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A lot of comment on the recent impact of #Brexit on UK goods trade, both imports for supply chain, and exports for finished goods and components, but, was this just the product of a systemic post #Brexit decline? or something else? A thread to help @RishiSunak understand! 1/
So what's a good way to measure trade growth and decline? How about something people can relate to like the volume of lorries at Dover and the Channel Tunnel? As goods sales are all about box shifting, and the short straits are key in that, as Raab discovered! #Brexit 2/
So now we have a metric what about the data?

Well, the Port of Dover publishes the data on its website for lorry movements through the port, and the Department for Transport publishes all Channel Tunnel data.

So what does the data show... #Brexit 3/…
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Anyone who is surprised by this hasn't been following what's happening in UK trade since we left the single market and customs union with the ERG headbangers hard #Brexit and the appallingly bad TCA delivered by @DavidGHFrost a thread 1/
The terrible trade deal has reduced UK exports of physical goods to the EU by an estimated 20%, that's a lot of volume no longer being carried by ferries, and consequently fewer lorries and fewer tickets being sold. #BrexitShambles 2/
And with the lack of any form of mobility chapter or easements for travel, which Frost now admits was a massive failure on his part it now takes hours to get through passport control at Dover, so tourist traffic, as I saw at half term, is minimal #Brexit /3
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#TonyHendra who played the band manager in #SpinalTap has died

He was also a pedophile who made his 7 year old daughter perform oral sex on him & put her on a National Lampoon book cover with her sister other children dressed as pimps & prostitutes


Picture 👇 is cover of Jessica Hendra's book:


The title is based off a 1971 #nationallampoon piece her father #TonyHendra authored

Her father put her & her sister and friends in this photo dressed as young prostitutes & pimps🤨

#AnOpenSecret Memoir by Jessica Hendra about how her famous father #TonyHe

#TonyHendra ✍️in #nationallampoon just before raping his daughter👇

"People so often ask, 'How do I tell when my daughter is ready for the table?' Well, there's always some little variation, but generally the exact age falls somewhere between the fifth and sixth birthdays" #TonyHendra on left playing the band manager in THIS IS SPIN
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So this is a common comment from people who still seem to think that it would be business as usual at the Golf Club after you crashed the buggy into the water hazard and then took a dump in the middle of the pro shop after a skinful of stella, a thread 1/ #BrexitReality `
The single market is a trade bloc, a trade bloc is an area in which all participants agree to trade on the same terms with the same regulations which lessens the burdens of trading with different rules for each country. Bottom line standardisation reduces cost & friction 2/
The deal struck between the Johnson Goverment and the EU, which Lance voted for enthusiatically in the European Parliament ended all standardisation with the single market, this at a stroke threw up the same non tariff barriers experienced by North Korea. 3/ #BrexitReality
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Meet Tom everyone, Tom doesn't know the difference between production cost (farm gate) and shop price. So lets talk about why he remains consistent in being wrong on so many subjects, a thread. /1
Lets take US chicken as an example, per KG its a few pence cheaper than chicken that meets UK standards for animal welfare, production standards and food safety. So what do US farmers do differently? 2/
Cheap US chicken isn't 'free range', the animal will spend its life in a warehouse, living in a lake of chicken faeces and surrounded by the corpses of its friends, often with wounds from being pecked due to overcrowding, this isn't exactly sanitary. 3/
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🍩 No es por nada, pero les traemos el mejor hilo del mundo. ¿Por qué? No hay por qué (?). O mejor dicho, si, porque junta a #LosSimpson y el #Rock. ¿Hace falta decir algo más? Miiiiiilhoooooouseeeeee! 🍩
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