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Question for #twitterstorians. I'm starting my survey with Camilla Townsend's book on Pocahontas. Can anyone recommend a good essay on Disney's Pocahontas and the way it has shaped our historical memory of the settlement of Virginia? there a film on the colonization of Virginia you've used to good effect? I've used "The New World" by Malick before and it worked ok as a visual text to use in dialog with Townsend...but are there better options?
Now that I think about I safe to assume that my students (most born after 2000) will have seen that 1995 Disney movie? I'm assuming "yes" because it's Disney...but maybe not because it's so old?
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Question for #twitterstorians of all subject areas:

What are some of your favorite primary source readings to assign to undergraduates?
I’m teaching world history this term—I’m looking forward to giving my students the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence and Lumumba’s speech on Congolese independence for the decolonization unit.
One of the things @KevinMKruse and @julianzelizer do in his lectures is to play relevant music to bookend their lectures in the U.S. history survey.

I'm going to *try* and do that with world history.
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A couple weeks ago @goteamjoshphoto Tweeted a lovely song by 拍謝少年 (Sorry Youth). I learned the lyrics by reading the subtitles in #台文 & wrote a thread on how to utilize several great new webpages & apps to build your #Taiwanese #台語 vocabulary 1/
1st some context: I was raised conversationally fluent in #台語 but am still now only semi-literate in Mandarin. I took 1.5 yrs of weekly 台語 classes in grad school & was inspired to start learning characters again when I was shown they could be used to write 台語 as well 2/
Luckily the #台文 lyrics to《暗流》('Undercurrent') are online. In the pictures below I've provided the #台文, followed by my best guess for the equivalent Mandarin, then peh-oe-ji (most common form of #Taiwanese romanization) & *rough* English for side-by-side comparison 3/
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One year ago I was a history professor at a small liberal arts college in Oregon with about 1000 followers--mostly professional colleagues, friends, and former students. Then this happened.

12 months, 500 blocked trolls, and 11k followers later, here we are.
I very much appreciate the new people I've gotten to know virtually through Twitter since then. I also am flattered that many people I don't know find what I have to say #onhere to be of use or interest. But the randomness of this still kind of freaks me out.
I began tweeting with some regularity during the 2016 primaries. I spoke primarily in my citizen voice, not my historian's voice. Those two identities are inextricably interwoven for me, but they are distinct. There are many things citizen me will say that historian me would not.
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After a shit day after a shit week I'm having some @WyndridgeFarm Crafty Cider; time for an impromptu #drunjhistory about the Hinokiyama Incident of 1714, or "that time the gang nearly went to war over some cypress." Peony=Tsugaru crest, Cranes=Nanbu crest. #twitterstorians
Alright so: I need to set the stage here. In the 16th century, Oura Tamenobu was a vassal of and cousin to the house of Nanbu, in northern Japan, who oversaw the Tsugaru district, in the northern tip of Honshu. He wasn't particularly a fan of obeying Nanbu. (Hella beard btw)
So at this point Toyotomi Hideyoshi is the de facto ruler of Japan. Tamenobu does an end run around the Nanbu clan and pledges fealty to Hideyoshi BEFORE his nominal Nanbu bosses did-- making him a vassal to Hideyoshi, and guaranteeing his family's independence.
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In case you are tired of the endless op-eds and want to read something more substantial yet readable on #Brexit, I highly recommend the February 2019 issue (Vol 28, 1) of Contemporary European History (Cambridge University Press). Open access. Thread 1…
This special issue contains 20 short essays (4 pages each, no footnotes) by reknown historians specialized in different aspects of European history discussing Brexit from a wide variety of topical and national (Greek, Romanian, German, Czech, Spanish, Italian) viewpoints. 2
I have long thought that the only fair way to analyze Britain's relationship with the EU is to analyze it from a transnational viewpoint and compare it to that of other EU members. Only then can we begin to approach the question of whether or not the UK is 'exceptional'. 3
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People have commented on the obvious argumentative straw man that lurks behind this whole article. I‘m interested in something specific.

It’s this paragraph. Let’s take a closer look.
The universal "he" is obviously something many writers today eschew because it’s not really universal. Stephens knows this, that’s why he’s using it.

His brand is to be conservative and a bit of an old, and he probably still takes Strunk & White as prescriptivist gospel. Fine.
Sentence: "Before an idea can be evaluated on its intrinsic merits, it must first be considered in light of its political ramifications."

The rhetorical move here is to pretend there was ever a time when this wasn’t true. In the history if ideas, ideas have never floated freely.
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Down with the Tyrant!

