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@Jikkyleaks @profnfenton @jengleruk @OpenSAFELY @EMISHealth @artisbrutal2021 RE OpenSAFELY TPP:
"NHS England🟰 data controller
TPP🟰data processor
🗝️researchers on OpenSAFELY are acting on behalf of NHS England"
This implementation of OpenSAFELY is hosted within the TPP environ
ISO 27001 info security standard
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@Jikkyleaks @profnfenton @jengleruk @OpenSAFELY @EMISHealth @artisbrutal2021 RE EMIS:
1st expo…

How vital r EMIS systems to clinicians across the UK?

R records hold details of

12.6bn consults
1.3tn clinical events & interactions
55bn clinical observations

Who aren't EMIS Group?🤦… ImageImageImageImage
@Jikkyleaks @profnfenton @jengleruk @OpenSAFELY @EMISHealth @artisbrutal2021 🖱️🖱️Who aren't EMIS Group?🤦 Thread🖱️🖱️

1/ Fourteen Fish Ltd

62012 - Business & domestic software dev

"Digital Media /Music Ind

..learning tools for Health Professionals

..make the 💥recording 💥of learning easy

..proud to be part of the EMIS Group"

…… ImageImageImageImage
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Set to tweet now re final Friday #ASMIRT2023 session on Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity which will close with a discussion led by @DrYolandaSurjan on Women in Leadership, ft @AmandaBoldersto @lucindamorris23, Jess Biles, Angela Damm & @CMalamateniou Image
Session is hearing from @AmandaBoldersto on other findings from her PhD #ASMIRT2033 Image
You can read our earlier story about her work, which has also included founding @QueeringCancer #ASMIRT2023…
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The struggling brain is already trying to shift to ketones for fuel. (1/4)
"The bioenergetic system of the brain is compromised early in the progression of AD and is evident during the prodromal (preclinical) stage of the disease. (2/4)
Glucose hypometabolism and a compensatory shift to an alternative fuel substrate, ketone bodies, have been established as a metabolic phenotype characteristic of the AD brain in both clinical and preclinical studies." (3/4)…
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i guess 💭 sort of really ( most definitely ) ….. what it all comes down to in loop factories , is we get to write our own story… ..and some make up weird stuff about horrors and things , and some make up epic love stories ,,, but it’s all part of the same story
~ its just we get to decide where our wave lands ~ after it bounces off all the other orbs ~ which is sometimes tricky ,,, when the emfs are so lit ~ on an interplanetary scale ~ when we’re transitioning ,,… u know ❔.., but as long as we can hold this ascension rate shld b
fairly smooth sailing from here ,… as long as we can “ stick it on the wave “ ( as lil g used to say )
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again the UK is a #Kleptocracy

people are starving & freezing to death, & the assets of the UK's people are being stripped for profit that goes to shareholders & fat cat bosses

remember, I deliver medicines to the elderly, sick, disabled & housebound - they're ALL struggling
the UK's fascist tory govt is CHOOSING to facilitate the extraction of profit to the top 10% rather than show *ANY CONSIDERATION WHATSOEVER* to the working population
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Looking for an informed prescriber that can help you with your medications while implementing a ketogenic diet for mental illness or neurological disorders? I got you! Here are some resources to explore! 1/7
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Apparently, some of you consider yourself experts on cancer treatment but don't have any idea about up-and-coming data on the use of a #ketoenic diet as an adjunct for #cancer treatments. (1/9)
This thread holds some links to researchers talking about using ketogenic diets as an adjunct treatment for some cancers. People way smarter than me about the subject, and quite frankly probably better educated than you on the topic. 🤷 (2/9)
I don't want you all discouraging someone from asking their oncologist about it when it could be instrumental in saving their life or quality of life. That's not cool. Some of you need to check yourselves. #ethics (3/9)
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"When we (@Metabolic_Mind) mention mental illness we're referring to severe
#depression #bipolar disorder or
#schizophrenia. But everything we say also may have applied to #ADD #OCD #anxiety moderate depression, #PTSD and more." (1/12)
@Metabolic_Mind I have seen it SIGNIFICANTLY improve or lead to remission in literally all of these disorders in my private practice and via my online Brain Fog Recovery Program. (2/12) #therapists #counselors #mentalhealthcounselor
@Metabolic_Mind It's ok to have hope that you can feel better. When you are suffering from any of these disorders, hope is a little scary. You don't want to be disappointed. Sometimes it's easier to practice acceptance of how you are feeling. (3/12) #hope #spoons #chronicillness
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What are the odds?

