecurity’s research to strengthen security for years and now, you hack alone but with a cooperative goal to damage national security. Which Advanced Persistent Threats group/s #APTs are you in, #Animez_UK? Image
Converting traditional crime to cyber-enabled crime and becomes a malicious attacker against the UK, for

1- financial income,
2- #sexual desire and #harassment with #pornography sent to #women,
3- attacks for #politics against the UKGOV.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
1st stage- early life:
-Experienced #exclusion/#discrimination.
-Didn’t learn to communicate with #women.
-favours #authoritarianism.
-enjoys #control targeted women & whom against his will.
- Expresses hidden #hatred & #violence on through cyberattacks.

#Animez_UK ImageImage
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The world population has entered an endless circle of #fear for their lives, for the integrity of their state of health and, consequently, for their future …

In a way never experienced before, a viral invasion has been installed as a new and inevitable scenario whose
true dimensions are still unknown. Over and over again, as in a raging sea, waves with different names follow one another, with different consequences, with the force that their hidden characteristics give them.

It is an environment to which -as in any new reality- humans begin
to get used to, forced by the need to preserve a certain #emotional stability.

The sterile efforts to contain contagions -a clear situation in most countries- collide head-on with the resigned and progressively careless attitude of the population.
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He is the son of God, as it says tattooed on him.
He isn’t born yet but it here/has been here.


What is it you FEAR so much ?
The unknown?
Well, the unknown is KNOWN & I/#WE CAN SHOW YOU!!!

#OR, Continue going round & round on the ride
That was designed to separate the pure hearts from the evildoers that REFUSE to be apart of the solution …

The haters, the pot stirrers, the Dragging other under to save one’s own self NOT caring the damage it’s causing so someone can get what they want for person gains &
#FEAR is the problem …

There literally does not have to be ANY kind of traffic jam on the life/spiritual awakening Highway!!!
Because mostly EVERYONE chose the #BLIND to lead them/the #BLIND, chose ones who they thought were someone that are not the someone who they
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