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Was assaulted today at
Drive Test #Kitchener by a woman who kept spewing racist hate against "f$@king brown people" when asked to wait in line. When I told her this was not OK, she came up to my face to threaten me. That's when people (and I) started recording her. A thread...
I started recording when she began getting exceedingly aggressive & menacing against me..../2
I was in a state of shock after being hit...quite literally ...but also shocked that this could happen to me- a vocal, professional advocate against #hate, #racism and #Islamophobia. This is literally what we do at the @CMW_KW2010 - We help victims report hate & get supports /3
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Today I was reminded that even our friends hold / promote #Islamophobia + Islamophobic tropes (a “liberal,” gay, Jewish, well educated + traveled doctor).…
As @DMogahed says, “‘Fear kills freedom, so Islamophobia is bad for democracy, not just Muslims.’”

#Islamophobia, subtle or overt, latent or virulent, is not a friend.

Excise it, don’t excuse it.…
Maybe it’s helpful to rethink what being a friend, a promoter of justice * fairness, means + could look like.…
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This week, many of us started Ramadan with the news of Ahmed, a young man in #Ottawa, being berated by a guard associated with @VIA_Rail, for praying inside a train station.
The right to worship freely is a cornerstone of Canadian society and democracy. The guard's actions amounted to blatant #Islamophobia.
We got involved to help Ahmed. We made it clear to VIA Rail and other authorities that the incident is indicative of systemic #Islamophobia. Real solutions are needed.
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From all of us at NCCM, we wish you and all your loved ones a joyous Ramadan Mubarak.

This Ramadan, let's pave a path to justice together.
Throughout this Ramadan, we will tell you about the many ways we are working towards a more just future for our communities at NCCM. After hearing from so many of you, we will be laying out a collective vision.

For a more just education system for our children.
For governments and laws free of #Islamophobia and discrimination.

For public spaces where we can walk freely without fear.

For brave and courageous foreign policy.

For our freedom to be #Muslim no matter where we are.
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Earlier this month, we were made aware of a disturbing incident of a student desecrating the Quran at a public school in the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. @kprschools Image
We have been working closely with impacted communities to address serious ongoing issues at the school and board levels.
Last night, we met with the @kprschools alongside community members to ask for change. Courageous #Muslim students spoke about their experiences and have been pushing for change. It was exceedingly clear that the current situation is unacceptable.
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How many Assam products are exported to Muslim countries. This statement should be good enough to stop all Assamese exports and Assamese pro BJP job seekers in Gulf. Poverty will teach some morality lessons to those who vote for #Islamophobia #assamese #IslamophobiaDay #Madarsa
The prime importers items from Assam are the Middle East, the UK, South East Asian countries, Bangladesh, etc.

The prime importers of such items from Assam are the Middle East, the UK, South East Asian countries, Bangladesh, etc. #IslamophobiaDay…
Assam Pinnaples being exported to Dubai. Next time you buy pineapple inquire if it’s from Assam. Don’t contribute to #Islamophobia this RAMADAN…
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THREAD / #Gujarat Genocide 2002

It's been 21 years since the brutal Gujarat massacres. Armed Hindutva mobs rampaged through Muslim neighbourhoods killing at least 3,000 Muslims and raping thousands of Muslim women and girls.

#India #Islamophobia #Gujarat2002

👉 @doamuslims2
It is estimated that at least 250 Muslim girls and women were gang raped and then burned to death by Hindutva mobs.

Muslim Children were force fed petrol and then set on fire, pregnant women were gutted and then had their unborn child's body shown to them.
An international fact-finding committee formed of all women international experts from US, UK, France, Germany and Sri Lanka reported, "sexual violence was being used as a strategy for terrorising women belonging to minority community in the state."
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This is from Solapur, Maharashtra

At Hindu Janakroash Morcha rally, far-right leader T Raja Singh once again gave open calls for violence against Muslims and pitched for their economic boycott.

Note: “Landya” is an anti-Muslim slur.

