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Off topic: Last week, in a discussion about #Succession, my friend @Canissamus compared it to "Arrested Development," and now I can't stop thinking about it.
Remember, the pilot of "Arrested Development" is built around the retiring patriarch announcing who will succeed him as CEO of the family business.
And this is fun...

George : Logan
Gob : Connor
Michael : Kendall
Portia : Shiv
Tobias : Tom
Buster : Roman
George Michael : Greg
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My favorite #Succession detail is how the headlines featured in the intro become increasing unhinged as the seasons progress
This is what the tweets usually look like. Feel free to follow if you're into that sorta thing
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For Jesse Armstrong (@jessearmstrong1), who co-wrote Peep Show, Fresh Meat and three seasons of The Thick of It, #Succession has brought a new level of acclaim.

We sat down with the show’s creator and asked what he has planned for its fourth season.…
Jesse Armstrong surely has a hard task of maintaining the stratospheric standards of a comedy drama whose quality is now being compared to The Sopranos.

He need not worry, however. The third season’s debut episode on Monday won its biggest audience for Sky Atlantic and Now.
Critics have all but unanimously awarded five-star reviews.

“It feels like it went OK, so that’s nice,” says Armstrong, a modest man speaking from his London home where he writes most of Succession.…
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For Succession fans the fast is finally over. The starter scenes for this series are plainer fare than the exquisite delicacy served at the end of series two.

Now (warning: spoilers ahead) we pick up in the messy aftermath:

When the best TV show in the world ends with arguably the best cliffhanger scene ever written it gives itself a problem.

How can it possibly follow that?

Succession season 3 easily leaps to its own very high bar, writes @CarolMidgley…
What do you need to know as we head into season three?

Spoiler alert as we recap the family fallouts and get you up to speed:…
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So, I guess the big question is: “Is HBO actually ready for tonight?”
HERE WE GO. #Succession
Gimme that theme music! 🤤🤗🤪
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“I made up slime puppy. I’m proud of slime puppy. It’s my contribution to American literature.”

You'll want to read @j_smithcameron's theories about Gerri’s past 👀…
Though she has worked steadily for more than four decades, Smith-Cameron is now best known for playing Gerri in #Succession.

Originally written as a man and only meant to appear in a handful of episodes, Gerri has evolved into a pivotal player.…
J. Smith Cameron asays everything about #Succession has been “completely unexpected.”

Read @MeredithBlake's latest for more:…
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Does the third season of #Succession successfully follow up on what is arguably the best cliffhanger scene ever written?

"It is as much of a venomous joy as last time," writes @CarolMidgley
Intra-family savagery, high-stakes corporate warfare, unimaginable privilege and the darkest of humour: that one scene had all the ingredients which have made Succession such a runaway hit.
“The little f***er’s gone and done it, bless him,” says Brian Cox. “He’s beginning to learn how to succeed in this horrific world.”

Cox and the rest of the cast spoke to @joshglancy about the new season.…
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.@HBO’s first #TCA21 panel is for @Succession. Creator and Showrunner Jesse Armstrong sits down with stars Brian Cox, Jeremy Armstrong, Kieran Culkin, Alan Ruck, @nicholasbraun, Matthew Macfadyen, and @j_smithcameron to discuss the upcoming Season 3 premiere.
“We take care and attention… one of the reasons I think the show is very good is because the team is very good. Every team and every department obsesses over their jobs.” - Creator and Showrunner Jesse Armstrong #Succession #TCA21
"I think Greg would say every season is a Greg season. It’s high time for Greg to get up there. I think everyone’s got a version of the same ambition... I think Greg makes some nice moves himself this year." - @nicholasbraun #Succession #TCA21
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This show is fuckin hilarious #SuccessionHBO #Succession
Everybody is actin they ASSES off on this show #Succession #SuccessionHBO
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#Succession has added another intriguing piece to the Season 3 puzzle. Swiss actor Ella Rumpf, best known for her leading role in Julia Ducournau’s “Raw,” is set to play a guest starring role.
Although the exact nature of Rumpf’s #Succession role is being kept under wraps, sources say she has already finished shooting the part in Italy, where Season 3 production has been ongoing since June.
The part marks the second major WarnerMedia project for Rumpf, who is set to appear in HBO Max’s highly anticipated #TokyoVice playing an Eastern European expat to Tokyo and a new hostess at a night club.
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#StarInvestigation: Many lined up at the ‘Bank of Barry’ Sherman: Inside the $10 billion succession battle.

Part two of a three-part series from @_kevindonovan:…
Alex Glasenberg was and still is the caretaker of what the Sherman family has long referred to as the “Bank of Barry.”

“I mean no disrespect of course, but Alex Glasenberg knows where all the financial bodies are buried,” said one Sherman insider.…
Glasenberg is the president of Sherfam, the Sherman family holding company, headquartered in a squat, two-storey building north of Toronto. He was among the first to learn the Shermans had been found dead just before noon on Dec. 15, 2017.…
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Barry Sherman’s will decreed that if he died, all “net income” from his multibillion-dollar estate would go to wife Honey, info obtained by the Star shows.