Thread: call for #twitterstorians info & insight
BRBL catalog record of broadside handbill: (copy also @NYHistory ... read on ...
"For nearly three years, the constant efforts of Andrew Johnson have been to put the government into the hands of the conquered Rebels. Those efforts have kept the country in agitation, confusion and disorder ... "
"Johnson, having made up his mind to govern the country by one man power, trampled the Law, the Constitution, and his oath of office under foot, ordered the Secretary to be removed, appointed a tool in his place ... "
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Guess who finally found a historian writing about the MASSIVE amounts of sharecropping that was happening in the Midwest during the 1860s-1900? #twitterstorians…
I'm just gonna livetweet this thing

Cash tenancy agreements tended to be written down & sharecropping agreements tended to be verbal. So, if you only look in contract archives (rather than also looking at USDA censuses) you'll miss a lot of the sharecropping.
Landlords that raised livestock & rented out cropland to tenants/sharecroppers, collected rent in grain, & fed it to livestock was a whole thing back in the day.

That's a very "corporate" approach to ag. In the 1860s.
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THREAD: The Economist published an article alleging historians are “isolated…fiddling with footnotes rather than bringing the past to light for a broader audience.”

HNN strongly disagrees. In fact, this entire organization is dedicated to public engagement.

Here are just a few examples.

In January, we published Jeffrey J. Matthews as he reminded readers of William Barr’s connection to Iran-Contra after Trump nominated him to be Attorney General.

Also in January, we published an article by @TripleIvyLLC that used the history of African American women to contextualize the popular R. Kelly documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly.”

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Getting Ready to tweet #SHEAR19 #s13 Roundtable: Going Public--History and Humanities Beyond the Academy. #PublicHistory #Twitterstorians
.@drhonor discussing how the panel came about. She doesn't want the panel to be about how can academics engage with the public. Historians do this all of the time and its a constant. This is a panel to discuss and celebrate types of public-facing work. #SHEAR19 #s13
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Let’s talk about racist presidents. [Long, long, long thread]
The condemnations of Trump’s latest racist statements are heartening. And: those who say his comments were “not who we are” or “un-American”—though well-meaning—lack historical perspective.
Racism was a cornerstone of this nation’s founding. And racism has been a foundational operating principle for the vast majority of our presidents. We shouldn’t be so quick to venerate our best intentions without also interrogating our impact.
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I am really happy to see my colleague @allofmilov's forthcoming book get some attention. She has had a hell of a week and has shown a remarkable amount of graciousness in the face of an abysmal situation. Buy her book. 1/n…
If you want the "back story" <groan> to this thread, you can read up on it here.…
I've been thinking about what happened to Prof. Milov a lot the past few days and why folks are responding so vocally. In part, we're responding to an atrocious abuse of trust and power. Senior male scholars (mis)used and did not credit a junior scholar's work.
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Here's the twitter friendly version of my revamped Historian's Craft graduate course @AUHistoryDept for Fall 2019. Happy to share the complete version once all the little details are filled in
1. Why history matters: historicizing the present.
@malgorzatar History Comes Alive: Public History and Popular Culture in the 1970s
2. Problematizing the Archive
Trouillot, Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History (1997; Boston: Beacon Press, 2015).
Excerpts from Ann Laura Stoler, Against the Archival Grain: Epistemic Anxieties and Colonial Common Sense (Princeton, 2009)
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Here's the thing. I don't typically think of myself as "spiritual." I parted company with God(s) in my teens when I realized things didn't seem much different in a God-haunted universe than one that wasn't. Sure, much of my ethical approach was shaped by the normative... 1/
...and indifferent Christianity of my childhood, but that suffuses the culture and, at it's most basic, is widespread historically. But this thread speaks to an outlook on people and the world that is important. Interconnectedness is genetic; we're literally related... 2/ all life on Earth. This has profound and radical implications that I am, I freely admit, not quite ready to face. So I start with the simple one, my closest 7.7 or so billion relatives. Genetically I am they and they are me, so minute are the differences. 3/
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I know many #twitterstorians, including @KevinMKruse and @DavidAstinWalsh, have been commenting on today’s #SCOTUS decision on gerrymandering.

