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¿Marvel Studios está atravesando su PEOR momento en la actualidad?

Acompañame en este hilo para recopilar todos los eventos post-Endgame que están afectando de manera grave a la compañia.

Viajemos a finales de 2019, todo era festejo y risas... ¿y como podria no serlo?

Endgame se habia convertido en un éxito descomunal y los fans alrededor del mundo podían a gritos más contenido relacionado con el Universo Marvel.

Entonces Marvel dijo: "¡Vamos a hacerlo!"

Anuncian que las series en Disney Plus serán igual de importantes que las peliculas y revelan que los personajes secundarios tendrán sus propias historias:

¿Scarlet Witch? ¡Claro!
¿Falcon? ¡Obvio!
¿Hawkeye? ¡Por supuesto!
¿Daredevil? Emm, no, aún no están los derechos
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10 Most Expensive web-series ever made. THREAD!
The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power - $58 million per episode. Image
#StrangerThings 5 - $30 million per episode. Image
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Я рассказывал, что люблю кинокомиксы, но не говорил, кто из героев запал мне в душу больше всех.
После просмотра сериала #WandaVision, это однозначно Вижен! И вот почему: Image
Оглядываясь назад, я понимаю, что каждая сцена с Виженом в каждом проекте киновселенной — это золото. Если не вибраниум. Вспомните его шекспировский диалог с Альтроном, как он предрекал раскол Мстителей или как он просил Ванду убить его ради спасения вселенной
Оцените, какую работу приходится делать сценаристу: персонаж — это существо, которое имеет знания об устройства мира, но не имеет опыта. Автор должен дать герою реплику, которая будут объективной и беспристрастной оценкой конфликта или скорби
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Speculation has been growing that Sacha Baron Cohen has entered the MCU with a role in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ series #Ironheart as a comic book villain…
A source close to the production confirmed to Deadline that there has been talk on the set about Cohen being part of #Ironheart, possibly playing Mephisto
Like with any major Marvel characters, word is that Cohen would appear in other projects. If the Mephisto alter ego is confirmed, that could include the upcoming #WandaVision spinoff ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’
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Thread For Unique TV series To watch - Part 2

1. Lost Image
2. #WandaVision
When your life is a sitcom Image
3. #GodFriendedMe
God gave friend request in FB Image
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#WandaVision helmer Matt Shakman is in early talks to direct #FantasticFour ImageImageImage
Eyes turned to Matt Shakman after #SpiderMan director Jon Watts exited the #FantasticFour project Image
Before #WandaVision, Matt Shakman came up as a director of #ItsAlwaysSunny and #GameofThrones. He has been tapped for Paramount's next #StarTrek film, but it is unclear if he will remain involved Image
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¡El hilo que no sabías que necesitabas! Descifro la intro de la serie #MalcolmInTheMiddle y te cuento datos increíbles. Además del final alternativo de Breaking Bad. Yes, no, maybe, i don´t know. (Abro hilo)
La icónica “Malcolm in the middle” tuvo 7 temporadas y 151 episodios. Jane Kaczmarek aclamada por interpretar a Lois fue nominada tres veces el premio Globo de Oro, así como siete veces a los Premios Emmy.
La famosa intro de la serie está compuesta por 28 clips que corren al azar, entre películas de serie B, anime, lucha libre, box, etc. Aquí los clips.
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¡Abro hilo para analizar brevemente TODO lo que vimos en el teaser de "DOCTOR STRANGE: IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS"! 😯

¡RT para difundir! 😁

#SpiderManNoWayHome Image
Lo primero que vemos es el reloj de Stephen roto en varios pedazos mientras se nos dice que él ha corrompido la realidad 😯

Es una manera "visual" de decir que "partió" el Multiverso luego de lo que sucedió en #SpiderManNoWayHome Image
Luego vemos a un Strange muy preocupado por la aparente destrucción de su realidad en NY 🏙

El efecto de distorsión se asemeja muchisimo a lo que vimos en "What If...?" cuando Christine comienza a desaparecer 😢

#DoctorStrangeInTheMultiverseOfMadness ImageImage
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I always chuckle at the folks on here who try to pushback on my entertainment takes by claiming to be “purists” and saying, “It’s in the original comics.”
They don’t seem to understand:

A. A thing can be in the original comics and still be corny, or make for bad TV/movies, or that the original comic could have been whack.

