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“Our families questioned us about our decision to collect kachra (waste) instead of focusing on studies.

Read more about their innovative house here:

#Sustainable #EcoFriendly #WasteManagement #Initiative #Maharashtra #TheBetterIndia Image
Many people even labeled us bhangar wali, plastic wali, bottle wali (junk dealers),” says Namita Kapale, who, along with Kalyani Bharmbe, has built an eco-friendly house using 16,000 plastic water bottles.
Finding a meaningful use for excess #plastic waste, the duo# constructed the house in #SambhajiNagar near Daulatabad. They used cow dung, soil, plastic bottles, and 12-13 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic to build the house on a nearly 4,000 square feet field.
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I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to the DC Kupw @SagarDoifode2 @nabibhat1978 for their prompt response & swift action in addressing the issue of waste dumping on the road side near my house. Their commitment to ensuring a cleaner & healthier env is truly commendable. Image
… I wrote a detailed complaint, highlighting the gravity of the situation. I emphasized the health risks caused by the presence of flies, mosquitoes, & the foul smell emanating from the waste. App attached! @shahfaesal @FaizanPeer_ @dckupwara @KupwaraTimes @swachhbharat Image
…I sent the app via WhatsApp around 11 in the morning today. At around 12:30 i received a call informing me that a dedicated team had been dispatched to assess the situation & take immediate action. Image
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Find Schooley Mitchell | Brian Plain
cost reduction, expense reduction, process optimization, waste management:… More:
Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752
"Locate our Professional #B2B Consulting #Business, near MetroWest/Central MA, helping businesses make #smarterdecisionsabout telecom services & products as well as credit card/merchant services expenses.

Get started online today:…"
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Fuel Gas System
1/8 "LNG Plant Explained: A Deep Dive into Key Processing Units 🏭🌐

Spotlight Fuel Gas System - The energy supplier of LNG plants!"
2/8 🔥⛽ Fuel Gas System Focus: Let's examine Fuel Gas Systems in LNG plants.

Their main purpose?

Supply the necessary fuel gas to power plant processes and equipment. #LNG #FuelGasSystem
3/8 Feeding the energy demand!

Fuel Gas Systems distribute natural gas or other fuel sources to various plant equipment, like gas turbines, heaters, and boilers.

It's like an internal energy network! #GasDistribution 🚰🔥
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1/8 "LNG Plant Explained: A Deep Dive into Key Processing Units 🏭🌐

Spotlight Flare and Vent Systems - The safety valves of LNG plants!"
2/8 🔥🌬️ Flare and Vent Systems Focus: Let's take a closer look at Flare and Vent Systems in LNG plants.

Their primary function?

Safely release excess gases and maintain pressure control. #LNG #FlareAndVent
3/8 Safety first!

Flare Systems burn off excess gases that cannot be processed or used, helping to prevent overpressure in equipment and pipelines.

It's like having a release valve for gas pressure! #Flaring 🔥🔧
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1/8 "LNG Plant Explained: A Deep Dive into Key Processing Units 🏭🌐

Spotlight Power Generation - The powerhouse of LNG plants!"
2/8 ⚡🔌 Power Generation Focus: Let's explore Power Generation in LNG plants.

Their goal?

Provide the electricity needed to run various processes and maintain safe, efficient operations. #LNG #PowerGeneration
3/8 Energizing LNG plants! Power Generation Units generate electricity from various sources like gas turbines, steam turbines, or a combination of both.

It's all about providing the juice to keep things running! #Electricity 💡🔋
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1/8 "LNG Plant Explained: A Deep Dive into Key Processing Units 🏭🌐

Spotlight Pig Launchers/Receivers & Slug Catchers - The cleaning crew of the natural gas world!"
2/8 🐷🌪️ Pig Launchers/Receivers & Slug Catchers Focus: Let's delve into Pig Launchers/Receivers and Slug Catchers, essential components in LNG plants that receive gas from subsea wells.

Their mission?

Maintain pipeline cleanliness and handle liquid slugs.
3/8 Pipeline hygiene matters!

Pig Launchers and Receivers are used to insert and retrieve pigs, special devices that clean, inspect, or maintain pipelines, ensuring optimal gas flow. #Pigging 🐷🧹
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Everyone, this is a thread about the work that people at @Enhesa have done in research on EHS legislation, upcoming changes, insights and trends.

Please give a like and a share if you think this can be useful for someone in your circles.

#EHS #EHScompliance #ESG #industrial
There’s been a lot of talk about ramping up energy efficiency in the EU. Now revisions are on their way. Read what to expect in 2023.

Read all about it in this article by @Beatriz Barbieri

#netzero #sustainability #energyefficiency #eu…
EHS regulations spotlight: Serious Accident Punishment Act: Dive deeper into one of today’s standout EHS regulations and what its regulatory changes mean for businesses operating in South Korea.

#EHS #EHSCompliance #Seriousaccidents…
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Can you effectively manage wastewater in your locality?

Check out these snippets from the comic book “Neera, Jalaj and the Case of Untreated Waste”, that tell us how we can achieve sustainable #wastemanagement ...🧵
10-year-old Jalaj was curious about how efficiently waste can be used.

