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In the days of pretense, a countervailing force suppressed overt #GOP racism. Understand that by the late 1990s, the religious right largely controlled the #GOP. John McCain, who lost to George W. Bush, for the 2000 #Republican presidential nomination. McCain had campaigned...
2)..against "agents of intolerance" - meaning people like Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson. McCain's father, a Navy admiral of note, had fought the religious right of his day. John McCain carried on the tradition, which cost him dearly in 1999. George W. Bush, by contrast, received
3)..the express endorsement of the movement. That deal was arranged during a meeting between Paul Weyrich (on of the top architects of the religious right) and movement up-and-comer Ted Cruz. One of the little noticed consequences of the GW Bush presidency was the completion...
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A brief history of #Garland's career. He attended Harvard, like so many others in gov., a disproportionate amount infamous for their anti-democratic ideology, Jeffrey Bossert Clark & numerous #Republican elected officials come to mind.
After graduating from Harvard, he spent 2yrs
as a law clerk, first for Judge Friendly of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit from 1977 to 1978 and then for Justice Brennan at SCOTUS from 1978 to 1979. He then served 2yrs as special assistant to Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti from 1979 to 1981.
entered private practice at the law firm Arnold & Porter, practiced corporate litigation, and was made a partner in 1985.
He took a major pay cut when he returned to government service from 1989 to 1992 as Assistant U.S. Atty for the U.S. Attorney at DC under the A.G. Richard...
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Of 15 #Republican candidates for Secretary of State (the office that oversees #elections), in 5 battleground states,

10 lack confidence in the 2020 results or flat-out claim it stolen.

Only 2 of 9 interviewed acknowledged #Biden as the legitimate winner.
In 2020, #Trump, and #GOP legislators, not only undermined trust in elections, with false claims repeatedly debunked, they told partisan state legislators to send electors for Trump in states where voters selected Biden; a blatant rejection of #democracy.
It was only laws, and honorable officials holding to those laws, that prevented the #coup from succeeding.

The GOP are not done. Those protections are only going to get weaker with time.
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In three graphics the @nytimes shows how tightly #COVID19 #vaccination and death rates correlate now with #Democrat v #Republican voting patterns and support/opposition to #Trump.
First, vaccination rates:
2/ Second, #COVID19 death rates cross-plotted against 2020 voting, Red v Blue States.
3/ Finally, daily death trends to #COVID19 versus 2020 voting patterns
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Can someone tell @MichaelBerrySho that Judge Marc Brown is a Republican who released the murder defendant who killed the teenage leaving the Astros’s game with his father. @DanPatrick @Griff3945 @GovAbbott @KenWebsterII @akahancrimesto1 #Txlege A lot more to the story, read on…
Marc Brown has long been supported and touted by @HPOUTX as the most knowledgeable Judge on probable cause. Hired as a judge to train officers. Now think how and why he was allowed to make this decision as a #REPUBLICAN. Marc was appointed by his wife as a visiting Judge.
Say what, yes the Chief Administrative Judge appoints visiting judges, her husband. These are questionable Republicans and have always been. The care little for justice and just want money and power. Marc gets to contribute to the household income when his wife appoints him.
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Was explaining the crazy @GOP National & State 'tactics' to my lady yesterday.
She couldn't understand why they seem to want their voting base to risk dying by not getting vaxxed or wearing masks, & their big support for guns.
Here's what I spit-balled on this because...
...I am done trying to work out a LOGICAL explanation:

What if the @GOP is actually TRYING to "cull the herd"?

They rely on rich, white men that own corporations for money...PAC donations, Lobby Group bribes, post-political career board member positions.
...They don't really care about "the average #American" working Joe. Hence their opposition to a Universal Healthcare system, or an mandated decent minimum wage.
Those #Republicans think their country would be 'better off' WITHOUT "those filthy, under-educated masses".
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1/ @POTUS @JoeBiden and @VP @KamalaHarris try to convince us that we can overcome #Republican #VoterSuppression by out-organizing them (and donating more money, of course). They must have forgotten recent history, so @IndivisibleSF would like to remind them:
2/ 2000: Bush v Gore. Nationwide, Gore defeats Bush by 500,000 votes. But Bush "wins" Florida (and therefore the @WhiteHouse) by 537 votes. Prior to the election, Bush's brother, then FL Gov. Jeb Bush, purged 58,000 voters from the rolls, most of them African American.
3/ A court case and investigation by the U.S. Civil Rights Commission later concluded that thousands of voters were wrongly purged, costing Gore at least 4,752 votes — 22 times Bush’s supposed 537 vote margin of victory. #VoterSuppression
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Important (esp. from a leading newspaper) but misses other key elements - 1) voter suppression laws, rules, etc. implemented by #Republican controlled states & legislatures.

