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UP ATS has arrested Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, a resident of Muzaffarnagar, in connection with India's largest religious conversion syndicate busted by the ATS. He runs Jamia Imam Waliullah trust that funds several madrassas for which he received huge foreign funding:
Investigation shows Siddiqui's trust received Rs 3 crores in foreign funding including Rs 1.5 crores from Bahrain," says ADG (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar
संगठन का नाम ग्लोबल पीस सेंटर लेकिन उसमे हिन्दुओं को बनाया जाता था मुस्लमान.. UP ATS ने दबोच लिया मौलाना कलीम सिद्दीकी - @ChetanAhimsa
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As per @HindustanTimes, #LoveJihad is a theme in #Toofan.
Paresh Rawal plays a Hindu bigot who hates his daughter because she's in love with Aziz Ali.
But the film has avoided the core issue: Why a change of religion is needed to marry the person you love?…
Correction: Please replace "theme" with "sub-plot".
There is a parallel plot about a street ruffian from the slums of Dongri who falls in love with a Hindu woman who's highly educated and financially stable.
Her father is a negative character who is objecting to the relationship.
The father is shown as a negative character who hates a street ruffian for starting a relationship with his daughter who is a doctor.
I mean is there a father in this world who would like to see his educated daughter date a man who is unemployed and has criminal antecedents?
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Question is simple! Then why Muslims want to marry non-Muslims?
That’s exactly the answer. Hence, Muslim converts the girl to Islam before getting married. Hence #lovejihaad
Haha ha! Liar!
So when the guy starts getting in relationship with a non-Muslim girl, he already knows that girl will convert?

If not why initiate relationship with non-Muslim if it’s an ambiguous chance? Or Muslims guys have meter to check, who is going to be convertible?
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ഇസ്ലാം ഉപേക്ഷിച്ച്‌ ഈയിടയ്ക്‌ പാർട്ടി വിട്ട ഒരു മുൻ #SDPI ക്കാരൻ നടത്തിയ കുമ്പസാരം. ഞെട്ടാൻ തയ്യാറായിക്കോ!!

എന്താണ് യഥാർത്ഥത്തിൽ #SDPI?

മുൻപ് ഉണ്ടായിരുന്ന തീവ്ര ഇസ്ലാമിസ്റ് സംഘടന ആയ #NDF നിരോധിക്കപെട്ടപ്പോൾ പോപ്പുലർ ഫ്രണ്ട് നിലവിൽ വന്നു. പോപ്പുലർ ഫ്രണ്ടിന്റെ രാഷ്ട്രീയ സംഘടന ആണ് SDPI. യഥാർത്ഥത്തിൽ ഞങ്ങൾ മുസ്‌ലിം ലീഗിന്റെ പോഷക സംഘടന ആണ്. ഇത് 99% ലീഗുകാർക്കും 90% #SDPI പ്രവത്തകർക്കും അറിയാത്ത വസ്തുത ആണ്.

തീവ്രവാദി ആരോപണം ലീഗിന്റെ മേൽ വരാതെ നോക്കുക, അവർക്ക് ബദലായി ആ ഉത്തരവാദിത്തം ഏറ്റെടുക്കുക എന്നതാണ് ഞങ്ങളുടെ പാർട്ടിയുടെ #SDPI പ്രധാന അജണ്ട.

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IRF-RT DC run by Greg Mitchell (The Mitchell Firm) had a session on to push: India's designation as CPC

Moderator: Matias Perttula
Their Speakers:
Govind Acharya @amnestyusa
Sunita Vishwanath @Hindus4HR
Rasheed Ahmed @IAMCouncil
John Prabhudoss @Fiacona_us

cc: @IndianEmbassyUS
They have painted these LIES:
1. Hindu Nationalist as FASCIST. #Hindutva as extremist
2. Since 2014 Modi government, Hindu Nationalist Fascists started mistreating so-called minority community (Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs)
3. #LoveJihad laws are hurtting 'LOVE'

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Retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice Kurian Joseph to shortly begin speaking on the "Significance of Constitutional Values in the 21st Century" in a virtual discussion hosted by LEX MACULA.
The event is being live-streamed on YouTube here:

Justice Kurian Joseph begins his address: Our Constitution is a unique one... It's a Constitution of, by, for the people because it is a country that exists for the people. It does not owe to anybody else - only the people.
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A review of #Islamophobia in 2020:

