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It is concerning @TulsiGabbard and what it says to me is that we don't have the luxury of waiting 18 months until 11/2024 for a nail-biting hail mary, last ditch effort to arrest control from kingmakers, warmongers, cabals, cartels and wholly captured branches of government.
We must align our words with our deeds and act as if we are on the brink of WWIII, a war many would say started in earnest in 2020 with a #BiologicalWeapon being levied against a global population, executed by first one party and then the next as if the only difference between
them is semantics. It is hard to imagine what a person must e thinking to publicly claim we are on the brink of nuclear war while simultaneously operating a political campaign, that under the circumstances is impossible to believe can be won. 18 months is an eternity when we are
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What if you're 100% right - BUT - what they have always called a #VirusVaccine has always been a #BiologicalWeapon masquerading as a #ProblemSolution that for generations we allowed them to inject into our children and because of this decades ago they began planning #Covid19 as a Image
way to accomplish a number of longstanding well known, hidden in plain sight, objectives.

One World Government
Mass Psychosis
Systematic Depopulation
Wealth and Power Transfer
Surveillance State
Social Credit System

And so whether Germ Theory and Viruses exist or not,
#BiologicalWeapons clearly do and they managed to get 65% of the US population injected somewhere between 1 and 7 times. And about that same percentage globally. And without needing a shred of science what we've all witnessed with our lying eye are millions who have #DiedSuddenly
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People understand a lot more than you seem to give them credit for. Imagine - if you can - that 111M people didn't buy into the whole mask fiasco or vaccine mandates from day one.

How many more "regular citizens" (maids and carpet cleaners) do you need before you take the approp
riate steps to start a movement?

DAY ONE @stkirsch - more than 900 days ago you had access to 111M willing Americans with which to start a digital revolution and yet today, you still can't get past your own psychosis to do what needs to be done. Apparently everyone wants
recognition, 15 minutes of fame and exploit this opportunity for their own personal financial gain than to just put an end to the #CrimesAgainstHumanity. If you were sincere about stopping these crimes you would have used technology LONG AGO when I explained the process to you in
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@werdendi Ko. sivu nyt myös arkistossa:
Tartuntatautirekisterin tilastotietokanta
@werdendi #Fimea @THLorg @STM_Uutiset @HUS_fi
Tartuntatautirekisterin tilastotietokanta: Raportointiryhmä 1,
#Covid19 - #koronavirus -infektiot: 2011/07 ja 2019/01.
- Miten ko. merkinnnät ovat syntyneet ja millä perusteella?…
THL CC BY 4.0. 2021, Kuutio 03.08.2021
@werdendi @THLorg @STM_Uutiset @HUS_fi #Taiwan #CDC varoitti #WHO'ta email -kirjeellä:
- 'at least seven atypical #pneumonia, not #SARS' -tapauksista December 31, 2019, mutta THL'ssä rekisteröitiin #Covid19 -tapaus 8v. 5kk. aiemmin, 2011/07.
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#Corona Unmasked: Chinese intelligence officer reveals truth that it's a #BiologicalWeapon China developed and was to use to end Hong Kong protests but it backfired. If it's true, world must come together to end #biologicalweapons #CoronavirusOutbreak…
Disturbing questions about #coronavirus and China's role in #CoronavirusOutbreak how come 'all is well' in many parts of China while #WuhanCoronavius wreaking havoc world over? #CoronaKoDhona…
190 new cases of Covid-19 reported in Malaysia, almost all infections linked to an Islamic event in a Tablighi Mosque.
#Coronavid19 #coronapocolypse #WuhanCoronavirus…
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