Those alone could to tip the election. "Casting the result as *unknowable*" is the *backup* plan then...
..the #GOP efforts to control election certification processes, at the county & state level - if the voter suppression isn't sufficient & the Democrats still win, Republicans will say, "it was tainted!" and throw out the result. Then send their partisans to the electoral college.
3) Over the entire electoral process will loom the threat of armed force. Various armed groups, often working at varying levels of cooperation with local police, will be present to threaten dissenters who protest. That will happen simultaneously, in multiple states.
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Let me clarify some stuff from earlier today.
We can draw some straight lines between...
1⃣ this @nytimes article
2⃣the Deputy Acting AG Donoghue's notes
3⃣ the #complicit actions of certain #Republican #Pennsylvania lawmakers

@nytimes First, let's look at those notes from Acting Deputy AG Donoghue.

Folks have been asking who and what he's talking about. I think that this section is about #PA10's @RepScottPerry and #Pennsylvania state lawmaker @SenMastriano.

2/? Image
@nytimes @RepScottPerry @SenMastriano More interesting is this ADAG Donoghue note about "205K votes - more than xxx xxx voters - PA"

Part is illegible, but he's talking about a debunked theory that there were more votes placed in #Pennsylvania than there were registered voters. Again, this has been debunked.

3/? Image
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Thread by @RIPQanon: New Thread of Past/Present @GOP, #Republican, right wing media/influences accused of cancel culture, criminal misconduct, lies/dishonesty, sycophantic behavior and racism. was...……
Thread by @RIPQanon: @FoxNews Lies/Retraction in thread. Notify of any I may have missed. I will attempt to update daily...they lie so much it could be far too time consuming. Fact Checker Finds 60% Of Fox News...……
Thread by @RIPQanon: #CrazyKarenBoebert doesn't want her government benefits. She doesn't want the government to pay her way through life. She deserves the right to work for free. Can we just give her what she want...……
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New Thread of Past/Present @GOP, #Republican, right wing media/influences accused of cancel culture, criminal misconduct, lies/dishonesty, sycophantic behavior and racism.
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The Bankers

Franklin Delano Roosevelt – who is said to have British (Joo) bloodline – was a principal conspirator in causing The United States Of America to go into grave, perpetual and irreversible debt.  Such debt being designed, as set up by Section 4 of the 14 Amendment.
Accordingly, comprehend that the Great Depression was premeditated and hence orchestrated.  One measure to accomplish this was: There were tons of Federal Reserve Notes – in 20 dollar denomination – dumped into circulation just prior to the big crash.
Just like the income Tax takes money out of circulation to thwart hyper –inflation, this calculated measure was meant to cause hyper-inflation; moreover it accordingly accelerated the devaluation...
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From 1900 to 2017, oceans have risen 6.3-8.3 inches. And the rate is accelerating.

The only way coastal cities will be able to cope, in the long run, will be to gradually build inland, to higher ground.
Since large buildings have an average lifespan of 40 years, this inland migration can be done relatively cheaply - except we'll also need to abandon homes & historic structures. And, obviously, underwater land has little value; there will be losers.
This has happened before, in the human experience - as the Earth emerged from the last great Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago, sea levels were lower than they are currently - there was a time lag between when the Earth's climate warmed and ice melted, causing seas to rise...
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CSPOA - which had close tie to Oath Keepers & was in direct contact w/the militia group the day before the coup attempt - is now raising a national militia force ("posses") to put under its anti-federal Trump-loving sheriffs.

Another effort w/Oath Keeper ties...
2)..are the growing "state defense forces". One of these groups, the North Carolina State Defense Force, seemed to be organizationally linked to OK, and to this day endorses the Oath Keeper effort on its website.
3) CSPOA sheriffs opposing federal & state authority can quickly subsume such armed state-level groups. Indeed, *any* militia group can quickly plug into CSPOA and enjoy quasi-legal legitimacy - which is the very point of CSPOA, to legitimize insurgency.
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So of course @NewYorker did a highly sympathetic puff piece on Christopher Rufo, that took his intellectual BS at face value.
I don't want to drag the author's name into it, b/c I respect the work of his brother. But, really?
The @NewYorker has rep - well deserved - for featuring some of the best writing around. But it also has an unfortunate history of sympathetic puff pieces. Take this 2005 NY piece by Malcom Gladwell, which enthused about Rick Warren's huggy "long arms"…
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The @nytimes' editorial genius lies in finding op-ed columnists w/an exquisite degree of eloquent befuddlement. Take this 12/2015 Ross Douthat @nytimes op-ed column. By 10/2016, as I noted at the time, the Trump campaign was courting the top strategic ally of the Oath Keepers.
2) Specifically, top Trump Campaign officials and surrogates were flocking to appear on a rather obscure radio show that happened to be hosted by the Vice President of Operations of the renegade anti-federal sheriffs group CSPOA, who immediately before the 1/6 coup attempt was...
3) direct communication w/the head & founder of the Oath Keepers, the national anti-government paramilitary group that sent coordinated & well equipped squads into the Capital Building on January 6th 2021 in an apparent attempt to kidnap or kill top Democrats & a least one...
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@SenTedCruz .@SenTedCruz (@TedCruz), I couldn't beyond a few seconds into this bit of #propaganda, #Renfield, because this was not #reporting, #news, or #journalism.

