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In the shadow of the deplorable SCOTUS decision in #Rucho, it's time once again to talk about how to fix gerrymandering. So, here comes a thread.

(Betcha never seen a Twitter thread w/ToC before!)
Elections twitter peeps have probably heard me make these points before. You may agree with some, disagree with others. Either way, respond! Above all, I want to spark dialogue. I saw in BC how, when we don't get ahead of the curve, we end up behind it.
The tweet count on this thread is gonna be high, but I'm gonna make just 4 key points here. Here they are, up front, as a table of contents:
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All the complaints about lack of information and clarity on the #ProRep referendum options are a distraction, aimed to sow doubt by the No side. The tactic is proving somewhat effective, but it is mischief. This thread seeks to outline why. #pr4bc #bcpoli
There is a plethora of good information & resources on the 3 reform options from Elections BC (in 14 languages) and from many other sources. We have created a webpage that serves as a helpful portal to many of them:
The No side seems to be simultaneously complaining that there isn’t enough consultation yet that there are too many choices on the ballot. Isn’t it good that we the voters are empowered to indicate our preferences for which type of #ProRep we most like?
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The NO side in referendum is making outrageous claims about representation, running ads that #ProRep will mean “time to say farewell to your local MLA” and “Pro Rep moves the balance of power in BC to Vancouver alone”. This is blatantly untrue, as I explain in this thread #bcpoli
These claims are a wilful misrepresentation of the 3 reform options on offer. Under all 3 pro pep models on the referendum ballot, EVERY MLA will remain accountable to either a local riding or a particular region of BC. Each system is structured to ensure this is so.
Moreover, each system on offer is designed to ensure that no region of the province will have fewer MLAs than it currently has. But it’s even better than that...
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This week the over-the-top fear-mongering of the NO side in the electoral reform referendum stepped over the line, hopefully doing some major damage to their credibility. Here’s a thread debunking the oft-repeated claim that #ProRep will enable far-right extremists #pr4bc #bcpoli
Under FPTP (the system we use), we have seen far-right parties not just win seats, but outright win gvt. Witness Trump (who lost popular vote 2 Clinton, and has Alt-Right elements in his White House) or BJP in India (an extreme Hindu nationalist party that won gvt w/ 31% of vote)
Or witness recent CND examples such as Doug Ford (who won w/ 40% of vote), and most recently Legault’s CAQ in Quebec (won gvt w/ 38% of vote, campaigning on anti-immigrant platform). Both new premiers express their willingness 2 invoke notwithstanding clause to override courts.
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*Every* main argument of the #NoBCProRep campaign is misleading somehow. Pilon's essay… is devastating in understated academic terms but the public debate is even starker.

Here comes a thread where I respond to each of @NoBCProRep's last 10 tweets.

Basically true, according to… . But in same link, aside from the referendum, 57% of those polled in BC support #ProRep. ≥50% in each province polled except Manitoba. That is, 100% have some opinion, albeit unsure on referendum.

FPTP is far more prone to policy whiplash than PR. Look at 1996 and 2001 elections: first NDP get 52% of seats w/ 39% of votes, then Liberals get 97% of seats w/ 58% of votes.

Successive #ProRep governments would have more overlap; BETTER stability.
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