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TSU. Ru ...

...holds down an interesting spot in the #CognitiveWarfare Network

Томский государственный университет Image
TSU. Ru Image
TSU.Ru is a Network Hub in the #CognitiveWarfare Network - between #NewAge/#Occult websites including 'Saint Germaine et al', #QAnon, #AZaudit, related 'Spanish Language websites' and notorius other websites Image
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1/@threadreaderapp #unroll Since I displayed my art in 08 and was 1st #gangstalked w. #zersetzung we've been attacked by countless entities.Many are detailed in forthcoming whistleblow on #TheCultureIndustry my bk #TheCelebrityCode
Attacks now appear to emanate from local sources
@threadreaderapp 2/ This new Twitter thread will accompany a blog post and addition to #TheCelebrityCode exposing the weaponisation of #charity #council #homelessshelters & other parts of #community infrastucture in apparent order to inflict #zersetzung & support #FourthReich
3/I found out as an underclass outsider I was not allowed to show #traditionallyskilled #contemporaryart which is original, autonomous, &transcendental! Why? ART devalues symbol laden #dumbeddown #KITSCH controlled by the #bankingbloodlines for #moneylaundering & #socialcontrol
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The Twin Towers Attacks

A Numerology based theory to show that no planes crashed in to either World Trade Center 1 or 2 that fateful day.

Thread ⬇️
9/11/2021 is the 20th anniversary of the #September11 attacks

As per usual we see this coming through the Media in the form of predictive programming.

For example the TV drama series '9-1-1' season 5 begins 20th September 2021

9 days from 9/11 hmm...…
Firstly, more proof that 20 is the hidden 11
Emphasis on the 20th anniversary = 11
Season begins 20th September = 11
9/11/2021 & 9/20/2021 share same Numerology
9 days apart, adding 9 reduces to same number
Both reduce to 7 days
Same vibrational cycle because of the 9
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What's the deeper meaning behind it all?

Follow the white rabbit through this maze connecting art, Jeffrey Epstein, the illuminati, possible dimensional portals and... escape rooms?
This rabbit hole actually leads to more topics than just this thread, a part 2 will be needed

After reading this thread keep your eyes peeled for these symbols and feel free to send me any connections you make on your own
It started when I saw a commercial for the movie Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions

I noticed the white and black checkerboard floor and the black cube

The characters are in a bank called "Illuminus Bank"

The black cube image is also placed over lower Manhattan ImageImageImageImage
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1) Wherever I look these days I see #occult symbols and imagery. Was in Hyde Park yesterday and saw this bus with a big ad for #WitchesMovie. Image
2) There was this ad for #HamiltonMusical nearby in Elizabeth Street. Not about witchcraft, sure. But it still featured the star motif. This is basically an inverted pentagram. #symbolism #Sydney Image
3) This was display in boutique on Elizabeth Street. Has a #Christmas theme and it's not surprising that star (of Bethlehem) symbolism would be part of that. But what I think is interesting is that the stars are more prominent than the tree. Image
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The #FallenAngel Watchers & Nephilim Hybrid #GIANTS

of the [END TIMES] of Revelation

#Monsters of the GREAT #DEEP of the #ABYSS

D.U.M.B.S of the [#Nazi][SS][#DeepState]

#SecretSpace [SS] Programs

CLAS 1-99



"Heavenly Father,
We thank you so much for keeping us safe from #evil during these chaotic times & we #pray you & your army of Guardian #Angels will keep watching over us & the best @POTUS ever. Amen"


...when the sons of #God (Elohim / Watcher Fallen #Angels) came into the daughters of men and they bore children (Nephilim) to them. Those were mighty men who were old, men of renown."
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“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up..."

4.1 BACK TO [#satan] GETTING "EVE-IC-TED" FROM #GOD'S @WhiteHouse

IMO, #REVELATION 12:12 occurred shortly after @POTUS took office

"the great #dragon was cast out, that old serpent 🐍 called the #Devil and #Satan, which deceiveth the whole world"

"This MONSTER came and worked its [WHORE]ible [WHORE]ible "SPELL" over the world"



"We're going to get back..." to #Christ

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1) Re this arrest of chick in #Ballarat: Looks to me to be at least semi-staged, a kind of set-up like that #BunningsKaren story from a few weeks ago. Reason: As well as arrest video seeming off somehow, the woman arrested calls herself a witch on her FB page. #Stage4
2) She also has a pentagram tattoo on right wrist. Those pentagrams are a tell! Also, she has #occult-ish photos on her FB page (includes burning witch). Includes what looks like one eye #symbolism. #DictatorDan
3) Lizzy Rose, who was perhaps the most notorious #BunningsKaren, also called herself a witch. Her IG page is chockas with what could be called "#Illuminati symbolism". Interestingly she even had FB page called Illuminating Army, which is now gone.
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#LeeWarren #PLIM #REPORT #Volume 11#1
When have the most inhumane acts occurred in time?
Was Nazism born of secret societies and the occult?
Was Hitler under demonic influence?
Was Stalin controlled by demons?…
#World #Leaders & the #Occult #EVIL #Satanic #System

World leaders gathered around a moving luminescent #pyramid in a circle with symbols. They wear a lapel pin of an unholy triangle, the #illuminati pyramid