B. That appealing to original comic is more @ their nostalgia than the quality of the on-screen product.

This nostalgia is what made #WandaVision so popular. The advantage of that show was it very transparently appealed to nostalgic pop culture.

The disadvantage is it didn’t do much else.
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A #WandaVision spinoff starring Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness is in development at Disney Plus. Image
Hahn’s spinoff is described by sources as a dark comedy, though exact plot details remain under wraps.

#WandaVision head writer Jac Schaeffer would serve as the writer and executive producer on the project. Image
Should the spinoff go forward, it would be the first project Schaeffer has set up with Marvel since she signed an overall deal with them and 20th Television in May.
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hey everybody! @gabbfern and @MKMetivier here (i’m taking the pic lol), live at the #Emmys2021 red carpet

do you have any qs you want us to ask? drop em in the replies⬇️
five seconds of #Emmys2021 red carpet

(it actually took one full minute to walk all the way down lol)
follow us on tiktok 😌
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Esta noche se entregan los #Emmy2021 y tenemos 28 nominaciones para #MarvelStudios #DisneyPlus!!!!
-Mejor Miniserie
-Mejor Actor @Paul_Bettany
-Mejor Actriz #ElizabethOlsen
-Mejor Actor secundario #EvanPeters
-Mejor Actriz secundaria #KathrynHahn
Y estas categorías técnicas:
Tres nominaciones a guiones de Mejor Serie Limitada, Mejor Dirección, dos nominaciones en Mejor Edición de Cámara, Mejor Peluquería de Época, Mejor Diseño del Opening, Mejor Maquillaje No Prostético de Época, Mejor Banda Sonora, Mejor Música...
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The 73rd Primetime #Emmys are being held tonight to celebrate excellence in television.

Here's everything you need to know about the nominees, who's attending, and where to watch the iconic event. 👇…
This year's nominees include fan favorites like #WandaVision, #Bridgerton, and #Blackish.

Some of the picks were more controversial, such as #EmilyInParis, which was nominated for best comedy and yet currently only sits at 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.…
Do you think Emily in Paris should have been nominated for an Emmy for Best Comedy?
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Inside this week’s cover story:

What Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Black Widow’ Legal Battle Means for the Future of Hollywood
The birth of the subscription streaming platform Disney Plus is a good marker for the transition that’s spurred a wholesale realignment of film and TV operations.
As the aftershocks spread across the industry, the benchmarks of success have been radically altered. But talent compensation packages didn’t keep pace.
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I like Sylvie, and Sophia Di Martino's portrayal of her. That she's managed within a few hours to so endearingly establish a connection with a character we've known and loved for over a decade is extraordinary.

Still, she deserves more. #Loki 1/ Image
Given the character's stated backstory, the way Sylvie is written makes no sense. Worse, she's is a missed opportunity for exploring something more culturally ambitious than themes in 'WandaVision' and 'FATWS', perhaps combined. #Loki 2/ Sylvie to Loki on Lamentis:...
Since she was snatched away from her childhood, Sylvie has been othered, abject, isolated. She's been hiding out in apocalypses her entire, *harrowing* life - which is anything from decades to millenia of devastation and trauma, without respite or recuperation. #Loki 3/ Sylvie as a terrified child...Sylvie sits on Lamentis as ...Just the latest apocalypse ...Just the latest apocalypse ...
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A new mystery is afoot! Benoit Blanc’s latest investigation takes him to the Mediterranean.

#KnivesOut2 has started production on the shores of Greece. Here’s a thread of everything we know about @rianjohnson and Daniel Craig’s new movie. Image
In January of 2020, Rian Johnson talked about what he’d like to explore in a possible #KnivesOut sequel: “I’m always kind of saying, ‘If this movie does all right, I would be thrilled to do another one.’ But a lot has to happen. I have to write a script.” Image
“It’s, ‘What is the next case?’ It’s not about building a mythology around the character,” Johnson said of a potential #KnivesOut sequel in January of 2020.
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📄 Introducing Deadline’s It Starts On the Page, a series that highlights the scripts that will serve as the creative backbones of the now-underway TV awards season

