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Ok - public comment starting and I assume many comments may be re: the budget.

First caller caveats "I'm not a researcher" then proceeds with fact that she's a member of @solidarityJC & a cogent statement about her opinion re: services the city provides. #CivilSociety flexing
Another speaker w @solidarityJC which has helped organize turnout for this meeting
She's asking council to NOT pass following
20-556 hiring of police officers
20-558 making JCPD perm presence
20-158 amending JC budget
She then itemizes budget facts
...then asks for a new budget amendment and defunding JCPD by 50%.
By the way speakers tonight are mentioning points itemized in this petition:…
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Sharing the #JerseyCity Public Schools Reopening Plan for Fall 2020 from @jcps_district on Public Board Docs. The Board meeting is tonight. Superintendent Walker will explain the plan & the BOE will vote on it.…
See details here about the public meeting, including how to sign up to speak (must be done before 4pm):…
Time: 6 PM – 11:59 PM
Location: Virtual Meeting, Facebook Live: TheSchoolDistrictOfJerseyCity via Zoom
Sharing notes. I skimmed & highlighted, shared via thread.
FWIW.🖐️I'm a parent not a preK-12 teacher or admin
Plan allows for "flexibility to shift from a fully remote model to all students attending classes in school...a gradual scale-up of school operations..." (p8)
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COVID Testing Context:

USA is shy of 1 million reported #COVID19 tests per day, as a country

New York City public schools alone has over 1 million students (…)

#JerseyCity thru mid July tested about 40K (cumulative)

@jcps_district enrollment about 30K
More on local context:…
These testing numbers are like puzzle pieces showing us the bigger picture. Lack of leadership at federal level has resulted in these pieces being in disarray. Not understanding the picture (& preparing accordingly) has potentially dangerous ramifications for schools reopening.
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If you will be at the protests in #JerseyCity today find me if you need to #RegisterToVote, change your address, update your registration, pedge to get 3 other people to the polls, or register for election reminder texts. Just look for my sign to come say hi! #BlackLivesMatter ImageImage
Thousands of people in front of city hall in #JerseyCity. #BlackLivesMatter ImageImage
Thousands of people in front of city hall in #JerseyCity. #GeorgeFlyod #BlackLivesMatter ImageImageImageImage
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Important expansion of closings in #JerseyCity: Yesterday evening we had our 4th positive case and we recognize where this can trend in a short period of time it we don’t get ahead of it.
We were the first in the country (last week) to implement any restrictions on any sort establishments in the city and being that social distancing is the best solution we will be expanding our limitations to different establishments.
This morning we are taking the steps via executive order to expand our restrictions that were implemented last week.

Effective noon today the following establishments will be closed:
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Jersey City BOE @jcps_district budget meeting underway. 1st Meeting of 2020 budget process which will unfold over next few months
@jcps_district Brief president's report from @LorenzoRichJC
Explaining background re: Bill S2 & state aid cuts & recent "action plan" released by city.
"This plan was not to my knowledge discussed w/ the board..." ... rather was was provided via press conference.
@jcps_district @LorenzoRichJC "For public's knowledge..." -there is a need to receive $72M from payroll tax specifically from the city. Difference to be made up via "efficiencies & potential tax levy"
Again - this is a brief intro to the meeting. Public speakers now will begin.
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Parents showing up to the @jcps_district BOE demand that #JerseyCity #FundOurSchools. This is a thread. @JerseyTogether @JCVillageMom @JosephsonJyl
Snyder HS & Lincoln HS student leaders addressing the board of eduction, district staff, & public — members of citywide student council sharing their positive experiences in the public schools @Chris_L_Gadsden
Some of the signs out in force tonight w 50+ here to press for funding & local support of our public schools @JerseyTogether
@amywilson do some of these look familiar?
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#JerseyCity shooter wrote on FB "that Jews were responsible for murdering black men because “the police are their hand now.”
Linda Sarsour said pretty much the same:
And even when Linda Sarsour knew that the ADL said it was antisemitic to blame Israel &US Jews supportive of Israel for police violence in the US, she had no regrets…
And here's the latest illustration of Linda Sarsour's unrepentant antisemitism
(for more on her dear "sister" Zahra Billoo:…)
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"The footage shows the shooters deliberately bypass other people on the busy street, aiming directly for people inside the kosher deli."

