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1/ #Infiltration is when Democrats like @SidneyPowell1 @LLinWood @PatrickByrne @GenFlynn package phrases like #kracken or #StopTheSteaI and use frauds like @Millie__Weaver, registered Democrat Tore to push disinformation designed to embarrass Trump supporters. Here is the proof..
2/ @LLinWood setup a $$$ rally to tell Georgians not to be "fooled twice" and to not vote. Turns out @WashPo exposed @SidneyPowell1's #Kracken secret weapon as fraudster Tore, also featured in @Millie__Weaver's #ShadowGate garbage, designed to embarrass.👇
3/ Remember, Sidney in 2014 praised Judge Emmet Sullivan! Nothing ever came from Obama & Hillary supporter @PatrickByrne who worked the Maria Butina angles to no avail. Now he wants to "help" get Trump re-elected working with Democrat @GenFlynn & the rest of the infiltrators.
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#Shadowgate exposes the military grade tech deployed abroad by private sector and here in USA

"Nicholas Sandman was an IIA "target"Down pointing backhand index They are MIC assets; some are fake MAGA!" @BenKTallmadge @10101001010110l @Tarzan35715351 @SidtheKidd87 @pepesgrandma
“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.”
― Alice Walker

⬇️Fought back and won
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The protesters have been banned the UN selected EXPIRED GNA occupying Tripoli. Comment? @WHNSC @POTUS
JONES GROUP also arrived in Tripoli yesterday and met with the expired muppets......also center stage in #ShadowGate
48 hours ago ⬇️ #Libya
"Our belief in democracy and the civil state requires us to submit to the will of the people and listen and listen to the citizen’s voice #وزارة The Ministry of Interior protects the right to demonstrate"
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@Millie__Weaver introduced the group in the thread below meeting with the Expired UN selected GNA prior to the release of #ShadowGate. Full clip here discussing still available with subtitles here:

@10101001010110l @real__libyan

@pepesgrandma working on the same subject matter as it is the same critters and playbooks @Fortar14 @Tarzan35715351 @BenKTallmadge
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Let's make something perfectly clear #ShadowGate #FreeMillieWeaver effects EVERY ONE OF US!
Do I personally trust AJones or Infowars…..?
The truth is still the TRUTH.
I don't give a shit who @TweetWordz uses as a megaphone.... The point is to GET THE MESSAGE OUT
2/ This is a documentary that needs to be seen by EVERYONE. Every bit can be verified - despite what they'd like you to believe.
Some will even admit, "we knew all this". Sure did. But having the whole scam laid out in a way that even those who knew little could follow. PRICELESS
3/ To all the BIG name content creators who won't touch this & MSM covering utter nonsense instead of #ShadowGate / #FreeMillieWeaver.... you don't deserve your platforms.

Doing the right thing is never easy, it's not suppose to be - So I ask.... What are you fighting for?
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A mega-THREAD launched by @Suzi3D documents & analyses many claims made in the recently launched documentary #ShadowGate by (now arrested) Millie Weaver.

This thread is a tour de force - thanks @Suzi3D.
Everyone interested in #SurveillanceCapitalism should read it closely.
The MSM's Cleveland version of the arrest is here;
The video of the documentary has now been banned from Youtube:…
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1/7 Big Brother coming soon... err, hmm


I'm fascinated by the concepts of technology benefiting society & even law and order w/trust, but the idea of these capabilities in possession of those loyal to satan is terrifying
2/7 I can't help but think about the city states described by Al Bielek and wonder what our future will look like. Who will be judge and jury and what values do they serve?… Image
3/7 REAL Mission: Preventing people from realizing it is all a lie as we control & dominate the world for blood and money. Moving forward, it won't even matter if they find out b/c we'll control the world at a level 100 fold what we already do. Image
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2 Whistleblowers have come forward to expose @JohnBrennan and others for a sleugh of illegall activity.
@Snowden's revelations about the @NSAGov data collecting of everyone is exactly what Brennan and others have been doing, but worse
On top of @JohnBrennan steeling everyones personal data and details, they also sell it to anyone with enough money.
They are accused of some of the biggest hacks in modern history to collect more data on ppl.
@seanhannity @POTUS @TheHammmerTime_ @realDonaldTrump @Comey
Seth Rich was contrated by @JohnBrennan's company and was
asked by Brennon to upload to DNC Server data to a thumb drive.

They have also created this program that uses your data and A.I to run psychological manipulation operations on the public, such as #FisaGate.
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