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When a politician posts a piece of nonsense about #ushistory and #slavery on #Juneteenth, I do not RT it.
But we must set the record straight. Slavery in America was entwined with Christianity from the outset and to claim otherwise obliterates the facts. #1 of 14
#sschat ImageImageImage
African slavery in the Americas began in 1517 when the Spanish priest de Las Casas advocated importing Africans to replace the enslaved indigenous people who were dying in large numbers. He later regretted this recommendation.… #2 of 14
The English later came to dominate the African Triangle Trade and, like the Spanish and Portuguese, justified the slave trade with missionary zeal as bringing "salvation" to these "heathens." #3 of 14
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wenn Ihr das mit weltweiten Militärs nicht klein bekommt, könnt Ihr Euch Streiterei #Democrats gegen #Republicans ersparen. Ganz ehrlich. Ihr #Amerikaner könnt Koffer packen & zu uns kommen oder Euch denen unterwerfen. Problem nicht ohne #Militärrecht, Ausnahmezustand zu lösen Image
2) das ist kein Scherz von mir. Das meine ich völlig ernst. Alle #Militärs der #Welt müssen Leute, die zu dieser #Verschwörung gehören wegen #Landesverrat verhaften. Niemand steht über dem #Gesetz. Niemand steht über dem #Staat. Reich hin o. her. Verhaften & wegen Landesverrat 3) ImageImage
3) vor Gericht. All diese Leute sind für weltweite #Katastrophen, #Kriege & #Armut mitverantwortlich. Die #Befreiung der #Erde wie Ihr es nennt, wird nie mit Fortsetzung dieser Struktur funktionieren. 5te Dimension, Weltfrieden, Kennedy Plan, G.e.s.a.r.a. alles hängt davon ab. Image
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My series about the stories behind popular pictures, portraits, and moments of our Presidents

Today’s subject:
**This** famous photo of Lyndon Baines Johnson 🇺🇸

Enjoy the brief thread below ⬇️!


@LBJLibrary @VVAmerica @VVMF Image
While it can be argued the Vietnam War touched many Presidents - it can be argued further that it impacted the presidency - and health - of Lyndon Baines Johnson 🇺🇸 the hardest

#POTUS 🧵 ⬇️ Image
“I guess we’ve got no choice, but it scares the death out of me. I think everybody’s going to think, ‘we’re landing the Marines, we’re off to battle.’”
- Lyndon Baines Johnson 🇺🇸
6 March 1965.

On 8 March 1965 the first combat troops touched the beaches of Danang

#POTUS 🧵⬇️ Image
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Auf "Truth Social "hat @realDonaldTrump eine Video mit lustigen Szenen von #JoeBiden gepostet.😂

Deshalb hier im folgenden mal die besten Joe Biden Memes, die ich noch so habe.😜

Wer will, kann gerne in den Kommentaren noch welche reinhauen!😉

#JoeBiden #POTUS #PresidentBiden
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So about 300 of you sent me this so I condensed it and added my own commentary 😂😂😂

All the Presidents with mullets!
Thanks to @hamcarless for making these

Enjoy my commentary! 😜😜


I feel like Ricky Cobb over at @Super70sSports would love this
George Washington
- creepy guy at the bar who monopolizes the juke box

John Adams
- invented the synthesizer

Thomas Jefferson
- author of the Declaration of multiple swinger parties

James Madison
- definitely mows the lawn shirtless and in cutoff jeans

James Monroe
- nice perm

John Quincy Adams
- “Amadeus, Amadeus!”

Andrew Jackson
- looks exactly the same 😂

Martin Van Buren
- I don’t know but I guarantee he smells like cigarettes

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Ode mnie dziś "mała" nitka o "komponencie" lotniczym USAF i US Army, który był w gotowości aby w razie konieczności przeprowadzić i zabezpieczyć ewakuację prezydenta Bidena z Ukrainy. @mswierczynski1 @DawidKamizela @goltarr @MariuszCielma @TrompBK @wolski_jaros 1/n
Ubiegły tydzień obfitował w przyloty do PL oraz relokację w obrębie naszego kraju różnych statków powietrznych należących do Amerykanów. Ich aktywność w połączeniu z ruchami prezydenta Bidena pozwoliła zrozumieć jaki był cel tej obecności w Polsce. 2/n
Na początek grupa śmigłowców, która w razie konieczności miała najpewniej odpowiadać za bezpośrednie ewakuowanie Bidena w przypadku jakiegoś zagrożenia lub wydarzenia. Podstawę stanowiły trzy śmigłowce Sikorsky HH-60M czyli Black Hawki w wersji MEDEVAC. 3/n
Fot. @wipljw
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Día Histórico para Ucrania.
Historic Day for Ukraine.

