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Azadi is not an option
A #Thread
What does a misguided #Kashmiri mean by “Azaadi”? Is it the right to #equality, right to #freedom, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural & educational rights, right to property & right to constitutional remedies
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If that is the meaning of “Azaadi” then it is already entrusted to them through the #constitution then who are these people and why are they asking for Azadi?
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The people of #kashim for long have been disassociated with the #progress in mainland due to provisions of #Article_370 which restricted the investment and #development in the state.
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Awesome side by side video created by the genius of @SteveInmanUIC
Such inspiration and I don’t want Government as my G_d or my Husband and surely don’t want it all up in my business! #Freedom
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1. News: AG Bill Barr Asked Federal Prosecutors to Consider Bringing Criminal Charges Against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan For Allowing Anarchists to Establish CHOP/CHAZ - Thread 9-17-2020…
2. News: Subpoenas Authorized For Spygate Figures:
Sidney Blumenthal
Denis McDonough
Lisa Page
Joe Pientka
Samantha Power
Bill Priestap
Susan Rice
Peter Strzok
Kevin Clinesmith… #Trump #Russia #Spygate #TREASON
3. News: The Portland Riots Just Stopped...Why?

Since May 29th, Portland has been back drop of more than 100 nights of antifa, anarchist & BLM terroristic riots. They set fires, looted, intimidated people, threatened to burn them alive in their homes…
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100,000 march for #FREEDOM in Montreal, Canada, while chanting 'USA USA USA' & marching with Trump, American & Canadian flags.

The entire world is watching.
#TheGreatAwakening 🇺🇸🇨🇦
This occurred on Sat, 9/12.

The DS's worst nightmare:
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(1) How can I be confident we are not yet at the end of the end?

These pivotal red words, the very words of Jesus

“And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come.”

- Matthew 24:14
(2) Has the Good News been preached throughout the whole world?

The work of various missions groups shows a definitive no

This site states that 42% of the world population is classified under “unreached people groups”

Looks like we still have #worktodo
(3) While the world is undergoing tremendous change, the current status of the Great Commission reveals where we are (or are not) on the timeline

Trust that this chaotic time is paving the way for historic #freedom and prosperity

All towards the end of the Good News going forth
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You gotta accept it first before you can fix it. Most people never accept, they find it difficult too. Ego, pride, hurt, the why me attitude etc. That’s what keeps you stuck as a victim.
When you are a victim, you can’t take action because you constantly crave for sympathy, pity, validation etc.
We must first accept what has happened. Then we rise above and do everything to fix it. You gotta accept it first before you can fix it!! It all starts with acceptance and letting or letting go …Gracefully....
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How many America's know that are own 'government' is waging wars on us,
that the Congress and the White House regime is nothing more then 'actors' distractions,traitors that hide the real controllers.
The "assassins" are in charge,and no one is willing to stand up to them..
Pentagon-Shapped Military Fortress of Loyola,Pamplona, Spain(above)
The Society of Jesus was founded by a Spanish nobleman,
Don Ignatius of Loyola,with the blessing of the Farnese Pope Paul III.Loyola,
prior of his Order of the New Templars called the Knights of the Virgin Mary
” been in command of Spanish forces in a battle with French forces at Pamplona, Spain.
The fortress from which Loyola waged his defense was—you guessed it—in the shape of a Pentagon! Knight of Malta King Juan Carlos commemorated Loyola’s Spanish Pentagon with a stamp 1988
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Let's be clear..
#Croats, #Bošniaks, #Albanians & Montenegrin #DPS activists who cry about election result in #Montenegro & call #Serbs fascists are revisionists & ideological heirs of Nazi supporters in Balkans, who formed SS divisions & exterminated Serbs, Jews & Roma in WW2.😏
2. Fact that some Atlantist, #NATO & EU mouthpieces are upset by this result lies in the fact that NATO turned into a new Axis in the 90s & resurrected the Ottoman, Austrian, Italian, German & Komintern politics in the Yugoslav #Balkans:
Foster divisions & conquer divided people.
3. Milo is an opportunist who changed master w/ the wind.
Once favorable to unified #Serbia, he turned his jacked to save his ass & benefit from the situation.
Like in #Kosovo, #NATO would support mobsters in #Montenegro to break-up #Yugoslavia, no matter the cost for the locals.
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1. News: Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’ -Thread 8.31.20… #WhistleBlower #Voting #MailInBallots #Fraud
2. News: Indiana Rep Jim Banks Introduces “Support Peaceful Protest Act” To Prevent Rioters Arrested For Looting, Vandalism, or Acts of Violence From Receiving Federal $ Benefits… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtest
3. News: 'I am 100% Antifa': Alleged Portland shooter of Trump supporter (also an ardent BLM supporter) was previously arrested—and released—for bringing illegal loaded gun to a riot |… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtesters #Murderer
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WOW. #RobertFKennedy should run for President in 2024. Now THIS is a REAL MAN. AWESOME. 💪💪
Stand Up with #Germany !!!
"We Are Not going to let you take our #Health away, let you take our #Freedom away, or let you take our Children away!"
2/ WOW. So proud of this man.
Happy to have him on our honorary board. Now THIS is REAL Leadership. Thank you GOD!
Everyone Rally Behind & Support #RobertFKennedy
(& Dr Shiva too!)
3/ #AOE will begin Officially supporting the #ChildrensHealthDefense.

