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The complexity of our society will frustrate the current structure & approach of policing in Nigeria. We now have a society that is inundated with indolent youth with no purpose or jobs while nursing an ambition to break the bank (literally & figuratively).
These youth mostly have no apprehension of the future & hold to heart their fondness of music/nightlife despite the harsh economy. Add this to the stereotypical policing enmeshed in the parochial constabulary of 1943. This should give us a fair idea about the chaos of now.
While the current trend doesn’t augur well for our society, the victims of the agelong systemic dereliction are about to self immolate with an unwritten mutually assured destruction memorandum. The Police have now found purpose in the pursuit of a cause outside their calling.
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Why I Love Kids and Support them All. #ResponsibleParenting

The law sees them as beings in whom the man is absent within. They are new to the world with a developing brain & it’s difficult at this point to regulate & thus it takes a while to examine their boundaries for balance
But society sees them as children but judge them as adult. Rather than teach them the way they would learn, we simple indoctrinate them the same way we were conscripted in the sociopolitical space & coerced into a culture we cannot explain. #ResponsibleParenting
When a child is throwing tantrums or behaving badly as we often hurriedly describe it, instead of engaging them in a conversation. We simply throw back ours by yelling out orders or judging them with punishment and strange tools of oppression. #ResponsibleParenting
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Fret not if your hubby doesn’t chat much. Talking for most men is often a torment & some would need many days of silence to recover from the futility of words. We mostly find solitude as a fount of healing that makes our life worth it all.⛱ #Perspectives
As men, we play many roles in life. We are fathers, husbands, Captains in our field of endeavor, best friends to our wives, member of associations, voice of generations etc finding a balance is thus key. However great we may be outside, failing inside is not an option.
If we are not mindful of balance, very soon our internal failures will soon begin to tell tales revealing our incompetence and tarnishing the lofty image projected on the outside. Worst still these things may not even show up while you are alive until you are gone.
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As you all can see the unconscionable display of my client like a chattel in a digital form of an unethical invitation to treat. Do recall that In 2003, Nigeria adopted the Child Rights Act to domesticate the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The Children's Rights Act 2003 (CRA) was created to serve as a legal documentation and protection of Children rights and responsibilities in Nigeria. I won’t drag this too much. Do wish the daddy well as he packs for vacation in prison custody. #ResponsibleParenting
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I’m guessing I have another prospective client. #ResponsibleParenting
There is such a thing as #FalseImprisonment and it gets worse if your “victim” is a minor. I’m open for settlement out of court in the spirit of the Yuletide.
Before you ask what my business is, he made the crime public and I share humanity with this young & innocent damsel, whose dad has made himself the judge, jury and executioner of my irreproachable client. After all, The will of the law is stronger than that of man.
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Things women can’t reduce into words for you to grasp. Guys, listen...providing money for the family is NEVER enough for you to keep a family or make the one who make your house a home, feel appreciated. You have to be PRESENT physically & engagingly for Her & the kids.
Over 9 years ago when I had my Son and people were congratulating me. My Rabi @yemusan1 said to me “Your life will never remain the same” I said Amen Ignorantly and he corrected me saying it’s not a prayer. It is reality. Suffice to say that I learnt & still unlearning to relearn
As a father you have very little time to hold the hands of your kids but those short periods must achieve the purpose of holding their hearts forever. You are living as an example for them to follow. You can never tell them enough how to live. Their challenges will be different.
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You must be a special beeed of an idiot if you think this was a defense of the Govt. I will forever stand by my country. @HQNigerianArmy will always have my support & when they go wrong I’ll be first to call them out. That advocacy went wrong aligning with APC in support of BH.
Foolish faceless account hurriedly put together to discredit people holding Govt to account think they can distract us from speaking our minds. You had better find a new purpose before the ills of the society finally take you out.
You want to drag me into GEJ/GMB narrative when people are dying now under GMB?! Are you that insane?! You woke up early in the morning taking up the role of the Devil? Where are your parents?! #ResponsibleParenting
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