(THREAD) Keep checking for updates! Image
Read the full Season 3-premiere script for ‘The Kominsky Method’ (#TheKominskyMethod) here: Image
Read the pilot script for HBO’s limited series ‘Mare Of Easttown’ (#MareOfEasttown) here: Image
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Abro hilo para explicar de manera CRONOLÓGICA todo el Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel 😱

Incluiré proyectos recientes cómo #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier y #WandaVision también 👇

Así que ya saben, denle mucho ♥️♥️♥️
Hace millones de años, el Universo creó SEIS poderosas gemas cósmicas 💎

Cada una tiene la habilidad de controlar un aspecto específico:


Comencemos con la GEMA DE LA REALIDAD:

Dicho objeto fue utilizado por MALEKITH, un elfo oscuro, para intentar traer oscuridad al Universo ⚡

Bor, rey del mundo Asgard, logró detenerlo y escondió este artefacto cósmico 💎

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Ya es hora de hablar de lo bien que #WandaVision plasmó la parte psicológica.

Con el "Duelo Patológico o Complicado" que sufría Wanda, Marvel da vida y sentido a toda la serie y trama, mostrando y creando una verdadera maravilla.

Abro hilo! Image
La serie abría con un pueblo de ensueño llamado Westwiew donde Wanda vivía una idílica vida junto a su amado Vision. Todo era paz, armonía, humor blanco y felicidad, al menos en la superficie, porque nuestra protagonista construye todo un mundo en torno a su Duelo patológico Image
Comenzado por el principio, el duelo es una respuesta a un trauma intenso, inesperado e inaceptado. Es muy doloroso pero a la vez es un proceso de curación necesario para su aceptación y expresión.

Tiene asociados muchos síntomas pero vamos a centrarnos en las etapas.
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Because I'm feeling a little spicy, I wrote about Marvel, the Snyderverse, and America's response to cataclysmic events:…
I don't necessarily think Snyder's superhero movies are better-made than Marvel's, per se: they're more personal and weird and I hate the action style in them.…
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In the last year, TV has become more than just entertainment. It's now the center of our cultural lives.

That's why @thefilmgoer, @LorraineAli, @LATimesTVLloyd, @GeBraxton and @tracycbrown are here to share the finer points of TV watching.…
We want to hear from you during this special TV edition of We Can Teach You That.

Share your questions for our panelists in the replies and they'll answer during the broadcast.…
You can also watch this webinar and share your thoughts with us on YouTube:
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35.01/ Week thirty-five, March 13-19 2021, begins here. Last week's thread is below.
35.02/ An accurate thread of Ashkenazi culture on #Passover. [Hint: we rabbis haven't forbade potatoes yet. But don't provoke us]
35.03/ Thread about #PiDay, Albert Einstein and the movie IQ. Because, of course
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Vamos a hablar un poco de los efectos especiales y visuales de la genial serie #WandaVision que tanto me ha gustado. De cómo se ha rodado, qué es real y qué es digital. ¿Os parece? Abrimos hilo.
#EfectosVisuales #VFX #Marvel #EfectosEspeciales
Para el rodaje de las secuencias de los primeros episodios se rodó curiosamente a Paul Bettany llevando un maquillaje azul, en lugar de su característico granate, ya que el acabado al pasar a blanco y negro es mucho mejor. Y la máscara se acabó digitalmente.
#WandaVision #VFX
Pero no en todas las tomas la máscara de Vision es digital. El actor Paul Bettany tuvo que pasar muchas y pesadas horas de maquillaje y postizos porque en muchas secuencias su caracterización es casi enteramente real.
#WandaVision #VFX #EfectosEspeciales
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#WandaVision Spoilers


I’ve seen Dottie described as a red herring and that’s true. Particularly Emma Caulfield being cast as her makes it seems as if she’ll be more crucial than she is, to draw attention away from Agnes. But there’s something I haven’t seen discussed.
#WandaVision Spoilers


Which is that it’s not her only narrative purpose. Another thing she does is confirm that Wanda isn’t yet aware that she’s created this reality. She would have no need to appeal to the ‘queen bee’ in town if she had.
#WandaVision Spoilers


She could’ve just made herself the queen otherwise. What this shows is that the seeds of Wanda’s fantasy falling apart were always there from the start. Her subconscious didn’t create a perfect dream reality for her and Vision.
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