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#Corona Unmasked: Chinese intelligence officer reveals truth that it's a #BiologicalWeapon China developed and was to use to end Hong Kong protests but it backfired. If it's true, world must come together to end #biologicalweapons #CoronavirusOutbreak…
Disturbing questions about #coronavirus and China's role in #CoronavirusOutbreak how come 'all is well' in many parts of China while #WuhanCoronavius wreaking havoc world over? #CoronaKoDhona…
190 new cases of Covid-19 reported in Malaysia, almost all infections linked to an Islamic event in a Tablighi Mosque.
#Coronavid19 #coronapocolypse #WuhanCoronavirus…
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இந்தியாவை #gazwa_hind என்ற சதி திட்டம் படி எல்லாரையும் #முக்கா_kunji யாக மாற்ற வேண்டும்
அதற்கு பல குழு/ டீம்களை வைத்து வேலை செய்கின்றனர்
#RadicalIslam என்பது சரி என்ற சித்தாந்தத்தை பரப்ப மெனக்கெடுக்கும் இந்த டீம்களை
பற்றி பார்ப்போம் இன்று

Team A : இது சாலைகளில் வந்து போராட்டம்
என்ற பெயரில் பல அப்பாவிகளை கொல்லும் உங்கள் சொத்துக்கள் ,வாகனம் தீயிட்டு எரிக்கும்

Team B : இவர்கள் போராட்டத்தில் காயம் அடைந்த சில ஹிந்துகளை மட்டும் ஆஸ்பத்திரியில் சேர்ப்பார்கள் இவர்களின் நோக்கம் எல்லா முக்கா
👞ன்னியும் கெட்டவர்கள் அல்ல
என்பதை நிலைநாட்டுவதே இவர்கள் நோக்கம்
Team சி: இதில் இருப்பது பத்திரிகை ஆட்களே

Rana ayub, abhisar, nidhi rajdhaan, ravish kumar, burkha dutt , rajdeep sardesai போன்றவர்கள் இவர்கள் பாதிக்கப்பட்ட மக்கள் அனைவரும் நல்லவர்கள்
என்று பரப்ப
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1. #Obama #Clinton created massive destabilization in Syria Then for no reason #Clinton ordered the destruction of Libya which was the only place holding back #terrorists etc from flooding #Europe After Gaddafi was slaughtered Libya went into meltdown It opened the floodgates for
2. #terrorists & #Immigrants which destabilized Libya even more They then flooded into Europe & the dictators also known as the #UN demanded countries take them in This was also pushed by #Radical #vile people like #GeorgeSoros & many other #Globalists Citizens were horrified and
3. complained & the political leaders & #media called those sovereign citizens #Radicals #FarRight #WhiteSupremacists #Racists then they'd find one nut who was one or all of that & do as many hit pieces on that person or small group as they could then #RadicalFeminism appeared
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This is the “religion of peace” showing their understanding, & how welcoming they are to other religions. It is the reason #NotreDame no longer exists. It’s why they take truck & plow through innocent people in Nice. It why they tried to subvert a train on it way to Paris & ran
2/ three Marines who who were going to SAVE lives, not eradicate them. It’s Ft Hood, it’s a radicalized #Muslim throwing a five year old three stories off the #MallOfAmerica We had none of this until importation began by Sweden spread to the EU, and BHO brought it to America.
3/ It’s travesty that does not belong in our government, our country, or our neighborhoods. They want to kill us. ALL of us. We are the infidel. It’s time to shoot them. Move them out, ship them home. #RadicalIslam #Muslims
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It’s a DISGRACE that yet another Female Islamic preacher is ‘not just allowed’, but ENCOURAGED to SPEW their HATE FILLED LIES & IDEOLOGY upon this generation; and as per usual, it goes UNCHALLENGED? Look at #Europe

#JesusTheOnlyWay #LoveConquersAll
🇬🇧 #Patriots, check out this website
🇺🇸 United States Illegal Alien Crime Report
We Lost...the no. of Mosques has Doubled since the 9/11 attacks
🇺🇸#BuildTheWall #AmericansFirst #KAG
🇬🇧 #TheRainMakers 🇺🇸 @realDonaldTrump🇺🇸
🇺🇸 WATCH: ISLAMIC LAWMAKER Ilhan Omar go after
Covington Catholic Boys...AGAIN *
Omar said “The hate in this country is often perpetuated by the inhabitor of the W.H. 🤔. . 🇺🇸#WakeUpAmerica look at #Europe
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