#JerseyCity kosher market was ‘clearly’ targeted, motive still unclear: officials…
"Law enforcement sources identified the #JerseyCity suspects as David Anderson, a one-time follower of the Black Hebrew Israelites, a group whose members believe they are ancient Israelites' true descendants, and Francine Graham."
Official: #JerseyCity suspect published anti-Semitic and anti-police posts online, and his rampage that killed 6 people is believed to have been motivated by those sentiments.

Investigators also found a live pipe bomb inside the vehicle (h/t @Lollardfish)…
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The Kosher grocery store at the center of today's mass shooting in #JerseyCity was targeted according to police.
The civilian victims of the #JerseyCityShooting were all Orthodox Jews at a Kosher market that doubled as a community center.…
The details of this story are just heartbreaking. The police officer who was murdered--a father of 5--was well-known to the community and described as "cherished." The Jewish EMS service attended victims, like they do for bomb victims in Israel.…
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If you’re so concerned about free speech in campuses, that you are raging against the decision to combat antisemitism, lemme tell you how/why I came here in 2011.
I volunteered to join the 1st Israeli delegation, after combating fake news re Israel online for years.
I was part of a pilot, “Faces of Israel”: diversity groups that toured college campuses in America — right before the infamous malicious propaganda event: “Apartheid Week”.
What I witnessed and experienced on the ground — was the effect of fake news. The hatred based on misinformation was astonishing.
It was scary, frustrating, and sad.
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THREAD Calling #jerseycity ...
I’m asking you to call about two important pieces of legislation tomorrow to get them prioritized and pushed through...
And I’ll explain why these are so important....
Every year, corporations and individuals try to requisition part of @LibertyParkNJ to increase their own wealth. If you’ve ever seen John Dunstan’s films/pics, you know the amazing wildlife that calls the park home. LSP needs permanent protection, to be free for all to use.
For voter restoration, 80,000 people in NJ are denied their right to participate in our democracy because they have a conviction in their past. This is a shameful injustice that must be rectified as other states have done.
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There is a collective art space in #JerseyCity and we finally went to check it out.
I want this!
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My power just went out. I'm on a 4th floor now with no AC. This is not good. #JerseyCity
Power still out. I found some battery powered string lights and a hand fan. My building is a 140 year old brownstone and I live on the 4th floor. It's going to get real hot real quickly in here if the power doesnt come on soon, bc it's 1030 PM and it's still 87°. Wish me luck
All of my lanterns are in my basement and I dont want to open my apartment door to get them bc it will let the cold air out so this is the light I have until the power comes back on. #poweroutage #JerseyCity
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Learning about affordable housing...What does it mean? What does it mean in Jersey City?
Learning from Prof Don Malone @saintpetersuniv in #jerseyCity
Prof Malone and his students have done work in #JerseyCity to understand the housing landscape. He teaches in the Socialogy and Urban Studies Dept at SPU
Over 100 redevelopment plans in JC, almost none of which contain affordable housing requirements.
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LIve tweeting City Council meeting - it's 2.5 hours in, but LOTS happened, going to recap!
1- here we are outside City Hall filing in:
2-We gathered in lobby of City Council Chambers. Parents, faith leaders, PTAs, @JerseyTogether members-to #FundOurSchools.
The following schools brought mailboxes & letters, some of whose kids spoke on record (more on that in a bit):
PS 3
PS 6
PS 22
PS 26
PS 28
PS 34
PS 37
Beginning of meeting - #FundOurSchools
Making ourselves heard: JCSP is currently $100M underfunded. JC's tax base is growing leaps & bounds, but schools being left behind. This must change for sake of our kids, schools, teachers, paras, counselors, nurses, all staff.
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Live tweeting #JerseyCity #BatesStreet project. #Community meeting at MS4 which is co-located with #FrankRConwellSchool PS #3 (my school).
Bates is located near PS3/MS4, 99 Ranch (formerly Pathmark), Ferris HS, Beloved School, & Booker T Apts.
Here's info they handed out (4 pieces of lit in addition to agenda):
Handout #1:
Handout #2 - three op-eds stapled together (I separate them to get this pic):
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Live tweeting City Council budgeting hearing on school funding. @RLavarro: @ThomasForNJ & @jcps_district Superintendent Walker are not appearing, despite initial verbal & text confirmations that they would show up. BOE legalities cited as reason
@JerseyTogether @JCVillageMom
@Rlavarro read letter from BOE into record. Apparently-concerns on BOE side that if they show up they'll run afoul of legalities given BOE & City Council are autonomous governing bodies. Their placards are here but they aren't (that's Business Admin Brian Platt in photo)
Our youngest activist (by far) - less than a year and here for the schools!
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It's a beautiful day to take a walk. Perfect jean jacket weather. #JerseyCity
It's so nice out I went back outside. #JerseyCity
First warm sunny day in my front yard. #JerseyCity
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.@mike_gordon Band at @whiteeaglehall. 🌵🌵🌵

