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👀💻Have you checked our Finaplo Financial messaging libraries? They can be provided either online, through our cloud APIs, or on-premise:

#fintech #finserv #ISO20022 #iso20022migration #finaplo #payments
❤️Our FINaplo is already used and loved by thousands of developers worldwide!…

#casestudies #iso20022 #SWIFT #SEPA #CBPR #iso20022migration #finaplo #payments
And of course, it was crafted by our awesome team with passion and enthusiasm:

#fintech #finserv #developer #coding #digitalpayments
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1/ ¿Vieron el reporte de @BitwiseInvest? Son 19 carillas pero si les da ̶p̶a̶j̶a̶ pereza, dejo #hilo resumen 🧵

Se llama " #DeFi: un manual para inversores profesionales ".

- Resumen
- ¿Qué es DeFi?
- Panorama
- Oportunidad
- Factores de riesgo
- Conclusiones
2/ Arranca diciendo que en las últimas décadas, casi todas las industrias importantes han sido remodeladas por la revolución digital, excepto las finanzas 👀
3/ Y que si bien gigantes como Apple, Amazon, Facebook y Tesla dan prioridad a la tecnología, la industria financiera mundial sigue dominada por instituciones centenarias de ladrillo y cemento 🧱
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Applications of computer programming languages

#programming #SSOT #Python #Java #javascript

Web and Internet Development,Scientific and Numeric applications, Desktop GUIs, Business applications. It is widely used in AI and Machine Learning space.
Mostly used for developing Android apps, web apps, and Big data
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Last week, @RenaultIndia launched a refreshed version of its entry level model Kwid. There are a number of added features but what caught my eye was the starting price of Rs 4.06 lakh. It's significantly more than when the Kwid was first launched at Rs 2.57 lakh just 6 yrs ago.
It prompted the idea to put out this thread on how car prices have changed over the last few yrs. A lot of it is logical--safety & emission norms are tighter & raw materials have also generally increased. Yet, as this thread will illustrate, its more a matter of market realities.
To start with let's look at the current bestselling car in India--the #Swift. Launched in the summer of 2005 at Rs 3.87 lakh subsequent new models have seen prices go up to Rs 4.22 lakh in 2011 & Rs 5.73 lakh 2day. It's a 48% increase over 16 yrs. This is more or less the median.
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At PaymentComponents, we have been advising Financial Institutions for a long time, trying to find tools and products which offer simple solutions to complex problems.


#fintech #finserv #payments #ISO20022 #CBPR #SWIFT #euro #banking #digital #software
That is why we came up with our FINaplo, a game-changing platform for banks and financial institutions, aiming to dramatically accelerate financial messaging:…

#fintech #finserv #payments #ISO20022 #CBPR #SWIFT #euro #banking #digital #software
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Fantastic news that the results of our #swift colour-ringing project is delivering results! A bird I ringed (code AR) last summer as a chick in a nest has settled in a nestbox only 2 metres from where it grew up! It's fascinating to know at least some chicks return home. 1/4
There are few ringing projects for swifts across Europe, and basically none which allow for the ability to identify all returning birds without having to recapture. So this is an exciting long term project to develop, and there is the potential to learn a lot about swifts 2/4
Located on a private home several km from any other #swift colony, it's the perfect location to do such a study. There are 23 pairs, increasing every year, and every nest box has a camera or can be directly viewed from indoors, so any ringed birds are easily seen. 3/4
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Отключение от #SWIFT Беларуси, если оно произойдет, в дальнейшем будет распространено и на РФ в случае "интеграции".
Кремль, Москва, РФ получат все санкции Беларуси умноженные многократно с последующим перекрытием транзита газа и нефти, а также грузовых потоков через Беларусь.
Потуги Кремля по "интеграции" в отношении Беларуси противоречат неотъемлемому желанию и стремлению народа Беларуси к суверенитету и независимости.
Кремль должен заплатить огромную цену за свои алчные планы по "интеграции" вопреки воле народа Беларуси, да и народов РФ.
В случае "интеграции"-оккупации Беларуси суверенная страна Украина, Грузия и Молдова должны в обязательном порядке стать членами @NATO. Более того Украина, Грузия, Молдова, Польша, Литва, Латвия, Эстония должны быть напичканы военными базами, ракетами и самолетами США и НАТО.
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1/#Chainlink is not meant to be held by retail investors...

The tokenomics of $LINK span beyond the simple use cases of an average #Robinhood trader and therefore will be missed as a generational opportunity by many.

// Simple thread to digest thread 🍑
2/#Chainlink not only provides on-chain and off-chain data to #dApps, but also creating a decentralized oracle network to take some of the computation off-chain in a trust minimized way.

Chainlink is blockchain agnostic and simple retail tribalism FOMO cannot be applied here.

$LINK demand:
- Data receiver pays oracles in $LINK
- Oracles need to hold $LINK as a collateral to guarantee data quality and uptime

$LINK has: Consistent institutional demand + Fixed supply = deflationary pressure.