#India #Maharashtra #HindutvaTerrorist
Raja Singh while addressing thousands of young Hindus attending the event urged them to die while writing the history
#India #Maharashtra #Muslim #IndianMuslims #Hindutva #Fascist #Fascism #Nazism #HindutvaTerrorist #SaffronTerror #HateSpeech #Islamophobia #Islamophobia_in_india
Raja also threatened that if the government doesn’t pass laws on love jihad, religious conversions, and cow slaughter, then Hindus will take law into their own hands and use swords.

#India #Maharashtra #Muslim #IndianMuslims #HateSpeech #Hindutva #IndianMuslimsGenocideAlrt🚨
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Critique de l’enquête @FBBlackler #FrèresMusulmans par #FrançoisBurgat . Un « chercheur » fan de #NawaEditions , de son idéologue #AïssamAïtYahya et de ses écrits #SayyedQutb . AAY, le « philosophe jihadiste » cité dans la revue de #Daesh, 1 référence dans les prisons #France 👇 ImageImage
3- #FrancoisBurgat apporte son soutien à #NawaEditions après sa dissolution.Le discours de l’idéologue #AïssamAïtYahya (dont les écrits jihadistes sont publiés sous 1 pseudonyme )est clair : construire en France des « microcosmes #califaux » et détruire le modèle occidental »
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A thread examining projection by Islamists. In simple words, what Islamists themselves do, as part of war propaganda, they blame RSS for it. This thread offers no defence of #RSS, only highlights Islamist projection as a propaganda tactic.

#Hinduphobia #Islamophobia 1/16
Claim : RSS is divisive

OTOH : Islam has already divided India & leading other divisive movements like Kashmir. It's mainstream, Kafiron Se Azaadi anyone? 2/16
Claim : RSS are terrorists

OTOH : List of top terrorists & terrorist organisations published by all governments & UN bodies have only & only Muslims in it 3/16
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Bismillah. Today, we are releasing a statement to clarify how our civil rights group identifies #Islamophobia, how we address depictions of Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him), and how we view the controversy at @HamlineU. Read this thread or the full statement below. 1/12
Over the past 30 years, we never hesitated to call out #Islamophobia, a pervasive form of bigotry that impacts Muslims worldwide. But we never used the word as a catch-all term for anything offensive or irreligious. To identify it, we look at intent, acts & circumstances. 2/12
We have seen no evidence that a former @HamlineU professor acted with bigoted intent or engaged in Islamophobia when she analyzed a medieval painting depicting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that was drawn hundreds of years after his passing by a Muslim artist. 3/12
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THREAD: Powerful #AI like #ChatGPT is the talk of the town. As a #HinduAdvocacy organization, we checked to see how it frames responses on #Hinduism vs other faiths. The results are concerning and display deep #bias. Read on. 1/n 👇🏽
One of the 1st questions we tested a few days ago was “Is Hinduphobia real?” We found the #AI response to be biased and sending mixed messages, especially when compared to its clear measured responses to questions against #Antisemitism and #Islamophobia. 2/n
Next, jokes about Hindu deities or religious figures are deemed appropriate and apparently not disrespectful or offensive vs those about figures from other religions! Others like @KalavaiVenkat and @mairal have also highlighted this. 3/n
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Wait For The End-