Joe Biden in Ukraine.
Joe Biden en Ucrania.
Parte 2/4
Parte 3/4
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During his State of the Union Address, President #Biden announced his 4-part Unity Agenda. It includes “Supporting America’s Veterans and Their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors.”…) #veterans #SOTU #SOTU2023
Last year the #Biden Administration expanded benefits for #veterans, #caregivers & survivors. In 2022, @DeptVetAffairs processed an all-time record 1.7 million @VAVetBenefits claims & delivered $128 billion in earned benefits to 6.1 million veterans & survivors. #POTUS
Priorities include reducing #veteran #suicide with the following proposed actions:

•Support states and territories.
•Increase lethal means safety
•Expand outreach to #justice involved veterans.
•Expand Access to #Legal Support Services.
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@ChristLayla @314Phaethon @VincentCrypt46 @30STMBot @ShannonLeto #echelon Trust, is very important--I will get the blue one to @realDonaldTrump Let's glow instead and be ourselves! This is the frequent-C to be on...I don't want to deal with John...I want to have fun with my tribe
Just got confirmation from my neighbor MACI, that her parents and herself, do support me-I told her to tell her family hello for me and that GOD has this! She wished me luck and we are now washing my hippie clothes with all my fun patterns...Ya'll wanna chill or what? ImageImageImageImage
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Lots of folks excited today about the classified documents found at #Biden's think tank, so let us chime in.

Firstly, the response ought not to be that the FBI should raid Biden's home as well (for this), but that #Trump's should not have.
The right ought to be against the politicization of law enforcement and prosecution, as opposed to favoring its use against the left.

The right should want to return to a freer and more constitutional state, rather than a banana republic and police state where those in power
currently put those out of power in prison, as is the case in much of the world.

If the point is to show the double standard of the media, and the alarming & ruthless bias against conservatives which permeate the government bureaucracies, including the DOJ, then by all means.
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As a new Congress finds its footing, below is a thread to look back on the #IAFF legislative successes of 2022!! Jan 3 - @POTUS signs Federal Fire Fighter Flexibility & Fairness Act allowing federal FFs to trade work shifts (1/9)
In March FFs got big wins in an omnibus spending package that included a bump in funding for FF cancer registry, funding for fed. HSGAC, an updated sprinkler provision in the federal code making buildings safer & and CO grant program to install detectors in public housing (2/9)
In the summer the #IAFF secured a commitment from the Secretary of the Navy to replace & build a new fire station at Walter Reed National Military Center (3/9)
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Well that is what's called waking up to the Earth Moved. 5 big things on the ticket today. First, conservstives are feeling rather justified. With Twittergate about to blow up the American political scene right before the GOP takes over the House things are going to be intense.
1. Twittergate 2. Russian Public Opinion 3. retreat from Zaporizhia 4. #Ukrainiancounteroffensive 5. inability to reconstitute offensive power. Thise 5 things are on Putin's palte today and only one of them looks tasty to him, remember that and don't help him with it.
Between Zuckbucks and Twittergate its now rather clear that the 2020 election was not conducted on a level playing field. Russia is going push every possible narrative around this they can. This is a golden opportunity for them to sow more division. I think we (Americans) all
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Great timing by @washingtonpost 🤦‍♀️
Wait until the last minute before Yesterday’s vote
Then come clean about the lies they promoted.
Provocative Opinion Page Headlines behind a paywall.
WaPo War on President Trump & His Friends/Family & @elonmusk Twitter. WaPo-You won the battle.
@washingtonpost Democracy dies in darkness.
Will WaPo come clean about their False Allegations of Russia Collusion? Russian Propagandists lovin’ it. WaPo has been at war with #realDonaldTrump since He came down the escalator. Meanwhile, Frequent flier miles for Hunter. China & Ukraine. Big Gaz companies. No experience.
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The 22nd AMENDMENT :

The Amendment limiting the election of a President of the United States to two terms finds its roots in George Washington 🇺🇸, who opted only for two terms as the first President of the United States.

Enjoy this fun thread on the 22nd Amendment!

Although there were many in the tradition of George Washington 🇺🇸who served only two-terms, it wasn’t until Franklin Roosevelt 🇺🇸 was elected to a 3rd and 4th term that concerns over unlimited terms began to be taken seriously.
The 1946 midterm elections united conservatives from both parties, Republicans and Democrats, to propose the 22nd Amendment in 1947.

It was ratified by the states in 1951 under Harry Truman 🇺🇸.

Interestingly, Oklahoma and Massachusetts voted to reject the Amendment 🤔
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"OPERATION PAPERCLIP" was a top-secret program of the US Government where ~1,600 German scientists (most of them Nazis) were brought to the US after World War II mainly to defeat the Soviets in the Cold War & Space Race.

It was authorized by Harry Truman 🇺🇸 in 1946.
Harry Truman 🇺🇸 forbade anyone who was "a member of the Nazi party and more than a nominal participant in its activities, or an active supporter of Nazism" to participate in the program.

To this effect, background checks on the scientists were ordered but...

...against Truman's 🇺🇸 orders the scientists' Nazi backgrounds were scrubbed

After the Nuremberg Trials word got out, so the Army did damage control by distributing "wholesome" pictures of the men w/families & pre-approving all media content related to the scientists

#POTUS ⬇️ From Amazon Prime’s “HUNTERS”
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Every now and then I like to highlight characters in history who crossed paths with American Presidents in some way, shape or form.

