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We know that #NuclearEnergy is one of the largest sources of zero-emissions power in the 🌎, but as any other energy-generation industry, it generates a "waste".

And I got some news for you: It is actually consider a valuable resource, not a waste!
Say what!? 👀

Don’t worry, the 🇺🇸 @GovNuclear published:
“5 Fast Facts About #SpentNuclearFuel

Let’s read it and keep learning together:
1.#NuclearWaste is an incorrect term for used or spent fuel (Let’s all take note! - myself included)📝

#UsedFuel is made up of metal fuel rods that contains small ceramic pellets of enriched U-235 & it always stay in a solid state.
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Can you throw #NuclearWaste in the trash can?🗑

Will you become The Hulk if you are exposed to its #radiation?🧟‍♀️

Do you actually know what happens with nuclear waste?

Come! Let’s find out 👇

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t glow green like you see in some movies.
Before we get into crazy nuclear terms, let’s identify the types of #NuclearWaste:
High-Level: Most of the #NuclearWaste- the ‘scary’ one

Intermediate-L: Components, medical & lab items- 🏥 also generate this waste

Low-L: Tools, clothes-Hospitals, research facilities, NPP too
Ready for the action? Now we need to get something straight:

#Radiation?Moving energy. It’s a natural process

So, #Radioactivity refers to an atom losing energy by emitting particles capable of removing electrons from other atoms ⚠️Could be hazardous
We’ll discuss this later*
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Ranked: Nuclear Power Production, by Country 🏭

// Thread ↓🧵
1/ Concentrated supply

Just 15 countries account for more than 91% of global nuclear power production

In the U.S., nuclear power produces over 50% of the country’s clean electricity.
2/ Chinese Growth

China, the world’s second-largest nuclear power producer, is investing further in nuclear energy in a bid to achieve its climate goals.

The plan, which includes building 150 new reactors by 2035, could cost as much as $440 billion.
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Hi there! Since @pintofscienceAU has to go online this year, I’ve been asked to introduce myself and what I do here instead of at the pub. So... my name’s Jess and I’m a nuclear chemist ☢️👩‍🔬. Grab yourself a beer and get ready for #ThisIsMyScience #AtomsToGalaxies
Did you know that upwards of 96% of ‘nuclear waste’ could potentially be recycled? That’s why I don’t like calling it waste, but prefer ‘used nuclear fuel’. It may have been used once, but we can use it again! #NuclearWaste #recycling #wastemanagement #ThisIsMyScience
Removing just 5 actinide elements from used nuclear fuel would reduce the volume, radiotoxicity & lifetime of the remaining waste from ~130,000 to 270 years! Plus, the actinides can be re-used as fuel. I research new ways to separate actinides from used fuel. #ThisIsMyScience
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We are here at the @NRCgov Town Hall in San Juan Capistrano.

#SanOnofreNuclear #SanOnofreandBeyond #SamuelLawrenceFoundation
@NRCgov Town Hall on San Onofre Nuclear. All rows are filled.

#SanOnofreandBeyond #SamuelLawrenceFoundation
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