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Kanhayalal was not murdered by just 2 people. @zoo_bear created the platform by sharing trimmed video of @NupurSharmaBJP 's ununtentional harmless reponse to a provocation by a Jihadhi Mulla.

The entire left chrislamo anti-Hindu cabel went after her. She recieved death threats
As expected she started gettjng deat threats. @sardesairajdeep @free_thinker @sagarikaghose @bduttafilms the usual suspects played their part very well by creating a narrative of #Islamophobia but actually were building on the foundation laid by @zoo_bear
@RanaAyyub got international flavor to it.
Commoners like ourselves who support Nupur now are basically considered persona Non Grata. Bow they activated the kill code killing Hindus. Kanhaya is juts the first victim. ISLAMIC radicals have tasted blood. They will not stop.
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@amedstudies & @Cuny4P Present:
Palestine Liberation Organizing: Consolidating Gains in the Face of The New McCarthyism

Opening: @JamilaMHammami
Chaired by: Leith Ghuloum, @MullinCorinna
Featuring: Lawrence Johnson, Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi, James Martel, & @NerdeenKiswani

@MullinCorinna of @Cuny4P: Despite the constant barrage of zionist attacks faced by students, academic, & non-academic workers organizing in solidarity with #PalestineLiberation- with often little to no protection, or worse, the complicity of college admin & politicians... 2/x
@MullinCorinna of @Cuny4P: the #Palestine solidarity movement across our campuses has been growing and consolidating its gains over a number of years. In fact, we understand these two developments as connected. The more Palestine solidarity grows successfully, the more... 3/x
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Rep @Ilhan I wanted to share this video with you.

A Muslim Cleric claims Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) instructed his companions to kill #Gay

Caliph Ali wanted to burn them alive & Abu Bakar agreed. While the rest wanted to throw them from a high place & then stone them

Is this true?
Being #Pride2022 you promised to fight for LGBT.

Also as you are heading Anti #Islamophobia in @JoeBiden Gov, you can look into dozens of Islamic nations whose law demands death to #LGBTQIA this includes Somalia, your birthplace.

Also, look into religious text opposing #LGBT 🙏🏼
Dear All, do tag all #LGBTQ leaders in the world including India. So they are aware what is the thoughts of Islam on LGBTQ and look into resolving this peacefully.
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1/n #Sadarpranam to Ishvara within each affiliating with #Qatar @OIC_OCI .

While the organisation hyperbolically
slammed India, reality is that their own house stinks.

This thread exposes them clearly.
2/n Their Constitution states that Sharia shall be the principal source of legislation(of course for non-Muslims too)then why should u impose our (Indian)legal proceedings based on Sharia?
Will #Qatar @OIC_OCI let Indian Constitution work for matter wrt to Hindus in their land?
3/n Interestingly, however wrong it may be the “Hindu Majoritarian” state as they state, has let Sharia be the principal source for civil legislation of Muslims.

#Qatar @OIC_OCI but look at your audacity. Let me expose you more as what I hv stated is just too mild for a bully.
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During his official visit to the United States of America, the #OIC Secretary-General, H. E. Mr. #Hissein_Brahim_Taha, met today, May 25, 2022 at the headquarters of the State Department in #Washington, DC, with the US Secretary of State, H. E. Mr. Anthony Blinken.
During the meeting, the two sides discussed bilateral relations between the OIC & the USA & ways to enhance and develop them. They also discussed the outcome of the inaugural strategic dialogue between the OIC & the United States, which was held on May 23-24, 2022 in #Washington. ImageImage
The two sides agreed on the importance of consolidating these relations in various fields, in light of the challenges facing the world, foremost of which are the situations in the #MiddleEast, #Africa and #Asia. ImageImage
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CJ Werleman नाम का ये गोरा लगातार भारत में फेक न्यूज फैलाता आ रहा है।

अभी हाल ही में हमने इसके 2 उदाहरण देखे कि कैसे हिन्दू व्यक्ति की हत्या को हिन्दुओं द्वारा हत्या बताया और कैसे एक नाबालिग लड़की से छेड़छाड़ के आरोपी की वीडियो म्यूट कर मजहब के नाम पर प्रताड़ित दिखाया।

ऐसा पहली बार नहीं है कि ये आदमी भारत के खिलाफ फेक न्यूज फैला रहा हो या भारत में साम्प्रदायिकता को भड़का रहा हो। ये आदमी कितनी फेक न्यूज फैला चुका है, ये कोलाज उसकी एक बानगी मात्र है।

आम सोशल मीडिया यूजर्स के इसके झूठ को पकड़ने पर ट्विटर को, सरकार को कई बार रिपोर्ट की गयीं हैं लेकिन न ट्विटर ने, न सरकार ने अब तक इस व्यक्ति पर कोई एक्शन लिया है।

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#USCIRF will release its annual report today
degrading India as a Country of Particular Concern!


