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🙋🏼Huma Abedin was given immunity. How many lies has she been caught in? What happens if statements to FBI are found to be false after being granted immunity? Strzok didnt question Weiner or Huma. Comey says "potential crimes." Guess what happened? FBI closed case anyway. 👍
Ive seen better investigative work done by "Inspector Gadget." Keep following news finally coming out bout Clinton Foundation investigation #McCabe & Lynch DOJ. Welcome to NY. About damn time people started focusing on obstruction of justice & coverups.
@NewYorkFBI do your thang!
➡Don't forget: every "shadow govt" needs a shadow treasury.
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Did u ask @Comey how after 1yr, dozens of agents, 1000+ hrs, multiple devices & NSA, his #FBI couldnt "conclusively determine" if foreign actors gained access to Clintons server BUT Crowdstrike "knew in 10mins" Russia hacked DNC?😂
I wish I knew before you interviewed #Comey. I woulda provided you with a list of questions. Maybe you can get @CrowdStrike to cooperate w/ an interview considering they refuse to show up to Congressional hearing.
Did u ask @Comey when the counterintel op on #Trump team REALLY started? Cause it wasnt with George Papadappapiss July/August. What was in the failed June 2016 FISA attempt? What was @JohnBrennan
up to in Spring 2016? I spy w/ my 5 eyes...
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1/ #QAnon

Follow-up re: meaning of "witness" in this post:

Why is Mueller going after 'inside plants'?
Flynn is safe.
Define 'witness'.
Can a 'witness' hold a position of power/influence while ongoing?…
2/ Earlier in the post, #Q had called out both #Manafort and #CarterPage as plants, something I had long suspected this based on their previous connections (#Podesta, #Russia, #DeepState). It was more obvious with Page since he had been an identified #FBI informant.
3/ #Q is basically implying in this post that, as hard as it may seem, #Mueller has been doing a quiet counter-coup investigation this whole time (going after inside plants)...which is WHY it was not YET supposed to be revealed that #Trump is not the criminal target.
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Part 1: #Qanon returns March 28, [live] from Beijing... discusses #KimJongUn meeting with #EmperorXi, history on NK, involvement of big tech, etc.

Post #NavySeal (#Punisher) emblem, suggests #DeepState enemies are being rounded up for #DayofReckoning

#IranPurge coming...
Part 2: #Qanon has eyes on the #KimJongUn meeting in Beijing...suggests he is watching "live". Q warns to expect #FalseFlags and distractions. The Global #DeepState will do everything to prevent peace on the Korean Peninsula. Reunification is possible!

#GreatAwakening #Peace
Part 3: #Qanon suggests Patriot #GeneralFlynn will be free within 30 (days).

Q suggests there is no threat to the #2ndAmendment . #DavidHogg's hubris alone :)

Now in the #FinalStage

Read about how Flynn was set up by #Strzok #McCabe and #Comey here:…
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#POPQUIZ What Do Boston Bombings, San Bernardino and Pulse Nightclub have in common?
✅ FBI knew all the suspects BEFORE
#McCabe was in charge of the NSB during all of them.
Oh and that department is also in charge of cyber security👁‍🗨
Today we learned #OmarMateen’s Father worked for the FBI which is crazy because David Hogg’s father worked there as well and they’re both in Florida #blinditem
Did you know #OmarMateen was financially supported by his Dad, how much was #FBI paying Seddique Mir Mateen? #PulseNightclubShooting
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1. Catching up on #Q post analyses: #QAnon had mentioned a reference to Deep Dream on Feb 18. Looking into it took time because it took 96 hours to process my 90 second video

from this:

into this: - rather devilish!
2. It turns out that #QAnon had confirmed to us then that

DEEP DREAM= TWITTER, & that it was related to the sudden loss of twitter followers that many of us had suddenly sustained very shortly after #Q's post. But what @Snowden had to do with it was a matter of much speculation
3. So, since then, #QAnon posted last Sat an interesting bit:

"Projection.<-----------------------------Attribution of blame outward
Russia>D/HRC<------------------------We're supposed to think not DNC
Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political <-Google!
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Jeff Sessions had no choice in the matter of firing McCabe, because of the Inspector General's report.