I’d like to spend a minute detailing how this affects someone living in a deeply gerrymandered district.
My wife grew up in Kingwood, an overwhelmingly white suburb that the city of Houston annexed in 1996. From our apartment just south of downtown #Houston, it takes roughly 45 minutes, heading northeast, to get to her childhood home.
When Houston annexed Kingwood, suburban residents protested. One local business owner said, ''Our biggest frustration was that we didn't have a voice. We figured if we don't have a voice now, how are we going to have one later? That scared the heck out of us."
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How to get archive catalog entries from PDF to a spreadsheet, using Zotfile and regular expressions. Still plan to do a video on this later, but for now here’s the process via thread. #twitterstorians #regex 1/
What you'll need: app to mark up the PDF (I use iAnnotate on the iPad; Preview works too), @Zotero plus Zotfile, non-Word text editor (I use TextMate on Mac; hear Notepad++ is great for PC) for regular expressions, spreadsheet app 2/
Regular expressions are a sort of syntax used across varying programming languages. Think of them as a fancy find-and-replace. I can't do them justice here (there are plenty of guides online), but here's a cheat sheet for the commands I model here 3/
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At a workshop sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy on Historians and Public Engagement.
#historiansengage #SHAFR2019 #twitterstorians @GUDiplomacy @SHAFRhistorians

Last session for the day: @derekchollet in a conversation with @McFarlandKellyM
KM: Could you talk a bit about working on books with senior policymakers and in the Obama administration - what role did history play in your day-to-day work?

@SHAFRhistorians @GUDiplomacy #historiansengage #twitterstorians
DC: I’m a political scientist, but I trained with Bob Jervis. So it’s ok. I love history. I’m a member of SHAFR.

When we think about how policymakers see and use history. . . Some of it is from their own experience (they were “in the room when it happened”)
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Since we #twitterstorians are talking a lot about Jackson and Indian Removal, I want to say a bit about the Old Northwest. We tend to think of Jacksonian removals as a southern problem, but Jackson also ensured the removal of Native people from Indiana and Illinois. 1/
The War of 1812 (generally remembered as a war between the British and the Americans) was also what might be conventionally termed an Indian war. @HerbertHistory did a great thread about Jackson and the massacre of Tohopeka in 1814 here: 2/
@HerbertHistory In the Old Northwest, Native people led by Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa led Shawnees and others against the US, in alliance with the British. By the mid to late 1820s, the remnants of Tecumseh's alliances were harried on all sides by settlers. 3/
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#OTD #OnThisDay from Himmler's Appt Book, June 8, 1941: Himmler arrived at the office this Sunday morning and had an intriguing meeting with SS-Obersturmbannführer Bender at 1145.
Bender was the Superior SS- and Police Judge on Himmler's staff. Himmler in particular was interested in a penal unit of the SS-Totenkopf Division.
This had been established as a punishment unit by Theodor Eicke the first Commander of the concentration camps to avoid incarcerating them in the camps themselves.
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Rising college junior who's just declared as a history major? Congratulations! Interested in getting a jump on next year + beyond? Following several conversations I've had on this IRL, here are a couple pieces of advice. #twitterstorians 1/
These are largely things I would cover in a junior methods seminar. Hopefully your dept. has one; maybe it comes as a senior capstone. Whatever the case, it's never too early or late to start thinking about working more efficiently or improving your writing 2/
Tip #1: Sign up for @zotero. If that's as far as you get, you're already ahead. To unlock next level, check out a quick tutorial (, see how you might add sources. Formatting notes/bibliography can wait until the fall 3/
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Between @JohnCleese expressing his “culturalist, not racist” views of London and @DouthatNYT lamenting the loss of a “common-culture” America, kinder gentler #MAGA white supremacism is having a moment this morning. #twitterstorians
But here’s the thing: it’s not just that we can’t separate these laments for homogeneous cultural and national identities (English, American, wherever) from white supremacist racism and xenophobia (although we sure can’t and shouldn't).
It’s also and especially that, at least in America (and I’m willing to bet in England too, but UK #twitterstorians feel free to chime in!), that homogeneous cultural/national past is entirely mythic, invented, inaccurate to our history whenever/wherever you look.
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On May 28, 1830, Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act. Despite our general awareness of the horrific Trail of Tears the Act produced, this dark, exclusionary moment in American history certainly needs to be more present in our collective memories. Thread: #twitterstorians
Yet at the same time, solely remembering the Act/Trail reinforces narratives of Native Americans not only as victims, but as vanishing in the face of these exclusionary histories. Whereas the era likewise feat vital & inspiring acts of #NativeAmerican #Resistance & persistence.
There are for ex the Cherokee Memorials, some of the 19C’s most eloquent & potent acts of collective, written resistance. They build upon the Constitution & American ideals, as well as Cherokee histories & sovereignty, to express this communal perspective.…
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