The #COVID19 pandemic exacerbated Islamophobia around the globe. From #India to the U.K., #Muslims were accused of spreading the virus & evading lockdown orders.
For #Muslims, the environment meant not only being disproportionately impacted by a deadly virus but also facing targeted discrimination from those in power:…
Islamophobia in #India in 2020:
Politicians & right-wing media continued to promote anti-Muslim rhetoric & tropes, while Indian Muslims & rights activists protested against discriminatory legislation (#CAA), which rendered Indian Muslims 2nd-class citizens.
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This time last year, 19 people part of the #antiCAA protests were killed in Uttar Pradesh. I'd travelled to various districts of the state which saw heightened violence, police brutality, and mass arrests. Here are some stories that tell the horror. Never forget.

Thread. 1/n
20-year-old UPSC aspirant Suleiman was shot dead in Bijnor, along with 21-year-old Anas whose son turned seven months old just a day after he was killed. 2/n…
That's Anas' father, Arshad Hussain, standing next to the spot where his son was killed. The bloodstains were still fresh. 3/n

Photograph by: @PraveenJain2622
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If ur H daughter/sis has

-stopped wearing jeans/sleeveless/shorts
-started covering head
-stopped going to temple/Puja
-started eating dates (Khajoor)
-started meditating in private
-started using strange Itr (perfumes)

then she is in M trap. Save her b4 she leaves u crying.
Starting this thread for awareness among Non-Muslim girls about things they don't know. Share this maximum to save lives.
Love or Jihad? #2
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#LoveJihad has moved from flirting & butterflies-in-the-stomach, to legitimate social & legal sanction faster than many relationships I know. Since 5 states (MP, UP, Karnataka, Haryana, Assam) are planning laws against this crime, here are some facts. 1/n
The term #LoveJihad was 1st used arnd 2009 by some Hindu & Christian groups in Karn, Kerala to refer to a shadowy conspiracy by Muslim men to deceive/coerce women into converting to Islam + join terrorism. It has since led vigilantes to harass interfaith couples. 2/n
Since 2009, MANY official investigations have found ZERO EVIDENCE of the existence of #LoveJihad. 3/n
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🚨🚩🔞🛑I am going to expose the whole #atheistRepublic #sexykali #hinduHating #Hinduphobic #pervert #rapist #hooligans #SickCult. Dear #atheist if you have an ounce of #conscience, i bet youll unfollow #arminNavabi #atheistRepublic. See👇 all:🕉️
(1/30) #lovejihad #HindusGirls Image
(2/30) Morality of #atheistHub: Normalizing #hindus to #pedofilo #Pedohunter : #atheistRepublic.
But #arminNavabi (Incessant Blocker)Refuses To Hear Our Pleas.
#underaged #hindus Matter #hinduDignity matters Image
(3/30)@AGAtheist_ (Employee of atheist Republic)
#sexykali , @ArminNavabi @AtheistRepublic Groomeers of #pedofilia #Pedohunter #pedofiliaecrime #pedo ImageImageImage
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BJP govt will try to give 100% what is in Indian interest as per Constitution of India.

What BJP ensures is that Hindus can fight for a Hindu-friendly nation within the Union of India, a India, that is stable & prosperous. Without India, Hindus are just canon-fodder and coolies!
How the Hindus fight within India to secure a nation safe for Hindus, free from intimidation

IS A JOB BJP is leaving up to the Hindus themselves. How to organize, etc.

It is for Hindus to make Bajrang Dals and Hindu Senas. BJP will remain aloof of that.
Those on twitter would like to leave everything to the govt. It is easy to bitch about everything. That is not how this will work.

Where are the long marches of Hindus to demand free temples? Where are the long marches of Hindus to protest #LoveJihad victims?
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#Thread on some intriguing, politically incorrect, yet historically correct facts from the annals of Medieval Indian #History under #Islamic rule, which hopefully will contribute in awakening the ‘hyper secular’ Hindus from decades of slumber. #India #Lovejihad #Slavery #Hindu
Fact No. 1:
Relentless business of capturing Hindus, enslaving then and forcefully converting them to Islam, in every inhuman possible way, was a favourite sport of every ‘pious’ Islamic ruler or noble in Medieval India, starting from rule of Ghaznis,..
.. Ghoris Till Slave Dynasty and Mughals in north and Bahmanis, Nizams, Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan in South. This gradually led to the growth of Muslim Population in India.
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#BajrangDal Odisha Team saves Hindu girl from getting abducted to Murshidabad, West Bengal,by a Lovejehadi

Great job Lambodar bhai & Debasis bhai for the big Operation.