World Leaders #Wearing Illuminati Pyramid Pin
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#MKULTRA #MindControl #Victim #BritneySpears… <This was 9yrs ago & the #Satanic #Music #Videos have just got worse over the years, it’s so in your face, you must be dead not to see it, hear it or feel it ; (
#MusicBusinessIsSatanic #Illuminati #Symbolism
Then there’s this !
#BritneySpears #JeffreyEpstein #TheJailBaitProject #BabyProstitutionRing #BabyOneMoreTime #SchoolGirlLook for #Pedos

The Jail Bait Project: Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time is contemporary to Jeffrey Epstein’s Baby Prostitution Ring.…
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@docstobar examines Iranian experiments with metaphysics that question the way in which institutions engage with #occult #scientific #rational #empiricist an embrace of #new_age spirituality and a rise in #irfan and its #empiricismoftheheart - a thread on #irfan in #Iran 1/ Image
It shows that our assumption of disenchantment in which the separation from the #scientific from the #occult does not preclude the possibility of the #modern scientist-rammal nor the embrace by the modern empiricist of the illiterate-savant-gnostic-sage 2/
It also suggests that the official seminary’s promotion of a modern viable #Shii_reason clashes with its own #mystical commitments and their popularity 3/
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Remember the mock human sacrifice filmed in front of a dancing Shiva statue at CERN headquarters in Switzerland?
One big, sick cult.
Symbolism will be their downfall.
An official spokesperson for CERN admitted to the legitimacy of this video, saying that the scientists "let their humor go too far".

Yea, because dressing in black cloaks and pretending to kill someone in front of the God of destruction is soooo funny…
Well, would you look at that.

World Health Organization is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, only 15 MINUTES AWAY from CERN headquarters.

And they both show off dancing Shiva statues in important places?
Do you believe in coincidences?
#Qanon #Occult
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1: WHY DO THE MEDIA CONSTANTLY PUSH HATRED OF RUSSIA? Why are media determined to make sure USA & #Russia maintain Cold War levels of mistrust? Who benefits if USA & Russia hate each other? Who coordinates media’s repeated use of words, phrases, narratives?
From where did the Deep State come to USA? How did it take control? What is the goal of the Deep State? Why are elements of US Government & Media trying to overthrow Trump?
Historically, which country has felt most threatened by Communism?
To understand media’s attempts to reactivate the Cold War, we should first look at World War 1. At the beginning of WWI Germany a document explaining German War Aims. The “September Program 1914” Two key aims: 1 Stop Russian expansionism. 2 Germany to found & lead European Union
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The Rothschild Surrealist Ball of 1972 featured imagery that was meant to look “Satanic”(psyop) but to a more discerning eye, actually is mocking all religion. It features many sick examples of the infamous banking family mocking the rest of humankind #truth #SaturnDeathCult
more, do you see the Saturnian symbolism?
Why are the #Illuminati so obsessed with symbolism? Especially regarding horned gods, black cubes and the planet Saturn? #truth #SaturnDeathCults #NWO #awake #woke
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What the hell is up with #Hollywood celebs having hideous meltdowns on social media right now? Anons know. Almost certainly #adrenochrome withdrawals. These people are sick.
Then of course she went full #occult in this desperate bathtub rital like show of #withdrawls commenting that "if the ship goes down we all go down together."
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In the occult, Saturn is not evil. Saturn is neutral with both dark and light aspects.

However, when Saturn is placed in the mind, and thus within ritual in a certain way, Saturn becomes a direct portal to the lower, dark, shadow realms.

#InPlainSight #Saturn #Sun #Occult Image
This is done by believing that Saturn should be in the place of our Sun and the moon then often replaces the Earth.

We don't wear down jackets in the heat and we don't confuse the old sun as the current sun.

This backwards, inversion is part of the cosmology of black magick. ImageImageImage
This cosmology is also a consciousness and a way of being in its self. It is an inner position as much as a cosmic position. A way of thinking, being and behaving.

It is being stuck in the past. It is called black magick because there is no real sun in that belief, no light. ImageImageImage
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What book was #Elvis reading when we passed that fateful night? This book! This book was in his hands when he passed. Elvis was extremely spiritually minded, he even admitted to having ET encounters and visions ImageImageImage
#Elvis was deeply into the #Occult and he is featured in my exclusive, premium episode of In Plain Sight: Secret Occultists. It will appear tmrw in video gallery of my website and not be on YT.

Sign up to join the conversation, and watch exclusive videos! ImageImageImage
Do you know of any "secret occultists?" Who do you know of that was deep into the occult but the public seems to just gloss over?

#Occult #InPlainSight
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One of the biggest mistakes #mystics make, in regards to referencing ancient occult methods, is that they use systems that are not re-interpreted for the time. They resurrect old forms of #magik that were essentially created for another era.

#Occult #Magick Image
This places them in an inherently weaker position, a position that requires the ignorance of the public. If ppl woke up that were uneducated on the occult but spiritually more developed (which is not difficult at this point) they would see their plans quickly unravelling.
In order for this dark and limited magik to work, people need to be in a state of perpetual trauma, distraction and heightened emotion. We must become aware of this dynamic if we want to see any real change. It all begins with the occult spiritual level, it is the root.

#Occult Image
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