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Countdown to #FairMaps for Arizona: 65 Days

OK - I know there have been a lot of tweets today. So think of this as an amuse-bouche between heavy mapping days.

In the 1970's AZ congressional districts looked like this
1/7 Image
In the 1980's AZ congressional districts looked like this:

2/7 Image
In the 1990's AZ congressional districts looked like this:

3/7 Image
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Right now, state legislatures across the country are setting new boundaries for state legislative and congressional districts. And in many states, Republicans are drawing maps that allow them to hold onto power.
In Texas, for example, Republicans recently passed a law making voting harder, especially for people of color. Now they’re advancing a new congressional map that’s tilted in their favor and doesn’t reflect the state’s growth.
And in Georgia, Republicans released a congressional map that decreases the voting power of communities of color – including African Americans in a historically Black district – and ignores how the state has changed.
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Princeton Gerrymandering Project is live with our latest report cards out of Virginia. Maps A7 for the House of Delegates and A5 for the State Senate were released this morning.

A7 House of Delegates:…
A5 State Senate:…
We give the A7 House of Delegates Map a B. It gets a B on Partisan Fairness, a C in Competitiveness, and a B in Geographic Features. It, like several of the maps proposed yesterday and earlier in this process, has a noticeable line of BVAP population above 50%.
We give the A5 Senate Map an F. It gets an F in Partisan Fairness - this map is a Republican gerrymander. It gets a C in Competitiveness and a C in Geographic Features. It also has the noticeable 50%+ BVAP population threshold.
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The Princeton Gerrymandering Project has a report card for the most recent Virginia House of Delegate proposals and State Senate Proposals.

VA SH A6:…
VA SH B6:…
VA SS A4:…
VA SS B4:…
The overall grade for the A6 Draft House of Delegates Map is a B.
The map has slight R advantage, is similarly competitive to other maps that could have been drawn, and contains few county splits.
The overall grade for the B6 Draft House of Delegates Map is an A.
Neither party has an advantage. B6 has average competitiveness, and features compact districts with few county splits.
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The @princetongerry team has released a pretty large number of report cards for state maps this week and I wanted to write a quick thread on what we noticed, focusing particularly on Colorado and Ohio.
These two states both passed reforms to their mapping process in the past decade. Colorado created a citizens commission, truly independent of the legislature, whereas Ohio created a commission staffed with politicians, but trying to bind their hands.
Colorado's commission has released three draft Congressional plans. The last two both received As in the @princetongerry Report Cards, in cooperation with @representus…
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Days to #FairMaps for Arizona = 98

So many issues to cover today.
1) @timmonsgroup mapping tool not winning many converts
2) @ArizonaIRC has no process for mapping - Public should be VERY concerned
3) Community Input - round 2 - not off to a promising start
2/ Mapping tool not winning many converts
Seriously we were hopeful the tool would be user friendly and we might host workshops and training encouraging individuals to use the tool and submit district suggestions. Not happening. AND @timmonsgroup clear they are NOT
3/ in business of "end-user support." Translation to the public: "You are on your own."
So the IRC is telling the public to use a tool introduced just hours ago with no tech support AND not making it explicit that current open source tools will be integrated into submissions.
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‼️ HAPPENING SOON (maybe?!)

The Redistricting Commission is reportedly going to come back from recess at 8pm to vote on the final state legislative maps.

We'll keep you posted as this develops, but for now we just want them to #ShowUsTheMaps.
The Commission has recessed until 9pm.
Sen. and Leader Sykes are now both here.

Speaker Cupp, Gov. DeWine, and Sen. Huffman are huddled in a back room.

Looks like Dem and Rep staff are here, so hopefully we'll see some action soon - stay tuned!
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Getting started here in Durham at the redistricting committee. Follow along for my best attempt at live tweeting it!
Sens. John Corbett, Paul Newton, Natalie Murdock, Wiley Nickel, Sanderson, Mike Woodard, and Reps Vernetta Alston, Rosa Gill, Terry Garrison, Cynthia Ball, Alison Dahl, Zack Hawkins, Pricey Harrison, Marcia Morey, Robert Reives are here.
Ann from Durham says districts should be compact, not split communities. Lives in Hope Valley Farm since the 80’s. Has voted in 5 different locations. Don’t split precincts, Do not pack Black voters or Dem voters.
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Following up on this point - there is an amendment on the ballot in New York this fall that would actually make it EASIER for the Dems in Albany to draw their own maps, further undercutting the popularly enacted Commission.
The amendment does other things that are great (limiting prison gerrymandering, for example), but the pairing of popular, good government measures with a power grab is gross.
I wish that folks would give reforms, like citizen commissions, a real chance, rather than immediately undercutting them. (See also, the Utah lege undercutting its popularly enacted IRC, making them solely advisory).
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🗣️ HAPPENING SOON...maybe?

