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Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest impact!

When it comes to people and #culture we tend to over engineer everything.

Sometimes it just needs to be simple and fun and creative!

So, I thought I'd share this simple hack from @OMERSVentures recent team offsite.
Last month, our team had an offsite - the first in over 3 yrs, and the first for all three of our regions (CAN, US, UK) to meet each other as a global team. It was a great week of connecting, collaborating!

#team #culture #connection Image
As our people & culture champion & w/ the dream team of @shawnchance & @MindOverMandi we collaborated on a session to help our team get to know each other in the face of continuing Covid-related work environments & the challenge of working in 3 countries, but operating as 1 team Image
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The MCap of top 8 gaming companies was worth ~$200 billion in May 2022.
6 of them are establishing their #web3 teams. The opportunities are real. And we're very early.

So, in the coming days, how should you evaluate a #gamefi project?

Learn this concept: GameFi Trilemma 🧵👇 Image
The #GameFi trilemma is composed of ● playability
● profitability
● accessibility.

The problem arises when games only can optimize two components at any given time. Image

Web 2.0 games give up profitability for players.

Most Web 3.0 games have given up accessibility by charging a hefty price for NFTs.

And for each component in the trilemma, there are existing problems and we'd like to highlight some potential solutions. 💡
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[#THREAD] @StepApp_ , un concurrent sérieux pour @Stepnofficial ?

Aujourd'hui je vous invite à venir découvrir un projet qui fait couler de l'encre depuis quelques jours, StepApp.

Il s'agit d'un #MoveToEarn qui s'oppose au très connu StepN !

Temps de lecture : 5 minutes Image

StepApp est un projet qui s'inscrit dans la #Fitness Finance (#FitFi).

Il s'agit d'un nouveau type de finance décentralisée qui s'appuie sur l'univers du sport pour proposer des rendements plus ou moins élevés.

Les plus connus actuellement sont StepN et @genopets . Image
Là où StepN repose essentiellement sur la dépense de points d'énergie au travers de la marche et de la course, StepApp propose de gamifier ces disciplines.

On parle donc de compléter des quêtes et missions ou de lancer des challenges à ses amis. Image
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I carry the vision of America: the hope of prosperity, equality, and freedom for all.

I see a nation at a turning point. Perfect the union for all Americans or hoard its opportunities for a select few?

My light shines for #TeamYOU.

#TeamCoup #GMW4U I am Team YOU. Lady Liberty...
We all dream of a better future for our families.

But some politicians only care about padding their donors' already overflowing pockets. They represent the few, not me and you.

Protect your dreams.
Renounce #Team Coup. Embrace #TeamYOU.

#GMW4U Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I...
Secessionists, KKK, Jim Crow lynchers, Dixiecrats, and today's MAGA cult -- different faces of the same power-hungry faction.

The Jan 6 insurrection failed. But the threat remains dire.

It's time to defeat #TeamCoup for good.

#TeamYOU #GMW4U Insurrectionist with Confed...
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.@USNavy forgot to post it the other night …

HOWell HOWard


.@RealBrittBaker, this ones for you! Thank you for all that you do, I’m always watching & grateful for all the LOVE each & every one of you show every day/week!

Found More Teeth!
Chomp On This

Stay Frosty, Bridge = Saved …
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# 1 Joey Jordison
# 2 Paul Gray

1-2H(8) (3)

The Pig
The Heart Beat & Soul Of the World
& The Reaper
Everything set up the same way as WWE does everything, Roles being played upon the world stage mirroring the lives of certain individuals out in the world. . .
The Heart Beat & Soul Of A Nation/World Being Reborn into A Brave New World … Image
The Pig
Pigs Fly & Dunk Basketballs ImageImage
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It’s called already knowing who everyone is & getting everyone to see who they truly are … The colors so many show, a lot of times have no idea they are putting out those true colors.
Lots of filthy mirrors in the world today, filthy to the point where even with someone looking
At themselves in the mirror, they don’t see themselves …
Much of the world as been so used to acting A certain way that it feels/looks “Normal” to them acting as so many do. Once Ones start opening their minds & eyes, they start seeing their own true colors the way God sees
Them …
They start seeing what they thought to be “normal”, was actually them walking around in this world PRE PROGRAMMED to act/live this way purposely by corruption for such A long time that they strayed so far away from the paths God has set in front of them from birth ..
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Hey Citizens!