आप सूर्य की पूजा करते है, उनके लिए चांद की इबादत अहम है।
- आप सीधे तवे की रोटी खाते है, उनके लिए तवा उल्टा होना जरूरी है।
- आप झटका खाते हैं तो उन्हें हलाल ही चाहिए।
- गाय आपके लिए माता स्वरूप है, उन्हें सब कुछ छोड़ बस गाय ही खाना है
आप मूर्तिपूजक हैं तो उनके लिए बुतपरस्ती हराम है, उनका इरादा सारे बुत ध्वस्त करने का है।
- आप वराह स्वरूप की पूजा करते है, उनके में नाम लेना भी हराम है।
- हमारे यहां विवाह पवित्र रस्म है, 7 जन्मों का बंधन तो उनके यहां यह महज एक कॉन्ट्रैक्ट है।
यहां नारी पूजा का स्थान है तो उधर स्त्री उपभोग की वस्तु याने कि माले गनीमत।
- आपके त्योहार रंग लगाकर होते है तो उनके खून बहाकर।
- आप सर्वधर्म समभाव में मानते है परंतु वह अपने वाले के अलावा किसी का सम्मान तो दूर उसके अस्तित्व को ही नकार देते हैं।
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The appetite of #Islamophobia & to blame Muslims for everything wrong is so high among the fascist Hindu majority that they want to believe every lie and tricks. They had actually blamed Muslims for #Covid_19 despite it was a proven fact that they had nothing to do with it.
While the world was fighting #Covid_19 Hindu majority took the opportunity to attack own Muslim minority. Muslim hawkers were boycotted and beaten up by Hindus. False videos of Muslims spitting on currency notes were spread. Indian media actively took part in demonizing Muslims
The members of Tabligh Jamaat who had come to India spent almost a year in prison and were falsely accused of spreading #Covid_19 & were exonerated by the Indian courts but Indian Media spread fake news of them walking naked spitting. HINDU majority wants to believe such stories
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A thread 🧵of my experience of #Islamophobia
I don't want your sympathy. I don't want preferential treatment. All I ask is I'm treated as an equal. #TacklingDenial #IAM2022
Going through two primary and a secondary school where not a single person pronounced my name correctly.
My name is a part of me; by mispronouncing you are denying me the right to be me.
#TacklingDenial #IAM2022 #Islamophobia
At a seaside resort with my family and someone shouting at me and worse still at my kids (usually from within a group); saying things like "Up the EDL/BNP", "Bin Laden", "terrorist" and other things I cannot tweet.
#TacklingDenial #IAM2022 #Islamophobia
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🧵 This evening I attended the premier of Holocaust Learning UK’s newest film ‘Out of the Darkness: Steven’s Story’ at @JW3London by @TapestryPics narrated by @jasonsfolly. The film is aimed at year 9 students learning about the Holocaust. @HolocaustLearn
The (free) 1h film is INCREDIBLE. Please please tell your #history departments all about it. I’ve been learning about the #Holocaust since I was 11 and learnt so much I didn’t know from this film, which centres on the impact of Nazis in Holland. @histassoc @HolocaustLearn
I didn’t know that 300,00 Dutch workers went on strike after Nazi roundups of Jews in Holland.
I didn’t know that Dutch resistance members sacrificed their lives to burn town records to try to protect the identities of their Jewish neighbours...…
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Paid Ads in certain US news publications are new fad for anti-India propaganda.

A recent ad in the garb of ‘appeal’ on India’s human rights by Islamist fronts affiliated with Jamaat/ISI is most naked attempt so far.

A thread on the signatories:

ICNA, founded by Jamaat members in the US. Notably, ICNA via its fronts such as ICNA CSJ caters to Pak’s narratives of #genocide, #Islamophobia on #Kashmir.

Exposed in our Report: Op Tupac

IAMC has been exposed for its anti-India pursuit. From lobbying to sharing fake news for stoking communal unrest in India. Its founder Shaik Ubaid was Jamaat protégé at ICNA.

Exposed in our Report: USCIRF- an Organization of Particular concern

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Trying to do thread on this issue. Leicester’s unrest is a problem for the whole city, not just Hindu and Muslim communities… via @ConversationUK
This is a very important article by @DrChrisAllen re situation in Leicester re #Hindutva attacks there & reaction of authorities. I am very disturbed about what happened in my borough of #Brent last week. The reaction here has been quite similar. 🧵
Part 2 of long thread
@WembleyMatters @Brent_Council @MAsgharButt @MPSBrent
As this article points out Muslims are deemed to blame for everything and guilt is automatically ascribed to us. So many presumptions are made based on #Islamophobic tropes & stereotypes. 🧵 continues
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La France en Algérie

« (...) En Algérie, la colonisation continuait de pleins feux. Si Napoléon III fait officiellement de l’Algérie un département français et ouvre la voie à une protection de la propriété collective des tribus ainsi qu’au droit à...

⬇️ naturalisation des musulmans, les colons parviennent à mettre en échec sa politique dès l’effondrement de l’Empire. Les vingt premières années de la colonisation de l’Algérie sont alors d’une rare violence. Les Aurès et la Kabylie sont le lieu de toutes les résistances..