Of the 382 batches of COVID vaccine on the TGA's batch log, only 10 had more than 1 death recorded in FOI 4077... [= 2.6%]

Of the 8 batches that were "shelf extended" from Feb 2022 to Nov 2022, 4 were on that list [= 50%]

[Answer in next tweet]
These are the batches that had a shelf life extension for more than NINE MONTHS.

Of the 10 batches with more than 1 death, 5 of them were in the "shelf life extended" release from the TGA (Dept of Health)
Assuming even distribution of batches (we don't have information otherwise, because that is withheld from us so....)

The probability of "4 hits in 8 trials" where the underlying probability of a "hit" is 2.6% is....

0.003% - or 3 in 100,000.
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OK Can anyone tell me why there is a gene sequence in a Moderna patent that has been scrubbed from genbank, but still exists in BLAST?

And why is this gene sequence of interest?
@daoyu15 @pathogenetics @humblesci
It's an interesting sequence because it's in one of the famous Moderna pseudo-patents (where they lump hundreds of sequences together and claim them as theirs, but they aren't).

And it's a human gene CDKN1B which codes for the p27 protein, a cell cycle regulator....
But there is a big chunk of it missing, suggesting it's a mutated version of CDKN1B (p27).

p27 is a tumour suppressor, so you generally don't want mutated versions of those.

The missing parts are nt 269-550 and 1788-2411
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If you are voting blue, um...🤷🏻‍♀️🤪🤷🏻‍♀️...



The CoVid Vx is TOTALLY💯SAFE! You #LibProgSocCommieTards Go With THAT👍🏼

But... Remember THIS:
You people can't UN-Vx your children💉
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Anon, rumours are spreading that $ARBI tba soon. Let's discuss 🟢 what's important & 🔴 what's less so in our opinion & what would be a good criteria for distribution

❗️High chance that snapshot’s already been taken

As usual, here's Arbitrum #Airdrop Multiplier Cheatsheet
Pls don't take this cheatsheet too seriously. We're bouncing around 'what ifs?' & want to discuss how to distribute to genuine users. It's unlikely that ALL of the criteria to be used - it'd be too restrictive! Instead think of it as menu to pick few dishes from for main course😉

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Why, what's this? Trump standing in front of two men in uniform as he defends his racist remarks about The Squad? BUT WHAT ABOUT PRESIDENTIAL TRADITION????…
Here's the thing, I'd prefer for all politicians not to stand in front of troops or cops & give speeches.

But to think *that* is something worth remarking on tonight, & not the substance of his speech or the existential moment our democracy is in... I just have no words tbh.
Maybe we worry more about the 'presidential tradition' that says a president leaves office when he loses and doesn't incite an armed insurrection. Or worry more about losing free and fair presidential elections altogether in two years time. #JustSayin
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The global medical science community is highly imperfect, as is the peer-review system. But any rational, sensible adult would take these ALL DAY EVERY DAY over the debunked rantings of outlier cranks, amplified by divisive propaganda channels funded by Dubai-based hedge-funders.
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We’re in the “she’s Black and talks about race/gender and the scourges of White supremacy in America” aka INTENSE category, so @TwitterSupport decided Y’ALL don’t need or deserve to see what we have to SAY #onhere. 🔥💣💅🏾
Nah, this pre-dates the new CEO. It started somewhere between ‘18-20 for me. My follow count had a pretty precipitous rise well into the 1st year of the DT apocalypse but by ‘18 there was a very obvious pause & I started noticing the “unfollow on my behalf w/out consent” fuckery.
But in complete fairness, I haven’t 100% hated it. 🙃🤭 Despite the subject matter of my content, I really do encounter relatively few MAGA or alt-left trolls and bots. It’s a double edged sword because I want y’all to see my tweets too but I also want to do it in PEACE. 🤷🏾‍♀️
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"We are on a renewed mission to defeat #socialism.”
(Theresa May).

“I am going to fight #capitalism even if it kills me. It is wrong that people like you should be comfortable & well fed while all around you people are starving.”
(Sylvia Pankhurst).

During WWI, Sylvia Pankhurst was horrified to see her mother, Emmeline, & sister Christabel become enthusiastic supporters of the war drive & campaign in favour of military conscription. She was opposed to the war, for which she was publicly attacked.