In 2 hours. I'm about to drop a full breakdown of a NEW 1-week old document released by the IMF!

IMF shares their opinions between PoW, PoS, DPoS, fBFT $XRP + $XLM

I've got 4 hours into reading, recording, editing and creating timestamps
55 min long Timestamps👇
Yes, it's another long one but there was so much important info. I break it down in timestamps so you can pick the parts you want to see to make it easier

Please when I drop this video share and tag influencers this information was just released to the public 1week ago $XRP $XLM
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Was genau ist eigentlich Pacing? Und wie vermeide ich Rückschläge? Wo lauern Stolpersteine und wie erkenne ich meine eigenen Grenzen?

Die 🌊11 rules of diving 🌊 können beim Erlernen von #Achtsamkeit und der Umsetzung von #pacing helfen.

@dg_mecfs @FatigatioeV @long_covid
#1 Dive within your limits

Individuelle (Tagesform beachten) Grenzen sollten unbedingt eingehalten werden um Rückschläge zu vermeiden. Aber dafür muss man sich & seinen Körper neu kennenlernen.
➡️ An #Grenzen rantasten, nicht einfach darüber hinweggehen & sich nicht vergleichen.
#2 Use the buddy system - do not dive alone

Als #team (oder Gruppe) ist vieles leichter und sicherer. Such dir eine(n) Leidensgenossen/-in oder tritt einer Selbsthilfegruppe bei, um deine Sorgen zu teilen und Feedback, Unterstützung & Tipps von anderen einzuholen. ➡️@LangzeitC
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Fort- & Weiterbildung geht weit über die jährliche Planung von 12 Monatsfortbildungen, präsentiert in einem Hochglanz-Flyer, hinaus.

Und da dieses Thema für jede|n wichtig ist, durfte ich einen Vortrag hierzu halten.

Keypoints hier für euch zusammengefasst, ein Thread:

1. Fortbildung ist kein Selbstzweck. Mitarbeitende spüren, wenn Fortbildungen nur angeboten werden, um einer Leitungspflicht nachzukommen, oder ob die Fortbildung angeboten wird, weil die Weiterentwicklung der Menschen -& in der Gesamtheit d. Abteilung- am Herzen liegt.

Damit Fortbildungen nicht einfach zusammenhanglos im Raum stehen, ist es sinnvoll, die Inhalte an die Ziele der Gesamtabteilung zu knüpfen. Die transparente Darstellung d. Jahresziele & verknüpften Fortbildungsinhalte zeigen den Sinn & geben d. Fortbildung damit Gewicht.
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#MedStudents, #Residents, #Fellows, and #Research Trainees - I recently had both a resident and fellow ask me how I got involved in research and published when I was a #trainee. I thought I would share my tips and advice in this thread. #MedTwitter #ACGME #MedStudentTwitter
1. Ask yourself👉what you want from this? To pursue research as career? To boost application for #residency #fellowship #employment? To get a recommendation letter? Regardless, aim for #publication (most value). Conference talks are cool, but publications stay on CV forever!
2. Basic science research=⬆️time+lab training vs clinical research. Study designs: RCTs, prospective, retrospective, case reports, review papers. Publishing case reports+review papers are most feasible endeavors during training! Best way to boost #publication numbers.
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How I got COVID and how you can avoid it 🧵

For the last year+ I've been essentially secluded, helping my mom recover from cancer (so far, successfully, but it's a daily battle)
She's >70yo, transplanted, immunosuppressed and recovering from cancer

COVID could be devastating for her

it could be lethal

so we've done everything in our power to keep her safe
I gave up everything. professional, social, personal life to give her a fighting chance

