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How about a query advice thread this fine morning?? (actually the morning is gray and gross and appallingly wet, but hopefully it's fine wherever you are)

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Query tip 1: stay succinct! Here's the thing about query length--too long means an agent might skim (or even skip) rather than reading closely. Agents have limited time, plus a rambling query can often indicate a rambling story. #querytip
I advise keeping your query to 300ish words total; over 350 is edging toward the danger zone. 400 is almost always too long. There are (always!!) exceptions, but this is a good rule of thumb. Shoot for 220ish words for the story part, 50-80 for the bio and about-the-book part.
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Let’s talk about the first paragraph of a query letter! In my mind this is the most important part to get right, and I want to share some thoughts on how to make it strong.

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I look for the first paragraph of a query letter to include a birdseye view of the project—AKA the basic stats (title + age group + genre + word count), as well as a sentence-long elevator pitch. This grounds the agent in the project + shows that you know your stuff. #querytip
Something like: BIPPITY BOPPITY BOOP is a YA Romance at 80,000 words in which a young magician enters a televised magic competition only to find out that the competition is rigged to make the producer’s son win—and even worse, she’s falling in love with him. 🧙🏼‍♀️🧙🏼‍♂️✨💜
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1. You
2. Can't
3. Build
4. An
5. Army
6. Of
7. Fans
8. On
9. Social media before they're already fans of your work so
10. Become part of a community by being yourself.
The usual disclaimer: YMMV, my way is not the only way, everyone's journey is different. Advice is intended for new writers of genre fiction in the US aiming for traditional publishing. I'm a straight white cis lady, so your difficulty setting may be higher.
1. Why do people follow you on social media? Because you add value to their life. If you don't have a book out that they love, don't expect them to follow you as a fan. Find another way to add value. Helpful links, encouragement, recipes, poems, whatever you can do consistently.
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currently revising and being reminded all over again how important it is to revise for characters' HABITS OF MIND. how people think is the most important thing about their POVs and figuring out how to communicate their thinking is key to genuine and consistent POV
does the character follow one thought through to conclusion or get distracted? do they shy away from any thoughts that bring up feelings and distract themselves with physical action, chores, checking their phone? does the character think mostly about themselves? only abt others?
when the character sees someone in trouble, is their instinct to help? if so, do they follow that thought through w action? do they act contra to their thoughts and walk past instead? afterward, do they feel guilty about not helping? do they not let themselves think abt it?
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THREAD: The line of character and arc and theme. Or: How do I make this character matter in this world I've created? #WritingCommunity #writerscommunity #ontheporch #amwriting #amediting #writercommunity #manycommunities
Let's start with some definitions.

"Character" - your main character, but could also be a secondary one.
"Arc" - the journey the character takes - emotional, physical, mental ... going from a starting state to a changed state at story's end
Theme - the takeaway for the reader
Ideally what we're creating is a character whose arc affects them and gives the reader multiple things to take away that can be (with some obvious modification) applied to their own life.

But how?
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Alright friends, since query structure dominated in this poll, this thread will be about what to put in your query!

#WritingCommunity #amediting #ontheporch #querytip #pubtip
First and foremost, please put the name of the agent you're querying to start. Not dear agent or dear person (yes, I've seen it).

If you're querying them via a contest or con, add a line about that in the beginning.

#WritingCommunity #amediting #ontheporch #querytip #pubtip
So how do you start your query?

Don't sugarcoat it. Introduce your character immediately. Who are they? What makes them unique or sets them up for what's about to happen?

#WritingCommunity #amediting #ontheporch #querytip #pubtip
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I haven't done a writing-advice thread in a while because I was so busy working on my WIP, but now that I'm done, how about a chat on the top 5 developmental issues I see as an editor? 📚🖊️💕✨ #amwriting #amediting #writetip
One of the most common issues I see in manuscripts I edit is that the conflict isn't personal enough to the main character. They're doing their own thing, trouble ~happens~, then they have to avoid, fix, or triumph over the (impersonal) trouble.
The problem there is that the story could be happening to literally anyone. Some stories can make this sort of impersonal plot work, but most of the time, the more personal you can make the conflict the better.
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"design of complaint mechanisms" → "design of compliant mechanisms" #AmEditing
"expense clam" → "expense claim" #AmEditing
SURELY a peer reviewer should have noticed that the authors used *k* to represent both curvature and turbulent flow? And *t* to represent both time and thickness?

No? Neither peer reviewer picked up on that, huh? #AmEditing
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