// Just look at the $LINK exchange balance Image
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"The Cross-Border Payment Lie"

If you were to do research on #Ripple (the company) and #XRP (blockchain/token) you would come to the conclusion that the goal is to replace "#Swift" as the worlds leading cross-border payment provider.

Continue Thread...
What if I was to say that #Ripple does not care about cross-border payments and that replacing #Swift is only a short-term plan..
In the digital age you are able to connect with anyone around the world in seconds, for this reason using one #digital currency would be ideal. Not only is one #currency all that is needed, it would be more #efficient if we were to all use one single currency.
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Check out our state-of-the-art aplonHUB: an application to help Banks and EMIs manage all kinds of payment flows - supporting SEPA, SWIFT MT, ISO20022 CBPR+, and Instant Payments:
Read here its' merits that make it top:…
At PaymentComponents we empower the world's most innovative digital financial services!

#fintech #finserv #payments #ISO20022 #CBPR+, #SWIFT #digital #target2
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Can your SwiftUI app do this?

Based on the experience we gathered on programmatic navigation in SwiftUI, we decided to build an open source library that enables rich deeplinking and navigation along navigation paths.

Welcome ComposableNavigator! 👋…
ComposableNavigator is based on a NavigationTree that defines all valid paths in your application. NavigationTree leverages ResultBuilder introduced alongside #SwiftUI to enable a concise DSL for tree building.

#ios #iosdev #mobile #swiftlang #swift
struct AppNavigationTree: NavigationTree {
var builder: some PathBuilder {
content: {
HomeView(viewModel: homeViewModel)
nesting: {
DetailScreen.Builder(viewModel: detailViewModel)
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#AeroIndia2021 Thread Part 2.

Part 1 link -

So some juicy updates have starting rolling in from the stalls at the AI.
First look at the #TejasMK2 #MWF model by @ReviewVayu.

The model looks in much better finish than the last time. Though I see some changes. There is a Boundary layer spillway seen over the wing. And a modified fuselage side walls for canard mountings. @Indrani1_Roy
Of course changes were to be expected from the configuration from AI2019 given the design was still evolving. But is the one we see currently the final frozen Preliminary design config..?

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D. A. Pacygas "#Slaughterhouse" ist e. Buch über industrielle Produktion v. #Fleisch, aber auch über die brutale Dynamik des US-Kapitalismus, bei d. Parallelen zur Gegenwart ins Auge fallen. Noch e. Thread über Fleisch & #Chicago, aber auch die dt.e Provinz & (kurz) Literatur. /1 Image
1922 ist "meatpacking (...) the largest industry by volume in the United Staates", stärker als Stahl- o. Autoindustrie (140), & Chicago das unangefochtene Zentrum. Das hat nicht allein m. industrieller Schlachtung zu tun, die dt.e Autor_innen auf Durchreise bestaunen, sondern /2
mit Trägertechnologien, (1.) der Eisenbahn, deren Bedeutungsverlust gegenüber dem LKW-Verkehr in den 1950er & 60er Jahren innerhalb kürzester Zeit zum vollständigen Kollaps v. Chicago als Fleischzentrum führt; (2.) Kühlmöglichkeiten & -technik. Noch in den 1850er Jahren /3
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Weitere Eindrücke zur industriellen #Fleisch-Produktion im Kontext eines Hauptseminars: Ein Thread zu e. "Visitor's Guide" d. Firma #Swift im Chicago d. frühen 20. Jhd.s & zu Fleisch, Advertising & Gender. - Um 1900, als dt. Besucher (u. a. Max Weber) nach #Chicago strömen /1 Image
ist der Vieh- & Schlachthof (#UnionStockyard) eine gewaltige Attraktion: Ca. 500.000 Besucher kommen jährlich, schreibt Dominic A. #Pacyga i. #Slaughterhouse. Hier konnte man die "basic themes of modern industrialization" (ebd.) sehen. Die großen #Meatpacking-Firmen /2
produzierten Werbematerial, Andenken & boten neben wirkl. Führungen auch schriftliche Touristenführer als Souvenirs, wie das #VisitorsReferenceBook, das über das Repository d. #DukeUniversity studiert werden kann. Das angegebene Publikationsdatum 1903 /3
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I had a question for the @MoneyGram Q2 Earnings Call there wasn't time for and I'm hoping @walexholmes or @KamilaChytil can answer related to Ripple.

On June 8th Ripple announced a renewed focus on low value high volume payments and almost immediately after (1/4)
we saw #Moneygram's ODL volumes on Ripplenet plummet to near zero and have since recovered to ~ 10-20% of peak.

Larry mentioned on the call Market development fees peaked last quarter, and #Ripple's CTO has hinted that MG was testing corporate treasury transfers for (2/4)
other Ripplnet customers. Can you confirm this?