Blair would have hated her.
Sylvia's organisation attempted to defend the interests of women in the poorer parts of London. It set up "cost-price" restaurants to feed the hungry without the taint of charity. It also established a toy factory to give work to women who were unemployed due to the war.
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OK - now US v. #GhislaineMaxwell final-final pre-trial hearing. @sdnylive Judge Alison Nathan will be addressing which experts can testify - then will seal the courtroom. Inner City Press is covering the case… & will live tweet, thread below
Judge Nathan: We've had 565 prospective jurors fill out the questionnaire. Friday we'll get a hundred or so more. That will give the parties additional time to confer, on a fewer questionnaires. Alright. We'll also do Nov 15 at 9:30, pre voir dire
Judge Nathan: Then, a [final-final] final pre-trial conference.
Maxwell's lawyer: When do we begin voir dire?
Judge Nathan: I believe 9 am.
Maxwell lawyer: One of our team has a hearing in Colorado and can't appear at the [final-final] final
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15 Tweet THREAD on current cases & trajectory:

Cases this week have been bit lower than many expected (inc me!). Have we peaked?

Here are my thoughts for what they're worth...

TLDR: lots of possible things combining. I don't think this is the peak.
2. we know PCR testing capacity is stretched. Test & Trace reporting longer test turnaround times and results taking longer to make it to the dashboard.

Looking at results by date of test to 5 days ago (17 July), things still increasing everywhere but Scotland.
3. Looks as if the combined dampening effect of Scotland being knocked out of Euros, school term ending and final opening delayed has helped bring cases down. Which is very good news.

Term ended in Wales on 16th July and today in England. That will bring cases down from now.
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Okay before I share any of this, for the record, I'm not actually critiquing HyFlex. HyFlex, bless its heart, is fine. What I'm critiquing is #HigherEd's continued reliance on garbage can decision making.
While there are some exceptions, I've yet to see any compelling data or argument that HyFlex is better than a well-designed, fully online course taught by an awesome online educator. And the costs in terms of faculty stress and the tech being poured into it continue to amass...
I'm going to try to use this thread to aggregate data on HyFlex. If you know of any, please chime in.

Of course, we already have oodles of data on what works for student retention and completion (wraparound support, supporting faculty in their pedagogy), but I digress...
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It's #FridayFeeling time, I know, but ...

I've been thinking a lot about diversity, agency recruitment and finding new ways the UK's intelligence agencies can reach out to new audiences.

Just published in @JanesINTEL ⏬ on the UK agency use of social media.

A THREAD 1/8 Image

@GCHQ announced they were on Twitter in May 2016 with the simple message "Hello, world".

The aim was to make GCHQ more accessible and help the public understand what the agency does, reaching out in new ways to attract diverse talent and add GCHQ's voice to debates. Image

Since launching on Twitter, @GCHQ now uses @instagram and we've seen shares on recruitment, #LGBTHM 🏳️‍🌈, Women in #STEM, neurodiversity, GCHQ's history and centenary, and had a snapshot of life in "The Doughnut" - as well as a Dalek invasion and, erm, Weetabix.
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Bookshops (non-essential retail) to close for browsing in England from Thursday; about the worst time with many stocked up for Xmas and some key titles (Obama & Walliams) on the launch pad. But many will remain open for web/telephone/emails orders, so you know what to do.
Also, opening from Monday. We take a dim view of those not supporting their local bookshop, including,,,, et al.
Meanwhile, there are four days left to enjoy the miracle of browsing and the art of spending money virtuously. Shop local, shop safely.
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1/ Back in the day, when 'pilfering' was an acceptable workplace practice, just small stuff, a bag of chips, a pack of smokes etc. We all did it openly at this petrol station, except this one guy who'd purposely 'be seen' paying for these & similar small items from his wallet.
2/ What a good guy eh? integrity there. This 'trustworthy' guy, Gary, who was a senior & thus entrusted with the task of delivering the day's takings to the boss's house after closing. fyi Petrol sales were added up & accounted for daily, they needed to match the till readout.
3/All other goods, if missing, would not show up until the annual stocktake. So when you sold food or cigs or misc, that's what you entered on the till. You'll never guess who was ringing up EVERYTHING that wasn't petrol, AS petrol on the till... Yep! it was Gary✅
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Well, it's Tuesday and another of Gov Lee's signature pieces of legislation has been stopped by the courts. That is 2 unconstitutional bills heard this week--he lost on both--again.…
He sure is costing taxpayers a pretty penny defending legislation that we pointed out from the start was unconstitutional.
This particular amendment to the heartbeat bill was added in the middle of the night and I pointed out in discussion on the floor that this procedure was not medically approved...
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