#LoveJihad Thread
Full details of the case :

Yesterday evening (31-10-2020) A Muslim Boy Sabir Ali from Murshidabad (WB) lured a Hindu Girl & taken her secretly by train. Karyakartas of #BAJRANGDAL Shri Debasish Raut, Odisha Purva, with the help of RPF apprehended him

Bajrang dal karyakartas caught the person at Jajpur, Odisha while fleeing with the Hindu Girl to West Bengal and then Dubai. They rescued the Girl & handed over to the family.
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A #Thread of #lovejihaad cases in the last year. Providing links so that some blabbering secular mor0n doesn’t accuse me of peddling ‘fake news’. These cases are from different parts of India. Have only one thing in common, the victim is a Hindu woman, the kiIIer is a Muslim man!
On 26th October 2020, 21 year old Nikita Tomar was shot dead at a point blank range by Taufeeq outside her college in Faridabad in broad daylight. Nikeeta had lodged a complaint of molestation and stalking against Taufeeq a few weeks ago.…
On 17th October 2020, K. Radhika is kiIIed by ‘boyfriend’ Syed Mustafa and his brother Jameel in Hyderabad, Telengana. They use a butcher’s knife to slit her throat.…
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PK was an out and out Islamist film with a full-on attack on Hindu traditions, a subtle attack on Christianity, covered up with some very mild humor about Muslims.

Enough for members my family to say "it mocked everyone." No it didn't. Let me explain. 1/

Its core themes:

1. Murti puja is a fraud (with elaborate scenes of this). Why? Because it is a fraud by Islamic theology.

2. Gurus are a fraud (the biggest theme in the movie), using the concept of "wrong number." What is "wrong number"—you must not have partners of Allah.

It also directly attacks and mocks Hindu symbols

1. It directly uses and mocks the singing of Om Jai Jagdish Hare, a popular element of Bhakti

2. It mocks and caricatures Shiva as an actor, showing him as a cowardly fraud.

It directly attacks symbols of no other religion.
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Now let's come to depiction of Hindu-Muslim marriage in pop culture or such incidences in real life. #LoveJihad theory is fake. But it is an expression of a real problem: Far less Muslim woman are allowed to marry Hindu men. THIS IS TRUE AS SKY IS BLUE. #TanishqAd
THIS IS TRUE AS SKY IS BLUE that on those rarest of rare occasion where a Muslim woman dared to fall in love with Hindu man, he was killed by her family. Ankit Saxena, Rahul Rajput etc. Theory of #LoveJihad is fake, but they fuel the lies anger hate on solid grounds. #TanishqAd
THIS IS TRUE that Muslim community is closed, they do not allow their daughters to marry out of choice, let alone marry a Hindu. It is acceptable to bring a woman of other religion but not allow Mus woman to go to other religion leaving Islam.
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Idea of #LoveJihad is based on the assumption that adult women do not have the capacity to think for themselves, they can be lured by "fake love" to marry and convert to another religion. This is basically an attempt to infantalize, disenfranchise women and control their lives.
Love is stupid, women fall in love for many odd reasons and do all kinds of things that seem illogical for sake of love, change last name, leave fathers home, give up job etc. Suddenly if she is Hindu, and takes Muslim husband's religion it becomes #LoveJihad. Logic?
There cannot be any investigation in genuineness of love. Men show fake love for sake of money, they marry and sell of vulnerable women, poor parents sell daughters in name of marriage. But when women, even educated ones marry a Muslim and converts it's a problem. Logic?
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Abdullah, who has three wives and four children, lured a minor girl by hiding his identity and changing his name. Notably, he had created a fake Facebook ID as 'Aman Chaudhary' and posted his photographs wearing a wig, to look younger.