DisinfoLab Unearths a 50 year old plan hatched to Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts- Operation Tupac

Behind all the labels - #Islamophobia, #Fascism, #Genocide etc - there are always same set of individuals & fronts –an intricate web of multiple fronts - all connected to a core network.

We will dissect all the fronts, but first the Core.
Fronts worried about India’s human rights -IAMC, Kashmir Civitas, OFMI, London Story, Polis Project, HfHR, Equality Labs, SWK - all setup in US/ EU & operate with same set of ppl with diff names.

ALL connected to a core–Justice for All (JFA)!
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Performance of PTI Government
1) CDA Attracts Record Investment Of Over Rs 17 Billion In Three Days.
-Swat Motorway, First-Ever Motorway Constructed By Provincial Government.
-Loans repaid by PTI govt in 22 months: RS 5000 Billion
2) Amount borrowed from State Bank in 22 months: NIL
-Panagahs were established by PTI govt in 22 months: 200+
-Rs 2 Billion was allocated to transform PM house into university.
-Effective diplomacy saved Pakistan from paying $1.2bn penalty in Karkey case
3) Kartarpur corridor constructed & made operational within months
-Modi exposed across globe, Kashmir issues raised at international forums,India isolated.
10 billion tree Tsunami project praised across globe & being replicated by other developed counties
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Ex-PM #ImranKhan addressing a rally. Entire focus is on incitement, using vocabulary reminiscent of 1960s Mideast: conspiracy+colonialism+anti-Americanism+religion; & 15yo drone attacks. Xenophobia was used as a political tool for yrs. Khan has hijacked it to unsettle #Pakistan.
Besides the above, ex-PM's strategy is to present himself as a victim of alleged international conspiracy instead of accountability for why his govt crashed under inexperience+mismanagement, squandering an impressive 2018 victory. /2
Part of the victimhood narrative is a claim that a pro-#ImranKhan TV channel is blocked in cable broadcasts across the country. But moments ago, #Pakistan's TV regulator called out this disinformation: /3

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Thoughts on #ImranKhan: I met him briefly at @AJEnglish studios where we spoke about #Guantanamo. He was disgusted by #Pakistan’s role in handing ppl to US without any legal process like #Afghanistan ambassador to Pakistan @abdulsalamzaeef and me. 1/9
I met him again in 2011 at an event for girls’ library in Afghanistan organised by @yvonneridley. We spoke about #WoT, #Gitmo & #AafiaSiddiqui for whom he’d fought. CIA’s Raymond Davies had killed 3 Pakistanis in #Lahore & we discussed how this was the moment to get her back. 2/9
Khan opposed #WaronTerror from the outset. He marched in #London against #Iraq invasion. After becoming PM he bought peace and security to tribal areas and ended US drone strikes. He sought peace with #Taliban & honoured ppl of #Afghanistan. 3/9
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🧵Another Horrifying Islamic Blasphemy Killing in #Pakistan

The teacher is killed by a female colleague and her nieces who slit her throat after a relative 'DREAMT' she had insulted the Prophet Mohammed in 🇵🇰

Yes, the girls slit her throat as someone dreamt of Blasphemy.
A teacher was killed by a female colleague and her nieces after a relative dreamt she had insulted the Prophet, Mohammed.

The two female students and a teacher ambushed Safoora Bibi yesterday at the main gate of the all-girls school and attacked her with a knife and stick.
'She died after her throat was slit,' Police said.

The two girls told police a relative had dreamt the dead woman 'had committed blasphemy' against the Prophet, officers said, adding they were also investigating if the main suspect, Umra Aman, had a personal grudge.
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Extraordinary ignorant remarks from @LordPearson on the Trojan Horse Affair in House of Lords on 28th March calling Al-Hijrah school in Birmingham one of the schools “in the Trojan horse scandal”. This is NOT true! 🧵
Lord Pearson then said the name ‘Al-Hijrah’ "was extolling not only Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to his takeover of Medina, but his massacre there of 600 Jews in one afternoon”. 

