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@ScottPelley was at the holiday parties @FBIWFO every year. I guess I now know who the @FBI guy is @60Minutes Giving this guy a platform to lie is a disservice to the ethical, hardworking @FBI employees dealing with the fallout from his actions.
Hey @laralogan51 Let us whistleblowers speak on @60Minutes We all have lost everything to expose corruption, discrimination, fraud, waste & abuse. We deserve the spot! #ReinstateRobynGritz #SupportFBIWhistleblowers
@threadreaderapp unroll please
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Please re-tweet. Make a statement! @FBI FOIA process is incompetent & unacceptable. I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all of my documents from my @FBi personnel file & subsequent related files in MARCH 2016...
I have checked back every six months for a status. The status has stayed the same for THREE YEARS. The days to complete have stayed the same for THREE YEARS. If they stuck with the first set of days, I would have had the responsive documents back circa late 2017, early 2018.
In the meantime, my attorney passed away, my case went from @USEEOC administrative courts to US District Court in DC, a judge has been assigned and that judge does not appear to like inefficiency and government corruption/incompetence. This is our taxpayer dollars at work!!
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Just read this...
Then think of me.I was not part of the White Male Agent Hierarchy. I was someone who told the truth. Like many others before & after me, I was pushed out to make room for those who would either be puppets or who would do the deeds handed down to them. @POTUS #ReinstateRobynGritz
It’s sickening to see @JusticeOIG report on gender inequality in the law enforcement agencies under DOJ and know that sh*t will be done. Yeah, keep focusing on recruiting, wasting taxpayer’s money. Retention isn’t an issue huh?? Duh? @FBI @TheJusticeDept @POTUS
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Why does this not shock me? It wasn’t the @FBI employees in the field, it was that select few liars at HQ. This makes me sick. Why am I STILL having to prove these traitors & their posse lied throughout my case. AD Candice Will has been an arm of their corruption.
Office of Professional Responsibility AD Will, has been vicious to EEO complainants & whistleblowers. She has allowed her office to be weaponized against hardworking & ethical employees. In one of her nasty letters to me, she made up disciplinary issues. LIAR!
@SenToomey office did nothing to rebut her lies and nasty letter. @ChuckGrassley has been the continuous advocate for us for decades. His staff is amazing!
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@samsockc @realmajordan @Kevin_Shipp @JohnBWellsCTM @docdhj @langdaleca @SidneyPowell1 @marklevinshow Carl, Are you sure you didn’t work for the @FBI? It’s right out of their equal version of “the playbook.” I could very easily replace Agency with @FBI in your write up.
@samsockc @realmajordan @Kevin_Shipp @JohnBWellsCTM @docdhj @langdaleca @SidneyPowell1 @marklevinshow @FBI Specific details that rang true in my & many other FBI employees follows:

“finding myself marginalized, denied work assignments on high visibility projects and behavior that is best described as harassing as to force me to resign.”
@samsockc @realmajordan @Kevin_Shipp @JohnBWellsCTM @docdhj @langdaleca @SidneyPowell1 @marklevinshow @FBI “Behavior during this period appears to be designed to make the environment so hostile that I would quit the Agency.”
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I see yet another @fbi whistleblower fired recently! We face extreme financial hardship with legal fees and being blackballed from jobs.
My Go Fund Me has helped tremendously but it still hasn’t covered the extensive bills I still owe due to being paid minimum wage for two & a half years and still initial legal fees. In one year I put out over $50k in legal fees, AS THE VICTIM!
Seven years after filing my complaint, I still have to scrape my rent together. Yes @FBI employees didn’t get paid for 30+ days but they will get back pay... I didn’t. I’m on vacation for the first time in about 7 years, thanks to my parents knowing I needed one.
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For #nickrasmussen & @StateDept to say there is no evidence saying there’s no threat of terrorists coming across the border, they need to talk to the @FBIPhoenix @FBISanDiego about what we saw coming across the border.
Rasmussen should know better. S#@StateDept is not Responsible to give this information. Remember, they have the visas to the 9/11 hijackers.
One woman from the @StateDept told me it was the @FBI who stopped terrorists, not the @StateDept. FLAWED ARGUMENT DEMOCRATS! @realDonaldTrump @SaraCarterDC @VP @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y @JoshuaMacias @annvandersteel @TamaraLeigh_llc @mgdick7 @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle
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@Deplorable_JC @ChristophSouza @ufomechanic @BullMooseFuture @JoshuaMacias @SaraCarterDC @FBI From recently released documents:
“McCabe explained that the "quickest" way to conduct the interview would be for Flynn to meet with the two agents without legal representation.
@Deplorable_JC @ChristophSouza @ufomechanic @BullMooseFuture @JoshuaMacias @SaraCarterDC @FBI Involving anyone else, such as the White House counsel, would take longer and the Justice Department would have to get involved, McCabe wrote in a contemporaneous memo. Flynn agreed and met with the two agents about two hours later.”
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@Comey You have disgraced the @FBI Agents are jumping ship like never before. Suicides are above all other federal agencies (while @FBI accurate #s are never released). Dedicated counterterrorism & counterintelligence Agents & Analysts with 15+ years were pushed out by your “leaders”
@Comey @FBI You have destroyed the trust & respect the American people had in the @FBI. Us former & retired Agents have watched in horror the damage you & your cronies did. Take a break from social media & spend valuable time with your family before you go to prison. @TGowdySC @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y
@Comey @FBI @TGowdySC @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y My worst fear is the damage you did with help critics of the @FBI dismantle the agency. I used to be against it, now I wonder if it can ever be fixed. The rank & file employees did not deserve this!! You ruined so many lives & you still remain smug like @JohnBrennan
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@dbongino Liberals: “Conservatives just don’t care about these poor people.” Conservatives: “We care about the Americans People.”…. “The Duka family entered the United States illegally through Mexico in October 1984.”
@dbongino The six men took a trip to the Poconos mountains, where they allegedly practiced firing "semi-automatic weapons" at a shooting range in Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania. A group of 10 men had recorded video footage of themselves shooting weapons and shouting Allahu Akbar ("God is great")
@dbongino They had also recorded themselves skiing, playing paintball, and riding horses on their trip to Poconos. The defense argued it was not a terrorist training video.
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@maddow I was reading something you said about LtG Flynn. In your comments you stated, “They’re the top two security officials in the National Security Agency for the incoming administration.”…
Hmmm... Do you realize there’s a difference between the Natl Security Advisor & NSA, the agency? I did a quick Wikipedia search to help you out since you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.
The National Security Agency:…
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Look at the dates of Grassley & Leahy recognizing & asking the same questions for decades for Whistleblowers & EEO complainants. They either got ignored or some bullshit response from the FBI. Someone needs to hold the FBI accountable! Where are the rest of Capitol Hill?
Where are each representative from our own states? This “above the law” actions will will continue!!……

As usual, @fbi uses OPR as a tool against anyone who dares to stand up for what is right.…
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What the hell??? #ReinstateRobynGritz . Several FBI employees were recalled to Washington from some half a dozen cities across Asia, as the agency investigates allegations involving parties and prostitutes, people familiar with the matter said…
Here is the problem @FBI The cut throat bullshit that promoted the likes of McCabe Strzok etc pushed out the honest and ethical like me #ReinstateRobynGritz @M_F_McMahon @mgdick7 @omontoya32 @TracyLSwayne and so many others. We have to sit here, enraged, watching this crap.
The @FBI is still protecting McCabe etc by not giving me my FOIA requested documents & Continuing to push lies out in my case. Nothing is changing. NOTHING! I have hesitated to say this but @FBI may be beyond repair. Nice job @Comey & #Mueller. You destroyed so many people
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@emrata Hmmm While I felt that the letter should have been turned immediately over to law enforcement when received & I believe Kavanaugh to be innocent, I definitely know the words of fragile or emotional being flung at a women is common practice, at least in my case.
@emrata I was an @FBI agent for 16 years. I worked the worst terrorism cases 1997-2013. I had innovative operations & stopped more terrorist attacks than the average FBI agent can say. Because I was good at my job. However, in 2012, I worked for two male chauvinist pigs.
@emrata @FBI The boss, who stated I was too fragile after my divorce & remarked I was emotional. Further, he said I held myself & others to extremely high standards. He meant that as a negative. I guess he hated a strong woman kicking ass while he shoved french fries in his fat mouth.
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A little explanation of an @FBI background investigation: The person under investigation is usually going to be having extensive access to very sensitive and possibly classified information. The MSM is playing it like the background investigation is a minor thing. It’s not.
It is a thorough investigation that goes back a few decades. In light of the recent issues with the Bu, I doubt Wray would let anyone dictate what amount of time was sufficient. The time was most likely discussed before it was announced.
I know if it was my squad, as an FBI SSA, I would have already been pulling the files and reviewed them for how thoroughly they were done and had any questions been ignored or not followed to a logical conclusion.
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This is huge. The McCabe memos, if typed on a computer, should also have the full metadata info with them. The Woods file is where each & every “fact” in the FISA application is justified with a document. No skimping! I had one of these done on a 5 yr wire. Each application!
Every application must have this. Renewals included. On an USPER, it was every 90 days when I had a “Woods Review” & a “minimization review”. DOJ came to Newark with around 3 attorneys. When I brought an actual shopping cart with just the 1st year, another 5 showed up from DOJ
What is hysterical is my OGC attorney to defend anything was none other than @FBI OPR AD Candice Will. We got along great! She heard about the obnoxious hours I worked. She saw my work ethic. She must have amnesia because she went after me with venomous letters. @mgdick7
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@FBI I’m thinking of doing what the rest of DC is doing, getting a website & posting everything in my case for all to see how you treat female agents who are competent and ethical ! @JusticeOIG @TheJusticeDept @true_pundit @kimguilfoyle @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y @realDonaldTrump
Six years later, I still wonder what I did to Andrew McCabe and the others. My direct supervisor at the agency said, via email, You are already contributing more than your predecessor” I was there 4 months; he had been there 18 months. #ReinstateRobynGritz
@FBI you have pushed out so many dedicated people. Mostly in the Counterterrorism and counterintelligence expertise. Hmmm AMERICA, THIS IS YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK...Yes you should ask if our National Security is in the hands of the FBI, with all we have seen, how safe are we?
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Here are my talking points I was going to use on Fox and Friends this morning:

I’m perplexed by the continued request for an FBI investigation. They have already done a few background investigations on him.

The longer this drags on, in this political climate, allows for more false allegations to come forward and eat up the FBI’s resources and time, there by placing real investigations in jeopardy. #ReinstateRobynGritz
The only witness has already testified. The investigation/testimony is summarized & turned over to the “client” agency, in this case the senate judiciary committee. They decide if the investigation warrants confronting the candidate.

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I am having to look for a law firm who will take my case into federal court. I am hoping to give a down payment and the rest would be contingency. Not like the first firm I had that charged me almost $50k to write one affidavit. @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y @AndrewCMcCarthy @SaraCarterDC @oann
I have less than 90 days right now to file & I haven’t gotten confirmation from any of the law firms I have spoken with. This is going to be very costly. If I was Mccabe or Strzok I would have that cash via their Go Fund Me but I’m obviously not part of their club!
If you can help me out by re-tweeting this, with my Go Fund Me account, I may be able to secure representation by giving a substantial down payment. Thank you.…
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This is the crap that pisses me off. The FBIAA has screwed so many agents over and they need to put out a statement that they are opposed to the behavior being alleged against a small group. Instead, they act like an extension of the corrupt “leadership”.
Here’s what has been told to me by numerous retired & former @FBI employees: The FBIAA contracts with a law firm in DC for legal representation of agents. What is not told is the FBIAA only pays part of the legal fees, the FBI pays the balance. Conflict of interest?
I for one wish I knew this 6-7 years ago. Actually, 20 years ago. I would have stayed with the @GLFOP chapter I had been in from my prior law enforcement. I would have put the dues I paid to the FBIAA to my FOP chapter. Many of those members are pissed at what was done to me.
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I remember that day so clearly. I was on surveillance about an hour out when my mom called me about the first plane, then all of a sudden the second plane hit. I told her I loved her and I had to go. I followed a line of NJSP all the way up the turnpike…
What usually took me an hour to an hour & a half took me about 35-40 minutes. I got into the FBI Newark Office & got brought up to speed when we were told a plane was taken that originated out of Newark airport. I think after being told that, we were all in shock.
You see, we had 2 NK JTTF members scheduled to be on that flight. One INS Agent & one FBI Agent. Then my SSA’s phone rang. The two had switched their flights the night before. They were pretty shaken. Our large conference room became our command post.
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RealClear Investigations’ reporter Paul Sperry recently reported that “only 3,077 of the 694,000 emails [found on the Weiner laptop] were directly reviewed for classified or incriminating information.
Three FBI officials completed that work in a single 12-hour spurt the day before Comey again cleared Clinton of criminal charges.” Let’s get back to enforcing the law instead of breaking it! #ReinstateRobynGritz #ClearFlynnNow #IndictMcCabeNow
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