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#Islamophobia adalah ketidakadilan terbesar terhadap Islam dan kaum muslimin, baik secara moral maupun material, fisik maupun psikis, lahir maupun batin.
Ketidakadilan terhadap umat Islam dalam bentuk #Islamophobia melibatkan 2 ekstrem yang berlawanan: Ekstremis Barat (kelompok kapitalis, liberal, sekular, orientalis, dsb.) vs Ekstremis Ghulat (kelompok takfiri, Khawarij, Syi'ah, dsb.)
Ekstremis Barat menebar virus #Islamophobia dengan dua cara: 1) membuat nonmuslim berpandangan jelek terhadap Islam dan kaum muslimin serta 2) menjauhkan ajaran Al-Qur'an dan Sunnah dari kaum muslimin.
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Solidarity to @DawnButlerBrent
I've just written a complaint to @joswinson about the local @LibDems candidate in Chingford and Woodford Green who is engaging in a dog whistle Islamophobic campaign against me. #Islamophobia
This morning I received the below from the Lib Dem Chingford and Woodford Green parliamentary candidate.
I have never heard from Mr Seeff before, and his first correspondence is to try and highlight my Muslim identity and bracket me off with the behaviour of an organisation I have nothing to do with - indeed I’ve never heard of them, why would I have?
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#Leestip & draadje:

de bijzonder felle speech van de Franse intellectueel en polemist Eric Zemmour (1958), die zijn controversiële meningen bepaald niet onder stoelen of banken steekt. N.a.v. deze speech brak de hel los. Zemmour is veroordeeld door…
een petitie van journalisten, heeft meerdere aanklachten ontvangen, optredens werden afgezegd etc.

"If nothing else, Zemmour's speech should inform you as to the mood in France, at least among a rather large faction of the right."

Nu publiceert @amconmag een vertaling omdat Zemmour's speech is "(...) an important political document for American readers to understand what’s happening in France now."

Dat geldt ook voor Nederlanders.

De speech begint met wat typische Franse-gestylde alineas en dan... 3/x
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Important to watch video in this article to fully understand
Scandal involves @keithellison MN schools are being pushed by Islamic supremacists to force educators to bow to Islam…
@MnDeptEd @ISD112
Minnesota school boards are receiving a 3-page handout with the full support of their jihad AG Keith Ellison, aka Hakim Muhammad that seeks to indoctrinate educators against #Islamophobia while attacking what they refer to as #Christian Privilege.”
Understand that the contents of the #propaganda was paid for with your tax $$ via a grant from the @usedgov (Grant Soo4D110021)
MSM will not report this, as one might guess your favorite #Communist #GeorgeSoros is involved 🤬

