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Having tried three different redistricting/gerrymandering cases in the past decade, I will have more to say, but I want to start with this. The audio clip begins: “Let’s start with this, ladies and gentlemen: You are going to be sued.” #FairMaps
2/That’s what the law calls “in anticipation of litigation.” And when you anticipate litigation, Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37(e) requires that you take reasonable steps to preserve any and all potentially relevant electronically stored information. #FairMaps
3/If you don’t, and if you acted with intent in failing to preserve it and it prejudices your opponent, then all sorts of bad things can happen to you. The judge can instruct the jury to presume the information was unfavorable, or even enter judgment against you. #FairMaps
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I've done an apples-to-apples comparison of the #NCGA remedial legislative maps to the old maps & to the simulated plans created by expert witness @jcmattingly & you know what guys?

They're not perfect, but they're a big improvement.

I'm as shocked as you are. #ncpol #fairmaps
Mattingly used a set of 17 statewide elections from 2008-2016 to evaluate the former enacted plan against his simulated plans in his report. I calculated the Dem vote share from these same elections for the new maps so I could compare them directly to the data in the report.
This is only possible because Mattingly shared the report on his blog:…

I am gratuitously copying and pasting figures from this pdf and plopping dots onto the figure -- it's not fancy at all, but it gets the job done, esp since I don't have the raw data.
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Here's how the remedial plan voted out of the NC House Redistricting Committee last night looks compared to Chen's simulations. All scores are for the statewide plan.... #ncpol #ncgq #fairmaps #commoncausevlewis

Many apologies for the low-tech figures!
Here's how compactness faires... Better than the 2017 but still way worse than all of Chen's plans for both Set 1 and Set 2.
In terms of split VTDs, the remedial plan splits 33 VTDs, which is better than the 2017 plan but still worse than all of Chen's plans in both Set 1 and Set 2.
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Had a conversation this morning about how to draw NC's remedial House and Senate districts from scratch and thought I should share my thoughts here... a thread (with data). #ncpol #ncga #fairmaps #commoncausevlewis
Yesterday, GOP redistricting committee members said that they wanted to start with one of Chen's maps as a starting point because it would just be too hard for legislative staff to draw a base map from scratch. I disagree.
For starters, there is no reason to start with census blocks in order to get population deviance within the acceptable range of ideal plus or minus 5%. With that large of a range, we can work with VTD's (or "precincts" as sometimes they are called). There are a lot fewer of them.
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The bill they're talking about here, #H140, that is starting to lose Democratic support, is the same one that the legislative defendants just cited Art Pope as having endorsed when offering him as a gerrymandering referee.
If you don't know who Art Pope is, he's the North Carolina Republican mega-donor behind the GOP REDMAP effort that led to maps that have been found to be both partisan *and* racially gerrymandered by multiple courts.
Now, I wouldn't trust any redistricting reform bill that Art Pope endorsed. As the Common Cause trial showed, #NCGA Republican leadership has acted in bad faith at every turn on this issue. Even now in offering Pope as "referee" they're basically trolling the court.
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@rickhasen's thoughts on possible #NCGOP angle:

1). They know they will lose in the Democratic-dominated state supreme court, and there is no viable path to federal court review.

#ELB #Gerrymandering #FairMaps #NCPol 1/4
2) They would rather NOT get a holding from the state Supreme Court (this was a three-judge trial court ruling), which would have greater precedential value.
3) They hope they would have a better chance to have their “nonpartisan” map accepted by the Supreme Court if they throw in the towel (that is, they are trying to avoid a worse court-drawn map).
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BREAKING: State court holds that North Carolina legislative maps are partisan gerrymanders in violation of state constitution. Opinion here:… #ncpol #fairmaps
The 357-page opinion by the three-judge panel is unanimous. #ncpol #fairmaps 2/
Court's ruling gives the North Carolina General Assembly until September 18 to redraw both the state house and state senate maps for the 2020 election. #ncpol #fairmaps 3/
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Over the past several weeks, we sent reporters and photographers to some of the places in North Carolina where political lines are said to disenfranchise voters the most. Here's what they found 👇(1/10)

