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"Important moment in time.
The picture will be the signifier.
The signifier will 'force' the Q.
The Q will be answered (((#WWG1WGA))).

“I do know they are great people.” - @realDonaldTrump

I never had any doubts but❤️this!
Thank Q🙏🏻🇺🇸

@POTUS is the People’s President.
Qanon is MI, it’s an unprecedented open source intel drop to #WeThePeople.
We aren’t doing anything other than educating each other and spreading memes. Yes we play a part but our lives aren’t at risk.
God bless the families of those who have lost their lives for our FREEDOM🇺🇸
Though my speaking out along with fellow survivors of #MKUltra #mindcontrol #childsextrafficking #ritualabuse and other crimes by #Illuminati #theCabal puts our safety more on the line than if we were silent, the reality is we’ve been at risk since we bolted and revolted.
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1. This thread is a continuation of the Weakening of America.
Connects to some people Ralph Blasey, Christine Blasey Ford's father, who works with the owners of Datawatch and services companies connected to this. . .
#Qanon, #QArmy, #Trump, #KavanaughHearings, #BlaseyFord
2. We left off talking about how Blackstone had risen to become influential just as Lehman brothers went bankrupt and a certain bankruptcy Judge who now works for Morrison & Foerster, which is an international law firm with 16 offices
located throughout the United States, Asia,
3. and Europe. The firm has over 1,000 lawyers who advise clients across a range of industries and practices, including intellectual property, patent litigation, corporate/M&A, business restructuring, and securities.

This judge. . .connected to those with a globalist agenda,
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1. This is a follow up Thread to a previous thread on Stanford's interesting connections to experiments and projects both known and hidden (summary, they don't have Your best interests at heart). I will give the link to that thread in case you haven't seen it at the end. #Ford
2. So why are experiments done at Stanford significant and how do they connect to Blasey?

There may indeed be a direct connection as reported by intelligence services, right now, there is Proof the CIA is connected to Stanford through it's arm under a #ChristineBlaseyFord
3. 501c3 cover and funding avenue called Stanford Research International.

Stanford has scrubbed Christine's profile of titles and photos. Certain sources and intelligence reports have stated that she and her family are involved with the CIA. #Qanon, #KavanaughInvestigation
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Intentional #MindControl Programming - a thread:

Intentional programming of an #Illuminati infant often begins before birth. Prenatal splitting is well known in the cult, a baby is capable of fragmenting in the womb due to trauma.
This is usually done between 7th & 9th months of pregnancy.

Techniques used include: placing headphones on the mother's abdomen and playing loud, discordant music (such as some modern classical pieces or even Wagner's operas). Loud, heavy rock has also been used.
Other methods include having the mother ingest quantities of bitter substances to make the amniotic fluid bitter, or yelling at the fetus inside the womb. The mother's abdomen may be hit as well.
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Watch, Aspen and her dad @CraigRSawyer will try to accuse you of photoshopping this post too. 🙄
This is sad, just sad that they’re this stupid.
Interesting that @CraigRSawyer’s son threw up devil’s horns which is a #Luciferian #Illuminati #theCabal symbol. Also interesting to see his #MKultra Delta level training marksmanship. It’s like what @FionaBa47662575, myself and others like us were trained to do as children.
Watch now I’ll be accused of photoshopping this like @FionaBa47662575 was with the Facebook posts on @CraigRSawyer’s daughter Aspen’s profile where she stated to her step mother and Nan that Craig Sawyer beats her and breaks her stuff.
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According to this sheik, we're living in the end times.
History will repeat... Maybe?
This is a healthy advice!
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Extreme witchcraft. Dark magic. Magic spells of sexual molestation. Cat murder. People are still defending her over the drummer. That’s how effective mind control is. Symbolism will be their downfall. Jay-Z next? #beyonce #illuminati #satanic #occult #mkultra #qanon
Jay Myers 6 - Signs of MK-Ultra [Documentary 2018] #mkultra #occult #qanon
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1/ After posting my last thread on #Spirals & #TheSerpent I realized that I needed to cover more on this subject Matter... THIS IS PART 2
Part One:👉…

#Demons #Witchcraft #RedDragon #Satanism #Reptillian #Illuminati #Occult
2/ The next thing was a prayer looking for more answers and a witness testimony on these matters... Those prayers were answered today... But it began last night with this 👉…
If you look closely at the Magic circle, it’s #TheSerpent
3/ Then @BradFitzpatriot posted a Video 👉
As tragic as that Video is, I made some very interesting connections...
👉What was in that video?
1) An Occult Magic Circle
2) Great Seal Of the United States
3) 666
4) Q

@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #QAnon
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I wanted to make a thread over the “Spiral Symbology” I have been seeing everywhere... I believe it is a reference to #TheSerpent #Draco #Illuminati #RedDragon #QAnon #Satanism #Cannibalism @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
2/ A few of us have noticed these Spirals and for the most part we have been have chalked it up to regular #PedoGateNews but some of us have been thinking there’s more to it... and there is... #QAnon #Satanism
3/ then I watched a couple of RFB videos and started to connect a few dots... It seems that whenever there is a Spiral, #TheSerpent is present too...Also, someone is giving birth... @NULOOKREFINISH
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They call to join them !
Holy f*** 🙄

And MSM want we believe that is Conspiracy ? 🤔

The Eye & Piramid & Masonic Symbol & the "Church" from them

Its seems it is one Politic Guy 🙄

What say we ALLTIMES ?