#Christian Persecution
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Thread👇@AsimAli6, your dedicating an entire long thread to our voice @brumbyoz is NOTHING but VALIDATION of the Hate Of Sanghis + from our own community the opportunistic blood leeching parasites of #SarkariMuslims like you & the ones u mentioned Muslim Victim Blaming &shaming
#SarkariMuslims like you thrive on Muslim victimization and blaming and shaming, w your #MajoritarianAppeasement Binaries Of Good Muslim & Bad Muslim FURTHERING #Islamophobia- causing daily Rapes& Moblynchings Of #OrdinaryIndianMuslims while you are reaping benefits of Sarkariism
@iamrana is a full fledged #Sarkari who pioneers the binary of Good Muslim vs bad Muslims. And she indeed is reaping benefits of her #MajoritarianAppeasement w appointment to a Govt entity Urdu org employee, for someone who has never worked before to win an employment at age>60y
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This is a good example for talking about how people use and abuse sources and why it is valuable to demand academic standards. short #THREAD #Mughal #history #Aurangzeb
First red flag - No source is given for the picture with text. It is a slightly adapted version of what's on the Wikipedia page for Dara Shukoh. Wikipedia's pages are full of misinformation on Indian history. Case in point: Bicholim conflict.
Another problem. The source is Manucci. Honestly, for all The Hindu Right goes on against people like me because I'm of European descent, man, do they really rely on European sources too much for Indian history. Manucci especially...
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[Thread] 1) @Nigel_Farage, as hothead-in-chief, deserves a Twitter analysis. So I analysed a recent Tweet of his which has about 6,500 Retweets. The tweet in question is the one where Farage is obviously playing two truths and a lie [see screenshot]. #ٍStopTheCoup #Brexit
2) Why did I choose this tweet? It's because we are interested in what messages get amplified the most. So I downloaded Farage's TL to see which was the most retweeted. Twas the aforementioned ofc! The graph shows Nigel's recent RTs by number over time #StopTheCoup
3) As before, I will examine the biographical details of those who retweeted this tweet. A count of the most common words reveals that the most common biographical detail of those who amplified this tweet is MAGA, followed by Trump, followed by Brexit [See below]. #StopTheCoup
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#Kashmir 😢
No news o followers Kashmir💔
1)Kashmir💔 Generations of persecutions under: Sikh, Hindu, Afghan rule.
2)Britains legacy of 1947 made sure Kashmiri💔 oppression continues #Occupation
3)A Hindu Terrorist elected to carry on violating Kashmir💔 #Hindutva #TerroristModi
Big Fake Democracy ✔️
Hindu Laws
Minority Injustices
Saffron Terror Mobs
Human Caste System
#Hindutva #SaffronTerror
Occupation Of KASHMIR
India is not a Democracy
Democracy only works #west
-forced conversion of poor helpless Muslims into Hinduism #India #Islamophobia
-endless lynchings of Muslims suspected of eating beef by rumour #cowvigilantes
-Muslim farmers suffer
-Love Jihad real stories
-Daily oppression of minorities
ie Dalit, Muslims, Christians
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“Laut di belakang kalian dan musuh di depan kalian. Sesungguhnya kalian tidak memiliki apa2 selain keteguhan hati dan kesabaran”. Ini bukan perkataan Tariq Bin Ziyad sebelum mengalahkan pasukan Roderick di Andalusia, tapi ini perkataan fakta pada umat Islam saat ini #Islamophobia
Gw meminjam isi khutbah Tariq bin Ziyad kepada pasukannya untuk umat Islam hari ini khususnya di Indonesia. #Islamophobia adalah musuh nyata di hadapan kalian. Tidak ada jalan untuk menghindar apalagi lari. Satu2nya pilihan yang tersisa adalah melawan.
Sudah berapa lama kita hidup beragam di Indonesia? Kita terbiasa hidup berbeda suku dan agama, tapi selama ini kita rukun tanpa mengusik #Islamophobia
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This is an annotation thread for #TheFamily, the new doc series based on my books THE FAMILY & C ST. Context & behind the scenes w/ the most powerful & secretive Christian conservative organization in Washington from more than a decade of reporting.
As ep 1 of #TheFamily opens, “First Brother” #DougCoe preaches about Hitler's "covenant," in what looks like a castle: Glen Eyrie. It belongs to The Navigators, a major evangelical ministry w/ which The Family has deep ties; Coe was a protégé of Navs founder Dawson Trotman...
The Navigators, like #TheFamily, were born out of Trotman's deep hatred for FDR's New Deal. He loved hierarchy & revered strength; "love," he taught Coe, means "Obey." That's why Coe's preaching here about Hitler & Mao...
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A thread:
Illuminating #Bible passages on how a #pagan deserves only deceit, dissimulation and to be taken advantage of - even when he extends help.

Even if fellow-#Abrahamics are mortal enemies, a Pagan who extends shelter to one never really wins their loyalty or trust.
The scene: David flees Israelite territory. King Saul is trying to kill him, no matter how much David tries to prove his bona fides.

David + 600 soldiers (w/ families) take shelter with Philistine King Achish of Gath - pagans the Israelites hate.…
Pagan king Achish grants David a town to settle in, hoping to win favour through hospitality. And perhaps driving a wedge in Israel.