I would caution everybody into reading too much into this. Russia wants @JeffSessions gone.
If Andy McCabe opened a criminal investigation into Jeff Sessions but Mueller told Sessions lawyer that it had been closed, it was closed ***for a reason*** folks. And the reason wasn't "McCabe got it wrong, Sessions was transparent with Congress"
Everybody stop and think for a moment.
Compartmentalization is real. @Comey compartmentalized like a champ. I don't think McCabe was read in on Sessions. Hence McCabe's opening of a probe, and its being closed again by Bobby III Sticks. SAIC Charlie Kable didn't open a probe :)
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1/ I've had a bait of #RINOS like #Rubio, #Graham and @JeffFlake. Mr. Moron can't get re-elected in AZ because of his stupidity, yet he goes to NH last week to test the waters for a potential run against @POTUS. While he was there #MrNobody slammed @POTUS description of the wall
2/ saying because it had gaps in it, the wall was called a fence in AZ. He needs to take his #putrid self to AZ and never leave. Yesterday, the #idiot slammed #POTUS again because #McCabe was fired. Too bad he doesn't understand how the @FBI does things. He's one reason for
3/ #TermLimits. Yesterday while all the #idiots were on the "Sunday Slam the #POTUS45 Shows" little @marcorubio said AG should have waited until after the weekend to fire him. #LittleMarco, did #Mueller wait to frame @GenFlynn? No, he was accused of lying and #McCabe ruined
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Le tweet de la nuit US par #Trump: l'enquête #Mueller,dont son avocat a demandé l'arrêt, n'aurait jamais dû exister en 1er lieu. Et le président de reprendre l' idée démentie même par le rapport républicain Nunes d'1 enquête basée sur le rapport de renseignement privé Steele...RT
2) Pourquoi cette nouvelle saillie nocturne de #Trump? Sans doute parce que #Mueller non content d'assigner ses documents d'affaire avec la #Russie a envoyé les questions qu'il souhaiterait poser au président...L'intrigue se…
3)#Breaking Et dès ce dimanche matin, #Trump repasse en boucle contre l'enquête #Mueller...1 cap est franchi: comme expliqué hier(cf. #thread épinglé),il tient son argument. S'il y a complot de #McCabe et #Comey contre lui, le procureur est leur complice...
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Andrew McCabe is as corrupt and crooked as they come!



Andrew McCabe, the corrupt little weasel who was deputy FBI Director from the Comey days was running scared. So scared in fact he cancelled a House Intellgence Commiettee testimony.
He was scared because it’s been discovered that Bruce Ohr’s wife was working with Fusion GPS.

McCabe’s wife got three quarters of a million dollars for a failed congressional campaign as a Democrat.
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Remember the Feb 28 “unity” dinner between AG Jeff Sessions, Deputy AG Director Rod Rosenstein, and Inspector General, Noel Francisco? In light of #McCabe’s firing - this gets a second look.

The dinner made headlines for 2 reasons: for appearing to show the top 3 DOJ official in an open display of unity against Trump and because it occurred on the same day as Trump tweeted an “attack” against Jeff Sessions

This followed a previous Trump tweet in another “attack” on Sessions a few days earlier - appearing to blame Sessions for the ongoing investigations into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 election.

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#Breaking badaboum de la nuit US. Hier soir, vers 22h, le ministre de la Justice Sessions a licencié #McCabe l'ancien no.2 du #FBI, ennemi juré de #Trump,accusé de faute professionnelle par 1 rapport de l'inspecteur général Horowitz...26h avant sa…
2) #breaking...le président #Trump a qualifié par tweet ce licenciement EXCEPTIONNEL d'1 haut fonctionnaire du FBI comme 1 grand moment pour la démocratie US. Autrement dit il se réjouit du renvoi d'1 fonctionnaire de carrière pour motif politique.
3) Car ce qui est inédit est que le président #Trump a exigé- et obtenu-du ministère de la Justice de #Sessions l'enquête interne sur #McCabe qu'il ne cessait de persécuter sur Twitter et dans ses déclarations publiques depuis qu'il refusa de désavouer Comey auquel il succéda...
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Please #retweet and share as much as you can so we can expose the truth about #Qanon to the world.
Qanon is designed specifically to give #disinfo – this is called a #counterintel #psyop and is utilised by governments around the world to distract from the truth of what is really
#QAnon is projecting again hahaha. Oh and btw the way, Rudy, we know everybody YOU boys killed. HRC didn’t kill anybody. And #Flynn? He flipped months ago? Didn’t you get that memo?
#QAnon is opening calling for the murders of dozens of people this week. The three booms refer to three false flags and/or assassination attempts the Q Team’s planning. Awakening refers to shootings, as well.
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1/ Whenever I ask for evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, I get this circular-reasoning response:
How do you know that there was no collusion?
My answer: I'm NOT claiming there was no collusion, but I see #ZEROEvidence that Trump colluded. SHOW me your EVIDENCE!
2/ If I were to claim that you murdered someone, I would need to provide evidence of this. My claim does not make it have some sort of merit. If you insist you did not do this and want me to stop pushing such as accusation in public b/c it really did not happen, that makes sense.
3/ Would an innocent person remain silent in the face of a massive campaign by those who don't like that person making unsubstantiated claims? Would they not want to put an end to it? If I were #Trump, I would want this thing shut down too as it looks to be a witch hunt.
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FISA #MemoDay
1. Well this is awfully inconvenient for the "Don't wear such a short skirt if you don't want to be raped" crowd.
2. House Intel memo key point: The FBI's Andrew McCabe confirmed to the committee that no FISA warrant would have been SOUGHT from the FISA Court without the Steele dossier information.
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Combining the FISA Memorandum & Nunes Memo shows a lot going on in the background. #MemoDay #ReleaseTheMemo #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #Comey #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon @Avery1776 @connieketchup @CharlesOrtel

FISC Memorandum below:
Director Comey briefed President-elect Trump on a summary of the Steele dossier, even though it was-according to his June 2017 testimony-"salacious and unverified." (Nunes page 4)

