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1/ 📢Ever heard of "re-branding"? You take a product or service, give it a facelift, try again. Infiltration has been easy - they kept us at the bottom just comfortable enough not to recognize that we weren't actually free. #ProjectTimberSycamore…
2/ When #WW2 ended, #OperationPaperclip and #OperationMockingbird were implemented, developing immediate control of #MainstreamMedia, #Entertainment, #Science, & government divisions such as #CIA #FBI and even #NASA.
3/ While you weren't looking, other things happened.
#Soros funded #Antifa regime training, and they would ultimately come to make war on #America. But you have only seen the first wave.

The untold story of Syria’s Antifa Platoon…
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Trump debuts in Europe as Obama returns to stir nostalgia for the old days…
Obama is about to meet some of the world's most powerful leaders…
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Multiple red flags in the Millie Weaver arrest video [THREAD]

1. Video starts outside, not inside. Whole sequence of events that's gone missed. Will be *very* relevant later.

2. Child says "this time" not ever coming back. Is this not the first time police have been here?

3. Weaver pretends not to be able to find her shoe. Officer points to it.

4. Says she's unaware of anything related to a Grand Jury (group of citizens that determine if there's enough to charge a fellow citizen of something serious, felonies).

5. But then asks why she didn't receive anything in the mail. This can be innocent or nefarious. We would come to learn that she knew that charges were filed when she beat her mother months prior.

6. Burglary charges. She is surprised? But she knows she took her mom's cell phone
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#Shadowgate exposes the military grade tech deployed abroad by private sector and here in USA

"Nicholas Sandman was an IIA "target"Down pointing backhand index They are MIC assets; some are fake MAGA!" @BenKTallmadge @10101001010110l @Tarzan35715351 @SidtheKidd87 @pepesgrandma
“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.”
― Alice Walker

⬇️Fought back and won
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The protesters have been banned the UN selected EXPIRED GNA occupying Tripoli. Comment? @WHNSC @POTUS
JONES GROUP also arrived in Tripoli yesterday and met with the expired muppets......also center stage in #ShadowGate
48 hours ago ⬇️ #Libya
"Our belief in democracy and the civil state requires us to submit to the will of the people and listen and listen to the citizen’s voice #وزارة The Ministry of Interior protects the right to demonstrate"
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@Millie__Weaver introduced the group in the thread below meeting with the Expired UN selected GNA prior to the release of #ShadowGate. Full clip here discussing still available with subtitles here:

@10101001010110l @real__libyan

@pepesgrandma working on the same subject matter as it is the same critters and playbooks @Fortar14 @Tarzan35715351 @BenKTallmadge
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The statement “they are trying to make the Q community look crazy” is a lie.

@TweetWordz @PFC40Book @Millie__Weaver are Patriots.
As to what I base my comments on.
1) @PFC40Book is a genuine whistleblower
2) @TweetWordz is consistently on target in what she says and nobody has disproved her content in the movie
3) @Millie__Weaver also has been consistently correct from the Floyd riots to this
Also if what they’re saying is nonsense, why the scurrying around about the film, why was it censored, etc.? It’s too hot to handle that is why.
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1 Government contractors hired to take down trump
2 Same contracts pushing defund the police and riots
3 Tactical and operation role the shadow gov payed behind the scenes CARRying out the coup against president trump trump
Players: Dynology corp. Clearforce,
2 Jones Group intl, Atlantic Council
3eDC Strategic Partners - Mccain / NATO
The Analysis Corporation (TAC), global strategies group (GSG), CGI (Canadian Global Information)
McChrystal Group, defeat disinfo
contractors = military industrial complex
3 Tore:Linguist NAVY intelligence contractors
Patrick Bergy:Cyber Security, ARMY,PSYOPprogram developer
DynologyCorp: owned by obama’s nat sec advisor
- ShadowNet - commercial version of IIA weapon
(interactive internet activities) (social media psychological warfare) began 2007
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You realize that they project onto Q their own IIA, psyop, “reality hacking” tactics. #ShadowGate @tweeetwordz @Millie__Weaver @PFC40Book
Also, the Democrats read Q more than Republicans do. And most people have still never heard of it. (No link at the moment, it’s somewhere in my blog.)
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An anon has posted an interesting analysis of #Shadowgate and I present it to you here. A couple of points of note follow.
Having watched this movie, I find it important. It does not point the finger at "Brennan" or the MIC to the exclusion of anyone else. That is a lie.…
The film is testimony of two individuals, who can only speak about their own experience. Tore Lindeman gives you a screenshot of her subpoena to testify about her role in the Seth Rich case. That isn't invented.
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Mentioning "Kevin Clinesmith" and "Indictments Tracking," Q links to a page on @TheJusticeDept website called "Conspiracy to Defraud the United States."