The Redistricting Commission is meeting at 10:30am, but we're hearing they might gavel in and then immediately recess.

Stay tuned for more info!
Speaker Cupp gavels the Commission to order.

All 7 Commissioners are present today.
Huffman moves to have the Commission stand in recess until 3pm.

Leader Sykes interjects before the vote is taken asking if the Commission can provide more details to the public about why they're recessing - THANK YOU!
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Happy State Legislative Map Deadline Day, Ohio!

With just a few days’ notice, so many of our dedicated AOTL Ohio volunteers attended our 3 hearings to demand #FairMaps and are featured in this article’s run down.

Here’s some of our favorite 🧵👇…
First up is our own @CarrieCoisman who, as a reply to Sec. LaRose offering us a false choice between the two said:

“We are not picking between a fair process and a fair map. We voted for both, not one or the other.”
Andrea Yagoda - who brought the fire in the multiple times she’s testified before the Commission - said:

“There are no excuses. We are tired. You are not going to silence me for the next 10 years.”
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I want to highlight one aspect of the partisan gerrymandering provisions of the Freedom to Vote Act (FTVA) which is not new but bears emphasis. Namely, the the provision looks both at intent *and* effect. Either can invalidate a map. #fairmaps 1/
That’s very different than when partisan gerrymandering cases were being litigated under the Constitution when liability was premised upon showing intent. Effect was relevant but only if it helped establish intent. #fairmaps 2/
And even if you could establish effect, lawmakers had the out of showing that effect was not intentional but rather due to “neutral” reasons - which could range from compactness to preserving the cores of districts to incumbent protection. #fairmaps 3/
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Days to #FairMaps = 99.
IRC meeting this am. Agenda Item 4: Public Comments. Ch. Neuberg - previous comments were very focused on events from 2 weeks ago and seems to have been settled from training yesterday
addressing comment touched upon the way in which IRC seeing the six criteria (Neuberg personally) esp. re: competitiveness-- "we are about to embark on robust public hearing and serious debate and dialog ..
"all six criteria are going to be thoroughly considered and evaluated. It's.. we've received great training
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The redistricting provisions of the Freedom to Vote Act have a number of differences from the earlier For the People Act. Some of them are BIG. A thread 🧵 #fairmaps 1/
First, the partisan gerrymandering section now has a rebuttable presumption that a plan violates the anti-gerrymandering clause if certain metrics are met. A party can ask the court to determine whether the presumption has been triggered by filing a motion. #fairmaps 2/
If a party makes such motion, the court must hold a hearing within 15 days and conduct an assessment using the two most recent presidential and Senate elections in the state. #fairmaps 3/
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The final public input hearing on the state legislative maps that will impact our political future for the next 10 years.

There are 87 (!!) people signed up to testify today, which would be shocking if we didn't already know y'all are ready for #FairMaps!
While we wait for the hearing to start at 10:30am, why not get your morning off on the right foot by giving the Commission leaders a call/email to tell them to OPPOSE the GOP-proposed map.

Take action now!
Here we go...

Speaker Cupp opens by mentioning that there is a remote location in Marietta where folks can appear to give testimony being virtually played in the Statehouse.

Virtual testimony makes this process more accessible and it should've been available for everyone.
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Our second of just 3 public input hearings on the Commission's proposed GOP map.

Tune in here for live tweet updates or on the Ohio Channel for the live stream here:…
All 7 members of the commission are in attendance today for this hearing - marking just the 4th time that's happened in nearly 15 hearings of the commission.
Sen. Sykes mentions there are more than 50 people signed up to testify today!

