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Here is a thread recapping #palindrome history week for #TweetHistorians, courtesy of Mark Saltveit who reverts to @taoish now.

Monday, we started with a thread on the ancient sacred origins of palindromes as spells, curses and words of the gods. 1/7 -ms
Tuesday: Sotades the Obscene, inventor of palindromes, the Priapeia, sotadean metre and so much more. Also: the kinaidoi (effeminate dancers of Alexandria), Arsinoe the sex-positive proto-feminist queen, incestual royal marriage and sick burns. 2/7 -ms
Wednesday: later antique Greek palindromes from the oldest letter-by-letter verse (a school exercise in Tebtunis Egypt) through the Greek Anthology, Leo the Wise, Western Euopean baptismal fonts and Theodoros Prodromos. 3/7 -ms
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Day 6 of palindromic #TwitterHistorian @taoish Mark Saltveit's stint. Yesterday, the SATOR / ROTAS square. Today, "versus recurrentes" = Latin palindromic poetry, mostly 1 line. At #IMC2021, I argued that it was a continuous & self-referential genre from 2nd-15th c. CE.
1/12 -ms
I listed 42 but documenting is tricky. These were rarely in main texts. Most appeared in margins or on fly leaves, but repeated over the centuries. Theory: these were transmitted by teachers, esp. of scribes, and passed via wax tablets, memory & pen tests (federproben).
2/12 -ms Slide from Mark Saltveit's talk at the International MedievaA second slide from Mark Saltveit's talk at the Internationa
The classic (and first known) Latin verse #palindrome is a dactylic pentameter: "Roma tibi subito motibus ibit amor." Sidonius Apollinaris (ep. 9.14, ~480 CE) called it ancient. It's on a roof tile from Aquincum dated 107 CE next to a ROTAS square & at Ostia (200 CE). 3/12 -ms Roof tile from Aquincum, Pannonia (near modern day Budapest,The text of that portion of Sidonius Apollinaris' letter to St. Gall MS 889 with "Roma tibi subito motibus ibit amoRoma Tibi graffito at Ostia, from Guarducci
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The 10 Days of darkness just happens to be a palindrome.

1.20.21 to 1.29.21

A palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward.

They just happen to proof to Q drops😁

1.20.21 = 303 = 282
= Shutdown > Day 1 βš”οΈ
Palindrome proof for 1.21.21

1.21.21 = 313 = 101 = 838

[R] USSS name for Hussein = Renegade

Graphic confirmed

Times on ⏰
12:00 > 6:00

1+2 = 3
6+2 = 8

838 drop = BOOM.


Who is BM or MB? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

1.22.21 #palindrome πŸ‘€

1.22.21 > 323 proofs to @POTUS45 timestamp βœ…

1:11 pm > 111
Oct 11, 2012 > 10.11.2012
10+11 = 21
21012 < ~ palindrome proof βœ…

4th quarter, Patriots πŸ₯³
We fight together.
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