Its great to finally have a real music venue just blocks from my home. 🐟🐠🐡
.@mike_gordon Band playing at @whiteeaglehall in #JerseyCity. #Phish 🐡🐠🐟

Cc @MrZonny @magnels @AduMScott
I would come back. @mike_gordon. #JerseyCity 🌵🐡🐠🐟🌵
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Hey all - I'm at City Council meeting right now live tweeting it. This is start of a thread. @JerseyTogether @amywilson @JCVillageMom @JosephsonJyl @leslielone22 @MeganCarolan @emilypecot @pastorlipe @kzadrogahart
Great job - real community effort including @CarleneMagurne & @amywilson helping some of our youngest take over beginning of meeting ✊️you guys rock!!!
City Council is jumping straight to Payroll Tax public comment. Lavarro asking about police presence.
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I’m at caucus meeting. This is what it looks like FYI. In the public seating (like 20-30 seats) are various interests (like me) wanting to get insight on stuff that’ll be on the agenda this Wed (incl Payroll tax) 1/n @JerseyTogether @JCVillageMom @JosephsonJyl @JCEA_jerseycity
Honestly don’t know how long I’ll be here. My kids have my phone in the hallway watching something on Netflix.
My only celebrity / stalker shot of the night. City Clerk Robert Byrne. IMO he’s great, a real professional who keeps these meetings in check & everyone running on time (to extent possible).
FWIW If @amywilson made a RB patch I’d 100% buy one, just saying
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Recently released Tax Base stats gives new insight into challenges facing @jcps_district & @JC_Gov wrt School Funding. Important for public & elected (who need public support) 2 address challenges-Similar 2 #JerseyCity's Reval, School Funding Crisis=quantifiable & foreseeable 1/n
2/Tagging Elected Upfront. Important for public to know who has agency on our behalf to oversee schools, incl $$
BOE oversees @jcps_district: @ThomasForNJ @LorenzoRichJC @MussabAliJC @MattSchapiroJC @pastorlipe @njgerald @Amy_DeGise #MarilynRoman #VidyaGangadin
3/These are people w agency to act on our behalf to oversee City/Muicipality. Any new revenue stream (eg #PayrollTax) to fund schools will be authorized by: @RLavarro @JCCALDR @Pastorjoice @DeniseRidleyJC @miramira4 #RichardBoggiano @CouncilmanYun @SolomonforJC @Jermaine4WardF
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1/A bit abt last 20 years of property taxes in #JerseyCity & how it can inform problems w school funding in 2018.
This is #JerseyCity’s 3 tax levies (Levy=amount raised by property taxes to help fund the budgets).
Red line is city tax. Green is County. Orange is @jcps_district
2/Notice how much city taxes have gone up in last 20 yrs. last 10 yrs in particular. The school tax have gone up, but at at slower clip. This slower growth results in smaller base on which to increase local revenue in ‘18
3/now let’s look at smaller suburbs nearby. Like Montclair (smallish city), & Maplewood, small town w few businesses to pay taxes. Some diversity but not as much as JC, and more homogenous wealth than JC (which has disparate wealth ie very wealthy & very poor)
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