⬇️ les Français les répriment à chaque fois dans le sang. Les combattants musulmans sont enfumés dans les grottes où ils se cachent et les punitions collectives deviennent la norme : les familles des supposés résistants, parfois des tribus entières...

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भारत मे मुसलमान और दलित पर हो रहे जुल्म के खिलाफ कैलिफोर्निया के अनाहिम शहर मे कुछ लोगों ने प्रदर्शन किया,हिंदू कट्टरपंथियों ने वहा पहुंच कर उनसे बदतमीजी की और मार पीट करने लगे,

"वंदे मात्रम" और "स्टूपिड मुस्लिम्स" का नारा एक साथ लगा कर देश का नाम बदनाम कर रहे थे।
ये बनायेंगे देश को विश्वगुरु, जिनसे पूरी दुनिया के समाने अपनी इस्लाम विरोधी घटिया मानसिकता नहीं छुपाई जाती,
दुनिया के किसी कोने में मुसलमान की हक़ की आवाज उठाई जाए हिंदू कट्टरपंथ फौरन वहां पहुंच कर अपनी विचारधारा और घटियापन दिखाने से बाज़ नहीं आते, देखें
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Kanhayalal was not murdered by just 2 people. @zoo_bear created the platform by sharing trimmed video of @NupurSharmaBJP 's ununtentional harmless reponse to a provocation by a Jihadhi Mulla.

The entire left chrislamo anti-Hindu cabel went after her. She recieved death threats
As expected she started gettjng deat threats. @sardesairajdeep @free_thinker @sagarikaghose @bduttafilms the usual suspects played their part very well by creating a narrative of #Islamophobia but actually were building on the foundation laid by @zoo_bear
@RanaAyyub got international flavor to it.
Commoners like ourselves who support Nupur now are basically considered persona Non Grata. Bow they activated the kill code killing Hindus. Kanhaya is juts the first victim. ISLAMIC radicals have tasted blood. They will not stop.
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Rep @Ilhan I wanted to share this video with you.

A Muslim Cleric claims Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) instructed his companions to kill #Gay

Caliph Ali wanted to burn them alive & Abu Bakar agreed. While the rest wanted to throw them from a high place & then stone them

Is this true?
Being #Pride2022 you promised to fight for LGBT.

Also as you are heading Anti #Islamophobia in @JoeBiden Gov, you can look into dozens of Islamic nations whose law demands death to #LGBTQIA this includes Somalia, your birthplace.

Also, look into religious text opposing #LGBT 🙏🏼
Dear All, do tag all #LGBTQ leaders in the world including India. So they are aware what is the thoughts of Islam on LGBTQ and look into resolving this peacefully.
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1/n #Sadarpranam to Ishvara within each affiliating with #Qatar @OIC_OCI .

While the organisation hyperbolically
slammed India, reality is that their own house stinks.

This thread exposes them clearly.
2/n Their Constitution states that Sharia shall be the principal source of legislation(of course for non-Muslims too)then why should u impose our (Indian)legal proceedings based on Sharia?
Will #Qatar @OIC_OCI let Indian Constitution work for matter wrt to Hindus in their land?
3/n Interestingly, however wrong it may be the “Hindu Majoritarian” state as they state, has let Sharia be the principal source for civil legislation of Muslims.

#Qatar @OIC_OCI but look at your audacity. Let me expose you more as what I hv stated is just too mild for a bully.
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During his official visit to the United States of America, the #OIC Secretary-General, H. E. Mr. #Hissein_Brahim_Taha, met today, May 25, 2022 at the headquarters of the State Department in #Washington, DC, with the US Secretary of State, H. E. Mr. Anthony Blinken.
During the meeting, the two sides discussed bilateral relations between the OIC & the USA & ways to enhance and develop them. They also discussed the outcome of the inaugural strategic dialogue between the OIC & the United States, which was held on May 23-24, 2022 in #Washington. ImageImage
The two sides agreed on the importance of consolidating these relations in various fields, in light of the challenges facing the world, foremost of which are the situations in the #MiddleEast, #Africa and #Asia. ImageImage
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