Everyone in the World needs to support this incredible organization like your lives depend on it, THEY DO!
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#WHO says once again "The worst thing that could happen is Herd Immunity, we wouldn't need a #Vaccine then." Their entire mission seems to get total control over your societies & your bodies, lives, health & environments & economies via Forced Vaccine. Image
Notice how they put the Snake Head around the needle in yellow so it stands out, turned it on it's side like a vaccine needle to you, put it as close to the center as possible so it's in your face in the camera with Tedros. Intel agencies & Evil secret societies always occultic.
WHO is Deliberately avoiding, HIDING, & NEVER mentioning:
-ALL Tcell treatments
-C, C-infusions, zinc, D3, all vitamins
-HCQ, Chloroquine & others
-Convalescent plasmas
-Peroxides, other Blood treatments
-Inhaled treatments, Dexamethosone, Buhdesonide
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"Lobster Johnson (also known as The Lobster) is a fictional character featured in the Hellboy and Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense comic books published by Dark Horse Comics. He was created by Mike Mignola".
#WWG1WGA… Image
It is interesting how #POTUS is being mentioning LOBSTER in some tweets and in some speeches. Follow me to the wabbit 🕳️ to see what we can find out. Maybe a real Lobster 🦞
#Trump Image
The Lobster made his public debut in New York City, in February 1932, when he became famous for killing the renowned gangster Donny “Mints” Parker, leaving his forehead seared with his mark, a claw.
#DigitalSoldiers… Image
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I know it's gotten fashionable to #blame others for our #emotions because self #responsibility is difficult and people have been taught to avoid what is difficult.

But self #responsibility is EXACTLY the perfect level of #difficult because it's an equal opportunity difficulty; none of us are without flaws or errors or #mistakes and we've ALL been wronged (on some level) by something.

Self responsibility is SO important, that the 12 Steps (of #AlcoholicsAnonymous, #NarcoticsAnonymous, #AlAnon, #Codependent recovery, etc.) is BASED on it.

To be sober, for example, I had/have to take responsibility for the parts of my life that I was/am responsible for.

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@Apple wants to silence #political opinions, that it should also stop manufacturing black and yellow #iPhones, and only make products in blue, red and white.” 1/n

@SolomonYue⁩ ⁦…
『但近日經理限制口罩款式,黃色、寫有香港字樣、及有「#FDNOL」(Five Demands, Not One Less縮寫、五大訴求缺一不可)字樣的口罩均屬禁止之列,但藍色口罩則獲允許。』 3/n

@Apple Store禁員工戴港產黃口罩 職員證肖像不許穿黑黃色衫…
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#Sweden Top #Covid19 No-#Lockdown Expert which has won the economics & open #Freedom race in the world, says "WEARING MASKS IS DANGEROUS"
-Masks will NOT control Covid (CommonCold) outbreaks…
-#Sweden's infectious diseases expert noted countries with widespread mask compliance were STILL EXPERIENCING RISING CASES of "#coronavirus "
-Dr Tegnell said "Evidence of the benefit of wearing masks was 'weak'"
-Many experiments have shown masks DONT work to stop infection
-MOST of our deaths ARE NOT related to SARS-COV2, but some RELATED to #COVID19
-Countries with widespread mask compliance, such as #Belgium & #Spain, were still experiencing rising cases of "Covid".
-Evidence of their effectiveness 'Astonishingly weak
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[Thread] August 18, 2020: POP releases the latest social indicators & rankings of people’s most familiar political figures
All 5 indicators have registered all-time lows since records began in 1997. #HongKong #HK #Freedom #Prosperity #RuleOfLaw #Stability #Democracy
1/ Core Social Indicators (on a scale of 0 to 10)
Degree of freedom: 4.7
Degree of prosperity: 4.2
Compliance with the rule of law: 3.8
Degree of stability: 3.8
Degree of democracy: 3.7
2/ People’s Most Familiar Political Figures