#ncpol #ncga…
Gerrymandering is the practice of drawing district boundary lines to benefit a political party or group. Politicians decide the lines. And the lines decide who gets to vote for which politicians. (2/10)
Many of the places where gerrymandering is most apparent in 2019 are also places with a history of racial strife: From Wilmington and a bloody white supremacist coup in 1898 to Greensboro and the Woolworth's sit-ins during the Civil Rights Movement. #ncpol (3/10)
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Gerrymandering deprives Americans of all parties of their representation. Instead, we get mis-representation. I’m going to share some examples in this thread so you know exactly why I fight for reform and #FairMaps.…
In Maryland, Republicans won 32.5% of the votes for U.S. House, but only 12.5% of the seats.
In North Carolina, Republicans won 51% of the votes for the U.S. House, but 77% of the seats.
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The Supreme Court’s gerrymandering decision was disappointing, but its consequences in 2021 may be mitigated by victories won over the past decade on other fronts. A thread 🧵 #fairmaps 1/
To start, it’s important to remember that aggressive extreme gerrymandering of the sort we saw this decade in NC and PA is factually limited. Indeed, only a handful of states had congressional maps with high bias this decade. #fairmaps 2/
Which, note, is not to say that that some level of manipulation can’t occur anywhere - Rs grabbing an additional congressional seat in Utah is a great example of that. #fairmaps 3/
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Post-Rucho, Gerrymandering is a crisis. That is, we need to be working on solutions.

Only 3 possibilities:
1. Live with it. Let minorities rule and try to ensure your group cheats best.
2. Draw better maps. State referendums or lawsuits, or fed laws. (Fed lawsuits are out.)
3. Stop wasting votes. Proportional representation, imposed from Congress.

Option 1 is unacceptable. 2 is surely needed, but can't fully solve the problem. So 3 is needed. Yes, it's an uphill battle—grassroots must grow >100x to win. But if you understand, time to speak out!
Currently, "RCV" is making big strides. But I fear that's a dead end for #ProRep, for 2 reasons.

1st, "RCV" branding deliberately blurs between IRV & STV. Look at Trudeau's broken #ERRE promise for where that leads.

2nd, the reason Trudeau reneged: STV is too disruptive.
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In the shadow of the deplorable SCOTUS decision in #Rucho, it's time once again to talk about how to fix gerrymandering. So, here comes a thread.

(Betcha never seen a Twitter thread w/ToC before!)
Elections twitter peeps have probably heard me make these points before. You may agree with some, disagree with others. Either way, respond! Above all, I want to spark dialogue. I saw in BC how, when we don't get ahead of the curve, we end up behind it.
The tweet count on this thread is gonna be high, but I'm gonna make just 4 key points here. Here they are, up front, as a table of contents:
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This is a good thread on the legacy of the Roberts Court on democracy issues - and a timely reminder that the SCOTUS glass has long been half full.

And why, as disappointing as the gerrymandering decision was, no one had all their eggs in the SCOTUS basket. #fairmaps 1/
Indeed, the notion that saving democracy somehow depended solely on a bunch of mostly white, mostly retirement age, mostly HLS and YLS graduates writes out of the story the many amazing things that are happening on the ground. #fairmaps 2/
And as much as I'm sure some were looking forward to writing stories about how Chief Justice Roberts or Justice Kavanaugh were the surprise heroes of the anti-gerrymandering story, there are plenty of real heroes outside the Beltway. #fairmaps 3/
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I think maps should be fair & that the party with the most votes should ideally always win the most seats so long as voters of color have an equal ability to elect their chosen candidates. That means every state legislature regardless of partisan control should have #FairMaps now
But in Congress, where the GOP can gerrymander multiple times more districts than Dem, Dem unilateral disarmament is self-defeating: Dems should draw the states they can until the nationwide effect balances out or Congress passes a national reform, which House Dems did this year
I realize this may be an unpopular opinion, but we have nationalized elections for the U.S. House. And if the voting public sees gerrymandering as something only the GOP does instead of a "pox on both houses" both parties thing, GOP partisans will never support reforms
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[THREAD] So, you ask, what do today’s #CitizenshipQuestion and #Gerrymandering decisions mean?
In the CQ case, Roberts *did* find the Voting Rights Act justification for adding the question to be pretextual. But he also wrote that Commerce’s decision to add it was supported by evidence, and was not arbitrary and capricious under the APA.
In a ‘help me help you’ moment, it seems Roberts purposely left the door open for the Trump Admin. to allow him to let the question be added. When it is, it will be challenged, and we will undoubtedly do much of this over again.
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Across the country, partisan #gerrymandering has profoundly distorted our democracy. Let’s take a look...
In Ohio, Republicans won 56% of the vote in 2016 but won 75% of congressional seats. #endpartisangerrymandering #FairMaps
In North Carolina, Democrats won 47% of the vote in 2016 but won just 23% of congressional seats. #endpartisangerrymandering #FairMaps
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1/ One of the principal legacies of the Roberts Court will be its systematic undermining of American democracy, greenlighting efforts to rig elections, ignoring gerrymandering, slashing voting rights, and shifting power from the many to the few. #Rucho #SCOTUS
2/ #Rucho is only the latest in a long string of recent #SCOTUS decisions undermining American democracy. Below are some of the biggies:
3/ In Shelby County v. Holder (2013), the Court struck down the heart of the Voting Rights Act, turning a blind eye to ongoing voting discrimination & preventing Congress from putting in place adequate protections against discrimination. #VRAA
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MASSIVE blow against efforts to combat partisan gerrymandering. Roberts holds in 5-4 ruling in North Carolina case that partisan gerrymandering is NOT justiciable at all…
NEW: In a 5-4 ruling along party lines, the Roberts Court holds that partisan gerrymandering cannot be challenged under the U.S. Constitution. This is a historic defeat for fair elections…
This ruling means that court rulings that had overturned gerrymanders in Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, & Wisconsin will all be overturned, largely benefitting Republicans nationwide at both the federal & state level
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Sometime in the next three weeks, SCOTUS will handing down decisions in the NC & MD partisan gerrymandering cases.