He kept thinking about the technology that helped #recycle and reuse it. Jalaj wondered how he could replicate the system in his own #environment.
First, Jalaj tackled the solid waste by building a toilet with a twin leach pit, with the help of his friends. A twin leach pit is a toilet that can manage faecal waste locally.
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#FreedomConvoy2023 #FreedomPlanet2 @freeexpress @BROTHERTOFOSCUK I as one of the #freedomfighters has all every single #Intensivstationen to have every single member of @UKParliament #msmenemyofthepeople #MSMLies who have been involved in the the past decade of #abuseofpower
Committed by @Conservatives @UKLabour @LibDems @Greenpeace and even the #LooneyTunes #looneyparty

Official Monster Raving Loony
Who like all are asking for donations #ffstatus.

Hi. Please don't skip this 1 minute read. This Friday December 23rd, we request your support.
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“In India, there are two methods used for the disposal of these two categories of waste — burying in landfills or incineration. But neither of them is eco-friendly,” says Ajinkya Dhariya.

#Innovation #IngeniousIndians #GreenIndia #CleanIndia #MakeInIndia #Startup
He is the founder of #Pune startup Pad Care Labs.⁠

SanEco is a one-of-a-kind #wastemanagement system that works on a chemical and mechanical disintegration method.⁠
First, the sanitary pads which are disposed of by users are collected in the patent-pending ‘SaniBin’, which are placed inside toilet cubicles.⁠

Then, the liners holding the sanitary pads are fed into ‘SanEco’.
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"One thing I learned early how many people with large audiences are just bullshitting in a confident tone of voice. It's very easy to make a name for yourself that way. The path of integrity takes more work, and not many take it." -- @caitoz…
Crop harvests for direct food use insufficient to meet the UN’s food security goal…
#GlobalFoodSystem, #FoodSecurity, #UnitedNationsGoals, #HarvestCalories, #DirectFood
Life Cycle of Strawberry Plants: The Definitive Guide (Updated 2022)…
#LifeCycle, #StrawberryPlants, #DefinitiveGuide
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"If we’re going to face up to the seemingly insurmountable tasks ahead, hope isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity." "Imagining a better future ... isn’t about escaping from reality, it’s about finding your way when you're feeling lost."--Peter Hemminger…
Elegant Six-Page Proof Reveals the Emergence of Random Structure | Quanta Magazine…
#KahnKalaiConjecture, #MathematicalProof, #EmergentStructures, #RandomSets
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This week, for #SustainabilitywithETCH, we are diving into the world and thoughts of Waste Management.

A thread: #Facts focusing India.
According to the Swachhata Sandesh Newsletter by the @MoHUA_India , as of January 2020, 147,613 metric tonnes (MT) of solid waste is generated per day, from 84,475 wards
Urban India generates nearly 0.15 million tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) per day of which, only 68 percent is collected for disposal. An explosion in the generation of MSW in Indian cities due to a burgeoning population and even faster urbanization
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How to facilitate Digital Services Economy transitions in next decades?
Together with @dseinnovations team and @setcoingroup we develop #ESG transformation framework and roadmap for governments, international organizations, corporations funds & LP’s
Check overview in thread👇
#humancentric Global Economy
Benefits of services economy to local countries & #gdp growth
People become main asset of digital services economy
Next 👇
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Why smart trash is needed in developing countries
#environment #wastemanagement… Image
This system is based on an android application that allows users to see the location of the nearest dustbin
The trash can also has a sensor that will let you know when it's full. Furthermore, it automatically gives a signal to the waste control center to come to the location to clean it.
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Hi there! Since @pintofscienceAU has to go online this year, I’ve been asked to introduce myself and what I do here instead of at the pub. So... my name’s Jess and I’m a nuclear chemist ☢️👩‍🔬. Grab yourself a beer and get ready for #ThisIsMyScience #AtomsToGalaxies
Did you know that upwards of 96% of ‘nuclear waste’ could potentially be recycled? That’s why I don’t like calling it waste, but prefer ‘used nuclear fuel’. It may have been used once, but we can use it again! #NuclearWaste #recycling #wastemanagement #ThisIsMyScience
Removing just 5 actinide elements from used nuclear fuel would reduce the volume, radiotoxicity & lifetime of the remaining waste from ~130,000 to 270 years! Plus, the actinides can be re-used as fuel. I research new ways to separate actinides from used fuel. #ThisIsMyScience
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A taste of how @narendramodi is putting systems into place to ensure a better future for #India & preserve the #environment . #ModiFor2019
Have just come back after taking a round of a large #sewage treatment plant of a facility that's going under live monitoring
The @PMOIndia ,@moefcc ,@CPCB_OFFICIAL & other statutory bodies have begun work on a massive interconnected net of sensors that will measure & monitor wastewater being generated & treated at all large commercial & industrial units in #India. 2/n
This system is designed to ensure no large #industry or facility can release untreated #sewage & harm the #environment.
The readings from the sensors will be monitored live at 7 locations including the @PMOIndia .
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