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Ok folks. I think we all need a civics lesson. The concept of States Rights. It is from our most local working up to the federal govt that should be making orders,edicts, marshaling the ntl guard etc. Meaning what has your mayor or county commissioners done before they
cried out for the @POTUS to step in??? We must MUST stop asking for the feds to step in where we can locally take care of ourselves. It is called Self Governance. We cannot expect to remain as a free people if we keep screaming to be saved by the feds. Remember now that
the left is always ready to take advantage of a crisis so that they can take away more of your personal liberty. We must be wise with this cv but we must also push back and make our voices heard that we are not going to stand for usurping of our rights in the
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dumb Kardashian-style palace intrigue outrage porn, courtesy of access "journalist" #MaggieDurantyHaberman right after House releases Cohen transcripts which contain DAMNING AF info about tRUmp's inner circle.
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Continuing the drama... Dance card #3 in play after his #ProAbortion statement & the yearbook image surfacing. #RalphNortham now says he's not one of the people imaged in the costumed image in his yearbook. Now says he has no intention of resigning at this time.
2) 🤔Does it really make it better if #RalphNortham wasn't in the yearbook image & yet, he chose to use it as one of the images on his specific page? That, for me, would actually be a statement that appears 2be a direct #Racist political statement, orchestrated by him.
3) #Coonman?
No certainly - NOT - him in the image & it wasn't his choice to add the image either; nor the nickname Coonman. These are in no way #Racist... #NorthamResign has no basis in fact.

#FakeNews ==> #NOT ] !!! [
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If this continues to go as it’s going now, Georgia needs to protest, and citizens from other states need to join with them. This is Jim Crow voting equipment!
The system Kemp is forcing through puts your vote into an unverifiable barcode. The only portion of the so-called paper ballot counted as your vote is the freaking barcode that voters can’t read. DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW? #JimCrow #StatesRights #ShameOnAmerica
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The Trump administration is lying. They aren’t worried about our safety, and they don’t want to reduce gasoline usage. Their arguments are transparently weak. They’re denying science and truth so that they can sell us out for oil-industry cash.…
I'm proud of California for doing what's best for its citizens. #StatesRights
More Republican hypocrisy — “state's rights" tossed out when it’s inconvenient for them and the GOP agenda. They abandon it when it means cleaning up our air.
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As a battle looms ahead, let’s take a look back at where we’ve been & why #CleanCarStandards are so important.

Once upon a time, CA’s fight for #cleanercars emerged from a thick layer of yellowish gray #smog with a metallic taste & eye-stinging character...
When Governor Ronald Reagan signed the law creating CARB in 1968, California had been fighting the #smog monster for over 20 years with regulations to clean up tailpipe pollution
Governor Reagan fought hard to protect CA’s authority to set its own #cleanercarstandards under the newly passed #CleanAirAct, signed by President Nixon a few years after LA’s #smog made the cover of Time Magazine
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