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#WalkAway "Hi Guys . Man this road to my awakening has been a tough one . To be black . To be gay. To be from the hood and to love and support Donald J Trump is unheard of where I’m from. I originally voted for Obama because there was so much pressure from my community to do

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so . I just jumped on that train . While he served his two tents I seen so many things and so many moves by the Democratic Party that just didn’t sit right with me . So I started to do my research. Demos are the very reason the country is so screwed up. With their hidden

agendas and open oppression of my race I just could not understand how they held so much power . I followed our President on his campaign trail . I was in my living room for every debate and speech . I vowed to only vote based on the facts and truth and that’s what this

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#WalkAway "Telling someone you & your wife support Trump is seriously like coming out all over again. We are business owners, mothers and active members of our community & yet we feel suddenly like we don’t belong.

We love our country, we believe in supporting our police

and supporting our friends of color you can actually support both so why the hate when we say it. We have a strong commitment to family and community and both of us are so afraid of what’s happening to our country.

So yeah we are queer and we support Trump I guess people

are just going to have to get over it.

#WalkAwayCampaign" - M. 🇺🇸

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#WalkAway: "I voted for Obama twice. INSANITY! I fell for his silver spoon speeches and lies. 2016 was game changer. I thought why keep this INSANITY GOING. For the first time I took a step back and took a hard look at my own beliefs and realized that they did not line up 1/
with the Democrat party. Growing in Chicago I've seen first hand how their policies ruin our communities. They keep insisting that they are the party of the people but they always seem to leave the people out in the cold when it comes to your policies. Its seems to me that 2/
they put party before the people. What is going on right now puts alot of truth to that. Our cities are burning and democrats act like its not happening. Honestly I feel like the democrats are punishing the middle class for voting for Trump. Well democrats brace yourself. 3/
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Democrats held another relief bill hostage to try to extort a massive bailout for blue cities and states totally apart from the CCP Virus.

So Trump is now signing an executive order to get around the Democrat hostage-takers.




You go RIGHT AHEAD and file LAWSUITS where you have SPECIFICALLY state you are **demanding** this relief get held up until your blue states/cities get their bailouts & national mail-in voting is added in.

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@TheLeoTerrell is so right and he should know as a civil rights attorney
I have seen @TheLeoTerrell prior on Fox News as a Democrat but he is an overwhelming example of what many Democrats are doing and DEFECTING THE DEMOCRAT PARTY #WalkAwayCampaign #WalkAwayFromDemocrats #WalkAway
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1/ Dear #SocialJustice warrior,

You are #woke but you're not awake.

Since the beginning of time there have been those who seek to gain power or maintain power. This is a sad fact of life. There is truth to the #GameOfThrones
2/ For those of you who are #woke yet asleep-

There are those who powerless & become bitter.
There are those who are powerful & become greedy.
There are those who fight for the powerless & become caught in the powerful's web.
3/ You say you're #woke because you fight for #SocialJustice -causes that seem fair and equitable

-against inequality, rich vs. poor, white vs. black, male vs. female...

That sounds great.

Until the light filters beneath your lids & you begin to ask questions...
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1. Right.. And all of these people outside are misogynist, rape apologists, who are also bigots, racists, and..... Whatever other "ist" or "ism" etc. I actually LOVE that the Dems refuse to acknowledge his large crowd size and the #WalkAwayCampaign (cont)
2. It means they can't fix their problem. They are operating under the assumption that all folks who #WalkAway are "Russian Bots" and that @realDonaldTrump numbers in terms of rallies and crowd size don't exist.
3. That is GREAT for us, because denial means that they don't have a solution. They refuse to believe it, so they can not fix it, nor do they care to. After a little while, they are going to be sitting there in a room together looking at 4 or 5 other people.
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1. THIS WILL BE A ROLLOUT: Two weeks after President Obama was elected into office, on his first term, the FBI requested a copy of Obama's birth certificate. cont #QAnon #WalkAwayCampaign #WalkAway
2. When the GLOBE reported the FBI processed Obama's background, the FBI reported to the government that Obama was denied his security clearances for the "go codes" to launch nuclear weapons to defend the United States. cont.
3. The FBI Report stated Obama was denied his security clearances as the President for three reasons:

1] Obama had been associating with known criminals in his past who were known to have committed crimes. cont
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Best #WalkAway letter I’ve ever read. Submitted as a thread.
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Interesting how liberals and #fakenewsmedia including #FakeNewsCNN want black people to hate #donaldtrump for offering them freedom from the oppressive Democratic Party. #WalkAway #WalkAwayCampaign
The Democrats are so afraid that Obama will be a footnote in history that they are pulling out all the stops to deify him. It won't work. He has been regulated as a footnote and rightfully so. Blacks must now chart their own path toward prosperity under Trump. #WalkAway
The left and #FakeNewsMedia are out of their cotton picking minds! #WalkAway
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I hate the fact that we are STILL the last thing we need to be and that is DIVIDED. We have to figure out a way to get around this or it is just more of the same old same old. It needs to be ALL of us against the BAD GUYS. Not against the still sleeping.
I still see a lot of us against them. I get it, Im guilty myself of it. My mom always said kill them with kindness and it has been a good rule of thumb through my life. We need to work with this tool. I know its hard and its frustrating, but it still remains it must be love
The strongest yet gentleness of weapons. Patience is a must. Arguing and in your face isnt going to cut it or we just look like them or a mirror of them. They are us, our families, our old friends, our loved ones. We are them, they are us.
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The #WalkAway Movement: Disgusted Dems, Ex-Progressives and Lapsed Liberals Embrace #Trump and #MAGA [VIDEO]#LionelNation🇺🇸 #MAGA @realDonaldTrump #QAnon #WalkAwayCampaign #Rejection #FailedLiberalism
#ImmigrationInsanity #Midterm2018Panic #NoPlatform
Today's anti-Trump #Antifa antisocial antipodal hate monger has invaded what was once a viable and relevant @DNC. They've abandoned all semblance of rationality and purpose of nationality and now will be and have become abandoned. #WalkAwayCampaign
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