Instead, behind his host's back, David and his men sack and massacre nearby pagan settlements - making sure that the king doesn't hear of it.
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Did you know the Muslim Brotherhood + muslim anti Jewish groups have long friendships with Nazi's?

@IlhanMN and @RashidaTlaib have both had funding from the M.B through the most well known company CAIR.

Pic 1 MB founderd Al-Banna
Died 46

Pic 3 Hitler + Grand Mufti (Leader)
Nazi Germany never died, it just turned into Islamist extremism.
Amin al-Husseini
Muslim Grand Mufti (Leader)
Pictures with his Arab soldiers and Nazi soldiers.

NO this is NOT #Islamophobia
And NO @POTUS is NOT a #Nazi
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Read this comment, and sign the petition. It's time to remove Jewish Labour Movement from the Labour party affiliation as they're working against the party. via @UKChange
In the image we are informed that a former head of the EHRC states #Islamophobia should not be investigated
@RespectIsVital also reports that The EHRC have confirmed receipt of a tranche of data sent implicating Tim Dexter in failure to investigate complaints about a variety of issues inc issues of data theft by LAAS & Euan Philips threatening behaviour.
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Sad & disappointed but not surprised to discover #Manchester City Council have adopted the controversial #Islamophobia term. Campaign pushed by orgs & individuals who believe in and practise sex segregation. Would they do the same for those who believed in segregation by race?
Please read @MaryamNamazie excellent piece… on how BME women, minorities and anyone who dares to question regressive Islamic institutions/cultural/religious practices can be targeted under this definition #Manchester
An open letter from @CEMB_forum to the Home Secretary on the threat to civil liberties. Many ex-muslims face threats, abuse and even death because they dare to leave Islam. Guess that's not an issue for Cllrs to concern themselves with...… #Manchester
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Anti-"minority'? Ha ha. When did I ever criticize Jains or Parsis, or Tibetan Buddhists in India.

I criticize only the two most powerful world-dominant ideologies with global resources waging Holy War on minority traditions. These apologists for #IslamoFascism are funny. 😂
This template of minority-majority itself arises from monotheism and its experience in Europe. It was a debate *within* Christian sects where a Catholic majority would persecute Protestants and vice-versa. It is a problem arising from intolerant Christian (& Islamic) monotheism.
#Islamophobia is a term funded by #OIC to prevent criticism of Islam, a secular blasphemy law. No surprise an #IslamoFascist apologist would push it.

Pepsi, Coke and Walmart don't become "minorities" in India because sugarcane juice sells more.

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1. #Obama #Clinton created massive destabilization in Syria Then for no reason #Clinton ordered the destruction of Libya which was the only place holding back #terrorists etc from flooding #Europe After Gaddafi was slaughtered Libya went into meltdown It opened the floodgates for
2. #terrorists & #Immigrants which destabilized Libya even more They then flooded into Europe & the dictators also known as the #UN demanded countries take them in This was also pushed by #Radical #vile people like #GeorgeSoros & many other #Globalists Citizens were horrified and
3. complained & the political leaders & #media called those sovereign citizens #Radicals #FarRight #WhiteSupremacists #Racists then they'd find one nut who was one or all of that & do as many hit pieces on that person or small group as they could then #RadicalFeminism appeared
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I watched the entire proceedings of #OICMakkahSummit for about 8 hrs, and live tweeted at @Office_AQPk interesting tidbits & observations. Here's some observations on PM #ImranKhan's speech. /1