I have ZERO regrets. best decision i've ever made

we almost lost her twice last year. she was so sick and frail her doctors sat us all down and told us to accept it was the end
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As an engineering manager, you should spend your time with four main areas: people, project, product, and technology. 🧵

#Engineering #Leadership
Most of your time will be used setting #people to success by training, listening, opening opportunities, recruiting, hiring, advocating, and delivering actionable, timely, and candid feedback.
The outcome your #team produces in #projects is the value they offer to your company, and your role letting engineers to make decisions with autonomy but in an informed fashion. You are the link between your team’s work and your org’s #strategy.
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En complément du superbe #Thread de @_Cryptique, voici le mien avec de nombreux comptes francophone #crypto à suivre.

J'ai réalisé ça sur le thème un peu #humoristique mais ces comptes restent néanmoins des personnes sérieuses.

J'espère que vous trouverez le format sympa !

Peintre #digital et sculpteur de l'ère du numérique personne ne sait s’il est réellement humain ou si c’est une IA avancée.

Un #artiste accompli autour de nombreux #NFTs, il partage également son expertise autour de l’art numérique de demain.

A commencer le défi #From0To10K pour finalement s’orienter vers l’éducation ainsi que la démocratisation de la #crypto et du #Bitcoin

Du simple terme crypto à la présentation de nouveaux projets, c’est une véritable mine d’information dans un but éducatif
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#ThreadAlert: Oftentimes, designers grapple with the question, how does the customer actually use this product? To do so, first designers need to learn “How to Use Journey Mapping for the Project?”

Let's quickly get through the entire journey mapping process!
#koruux #uxdesign
The user journey map is an overview of the key touchpoints and interactions. It describes the user’s motivation, feelings, emotions, and goals stage-by-stage.

Here are the key components for Journey Mapping 👇
#ux #uxdesign #userexperience
1. Persona

User personas are created to ensure that the final design fulfills the needs of actual users, solves their problems, and becomes a delight for them to use.
#ux #uxdesign #persona
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[#Thread] Autour du projet @solbotsfamily

Collectionneurs de #NFT en herbe ou expérimenté, vous allez bientôt pouvoir adopter le #SolFather, l'un des membres de cette petite famille de robot du futur !

Ils sont beaux, ils sont chauds et n'attendent que vous, voyons ça ⬇️ Image
Je présenterais le projet #NFT @solbotsfamily, ce qu'on sait dans un premier temps et je vous donnerais mon analyse dans un second.

Pas de conseil en #investissement toussa toussa, vous connaissez la chanson 😊

Je tiens aussi à préciser que ce n'est pas #sponso 👀 Image
Parlons d'abord de l'histoire

Tout a débuté il y a 2 mois lors d'un échange entre @Cryptonio__ et le 2ème fondateur.

Ils firent le constat que les collections existantes de #NFTs ne mettaient pas assez en #concurrence les #collectionneurs. Image
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We have a drug that protects from #HIV. True or False? #ph260720
My friend Steve texted me last year asking how he could convince his partner Ed to see a doctor.

Steve said, “Something weird is happening to him. He can’t walk, his speech is slurred, and his mood changes. He’s a totally different person.” #ph260720 #HIV
I asked him why Ed is reluctant to see doctors. Steve replied, “He has always hated seeing doctors because he feels judged by the health system.”

This is the story of Ed’s experience and how we could have prevented his death from #AIDS 8 weeks later. #ph260720 #providerbias
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Hello Human, we have some exciting news for you.

🧵 1/ 5
The debut issue of our #techethics quarterly magazine is now LIVE 🥳

Packed full of case studies, featured research, and industry best practices, Issue No. I is focused on #EthicsasaService and the impact this new solution is already having on the #tech industry.

Available in both web and pdf format for you to share with your #team and friends, this is your go-to read to spark the conversation around #ethics in tech we are all craving to have

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[Thread] Autour du projet @GodsUnchained, la "petite" révolution autour des cartes à collectionner, du #freetoplay et des #NFTs.