In regards to your account to account feature rolling out 2nd half of this year, do you have customers lined up to use this service? Are you positioning it as alternative to #Swift for Ripple customers? (3/4)
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For those new to #Chainlink ...

Here's a original LINKPILL doc that's been sitting on my machine for almost 3 yrs! from the early days, its still very relevant - except the partnerships! we've now got 220 on 🔥

Enjoy! and give it a RETWEET.


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Also now in a #GoldenCross fwiw
+68% off the recent lows.

Breaking Out. Drove to Scottsdale from LA over July 4th... saw a ton of & Swift Trucks.. that still have the old logos.

#Reflation #Intermodal Image
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Researchers & app developers, are you trying to synchronize your CareKit app data to the cloud? My team, #NetReconLab at the @universityofky has released a set of open-source tools to help #WWDC #Swift #CareKit #Cloud #synchronization #Postgres #mongodb…
Apple engineers discussed all of the new synchronization features they added today within CareKit (19 minutes - end of the video). I was fortunate enough to make some contributions to this effort on CareKits official GitHub Page (I'm " cbaker6" 🙃)…
The CareKitSample-ParseCareKit which shows off all of the tools at once. It combines the data sync tool (ParseCareKit) that syncs the data from your device to parse-hipaa. The sample app will have you synching data to your server in 3 minutes!…
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Breaking! #US House Republicans call for naming #Russia 'state sponsor of terror', strategy paper says.
I am not a prophet, it was inevitable, anyway from now it's clear the word "terrorist" just means "enemy" in Washington.
#US Republican lawmakers claim that Moscow supports a variety of organisations deemed terrorist by Washington, such as Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hezbollah and the Taliban.
The GOP committee recommends that the #US introduce sanctions against the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (#SWIFT) until it disconnects #Russia from the system.
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Dear #Kuwaiti #Students,

I hope this #Tweet finds you in great health.

This Tweet will be a, #thread that revolves around many aspects of concerns in all levels.

As a #student at High-school or pursuing you #Doctorate please comprehend the following.

We here in the State of #Kuwait await your graduation. We await it so that we could welcome you abroad our community as a #productive individual that will make a difference. We rejoice the fact that you are full of energy and can't wait to see what difference you will bring.

You might of heard that our #economy is precarious or that there might be no jobs available. However, don't worry as we are all working on it from all fields & levels within the state. The #government is trying and we are #optimistic that they will figure it out soon.
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I see the (#ETH) public chain private chain debate the same way as centralized/internal #oracles and decentralized oracles (#LINK). Companies started using private chains, as it's easier to test with, it's private from the competition and they have higher throughput right now.
Endgoal is still public chain. This is very clear and specifically confirmed by market leaders like #EY's Paul Brody recently again, #Gartner and #Capgemini. The real value of immutable ledger and end-to-end secure smart contracts lies with the open, decentralized way.
It just takes time till companies can/should use public chain. Privacy is one condition to be met before this happens for example.

Just as these companies test around with private #ethereum chains, they test around with private/centralized smart oracles.
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While we have been DISTRACTED by the #ImpeachmentScam, there have been many meetings going on re: the urgent restructuring /digitization of our financial system.
Eyes On @Ripple's #XRP, when he says "Its Here"
..they have met with Lagarde, IMF/ ECB, SBI- MAJOR bank deals made. 👀
@Ripple P.S. I am NOT yet convinced of its overall benefit to humanity with all the bank deals being made, nevertheless they are being onboarded, very rapidly replacing #SWIFT.
Many are saying this (#XRP) will somehow be used as a gold bridge asset that will #EndtheFed?
Time will tell!
@Ripple 3/
Very interesting video,
Will XRP help end the fed?
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Over the last months, we improved our @OVHcloud Public Cloud ecosystem with our vision + your requests and feedbacks.
Fasten your seatbelt, here is a recap ! 🔽
Reminder: Public Cloud = bricks like compute, storage, network, PaaS, services,... sharing some concepts like pay-what-you-consume-only, usually mgmt by project, API everywhere and sharing physical hosts between multiple customers. But your VMs (called instances) are for you only
Let's start with compute. We now provide IOPS instances with high-perf SSD #NVMe disks.
#ELK, #Hadoop, #NoSQL ? Perfect uses-cases for them :) Trust me they "dechire grave" as we say here.
FIO benchmarks vs competitors = specifc thread soon :)…
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1/18 Advice from the heart: Stop being a mere speculator with little control over his own future and become an empowered entrepreneur. The smart contract revolution is here. Let me share an example of how you could create superior products that might generate income/profits.
2/18 @chainlink will provide many entrepreneurial opportunities to those that paid attention. A new ecosystem is being built that will become the enterprise-grade standard for corporations to do business with one and each other, and create superior products for their customers.
3/18 Some truly smart people have already undertaken the first steps: projects like @linkpoolio, @Fiewsio, and @clcgio have been some of the first to truly see the underlying potential, and thus have been building upon this new ecosystem. They will profit, and so could you.
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