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1/102-My story begins in 2016, when @realDonaldTrump's speech on Globalism, woke me to the corruption in our government:


It's no longer Left vs Right, it's:

WEALTHY CRIMINALS = #Globalists #DeepState #NWO


#WeThePeople = Patriots & @POTUS
2/102-I'm no expert on the #NWO & I don't expect you to take my word for this corruption. I'm simply a patriotic American, who's been wondering WTH is happening to our nation?

Which is why, as I listened to Trump's speech, it resonated w/me & I became curious enough to research.
3/102-In this thread, I'll share MY #RedPill journey... the questions I asked, answers I found & conclusions I've drawn. I'm not arrogant enough to think I know everything or that all my theories are correct. So I look forward to learning more from YOUR comments & links. #MAGA 🤓
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The Astor Bloodline Part2

Strange how the elite likes to promote conservation among us ‘cattle.’ In the late 1800’s, the Illuminati began to reconfigure its outward face. The higher levels started creating innocent sounding cover organizations to hide their meetings 1/38
behind. In 1901, the Astors contributed toward the creation of the Pilgrim Society, which was the cover organization for Amer. & Brit. 6° Princes of the Illuminati. I believe at least five Astors are now members of the Pilgrim Society. The Pilgrims had recently included 2/38
David Astor, John Jacob Astor 8th, and William Waldorf Astor 3rd. And during the 1970s, Baron Astor of Hever was the President of the #London branch of the #Pilgrims. This implies that Astor of Hever was at least the next level up in the chain of command.

The Astors also 3/38
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The Astor Bloodline Part 1

The original founder of the Astor fortune was John Jacob #Astor (1763-1848). John Jacob Astor was born in Walldorf, Duchy of Baden #Germany from a #Jewish #bloodline. The #Jewish origins have been hidden, and quite a number of various ideas of 1/38
the Astor’s heritage have been put into circulation by the Astors. #JohnJacobAstor was a butcher in #Walldorf.

In 1784, he came to America after a stop over in #London England. Although the story is that he came to America penniless & that may be true--he soon joined the 2/38
#MasonicLodge & within 2-3 years had become the Master of the Holland Lodge No. 8 in N.Y. City. (This #HollandLodge is a prominent lodge in that many of its members have good connections to the #Illuminati #elite. An example of just one Lodge #8 member is #ArchibaldRussell, 3/38
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Now You See? #GreatAwakening #QAnon
It's right in front of you. Always has been.
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#QAnon #QArmy #Anonymous
💥 Let us make it clearly 💥
Very strong Enemys have join & infiltrate the Political Office .
Not only in the States
It's a WORLDWIDE Problem 💥
Its a very old #Illuminati & #Skull & Bones Agenda & #Cabal AGENDA


Perhaps you 💥 RESEARCH 💥


About Brotherhood & Isis


Hero ? 🤔
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The reason JFK jr called his magazine “GEORGE” was as a sign to the cabal and the world of who truly killed his father ..,,… #QAnon
JFK Jr Told the Whole World Who Murdered His Father, But No One Was Listening ... by Jane Grey #QAnon
“Some thought he was afraid to go into politics because of the “Kennedy (…) Curse.” However, nothing could be further from the truth. What he did proved to be more dangerous than any political arena, and he knew that from the start. “ #QAnon
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We all know Marilyn Manson is dark, but just how dark does he get? VERY. WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT.Just take a look at this thread! #Pedophile #Pedogate #Pedovore #HumanTrafficking #Illuminati #Luciferian #SatanicRituals
He’s definitely into self harm and just look at his pedophile tattoo.
Ace of spades = death/murder. Pandas are a pedophile symbol. Look up the definition of Panda Eyes- DISTURBING! Look at what the knife says: CANNIBAL
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@IsaacKappy @defangolives @UNIRockTV Isaac Kappy is Disinformation he follows Defango & UniRock both are know to try to discredit #qanon

Look at his background

Look closer
#Goathead Satanic symbol

Then he changes it to this
Look closer
#symbolism will be their downfall.
@IsaacKappy @defangolives @UNIRockTV Coincidence?

#Qanon has taught us there are NO COINCIDENCES!

NOW LOOK look at his #Instagram
Trying to manipulate #Metoo movement
Pretending to be one of us

When he plays for the other team
Another Corey Feldman is what we have here.
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1/ Thread. Digging into the dispute between #SaudiArabia and #Canada…
2/ The #Illuminati controlled mass media would have you believe this "all started with one tweet".

The narrative they are pushing: Canada is standing firm in its principles of gender equality and is sticking up to the big bad Saudi Arabia.
3/ Trudeau's foreign policy expert defenitely knows a thing or two about #SaudiArabia…
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#QAnon #Bloodline of the #Illuminati #GreatAwakening Taken from the Book Q Pointed to on the C_A website
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OK... this Hollywood crap will turn your stomach, but it needs to be exposed. An anon "Hollywood insider" is providing the information - the details and names dropped are incredible . . .
Another NXIVM - Inside the mysterious LA sex club known as SNCTM or SNCTUM…
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This is a HUGE Hollywood satanic ritual and pedophile drop happening LIVE on 4ch.

Here we go.

This guy renegade gets on and starts dropping MOABS

2) and more and more. Calling out California and Gay/Jewish Mafia and Mexican Mafia and Hollywood and of course the CLOWNS

Apparently they made SNUFF FILMS TOO!

3) extortion of government officials for Hollywood elites to rape/torture/kill kids in dungeons.

Then he says look into SNCTM

What the fuck is SNCTM???

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#QAnon #GreatAwakening #illuminati
1995 illuminati deck
Learn how to play the game
this is not a game
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