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We had some discussion recently about how to talk about safety of #nuclearenergy. In my opinion you shouldn't talk about it unless somebody asks, but of course not everyone agrees because some people are wrong. 😉

Here's a thread with some slides I use to make my argument.👇
Great research from @AmyCuddy identified two characteristics that are super important when we form opinions of others: Warmth and Competence. Testing here with Star Wars characters it's clearly a useful way to think about our own appearance to others.
Amy Cuddy said we feel envy for cold, competent people. I'm not so sure – I think we just fear them. They are up to something and it's NOT in your interests. Later research revised Warmth to Kindness as even more accurate and I'd concur. It's more in line with someone's actions.
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Ever since @GretaThunberg’s, in many regards excellent, summer speech (#sommarip1) I’ve been trying to come to terms with the sources used to rule out #NuclearEnergy as the cornerstone in fighting #ClimateChange. Now @TIME has published the full script..…
..with links to her sources. Turns out “Risky” comes from HPC running over budget(!), and “expensive” is based on openly anti-#nuclear @MycleSchneider’s WNISR report, with no regard to e.g. system costs.

= two words w/o any backing that delay dealing with #climate issues. Why?
Don’t get me wrong, HPC has gone over budget and time and may cause a financial “risk” to UK citizens vs not doing anything, but it’s also incremental to achieving #netzero. But it’s crazy cherry picking. China builds 6+ reactors cheaply per year. Decoupling always needs nuclear.
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Imaginez un instant que les vertus objectives, les services que la centrale de #Fessenheim a rendu à la société pendant + de 40 ans et aurait pu continuer de lui rendre pendant au - une décennie supplémentaire, aient été inscrits, bien visibles, sur ses bâtiments.
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L'histoire aurait-elle été la même ? La désinformation qui a fondé et fini par justifier dans l'esprit de l'opinion sa fermeture prématurée aurait-elle pu se déployer pareillement ? Quelqu'un aurait-il osé prendre la décision inique et absurde de son arrêt et démantèlement ?
Cela ne rendra pas leur outil de travail aux opérateurs de la centrale qui le voient être sacrifié sur l'autel des préjugés et de l'idéologie aveugle. Mais donner corps à cette idée est une des voies à travers lesquelles nous souhaitions leur rendre hommage.
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This film by Jeff Gibbs, executive produced by Michael Moore is worth the time. I disagree with it's conclusions and don't understand why #GenIVNuclear is not mentioned as an alternative. It's safe, sustainable, and burns nuclear waste for fuel.
The billionaire capitalists are painted as the villains, and deservedly so. The interesting thing is which billionaires and organizations they refer to.


Here's a few pics taken from the rolling credits:
The answers might surprise you. It seems many of our 'Save the Planet' folks are in cahoots with the 'Make Hay While the Sun Shines' folks.
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#Nuclear #Energy & the draft 2020 American Energy Innovation Act

1/ A thread for those researching the #uranium space who wish to reconcile the metal's bullish thesis with the BIPARTISAN (emphasis) legislative efforts currently underway in support of nuclear’s long-term future
2/ Firstly, two pro-nuclear Bills became law in ’18 & ’19 – Nuclear Energy Innovation & Capabilities Act; NE Innovation & Modernization Act. Now, numerus other NE Bills (through Committee) were combined into one larger, stimulative, shovel ready, clean energy mega-legislation
3/ Feb 27, 2020: the BIPARTISAN American Energy Innovation Act was introduced, compiling > 50 energy-related Bills to replace/modernize EPACT2005. Passage in the Senate is likely, the House requires more climate mandates. Highlights: #energyinnovation2020
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There's a lot of controversy these days about the future of #nuclearenergy in a warming world. Often lost in the discussion: the perspective of historians who study the promise and peril of nuclear power in the past. Earlier this year, we edited a series on exactly that topic.
In our 1st article, I joined co-editors @Danny__Mac__ and @jburnford to give my take on the nuclear question. I argue that nuclear should have a modest role in power generation for some time, partly because the risks of #climatechange are just too high.…
In our 2nd article, @nelangst articulates some of my thoughts better than I could. She explains the potential of new fission designs and gives a history of what happened to carbon emissions when old plants shut down.…
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33 years ago: the prototype of the Integral Fast Reactor demonstrated exactly the kind of intrinsic designed-in safety still demanded by #nuclear energy's loudest critics.…… 1/4
That's safety. Waste? It was designed from the beginning to run on used fuel. It was designed to be the solution to most activist's No. 1 objection to #nuclearenergy.… 2/4
This type of reactor is estimated to put out well under 1 gram CO₂-equivalent per kilowatt hour (gCO₂e/kWh) over its lifecycle. Compare that to some of today's national grids:… 3/4
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