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"From the thunder, and the storm—
And the cloud that took the form
(When the rest of Heaven was blue)
Of a demon in my view—"
~Alone by Edgar Allen Poe

Sometimes in life, we are blind to the demons who have been with us all our
lives, the ones that are hidden in angels wings, in the soothing voice; the ones that meant to love us, to care.

They blind us, then we blind ourselves, we don't want to see because we can't, then we refuse.

Then what to do, when no longer blinded, when life lifts the veil,
and we see the demons for whom the are; the humans they are; not monster, not evil, human. Human, flawed, manipulative, filled with hatred, wether self or others; unable to change their way from time or willful refusal.

What to do when the demons are the humans who were meant
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@OrtaineDevian @gatorgoon17 @Bluepopcorn8 @ChristinePolon1 @thelacowboy @ChgocadChic @SmartiPants83 @ROCKINGANGELBMI @Eudoxia73996321 @volarconalas @QBlueSkyQ #SilentNoMore

◼️Plumlee: (abt Bush)“We’ve lost a lot of people, killed, ASSASSINATED, or discredited bc they were GOING to BLOW the WHISTLE

◼️Elements within the agencies would definitely PUT HITMEN out, if it was going to jeopardize their ongoing operation
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@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @MissesJ3 @SmartiPants83 @GmanFan45 @dmon4ever @yojudenz @PWeepingAngel @ZNEWSNET @BerryDivine77 @Bluepopcorn8 @NamvetSurvivor @TWITMO_INMATE @HB04920973 @gatorgoon17 @gani_ndreu @celtgunn @ELGATO01083923 @pamzpam @lloyd4man @michaeljohns @GaryVedder @volarconalas @go4itbas @PATROITREBEL9 @patriot_loves @CylantJustice @4Mischief @JoanofAmerica #SilentNoMore

◼️Things happened, GHWB’s drug SMUGGLER, ARONOW got arrested~😬

◼️He never testified. Before court date, ARONOW turned up dead~😵

◼️Easy street drug czar Bush, the volume of COCAINE smuggled into US tripled while in office 🤹‍♂️

@OrtaineDevian @HB04920973 @SpaCare
@OrtaineDevian @SpaCare @MissesJ3 @SmartiPants83 @GmanFan45 @dmon4ever @yojudenz @PWeepingAngel @ZNEWSNET @BerryDivine77 @Bluepopcorn8 @NamvetSurvivor @TWITMO_INMATE @HB04920973 @gatorgoon17 @gani_ndreu @celtgunn @ELGATO01083923 @pamzpam @lloyd4man @michaeljohns @GaryVedder @volarconalas @go4itbas @patriot_loves @CylantJustice @4Mischief @JoanofAmerica @lenlucas46 @BrianCMulloy76 @MazurikL @JeffKei73877966 @Sophia94873551 #SilentNoMore

◼️CIA helicopter pilot Chip Tatum flew Bush to Honduras to meet w/Oliver North abt missing $$

◼️GHWB suspected the Clintons & put a hit on Barry Seal(Clinton’s drug runner)

◼️After Bush became Pres, the taxpayers picked up the $1 billion tab

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◼️George Bush: World Class Monster

◼️“George Bush is a satanic, sadistic, brutal monster

◼️“COMPARED to George BUSH, Adolf HITLER was a true GENTLEMEN”

Michael B Williams, former Campaign Manager for SenGary Hart &Bush murder attempt victim
@SpaCare @sxdoc
🔊 #SilentNoMore

◼️For the record, if I had my CHOICE as to which one of the two (CLINTON or BUSH) represented the greater EVIL, I would say George Bush - in the blink of an eye....”

◼️Michael Ruppert, former LAPD Narcotics detective who was later “killed”

@TWITMO_INMATE @TexasDeplorabl4 @jleetxgirl @txangel821 @Txarmadilla @GatesRobin @MAGA_Len @DepolableDuck @RicMaldonado2 @KAG202019 @StormIsUponUs 🔊 #SilentNoMore

◼️Evil is ARROGANT. It has NO conscience. It is utterly self-serving. It HIDES from the LIGHT & will DESTROY others to PRESERVE its own DELUSIONS

◼️Did you know that GHWB planned to vote for Kilary?

@SpaCare @TWITMO_INMATE @FashionabAnon @Bella_deOlivera
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🔵BENGHAZI, The REAL STORY~Betrayed Again 9/11/

🔷Why Benghazi Went Bad

🔷Amb.Stevens went to Benghazi to secretly retrieve US Stinger Missiles that the State Dept had supplied to Ansar al Sharia in Libya WITHOUT Congressional oversight or PERMISSION…
🔵Benghazi 9/11

🔷HRC brokered the Libya deal through Stevens & a Private Arms Dealer named Marc Turi

🔷HRC &BHO supplied shoulder fired Stinger Missiles to Afghanistan which were used against our own military

🔷It was a set-up~against our own men
🔵Benghazi 9/11

🔷A set up by our treasonous President & Sec of State
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