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This year’s list of #TheRoot100 honorees is a reminder of the beauty and brilliance of blackness, at a time when the political and cultural landscape has grown even more hostile to the idea of black achievement!
No. 100: Elizabeth Lindsey (@elindse1)

Lindsey is the executive director of Byte Back, an organization that trains underrepresented communities in tech-sector careers:
No. 99: Brooke Obie (@BrookeObie)

The managing editor of black film and TV site @shadowandact sparked a national conversation about Green Book, another in a long line of films that centered whiteness at the expense of compelling black stories:
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10s, 10s, 10s across the board! Hey Twitter! It’s @tyraaross, @StevenCanals, and @IndyaMoore, and we’re taking over to bring #PoseFX TV recs to @TwitterTV!
@tyraaross @StevenCanals @IndyaMoore In between lighting up the ball scene on #PoseFX, we’ve been bingeing @euphoriaHBO @Ridiculousness and #SuccessionHBO, wbu? (ps. Let’s #SaveTheOA!)
@tyraaross @StevenCanals @IndyaMoore @euphoriaHBO @Ridiculousness Here’s what we think Elektra and Angel would be watching today 👀
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I Never Knew Peace Like A River Before

1/ I had reservations as to whether I was going to watch #PoseFX last night. My temp mutes had expired and I saw that it was a tearjerker. But I thought to watch it, anyway, since we all missed it last week.
2/ I won't say it was a mistake because it wasn't. But I'd already been on the verge of tears for a couple days for reasons of personal grief, the kind of tears that if you know one falls, it will become a flood.

A flood of half-memories, misremembrances, body memories
3/ Besides, we'd all been missing @PoseOnFX for a whole week. So I re-muted everything and watched.

What was so uncanny/incredible was that I'd already heard "Never Knew Love Like This Before" by Stephanie Mills (#Baptist) while shopping. What struck me, this probably-millionth
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Oui, un acteur, par essence, doit savoir tout jouer. Cependant, la liste des acteurs hétéros qui jouent/ont joué des personnages LGBT est longue. En revanche, combien d’acteurs trans ont incarné des personnages cis? Combien d’acteurs ouvertement homos ont joué des hétéros?
Par ailleurs, je suis convaincu que la série #Pose (#PoseFX) n’aurait pas atteint ce niveau d’excellence si les personnages trans n’étaient pas joués par des actrices trans, les personnages gays par des gays #JDCJDR
Je ne dis pas qu’un hétéro ne peut jouer un gay, mais pour un Darren Criss parfait de nuances et de subtilité dans #ACSVersace, combien de Pio Marmaï (que j’aime beaucoup par ailleurs) bien médiocre dans « Toute première fois »?
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My friend #AssottoSaint was a beautiful magnificent talented writer & gorgeous queen.
I miss him to this day.
If you watched #PoseFX
tonight, you might want to read this.
He wanted to raise the voices of the suppressed till his last breath.
And did.…
This is one of those pieces that I am so grateful to have written. It tells a story of a time, a place, an urgency.

#AIDS was with us 24/7. It was a war. It was a terror. It pulsed through our lives.
Watching #PoseFX brought it all back in a rush--the memories, hospital rooms, losses, funerals.

The last gay funeral I went to--for the husband of a co-worker--I couldn't stop crying. I cried for days.Curled in a fetal position.

Those lives & stories remain with us. Always. 💜
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Here is my personal take on Masterpiece, both the substance and how it fits into a larger framework of LGBTQ work and public discourse. 1/x
First, the judicial system will never fully embrace, understand or reflect back the complexity of our humanity, including the traumas of our struggles. Today's opinion makes that crystal clear. It was a missed opportunity. It was disappointing. 2/x
The Court did not announce a sweeping defense of LGBTQ people and even where the Court gives a nod to the validity of non-discrimination laws, it does not do enough to combat the systematic investment in eroding those laws. But courts never do. 3/x
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