BTW the renewal of FISA was the day before inauguration. @Comey knew it was bunk.
Team A + Team B @Comey ⬅️common denominator

Team A (FISC)
CIA #Brennan
FBI #Comey
DNI #Clapper
DOJ #Lynch
NCTC #Rasmussen
NSA Adm. #Rogers

Team B
DOJ #Boente
DOJ #Ohr
DOJ #Rosenstein
DOJ #Yates
FBI Comey
FBI #McCabe
FBI #Page
FBI #Preistap
FBI #Strzok

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1. #FISAMemo released:

Demand for this information/transparency is so high that the server is overwhelmed.…
2. #FISAMemo

Key points:
- Fake Russian Steele dossier was used for FISA warrant, w/o disclosing #HRC/#Dem provenance.
- #FBI also PAID for dossier.
3. FISAMemo

- Another "source" extensively cited in the #FISA warrant application was a Sept 2016 #Yahoo article...which itself cycled back to the fake dossier as its source! That is, this means the FAKE #RussianDossier was essentially the sole source for the #FISA warrant.
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1. #FISAMemo released:

Demand for this information/transparency is so high that the server is overwhelmed.…

Key points:
1. Fake Russian Steele dossier was used for FISA warrant, w/o disclosing #HRC/#Dem provenance.
2. #FBI also PAID for dossier.
3. FISAMemo

3. Another "source" extensively cited in the #FISA warrant application was a Sept 2016 #Yahoo article...which itself cycled back to the fake dossier as its source!
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When government #Corruption involves an #AttorneyGeneral, #SpecialCounsel, former #CIA agent, former #FBI agent, & dozens of govt officials...shouldn't the media be interested?

They were w/#Watergate. Why not #FISAGate?

1. To translate for those blocked from #TRUTH in the #LSM bubble, the above tweet references media silence on MASSIVE state-level #Corruption. Synopsis of key people involved in #DeepState #Treason is in this thread.

For more info, read this mini novel:…
2. Chapter 1: #Treason involving spying+ on Americans and #POTUS.

Cast of characters:
DOJ: #LorettaLynch, #EricHolder, #RodRosenstein. #JohnCarlin
FBI: #Comey, #McCabe, #BillPriestap, #LisaPage,
#JamesBaker, #AndrewWeissmann, #JeannieRhee, #BruceOhr
CIA: #Brennan
DNI: #Clapper
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1) CBS Reporting McCabe ousted due to Inspector General Michael Horowitz investigation....
2) Guess who put McCabe on the IG's radar.
3) November 2nd, 2016 Chuck Grassley wrote the IG demanding an investigation into McCabe for conflict of interest.…
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1. #QAnon made some posts around midnight last night. It will be important to share as they relate to the #SOTU and expected messaging/disinfo from the #MockingBird #LSM. Please RT this thread as I am severely #Cen$ored by T right now.
2. I will post the specific #QAnon post link and summary each time:

#Q is explaining that the #LSM will push the narrative that any effort to eliminate #Corrupt RR (Rosenstein) is a "red line," with efforts to block or fire #Mueller next.…
3. Recall that RR had a Senate confirmation vote was 94-6, implying that ALL #Corrupt members support him. He begged #PaulRyan to block #Memo release as RR knew he is implicated in #DeepState #Coup.
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11. Wouldn't it be interesting if the media started talking about the "Popular vote" this week and there was strong evidence to back up the claims?
"Whoever is feeding Thomas Paine information is potentially feeding me info as well."
12. PLANES = "reference a past event not anything going forward."
"They've cut off the routes those planes were going to escape through."
13. Main Stream Media knows that their days are numbered
#Rosenstein is dirty, we've said that from the getgo, but they were all used. A lot of them. There's a reason they were kept close in the administration to continue to do their jobs.
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1) Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley's Oversight Investigation into the political corruption of the FBI and Department of Justice is coming to a head.
#ReleaseTheMemos #ReleaseTheReferral
2) As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley has primary oversight of the FBI and Justice Department . This thread will detail Senator Grassley's determined and methodical 2+ year oversight investigation into the DOJ and FBI, from late December 2015 - Present.
3) December 15th, 2015 Floor Statement on Inspector General Access
A fired up Senator Grassley takes to the floor to protest the Obama Admins July 2015 legal opinion that neutered the Inspectors General.

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Dont 4get: #Strzok gave immunity 2 Huma Abedin. Strzok changed "gross negligence" 2 "extremely careless." THAT was Clinton server case. What else was goin on that Strzok & #McCabe were involved in? Do u know the back story why #Comey testimony on Weiner laptop is important?
Clinton Foundation investigation run by FBINY thru EDNY (Lynch old office) was obstructed by Lynch DOJ & EDNY.
@NewYorkFBI wanted investigation moved 2 @SDNYnews. McCabe said NO, "cant go prosecutor shopping." Kadzik called McCabe August 2016 pissed.
3/? What was FBINY trying to get from DOJ? ACCESS TO DEVICES. They were told NO. Flash forward to Weiner laptop. THAT case being run outta SDNY(Preets office). FBINY finally had their hands on evidence they were seeking for Clinton Foundation case. What did they do?
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