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#propaganda Kremla nieustannie szerzy fałszywe narracje, w których oczernia Polskę i innych sojuszników Ukrainy, antagonizuje Polaków i Ukraińców, podważa ukraińską suwerenność, deprecjonuje armię #UA i utrwala negatywny obrazu Zachodu.
Oto główne rosyjskich tezy z ost. okresu:

- Polska to narzędzie w rękach USA do zaogniania sytuacji w Europie
- PL podżega do wojny Zachodu z Rosją i Białorusią
- zakusy terytorialne PL wobec #UA sięgają od Lwowa aż po Charków
- narasta niechęć Polaków do uchodźców z #UA
- Ukraińcy przyjechali do #PL po zasiłki
- UA sztucznie promuje swój dorobek kulturalny
- nie istnieje „państwowość ukraińska”
-„zwykli” Ukraińcy czekają na rosyjskie „wyzwolenie”
- wojsko UA ostrzeliwuje pola, by spowodować głód
- Ukraińcy zarabiają na przemycie broni z Zachodu.
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My 20 lesson 2020: 👍 guys must read:
1- don't be insecure
2- Trust the people
3- Don't be overprotective
4- give space to your loved ones
5- girl is not life, it's just small part of it
6- make friends who put the same efforts and energy as you put.
7- Respect the everyone, bcz it shows your standard
8- If you stay with profesional ppl then your level definately goin' to up
9- Take 8 hour of sleep, Home Work Out, Take 7-8 glass of water daily
10- Never talk your personal life with professionals it will make your impression down
11- share your personal life with only people you believe
12- social media is Hell ! I will tell you why?
Go & watch #TheSocialDilemma
On Netflix
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★ Indie portrayal of Cassandra Carlton Cage


★ New to character, verse and Twitter

★ Friendly writer

★ Semi selective

★ Mirrors detail

★ Selective ships on heavy chemistry

★ Mature content warning: violence, blood, gore, foul language

★ SLs / Banter
★ Starter call ★

♡ for a random starter

↻ and ♡ for detailed plotting in DMs

↻ to spread the word
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Why I Love Kids and Support them All. #ResponsibleParenting

The law sees them as beings in whom the man is absent within. They are new to the world with a developing brain & it’s difficult at this point to regulate & thus it takes a while to examine their boundaries for balance
But society sees them as children but judge them as adult. Rather than teach them the way they would learn, we simple indoctrinate them the same way we were conscripted in the sociopolitical space & coerced into a culture we cannot explain. #ResponsibleParenting
When a child is throwing tantrums or behaving badly as we often hurriedly describe it, instead of engaging them in a conversation. We simply throw back ours by yelling out orders or judging them with punishment and strange tools of oppression. #ResponsibleParenting
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Panel 2, on granting agencies and #citizenscience w/ @mgfortin_rd @NSERC_CRSNG + Ted Hewitt @SSHRC_CRSH + Serge Marchand @FRQS1 + Louise Poissant @FRQSC + Michael Strong @CIHR_IRSC #CSPC2018
#CSPC2018 @mgfortin_rd says #citizenscience and participative science is incredibly important. This isn't only including public in research, it's engaging communities who have knowledge incl #indigenous traditional knowledge.
... Current project ongoing, is a northern community that wants to better document the status of their natural resources (air quality, water) and to analyze the impact of #climatechange & other human impacts on these. There is added value to including these communities. #CSPC2018
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