This is a slur on one of the greatest events in Islamic history - the Hijrah. #Islamophobia (2/4)
The Hijrah was the migration of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) from Makkah, where he was persecuted, to the city of Madinah, where he received sanctuary.

To describe the migration as a ‘takeover' and suggest the name Hijrah was praising the killing of Jews is grotesque. (3/4)
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If you think Hindus hate Muslims because of some misconceptions you’re deceiving yourself & I was born & grew up & lived in non Muslim area all my life. Privately most educated Hindu knows things in own religion has no head or tail, they hate Muslims to only show who’s the boss.
Hindus are very pragmatic people. They’re not like Taliban to sacrifice own lives for the sake of their religion & cause. They ride with the tide. Today under Modi they’re getting a sadistic pleasure they always desired. Religion is secondary, they’ll put businesses over religion
Most educated Hindus know that there are hundreds of flaws in own religion. The social structure of Hinduism is more towards caste dominance than religion. For Brahmin it’s authority, Kshatriya power & Bania money. They easily mould to circumstances. Now they’re on peak in power
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The movie is an attempt to fan the hatred against a minority community in #India by #BJP & #RSS

यह फिल्म भाजपा और आरएसएस द्वारा भारत में अल्पसंख्यक समुदाय के खिलाफ नफरत फैलाने का एक प्रयास है
कश्मीर फाइल्स मुसलमानों के खिलाफ हिंसा भड़का रही है, इसलिए फिल्म बोर्ड, मूवी सिनेमा और स्ट्रीमिंग ऐप्स की नैतिक जिम्मेदारी है कि वे इसे प्रतिबंधित और बहिष्कार करें।
The #Kashmir Files is inciting violence against #Muslims so film boards, movie cinemas and streaming apps have a moral responsibility to ban and boycott it.
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Key Outcomes from #OIC48CFM

1️⃣ Adoption of Islamabad Resolution
2️⃣ Adoption of Resolution on #IIOJK
3️⃣ Joint Communiqué on @OIC_OCI Contact Group on Jammu & Kashmir
4️⃣ Adoption of Action Plan on #IIOJK
5️⃣ Operationalization of Humanitarian Trust Fund
6️⃣ Appointment of @OIC_OCI Sp Envoy on #Islamophobia
7️⃣ Welcoming Establishment of ‘Rehmat ul il Aalimeen’ Authority by 🇵🇰
8️⃣ Adoption of Resolution Felicitating 🇵🇰 on 75th Anniversary of Independence
9️⃣ Adoption of Resolution expressing grave concern over launch of a supersonic Indian missile into Pakistan

1️⃣0️⃣ Agreement to convene Ministerial Conference for Promotion of Peace & Resolution of Conflict

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📣: Statement by FM @SMQureshiPTI at #OIC48CFM, inaugural session as chair of 48th Session of @OIC_OCI CFM.

📍#OICInPakistan Image
💬: ‘The time has come for OIC to strengthen & equip itself to address contemporary challenges..Pakistan stands ready to play its part..’


📍#OICInPakistan ImageImageImage
FM @SMQureshiPTI speaking about Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir at #OIC48CFM ❗️ ImageImageImage
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1/ Today, the @Conservatives Party Conference starts in Blackpool.

While the Tories distract from the rampant #Islamophobia that runs deep within the party, we thought we would remind you of recent events 👇

A thread 🧵
2/ We recently produced a dossier on #Islamophobia within the Tory Party and sent a copy of our submission to the Singh inquiry to all 360 Tory MPs.

The dossier revealed over 30 different MPs, councillors and other senior figures guilty of engaging with anti-Muslim hate online.
3/ Much to our surprise, not one Tory MP engaged with our submission to the Singh inquiry adequately despite the party’s problematic Islamophobic nature.

Read the dossier here 👇…
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Dear Muslims and World,
Let me show you 143 real reason which cause #Islamophobia
Please fight against them if you want to stop #Islamophobia
1) Al-Shabaab (Africa),
2) Al Murabitun (Africa),
3) Al-Qaeda (Afghanistan),
4) Al-Qaeda (Islamic Maghreb),
5) Al-Qaeda (Indian Subcontinent),
6) Al-Qaeda (Arabian Peninsula),
7) Hamas (Palestine),
8) Palestine Islamic Jihad (Palestine),
9) Popular Front for the Liberation of (Palestine),
10) Hezbollah (Lebanon),
11) Ansar al-Sharia-Benghazi (Lebanon),
12) Asbat al-Ansar (Lebanon),
13) ISIS (Iraq),
14) ISIS (Syria),
15) ISIS
16) ISIS (Libya)
17) ISIS (Yemen)
18) ISIS (Algeria ),
19) ISIS (Philippines)
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Karnataka: Auto Driver Mohammad Ijaz luring MBA graduate Brahmin girl Apoorva Puranik to marry him and also converted and take the name Arfa Bano.