Compared to half a year ago, regardless of their popularities, 6 political figures remain in the top 10. Anson Chan, John Tsang, Jasper Tsang, Leung Kwok-hung have fallen out of the top 10 list...
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
MASSIVE PROTESTS MILLIONS in #SouthKorea in, get this, a Q Protest! O.O BOOM 💥 Against Mask Restrictions, against #COVID19 #Scamdemic Against #ChildTrafficking & against the #NWO #Globalism by #UN #EU &the Elite Crime Cabals. INCREDIBLE #Spain also Today
3/ Many TROLL FARM accounts attacking this video LYING through their faces that supposedly there are no protests in #SouthKorea. TOTAL LIARS!!! Of course there are HUGE protests in Korea now! Don't listen to these LIARS! Look at their TROLL accounts!! TROLL FARM DISINFO people!!
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1b. See video below where Julian Assange from WikiLeaks discusses Seth Rich:

Remember, on August 8th 2016 Julian Assange pretty much admits Seth Rich was working with WikiLeaks in this interview on Dutch TV..👇🏼👀👇🏼
#Justice4Seth #Assange

2. News: Mystery Masks from China Arrive At Florida Addresses — Unsolicited:

Residents in Virginia, Utah, and other states have also been receiving unsolicited seeds in the mail, prompting warnings from state agricultural agencies… #WARNING #China #Masks
3. Wealthy NYC Residents Flee Radical Mayor de Blasio’s Mismanaged City…

Homeless Use Their Discarded Furniture To Turn Manhattan District Into Skid Row [VIDEO]… #NewYork #DeBlasio #Homeless
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I agree with wearing a mask in public.
I think the majority of the #turn you away. Just I agree with wearing a #mask in public.
I think the majority of the #resistance comes from the #Government mandating it. The
government shouldn’t require it. #Capitalism is giving people the #freedom to make a choice. I agree with businesses that require masks and if you choose not to they have the right to turn you away. Just like the patron has a #choice to abide by the request or not enter...
...the business. #freedomofchoice
Also, I think it would help if people knew the threshold that needs to be reached for the mask recommendations be lifted...
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#AlphaOmegaEnergy Herby offers FREE Energy, EnergyEfficiency & CleanEnergy & Climate Policy & Economics Policy support & advice (If wanted) for her campaign & ongoing, to HERO #LauraLoomer of #Florida She's the most #Banned Woman on earth, & we the Startup
We FULLY SUPPORT #LauraLoomerForCongress
As the Worlds most #Banned Startup in history, we know what it's like to be targeted, attacked, blocked banned sanctioned on multiple platforms for no reason (& we didn't even protest a single anything ever) But Blocked FB, Linkedin Insta Image
3/ #LauraLoomer is a HERO for #SaveTheChildrenWorldWide & #childtraffickingexposed & #Humanrights #Freedom #Freespeech World Peace & Safety, #America & an Incredible Woman & Role model for all people to get behind & support. #Congress needs powerful women like her to fight 4 ppl.
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@SecPompeo praised @JimmyLaiApple in his "#Communist #China and the #Free World’s Future" speech at @NixonLibrary.

"I’ve talked with #HongKong’s #democracy leaders, from Cardinal Zen to Jimmy Lai. Two days ago in London, I met with Hong Kong freedom fighter @nathanlawkc." 1/
His arrest flies in the face of #USA as "a beacon of #freedom for people all around the #world".

"If we don’t act now, ultimately the #CCP will erode our freedoms and subvert the rules-based order that our societies have worked so hard to build. ... 2/
... If we bend the knee now, our children’s children may be at the mercy of the Chinese Communist Party (#CCP), whose actions are the primary challenge today in the #free world." ~ @SecPompeo 3/3
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#excessOfFreedom #freedom #azadi
Everytime I hear the shouts of Freedom - Freedom to choose, speak, wear and what not, it makes me wonder of the pitfalls of all these freedoms. Does anything come without price.
For that we must first understand what does Freedom even mean? ++
Freedom means not being tied down so it is no surprise that it ultimately leads to detachment und being untethered and this detachment will lead to loneliness and end up in depression.
This reminds me of the song Rajnigandha fool tumhare... from the movie Rajnigandha. A line of this song goes... Kitna sukh hai bandhan me!! in our relentless pursuit of freedom, we have forgotten the happiness that is in Bandhan.
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Die reflektierende Natur zeigt sich nicht nur auf der äußeren Ebene. Wenn wir unsere Aufmerksamkeit nach innen, z.B. durch Meditation oder andere Techniken, auf die tieferen Schichten unserer eigenen Seele lenken, sind wir wieder die geistige Seite des Universums, das sich selbst
zu erforschen beginnt!

Welches ist nun das nächste Stadium der Evolution? Ich glaube nicht, dass es dabei um das Wachstum des Gehirns geht oder um sich zurückbildende Hände. Vielleicht geschieht das langfristig in Millionen von Jahren.

Es wird vielmehr um ein anderes Ereignis
gehen, dass in den ganzen logischen Prozess der Evolution hineinpasst: es geht darum, dass einzelne Menschen beginnen sich zu verbinden, zu Ansammlungen, zu Gruppen.

Wenn man sich z.B. Dörfer von oben ansieht ist das Interessante, dass das Muster, also die Art und Weise, wie die
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