He has been accused of kidnapping (1/3)
and raping of the minor girl and there are reports that Abdullah victimised other girls too in a similar manner
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एकटा अल्फाज जर ७०० मुलींपर्यंत पोहोचत असेल तर ही बाब गंभीर आहे. या सर्व प्रकरणाच्या मागे त्याला मदत करणारे अजून किती आहेत? त्याला कुठून पैश्यांची मदत केली जात आहे का? या सर्व गोष्टींचा तपास होणे गरजेचे आहे. आज 'लव जिहाद' व्हायरस आपल्या प्रत्येक गल्ली बोळात पोचला आहे.
#LoveJihad Image
आणि हा व्हायरस जर तुम्हाला संपवायचा असेल तर "हिंदुत्वाची" लस तुमच्या मनात आणि बुद्धीत जागृत करून घ्यावीच लागेल. तुम्ही फक्त एक काम करा... तुमच्या बहिणींना, मैत्रिणींना वेळीच सावध करा, हे असे भुरटे कुठे काय गडबड करत आहेत का याच्यावर लक्ष ठेवा...
हे असले आल्फाज तुडवण्यासाठी हिंदू शक्ती समर्थ आहे...

असे प्रकार कुठेही होत असल्यास आणि या संदर्भात कोणतीही मदत हवी असल्यास तरुणींनी किंवा पालक बांधवांनी संपर्क साधावा.

तुम्हाला आम्ही तुमचे "धर्म बंधू" म्हणून किंवा तुमचा "मुलगा" म्हणून सनदशीर मार्गाने मदत करण्यास कटिबध्द आहोत..
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The same thread in Hindi here: ..(0/11)
इस्लाम दुनिया को ३ हिस्सों में बांटता है:
(१)दारुल हर्ब (युद्ध भूमि)
(२) दारूल सुलह (सुलह की भूमि) और
(३) दारुल इस्लाम (इस्लाम की भूमि).

इस्लाम मुसलमानो को जिस हिस्सोंमें वो रहते है उस हिसाब से अलगअलग तरीके से रहने को कहता है. में विस्तार से समजाती हूँ: ..(1/11)
दारुलहर्ब(युध्ध भूमि): ये दुनियाके वो हिस्से है जहा गैरमुसलमानो की तादात ज़्यादा है या फिर गैरमुसलमान उन मुल्कोको चलाते है. यहाँ के मुसलमानोका काम है चुपचाप अपनी जनसंख्या बढ़ाना. कैसे? अनियंत्रित बच्चे पैदा करके #PopulationJihad, गैरमुस्लिमको मुस्लिम बनाके (#LoveJihad),..(2/11)
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#Islam divides the world in 3 types and advises #Muslims to behave differently according to the type of land they are in (1)Dar-al-Harb (i.e. Land for War) (2)Dar-al-Sulh / Dar-al-Ahd (i.e. Land for Treaty) (3)Dar-al-Islam (i.e. Land of Islam). Lemme explain the details ..(1/11)
1st type is Daar-al-Harb (i.e. land for war): Those areas/countries where #NonMuslims R majority or where #NonMuslims R ruling. Here #Muslims are advised to silently increase our numbers by all means: over-populating (#PopulationJihad), Converting NonMuslims (#LoveJihad),..(2/11)
, reducing NonMuslim population by rioting and massacre (#DelhiAntiHinduRiots, #BengaluruRiots, #SwedenRiots), Inviting Refugees from Dar-al-Islam (#Rohingya). So now you know why No Muslim country accepts Muslim refugees as it will have no benefit. ..(3/11)
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Yesterday in Bhopal Johri Hotel
Hindu girls with M boys were in a freedom Hookah party!
Who is sponsoring these M boys for such parties?
See how young these Hindu Girls are!
Inspiration must be from #Bollywood as how to spoil life!
It's nothing but #Lovejihad
I m not sure whether this moral policing is good or bad considering the age of these girls & community of the Boyz
What do you say guys?
Some say it's privacy intrusion
But I say it's conspiracy unveiled
#Secularism #ThursdayMotivation
कल रात जोहरी होटल भोपाल पर चल रहे हुक्का लांच पर हिंदू संगठन ने बोला धावा, लव जिहाद को फ्रीडम हुक्का पार्टी का नया नाम देते हुए मुस्लिम लड़को सहित हिन्दू लड़किया थी मौजूद l
🚩🚩जय जय श्री राम 🚩🚩
#ThursdayThoughts #lovejihad
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What is ‘love jihad’? Is it part of  a ‘religious obligation’ undertaken by Muslim zealots to Islamise  non-believers. #LoveTrapIsReal
The term ‘Love jihad’ is not defined under the extant laws but it is a fact that Love Jihad is happening (in Kerala). #LoveTrapIsReal
Islamic terrorists have trapped dozens of Hindu-Christian girls by feigning love.#LoveTrapIsReal
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