As we've always known, Ohioans are fired up and ready for #FairMaps - can't wait to hear from all of you.
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Lots of questions going around about whether it is too late to pass federal redistricting reforms for this decade with redistricting data coming out tomorrow. Short answer: It is not. Longer answer in this thread 🧵 #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 1/
Longer answer: It’s not too late, *but* states are going to start drawing and passing maps in a matter of weeks and to have optimal effect reforms would be in place before that happens. So the clock is ticking. #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 2/
The longer Congress waits, the less robust reforms risk being. For example, right now, the bill has strong transparency & public participation requirements and mandates that states release an analysis of maps before they are voted on. #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 3/
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Hey #ncpol #fairmaps people! You can watch today's #NCGA Joint Redistricting Committee Meeting live on YouTube at 3:30 TODAY! The committee will be discussing the rules they will use to make our new congressional and legislative district maps.
They have posted proposed redistricting criteria here:
Or more precisely, here:…
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Please read this thread and let the #NCGA know that you want #fairmaps! I can't attend Tuesday's public comment session in person, but I will be submitting comments online at this link:…. I'll be sure to share my comments here once that's done!
In general, I will be asking the NCGA to adopt rules that narrowly define the extent to which traditional redistricting criteria may be bent in order to avoid the double-bunking of incumbents.
If they can draw maps that are compact, contiguous, and preserve administrative boundaries (cities, precincts, counties) while avoiding double-bunkings, then fine. But in 2019, they clearly prioritized incumbency over compactness in NC8&9, which is NOT OK.
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The redistricting process in North Carolina officially kicks off this week. Here’s what to expect, why this matters, and how YOU can fight for fair maps. #allontheline_nc #ncpol #FairMaps
District maps are foundational to our democracy. They impact who we vote with, who gets elected, even the power of our votes. Maps can be manipulated to pre-determine which party will hold power. That’s called gerrymandering, and both parties do it.
Most people think that maps should be drawn by an independent commission. That’s how it works in 21 other states. Independent commissions aren’t perfect, but they are generally better than letting politicians draw their own districts.
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Compromise isn’t what our reforms were about, it’s about fair districting. We’re not here to compromise on our rights to be adequately represented; we’re here for actually #FairMaps.

If that’s not what the GOP is offering, no one owes them bipartisan support. Period.
LaRose is right to say people should pick their politicians (not the other way around), but I’ll be curious to see how far he goes to fight for the transparent process we demanded in our reforms.

So far, we’re convening this commission just 26 days before the first deadline. 😑
This interview was full of gems, so here this thread goes 🙈

LaRose calling a list of *actual provisions* in HB294 “Dem talking points” is really somethin’ else. The bill will actually make it harder for BIPOC, students, rural, elderly, poor voters & those w disabilities to vote
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With another cycle of redistricting just a couple of weeks away, no voting reform is more urgent or time sensitive than fixing the broken redistricting process. My op-ed 👇#fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople…
In short, you can’t “out organize” gerrymandering. In 2012 in PA, Democrats got 51% of the congressional vote but won just 5 of 18 seats. The map was so gerrymandered that even if Ds won 56% of the vote, they would have won only 6 of 18 seats. #fairmaps 2/
Contrast that to the pre-2011 map. Then Democrats won 11 of 19 seats with 56% of the statewide vote. (Or put another way, 58% of seats for 56% of the vote compared with 33% of seats for the same 56% of the vote under the gerrymandered 2011 map). #fairmaps 3/
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This piece is just plain wrong. Yes, it is too late for Congress to mandate independent redistricting commissions for this round of mapdrawing. But there is still *lots* that Congress can & urgently needs to do. #fairmaps 1/…
I talk here👇about how the redistricting reforms in the For the People Act aren’t just one reform but a power package of reforms that will work in tandem to fix a badly broken process. #fairmaps 2/…
At the top of the list is a statutory ban on partisan gerrymandering. The gerrymandering ban in the For the People Act is strong, targeting both intent *and* effect - and it can and should be further fine-tuned and strengthened yet in various ways. #fairmaps 3/
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Just one. week. left.

The Great American Map-Off is happening! Show off your redistricting skills, win prizes and accolades, and help in the quest for fair districting!

Contest ends June 15th.

#GoMapYourself #FairMaps @princetongerry
Thoughts on what your maps can show...

In Wisconsin we're asking for a partisan-fair map of the state Senate. A GOP-controlled General Assembly and a Democratic governor are in control. A fair map provides a benchmark.

Same in Colorado, where your map can guide the commission.
Or if you are more nefarious in your thought processes, draw a "stealth" gerrymander - one that looks pretty to the eye, but hides a partisan advantage.

We're looking for Ohio & Illinois Congressional maps that build as large a partisan advantage as possible, while looking nice.
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