#AhmedQuraishi @AQpk
PM #Pakistan #ImranKhan was well received at #OICMakkahSummit. #MBS, King of #Bahrain, Pres of #Iraq, PM #Bangladesh, informally interacted with him. #Saudi hosts opened doors at holy sites for only two leaders this time: President Al-Sisi of #Egypt & PM Khan of Pakistan. /2
PM #ImranKhan speech was among the long ones at #OICMakkahSummit. It was extempore. Many Muslim leaders didn't get to speak due to paucity of time. Immediately after PM's speech, Secretariat asked leaders to keep remarks short. PM's speech was among the well delivered speeches./3
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In initial interview before reaching ambulance, @MsNazContractor, playing the Muslim councilwoman whom Detective Carisi (@PeterScanavino) has already informed us is famous for anti-Semitic remarks, tells him & Detective Rollins (@KelliGiddish) that "those people" are responsible
for her assault. Thus, she confirms her antisemitism. The councilwoman is an barely concealed stand-in for Ilhan Omar, a representative to the US House of Representatives from Minnesota's 5th District. @nbcsvu @SVUWritersRoom
Min 0458: A reporter asks Chief Dodds (@petergallagher): "Councilwoman Nasar is an on-the-record anti-Semite. Can you comment?" Chief Dodds doesn't contradict the reporter's assertion, thus implicitly confirming it.
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The bare nerve of @CSkidmoreUK, Universities Minister, telling universities to adopt the internationally contentious IHRA that criminalises critising the apartheid State of Israel, when his own party, @Conservatives, refuse to adopt @APPGBritMuslims definition of #Islamophobia
Will @CST_UK, @UJS_UK, @JLC_uk, @BoardofDeputies, @DanielKosky challenge @CSkidmoreUK & @Conservatives to adopt @APPGBritMuslims definition of #Islamophobia?

If so, & they stand by the principles of shared values, let them speak out below & confirm their solidarity with Muslims.
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These barbarians should #GTFO now and don’t bother looking back. Also, take @Ilhan and @RepRashida with you! #NeverSharia #BanShariaLaw #Qanon #MAGA
Stop labeling people w/ mental disorders-phobias are on the DSM. #Islamophobia is ridiculous bullshit. WE DON'T FEAR YOU. WE JUST DON'T LIKE YOU OR YOUR BARBARIC IDEOLOGY.@Ilhan @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @RepRashida #NeverSharia #BanShariaLaw #Qanon
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This is a VERY LONG thread about #journalism #ethics #bias #transphobia #islamophobia and newsroom culture Please stick with it, there are some pretty alarming allegations coming up.
@thetimes @pressgazette @theguardian @privateeyenews
@thetimes @pressgazette @theguardian @PrivateEyeNews This is a story from @thetimes on Saturday. It is one of ten that have touched on trans issues this month.
@jjohnjewell @sambrook @stevenjbarnett @ladaprice @docrussjackson @briancathcart
@thetimes @pressgazette @theguardian @PrivateEyeNews @jjohnjewell @sambrook @stevenjbarnett @ladaprice @docrussjackson @BrianCathcart There was another trans court case last week – one that is still ongoing – but it has yet to make any newspaper in England or Scotland. Which is strange because it involves possibly the most famous newspaper in the world.
@transmediawatch @StopFundingHate
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Thread: Nick Bosa follows “deplorable” MAGA themed IG accounts with racial, homophobic, Islamaphobic, & white nationalist posts.

Let’s take a look at the account...

“Too_Savage_For_Democrats” by Dylan Perentis

...& see what Nick Bosa has ❤️ “liked” and put into his feed.
Nick Bosa ❤️ likes the idea of cutting welfare to migrant families to pay for Trump’s border wall. ”#BuildTheWall#NFLDraft2019
Nick Bosa ❤️ liked Trump’s tweet attack on LeBron James and Don Lemon’s intelligence. “Trump is straight savage.” #NFLDraft2019
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The Left gang up and attack @realDonaldTrump every sing day.
They all get a clown message about the topic and what to say.
Don't believe me.
Today the key words were 2.
Trump incites violence
@realDonaldTrump was in NY when the towers fell.
He lost alot of friends that day because

"some people decided to do something on 9/11" quote by @IlhanMN
Nobody should be making threats to anyone
CAIR needs to be removed from anything to do with American politics.
Their whole purpose is to create a global Sharia Law.
@IlhanMN is a speaker for CAIR.
Cair is a front for the Muslim brothood (Terrorists)
Well documented
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