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My latest: White supremacists are obsessed with recruiting and controlling white women’s wombs. That control is central to “replacement theory” and #SteveKing's latest rape comments reveal the misogyny at the heart of white supremacist ideology:…
Replacement theory reduces cis-gender heterosexual women to their wombs and considers giving birth to lots of white babies to be a woman’s highest calling. From #SteveKing's Twitter feed to manifesto of the El Paso shooter, white supremacists are obsessed w/falling birth rates.
Analysts of white supremacy focus on the violence carried out, mostly, by men. But they aren’t paying enough attention to the role of women - from “trad wives” to women who issue “birth challenges” & others who vote for right wing parties in larger # than men despite the misogyny
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The #SteveKing and #IlanOmar controversies are linked in that they express latent potentialities within the Republican and Democratic parties that the current System and (let’s be frank) Zionist-Jewish interests fear and loathe: “White nationalism” and “anti-Semitism.”
The Republican Party is 90% White demographically and 101% White culturally. It’s natural state is “white nationalism” of some sort. The GOP is successfully prevented from becoming such a party through the inquisitional vetting of candidates and Boomer moralism.
The very hint of “White nationalism”—even in the Cold War-era, goofball manner that Steve King articulated it—is strictly verboten. Moreover, the manner in which King literally denounced himself (!) after his transgression demonstrates the power of hegemonic morality.
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First, #Virginia's governor defends #infantacide, now this yearbook photo from college where he is dressed in #blackface surfaces a few days later.

#Kavenhaugh did nothing. Rep. #SteveKing's statement was taken out of context by The New York Times...
but their crimes were being #Republican.

#Democrats are literally getting a pass for baby murder and blatanty saying black people are stupid clowns.

Since so many #blacks continue to support Democrats regardles what they say or do, the shoe obviously fits for them and all other #Democrats are sick #hypocrites.
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