So how might the cases come out?

Some thoughts - with the caveat that these come with a big dose of 🤷🏻‍♂️

#fairmaps #ncpol 1/
Let’s start with the 🤷🏻‍♂️, which comes from the fact that partisan gerrymandering isn’t an area (in contrast to, say, racial gerrymandering) where there are a series of prior SCOTUS decisions that define the boundaries of what is possible. #fairmaps 2/
Instead, this is an area where the court has famously deadlocked in the past. To be sure, there are some hints in last term's Gill decision as to where the Justices might go, but they are fuzzy signals at best. #fairmaps 3/
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Whatever comes of gerrymandering litigation in the courts, this decade's cases have managed to unearth a treasure trove of shocking documents about how redistricting actually happens. And the powerful lesson they offer couldn't have come at a better time. #fairmaps 1/
Go back 15 years ago and redistricting & gerrymandering were dry terms that no one other than a few really nerdy or really political people paid attention to. They didn't move regular voters one way or the other in polls. #fairmaps 2/
Today, that's completely different. Across the political spectrum, it's an issue that people are paying close attention to. And part of the reason why are some of the details that have emerged about what goes on behind closed doors. #fairmaps 3/
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The #NCGA House #Redistricting committee met today to discuss the redraw of Wake County that will happen this summer. Here's the original enacted house district plan from 2011. SCOTUS found HD33 and HD38 to be unconstitutional racial gerrymanders and ordered new maps in 2017.
Redrawing HD33 and HD38 (in pink) requires changing the shape of their immediate neighbors (in yellow), but it does not require us to redraw anything beyond that (in gray).
But of course the #NCGA went there anyway, and redrew 36, 37, 40, and 41 along with everything else.

That's a no-no under the state constitution, which says that districts may only be drawn once per decade except for by court order. More lawsuits ensued.
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BREAKING: Three-judge federal court unanimously rules that Ohio congressional map is unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. Opinion here:… #fairmaps 1/
The court has given Ohio a hard deadline of June 14 to enact a new congressional map, which the court then will review. #fairmaps 2/
If the state fails to enact a new map, the court will put in place a new map for the 2020 election and has asked to parties to propose special masters by June 3. #fairmaps 3/
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HUGE news: A federal court just struck down Ohio's extreme Republican congressional gerrymander (thread to follow)
Ohio has one of the most extreme congressional gerrymanders of any state in the country. Even though Democrats flipped the House in 2018, they won just 4 of 16 Ohio House seats. By contrast, this nonpartisan map could have seen them win 3-4 more seats:…
Here's a link to the ruling striking down Ohio's GOP congressional gerrymander
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President won't take action 2 protect elections from foreign meddling, finding it politically + personally unpalatable.

Mueller Report reveals tRUmp's fixation on targeting Hillary Clinton.

Confirmation of tRUth about Steele dossier finally seeing the light.

Concord Management asking judge about Mueller.

Canadian Parliament hearing on Cambridge Analytica

Judge in Maria Butina case won't strike declaration by former FBI counterintelligence official outlining how damaging her activities were 2 US national security.

Biden launches 2020 bid warning ‘soul’ of America at stake.

Mnuchin’s coffee boy, Charles Rettig at IRS, under scope.

Executive Order transfers responsibility for background investigations to DoD
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