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1. Thread on Legend and Teigen - chrissy teigen, john legend... #johnlegend #chrissyteigen #luna Image
2. This is not a deep dive, it will mainly be a series of tweets from Teigen of a pedophilic nature that Chrissy Teigen was allowed to get away with in Twitter 1.0 #chrissyteigen #pedophiletweets Image
3. Chrissy Teigen likes seeing little girls do the splits half naked, knows its wrong but still tweets about it and was allowed to get away with it.... #chrissyteigen Image
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1. Superbowl Thread - Super Bowl LVII: February 12, 2023, State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona
Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles, featuring Rihanna #Rihanna #RihannaSuperBowl #CardiB #SuperBowl #SuperBowlLVII #chiefs #eagles #Illuminati
2. State Farm Stadium looks less like an eye than many, but apparently the roof does not retract. Stadiums are often sited on important leyline sites, as they are energy extraction sites used in rituals like the half time performances #SuperBowlLVII
3. Other stadia look more like the all seeing eye... #SuperBowl #SuperBowl2023
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New Mutants 50-52 portrays the tragic breakdown of Illyana’s relationship with her surrogate father, Professor Xavier, helping to set in motion the events that ultimately lead the character toward a path of outright destruction in the Inferno to come. #xmen #newmutants #magik 1/9 Image
Issue 50 (somewhat cruelly) establishes the extent to which Xavier is viewed as a father in Illyana’s eyes through the extent of her jubilance at being rescued by him, but also through her reflection on the fact that Xavier has, in her eyes, earned the role of father to her. 2/9 ImageImage
Moving beyond reaction and reflection, however, Illyana fully demonstrates her devotion to X in that same issue, by taking up her magical powers (despite having purposefully abandoned them) in order to protect Xavier, something he observes quite directly. 3/9 Image
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1. Thread on Marina Abramovic... #MarinaAbramovic Image
2. Marina Abramovic became megafamous for her Spirit Cooking... #SpiritCooking #MarinaAbramovic ImageImage
3. She wrote on walls in pigs blood - Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk. Drink on earthquake nights #MarinaAbramovic #spiritcooking Image
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In Excalibur #23, Claremont revisits one of his greatest character projects: Illyana Rasputin. Rather than take the AU story in the direction of the better-life-not-led, however, Claremont adds depth to Illyana’s 616 sacrifice by showing us the alternative. #xmen #Magik 1/8
In the pages of UXM, Magik, and The New Mutants, Claremont built Illyana up as a deeply symbolic character, exploring childhood trauma through an abstract metaphor of surviving hell and having to integrate back into a more innocent world. 2/8
It was Louise Simonson, however, who wrote Illyana’s ending (with some co-ordination from C) in which Illyana sacrifices the life she’s struggled to build to prevent the hell of her making from overtaking others. It might be the finest writing of Simonson’s storied career. 3/8
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One of the biggest mistakes #mystics make, in regards to referencing ancient occult methods, is that they use systems that are not re-interpreted for the time. They resurrect old forms of #magik that were essentially created for another era.

#Occult #Magick Image
This places them in an inherently weaker position, a position that requires the ignorance of the public. If ppl woke up that were uneducated on the occult but spiritually more developed (which is not difficult at this point) they would see their plans quickly unravelling.
In order for this dark and limited magik to work, people need to be in a state of perpetual trauma, distraction and heightened emotion. We must become aware of this dynamic if we want to see any real change. It all begins with the occult spiritual level, it is the root.

#Occult Image
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