I believe that this link is a reference to the "Shadownet" documentary.…📁
The "Shadownet" documentary AKA "What They Don't Want You To See" is about a conspiracy to defraud the United States by the MIC (NOT THE TROOPS) (…)
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Let's make something perfectly clear #ShadowGate #FreeMillieWeaver effects EVERY ONE OF US!
Do I personally trust AJones or Infowars…..?
The truth is still the TRUTH.
I don't give a shit who @TweetWordz uses as a megaphone.... The point is to GET THE MESSAGE OUT
2/ This is a documentary that needs to be seen by EVERYONE. Every bit can be verified - despite what they'd like you to believe.
Some will even admit, "we knew all this". Sure did. But having the whole scam laid out in a way that even those who knew little could follow. PRICELESS
3/ To all the BIG name content creators who won't touch this & MSM covering utter nonsense instead of #ShadowGate / #FreeMillieWeaver.... you don't deserve your platforms.

Doing the right thing is never easy, it's not suppose to be - So I ask.... What are you fighting for?
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🚨 YouTube just banned Millie Weaver's new #ShadowGate documentary, claiming it violates their policies against "hate speech." Twitter won't even let me post a link to where it was, claiming it leads to "harmful" content. 🚨 ImageImage
Here's my original tweet where I linked to it.
Other channels have re-uploaded it. But so far at least the original upload has been taken down.
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A mega-THREAD launched by @Suzi3D documents & analyses many claims made in the recently launched documentary #ShadowGate by (now arrested) Millie Weaver.

This thread is a tour de force - thanks @Suzi3D.
Everyone interested in #SurveillanceCapitalism should read it closely.
The MSM's Cleveland version of the arrest is here;
The video of the documentary has now been banned from Youtube:…
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Possible Q proof on Millies arrest. @TweetWordz

Q 3717 duplicated (or was it)

Board post number ends in 264
Millie’s ID number starts in 264

We always thought first indictment was Maxwell but what if there were two unsealing a that trigger mass pop awakening? ImageImage
POTUS tweet about police union endorsement containing 241. Number of days from Q3717 to Millie’s arrest is also 241 days. ImageImage
Q posts 3717 if you add capital letters equals 62 then think mirror to Q26. Which then falls in line with the days events of Kevin Clinesmith
C=3 ImageImage
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Journalist who broke #ShadowGate arrested, right before breaking info about how #USA/#FVEY is targeting people & covering up #JohnBrennan may be tampering with security data & helped create the lie about #Russiagate, also links to #SethRich's MURDER!!!…
THIS is what the recently arrested #journalist, #MillieWeaver, was working on...PLEASE WATCH! #ShadowGate #JohnBrennan #TargetingPrograms #SethRich #DNC #Murder #AntiSpyBill

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YOU ARE SO EFFING LUCKY.. to not see it is to rot in the sewage of your own private septic tanks of delusion...seriously WAKE THE FJCK UP!@#!
#InstantKarma - Lennon/Ono with The Plastic Ono Band ... via @YouTube
y'all are beyond #Enlightenment OBVIOUSLY..i hope the #DiscerningDems can see what sort of #PondScum is sliming around setting your #DeafTone shining example of HUMANITY. #Wrong Trump" is THE Most pathetic, reprehensible, nauseatingly REVEALING #Hashtag you've spawned so far
..and guess what you #DISGUSTINGDEMS with your #DisgustingTweets are going to lose the ENTIRE ELECTION and when you start crying and whining about it look no further than your WRONG TRUMP fjckup.
#BrennansBots #ShadowGate #ObamaGate
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#MillieWeaver #MillieWeaverDidNothingWrong #MillieWeaverDocumentary #MillennialMillie #ShadowGate Tore spoke about the "#Keystone" & brought up "Hurricane Electric". CIA used IIA in 2016 & forward to spy on @realDonaldTrump Q gave us crumbs to all this #LookingGlass ImageImageImageImage
Here is the link to the article…
@GenFlynn thank you for always keeping @realDonaldTrump ahead of all the traps CIA, IIA & foreign intelligence set up against him. You knew about these contracts, you knew what was happening with FISA. You saved America, we will never go back to sleep because of YOU #WWG1WGA Image
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1/7 Big Brother coming soon... err, hmm


I'm fascinated by the concepts of technology benefiting society & even law and order w/trust, but the idea of these capabilities in possession of those loyal to satan is terrifying
2/7 I can't help but think about the city states described by Al Bielek and wonder what our future will look like. Who will be judge and jury and what values do they serve?… Image
3/7 REAL Mission: Preventing people from realizing it is all a lie as we control & dominate the world for blood and money. Moving forward, it won't even matter if they find out b/c we'll control the world at a level 100 fold what we already do. Image
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I have a youtube channel on which I will be uploading redpill movies like #ShadowGate and #fallofthecabal. Please subscribe and share these videos. Could y'all give me a list of movies you think I should upload?… Image
Just changed the URL
Thanks everyone, I've got my fiberoptic downloading like crazy. Lots of new movies coming your way!
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