Installez-vous confortablement au fond du canapé, sortez la couette et la tisane... Nous allons démarrer la visite en douceur !
Petite intro en règle,

@GodsUnchained est un jeu de cartes à collectionner #freetoplay qui va utiliser l'écosystème des #NFTs en leur donnant une réelle utilité.

Dans ce #jeu, vous affronterez les autres joueurs dans des duels de carte (comme dans Magic The gathering).
C'est un #jeu qui est orienté sur la compétition, ce qui signifie que vous devrez faire preuve d'imagination et de stratégie pour battre vos adversaires.

Et tout cet écosystème se passe sur la blockchain #Ethereum et plus précisément sur son layer 2 @Immutable X.
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Family is EVERYTHING ..

Gone but not Forgotten.

#CMPunk! ... 👏
#CMPunk! .. 👏
#CMPunk! + 👏
#CMPunk! ... 👏
#CMPunk! .. 👏
#CMPunk! + 👏
#CMPunk! ... 👏
#CMPunk! .. 👏
#CMPunk! + 👏

Once the "Hardcore" Wrestling fans find out WHY Wrestling is & Always has been so
important to the world, it will bring MORE people together.. It will allow them to truly feel that hardcore fans have truly ALWAYS been apart of something that helped save the world & bring GOD back into all of their lives.

Again, THANK YOU for doing what YOU #LOVE! ..
doing what You love & pouring your heart out into YOUR #PASSION, makes OTHERS around you do the same..
MORE people doing what they love, Continues to make this WORLD/Country that #WE Call #HOME A Home & NOT A slave planet it has been/WAS for THOUSANDS of years..
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Learnings from a speciality residency at one of d top institutes in India -

In my last month of residency & 1-yr post-MCh bond as an adhoc Asst Prof at @TataMemorial Mumbai & @TMC_Varanasi here's a thread on what I learnt. (Might hv some snippets I wish I knew before I joined) Image
1. Oncology - To me, treating #CANCER is the highest form of medicine currently practised. If a fellow human being, is able to rid another, of d #EmperorOfAllMaladies, medicine shall hv achieved what it set out to. Cancer still lurks in d realm of that which needs 'conquering'
I saw this in TMH day in & out. The 'conquering'. I saw pts coming in the worst of conditions and walking back home. To a family. To a life.

I also saw d other end of d spectrum. Whr v had to meekly surrender to the malady. Where we could do precious little to 'save' someone.
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Luego de algunas semanas de research en ALIBABA $BABA y dada la compleja comparación con otras empresas, decidí plasmar takeaways sobre el modelo de negocio de este gigante (vs similares de USA) del ecommerce $AMZN + fintech $PYPL + cloud service AWS + streaming $NFLX $SPOT.
Todos conocemos $BABA pero hay cierto halo de misterio/confusión sobre el #Businessmodel, su transformación, como lograron ser el "market-leading innovator" y la convivencia entre fundamentals y el PESIMO contexto del PCC de #china. Su ecosistema combina muchas empresas.
Fundada en 1997, año en que $AMZN hizo su IPO y un año antes de $EBAY's IPO, actualmente tiene un market cap de USD536B. Comenzó monetizando la publicidad en su boletín online de negocios y comercio, un modelo mas bien parecido al de $GOOG y $FB con altos márgenes operativos
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Alvarado really shouldn't act so confident... but the #darkmoney in Florida game has played fine a long time.

Here's the problem now; #JoelGreenberg knows & no one is #manafort enough to protect each other. H/t @LeaLovesUSA
@Jason_Garcia I guess your article was boring for him. Image
How about we make it not so boring for Mr. Alvarado.

Let's begin 🥳 Companies

Alvarado + Strategies LLC
6/14/17 ▪︎ Name/Address Change 1/2018 to Alvarado Strategies LLC at 2636 Mission RD #49 ▪︎ 2021 Address Change again ▪︎ 2332 Lexington Pond Way ImageImageImageImage
Twenty-Two Metrics LLC
1/01/18 - dissolved 9/25/2020
12973 SW 112th ST #345

● He thinks he hid this one 🤫 ImageImageImage
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