Mohd lied to her she was working as auto driver to further his education.

Mohd Ijaz also hid the fact he was married with two women
& had three children with them.

Apoorva married Mohd against her parents wish and became Muslim completely including eating meat, wearing burqa and discharging all Hindu beliefs.

After two years she had a son with him and managed to reconcile with her Brahmin parents.
Then four months ago she finally found out Mohammad Ijaz had married before and has 3 children.

She left him and went to stay with her parents. Mohd kept threatening her and after four months when she agreed to meet him. He hacked her 23 times with a machete and when she
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A car rammed into an Islamic center in #Washington state this morning. No one was injured, but the building suffered extensive damage. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Washington Muslim community, & call for a full investigation.

Our Washington chapter will hold a news conference with community members tomorrow at 9 a.m. PT. Read our press release for more information.…
This is the fifth Islamic center that has been targeted in #Washington in the past 4 months, in addition to many other houses of worship that have been targeted.
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1/ Attempts to prevent Muslim women from wearing #Hijab taking place not only in India but also in 🇱🇰. This is a reflection of deep seated #Islamophobia which has been seen in diff forms over years. Historically, Muslims have been subjected to discrimination & violence.
2/Recent iteration began in 2013 or thereabouts with call for halal bans, hate speech, anti-Muslim violence, such as Aluthgama etc. The Niqab ban post Easter Sunday attacks & lack of state action to counter anti-Muslim sentiment & action made social bigotry publicly acceptable.
3/Anti-Muslim sentiment re success of Muslims in entrepreneurship has also existed for decades. During visits to NW Province after anti-Muslim violence in May 2019 businesspeople said they had to close businesses due to various forms of discrimination, harassment & intimidation.
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I was at Mumbai Fort Area yesterday to buy some Media Equipments

Payment was done via Organization's Bank Account. Seeing the Word 'Islamic' in Bank Details the phobia of Shop Owner was out in open. He started demanding various documents

I countered that for such purchases no such documents are required to be submitted but he was adamant saying what will i tell agencies if they come Inquiring, Islamic is ISIS etc etc. Now it was clear to me that uncle was a patient of Islamophobia so i decided to counsel Him
His Laptop was opened. So i said uncle you want to know about us go to our website
I dictated, he typed the web address murmuring "Ha yahi chahiye mujhe"

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Kerala High Court & Govt “No #Hijab or Long Shirt in School, if you don’t like it take TC & go”


Kerala Muslim Educational body bans Hijab in all its 150 institutions


Kerala Govt “No Hijab for Police Cadets”


1 Karnataka College says No

Ask yourself why the Jihadi, Liberal and Communist Cabals so silent when Communist Govt directly bans Hijab. Why no local media or International media calling it #Islamophobia ?

Why just one college band Hijab so much of fake media coverage & SM trends?

Answer: Hindu BJP Govt.
Same thing with Chinese Communist Party committing Genocide by killing thousands of Muslims and putting millions in slave camps, still no media coverage.

Pakistan is slaughtering Baloch & Ahmediyas, not a word.

Some SP-CON backed dhongi speaks or BJP hating trads do app is
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Love & solidarity from our Hijabi WOC PwD hearts to yours❣️ 🧕🏾✊🏾♿️

"Even if you hate it, I still wrap my Hijab"
- @mona_haydar

#Hijab #WorldHijabDay #WOCinLeadership #NDRAAI #EndHate #EndVAWG2S #AntiMuslimHate #Islamophobia #Racism #Bill21
@mona_haydar Video Description 1/x: Colour music video of Mona Haydar’s “Hijabi (Wrap My Hijab)”. Begins with translucent text on flowing teal cloth reading, “Mona. Hijabi”.
Video Description 2/x: Scenes of Racialized Indigenous, Black, Brown, Asian Muslim Women in Hijab sit in wood lined room and on a staircase with expressions of strength while Mona raps. Mona is a Brown Arab Hijabi Muslim Woman.
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