Pt 1 of #Succession: the ongoing investigation into the 2017 double murder of the Shermans.…
With both Shermans dead, the estate was passed directly to the four Sherman children to be split equally, according to family sources. As the Star will reveal in coming days, there are ongoing disputes over control and succession of the Sherman empire.…
The Star has also learned that 9 months before the murders, Barry added a codicil to his will, reducing from 8 to 4 the number of trustees who would preside over his estate. The 3 Sherman daughters lost their spots as trustees, but son Jonathon kept his.…
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Aeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Jeremy Strong está irretocável nessa segunda temporada de Succession. A justiça foi feita! #emmys
No ano passado, eles ignoraram Succession e o Jeremy Strong nem indicado foi. Agora, finalmente, foi reconhecido. Poucas vezes eu fiquei tão chocado com uma cena como a última dele nessa segunda temporada. Estou bastante feliz com a vitória dele! #emmys
E Kendall Roy vence L to the OG outra vez! #Succession #Emmys
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My list from July.. let's see how many turn out to be true. #emmys
Happy for Mark Ruffalo who is absolutely incredible, but wouldn't it have been something if Paul Mescal had won. I mean, what a debut. #NormalPeople #Emmys

Also I love John Oliver (he is literally my favourite talk show host of all times) but this year Trevor Noah really should have been, particularly for his video on George Floyd's murder.

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Watching the weird, virtual #Emmys? 😅

Here is Cousin Greg's (AKA #Succession's @NicholasBraun) pandemic-style red carpet look. More updates from inside the show, from presenters' tuxedo hazmat suits to the winners list so far:…
📸: Nicholas Braun
The #Emmys sent 130+ camera crews around the world to capture every nominee during the broadcast.

@nicholasbraun sent us these shots of the setup inside his Lower East Side home where he's watching the show (and being watched) with his family.
Braun spoke to us for our TV podcast "Can't Stop Watching."

He filled us in on how the show changed his life, which popular nickname from “Succession” he gets called the most, and why he thinks his character stands by the unlikable Roy family…
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I hear Birds. And it’s 7:18 am on [ 🦊 ] I’m not Q << no Comms > outside LOL 😂 yaw BUTT HURT over [ AS ] << so What. #IAMQ TOO. WE FAM STILL. NO DIVISION JUST BIENG HONEST. ARE WE NOT ALL A LITTLE Q.uestionable ! Lol. #WhenDoBirdsSing
Does 7:18 am = Qdrop 781. Going through the military q op. program. I was like am I under something or can I justbfake news. I mean you do see all the crumbs holding into 🍞 being dished out back 2the mass 2bconsumed the way it is. We know some1 was singing like a canary
When I was watching the news and I heard the birds chirp I looked at the clock and I was like my eyes are wide open. 🦅 song >>?? Who knows. But the dominoes are falling in the map is lining up. 🚢 🚢 🚢 Titanic events are occurring
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#Putin #Address Last year at @PISM_Poland I predicted: Kazakh model of... reforms preparing the state for succession could also be used in Russia.... in preparing a special state function for Putin to... to rule other than as president.
@PISM_Poland Key issues: 1. Strenghtening parliament and prime minister 2. Adjusting the role of Security Concil, controling other center of power in key policies 3. Preparing positions for your associates. #Nazarbayev is proud like never (but remeber - he also been inspired by Lee-Kwan Yew)
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@PoseOnFX had the whole cast in my heart before the first episode had even finished, runs the gamut of human emotions
Just adore it all
OBVIOUSLY #Succession, it’s only amount of time before this becomes a Tomlette/ Cousin Greg Stan Account
My favourite new comedy of the year is @pen15show
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WE THE ]#PEOPLE[ Have to Pick Up Where Our #Founders Left Off. Protect The #Nation Protect the #Family, [Protect the #Children] living in our Great #UnitedStates of #AMERICA..


This is for the like #minds, and everyday #thinkers who do right and care for the future of our nation. IF you just found out #WELCOME!! #America Needs you!, We need you!

We #communicate, post, #network and RESEARCH #RESEARCH @WhiteHouse
RESEARCH, #INFORM REPEAT...(and #joke poke & prodd #ideas/people minus the hate of course(sometimes) (we get it)). get the #word out!! If 💩 hits the fan! Just know WE r HERE& #TRUST we R #UNITED! Please #Guide and #Teach like mind who will add @NSAGov
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So, here we are. A sunday without #Succession but with a thread about the parallels of the whole season (with some foreshadowing) and the finale.
A statement from Mr Roy.
(The Summer Palace/This is not for tears).
Cheers to Karolina. (The Summer Palace/This is not for tears)
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Finally watched Succession finale. So inspired, I cut a video of the TOP 5 times Kendal “Ken.W.A.” Roy smiled in Season 2. #SuccessionHBO #Succession
I couldn’t find THE Jeremy Strong on Twitter, but have suspicions that this other Jeremy Strong (@ImpeccableSwag) would crush the role! Image
Final thought…Ken.W.A gives zero Fs about your AirPods.
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