I’d like to talk **briefly** about a lawyer named Lambdin Milligan…

Enjoy the thread! 🧵

Milligan was an Ohio boy who ended up studying law, eventually passing the bar in Ohio. He was actually classmates with Edwin Stanton! Stanton would go onto be Secretary of War under Abraham Lincoln 🇺🇸

But I digress…keep reading!
Milligan moved to Indiana to continue his law career. There he involved himself in heavy “states rights” politics, and followed guys like John Calhoun and Martin Van Buren 🇺🇸

Milligan eventually identified as a “Copperhead”—a Democrat opposing the Civil War & Lincoln

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Mea Culpa, I was wrong. I really thought Russia calling up 300k reserves in the first wave of mobilization meant Russia was calling up 300k men who had recently served or had specialist skills. Nope, turns out its just a giant ethnic cleansing operation in Russia's Asian oblasts.
I mean how else do you describe raiding college classrooms, ethnic Armenian participation at 90% while ethnic Russian neighbors are single digit, and some villages having lost 25% or more of their men? About the only ethnic Russian's finding themselves in this fiasco are those
who showed up at the protests which at this point look like recruitment drives to further isolate average Russians in Moscow and St Petersburg from the war wrecking the rest of the country. So, yea 300k "reserves" is as legit as the sham referenda that started today. My apologies
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Part 2. So in closing, Russia has inferior officers who cannot conduct a successful battle and her "wins" have come with unsustainable losses. Her troops and equipment quality is nose diving and her armies have been routed at least twice and a huge cauldron now exists near
Kherson that has the bulk of her remaining combat power outside of the Donbass. That is not a recipe for eventually victory. Infact that the only way Russia can win would be for Western support to dry up. I do not see that happening. #POTUS is fully committed to supporting
Ukraine as are my political leaders @JohnBoozman, @SenTomCotton, and @RepFrenchHill. Most NATO leaders and many other leaders in the Free World likewise are solid supporters. Holdouts like Scholz who only want to do enough to not get kicked from the Christmas Party invite list
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Dear Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.,

I’m going to set aside the condescension implicit in your suggestion that questioning the legitimacy of your court is due simply to a disagreement over its decisions. 1/15
Regardless of how you choose to rationalize the unpopularity of your court, the plummet in public opinion is not because some Americans don’t like a few rulings. 2/15
In 2010, I was absolutely horrified by the Citizens United decision (and I still think it is one of the worst decisions ever made by #SCOTUS), but at that time, I still respected the #RobertsCourt as an institution. 3/15
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Yesterday Russia disconnected Europe's
largest NPP from the grid while it was running hot. They bet a massive meltdown against the chance that some corrupt Russian had not looted some critical part that would keep the backup power from coming online to provide cooling. This was
easily the most insane nuclear stunt of my lifetime. Tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of people and two continents were put under the gun for a stunt. The whole situation there just screams gross negligence on a planetary scale. From the fighting to seize the plant to using it
as a giant ammo dump where any accident could unleash radioactive clouds to deliberately shelling their own positions to generate a false flag operation to yesterdays cooling power stunt all against a backdrop of Russia refusing to let plant workers do their jobs unmolested or
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Wer's noch nicht mitbekommen hat: Die #US-Regierung hat eine Hausdurchsuchung des #Trump-Anwesens in #Florida veranlasst. Angeblich das erste Mal, dass ein (Ex-)#POTUS durchsucht wurde.
Ja, formal gab es einen richterlichen Beschluss, aber die Gesetzestext veranlassen das ja nicht von alleine. (Sondern Menschen tun das.)
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(1/11) Do you ever stop to ask yourself:
“Why is the GOVERNMENT such an inescapable part of my PERSONAL LIFE?!” Because that’s how they control us.
#Democrats want even MORE control.
How’s that working out?
Time to hit “STOP” and then “REVERSE.”
Think about it…
#Liberals #POTUS
(2/11) Getting married? Government is involved! WHY?! What PURPOSE do they serve?
Having a baby? The placenta will still be warm and the government ASSIGNS THAT BABY A NUMBER!
And don’t kid yourself… it’s not about “population”… it’s about CONTROL! …
3/11) They stamp your baby with a number so that they can track its every move and then POUNCE the second it’s old enough to pay taxes.
Buying land? Wanna build a house? Start a business? Don’t you worry, citizen! The government will be up your ass…
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My new series about the stories behind popular pictures, portraits, and moments of our Presidents

Today’s subject:
The John Quincy Adams 🇺🇸 daguerreotype

Enjoy the thread below ⬇️!
In the mid-1830s Louis Daguerre and inventor Joseph-Nicephore Niépce developed a method to permanently capture images onto chemically treated plates (no negatives)

Níepce died but Daguerre kept working and perfected the process called “daguerreotype” in the late 1830s
Daguerre negotiated the rights to this innovative process with the French government in exchange for lifetime pensions for him and Níepce’s son. The French then gifted the process to the world

That’s it in a nutshell 😜

All caught up?
Let’s go to John Quincy Adams 🇺🇸
#POTUS Boulevard du Temple, Paris, 3rd arrondissement, a street sceDaguerreotype portrait of General Zachary Taylor in uniform,
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