This was a #FoxNews #MAGA[t] leading with #Republican/#Trump #talkingpoints and you nodding, stupidly, in agreement...
@SenTedCruz @tedcruz ...and following the script.

In other words, this is just you playing the #MAGA[ts], #Renfield - again.

There were no "emails showing Facebook acting as state agency on behalf of the federal government."

The #FauciEmails is another point of phony #outrage for #Republicans.
@SenTedCruz @tedcruz .@tedcruz (@SenTedCruz), what's especially hysterical about this clip, your tweet, and your claim, #Renfield, is that you hypocritically make this claim about a @FoxNews piece and it's #FoxNews that acts as a #propaganda outlet for the @GOP - and always has.
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.#MAGA[ts], this is how you get played.

@EliseStefanik (and @kayleighmcenany, of course) apparently thinks that #leadership is complaining and #lying and shrieking and NOT about proposing solutions.

But then, she's a #Republican. #Governing is NOT what the @GOP does.
.#MAGA[ts], so what's ACTUALLY going on.

@POTUS @JoeBiden spend some time with @FLOTUS because it was her birthday.

No one has a right to begrudge them that. If you have a problem with it, sit and spin. Not everything is about you nor is it always your business.
.#MAGA[ts], the deal with #gasprices, as has been explained, many times, is that we are seeing a seasonal rise in prices that were, for a time, aggravated by the recent #ColonialPipeline hack that resulted in the closing of the pipeline.
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1. There is an interesting, painful, necessary conversation/debate happening among principled Conservatives whom I admire. Some say the #Republican Party was always inherently deeply flawed and that today’s #Trumpist #GQP is simply a natural progression of this process.
2. Others say the #Republican Party was not always a haven for conspiracy theorists, racists, populist nationalists, theocrats; that it once was a party that valued the Constitution, competence, character, and integrity, in addition to Conservative policies.
3. May I say, both perspectives have merit? For decades, a profound tension has existed within the #Republican Party — the Conservative statesmanship vs the angry populism; appeals to aspiration vs appeals to fear and grievance. John Birch Society called Ike a “Communist!”
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As the snow melts in #Texas I hope we can all pause and reflect on the many implications of the #TexasBlackout.

In this THREAD I hope to address them all.

First let me express my sincere and profound condolences to all those Texans who have suffered devastating loss.
While it's been a hoot to bash someone as hateful as Ted #CancunCruz, the recent events in Texas have implications much more profound than the actions of one idiotic US Senator. I'll try to break it down into 3 sections.
#TexasBlackout #DemCast #EveryVoice #FreshVoicesRise
1. #ClimateChange/US Infrastructure preparedness.
2. A little history. Why and how did this happen?
3. Performative Governance/The Blame Game!

#TexasBlackout #DemCast #EveryVoice #FreshVoicesRise
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"Dallas Co. Judge Clay Jenkins gave a clear explanation in an @MSNBC interview about why TX is freezing in the dark. Jenkins laid the blame squarely on @GOP statewide elected officials, @GregAbbott_TX & @SecretaryPerry & the 3 member elected RR Commission.
Governors appoint
@ERCOT_ISO regulators & tell them what to do. @ERCOT_ISO has regulated electric utilities w/ the sole goal of providing Lg commercial users access to cheap power. 1 way they did that is to fail to require utilities invest in winterizing generation turbines, power plants/wind
generators which is a requirement everywhere else in the country.
The RR Commissioners similarly failed to require natural gas pipeline co.'s to winterize their pipelines by burying the pipelines deeper/insulating the pipelines better. Hence pipelines, power plants, & generators
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Oddly (or manipulatively?), an additional #Republican who voted to impeach #Trump--#SusanCollins--claims she opposes #TPP (now called "#CPTPP")…yet somehow blames Trump for TPP—even though Trump formally withdrew USA from TPP?

This brings the total number of #Republicans who tried to impeach #Trump, recently...who seem to *either support TPP or mislead people about the history of TPP* to be about 5/7...

#TPPInsiders are BIPARTISAN.
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#EpicFail. We are not a #SovereignNation anymore. We are not a #Democracy anymore. #Insurrection will be repeated at every election, but they won't wait till then. This was just the rehearsal. #Republicans did this because they knew they could never get legit elected again. #Coup
Why don't you give the rest of those #CapitolPolice & your 400 intimidated staffers more medals? Lots of good that will do when someone comes to kill them! You sweep it under the rug. No wonder some police felt so betrayed they went home & killed themselves. They should all quit.
@LeaderMcConnell says "Prosecute him!" b/c that way, the full extent of #McConnell's involvement in the #coup will not be laid bare. Sure #ProsecuteTrump, that ought to be easy after #MAGATerrorists come back w/30K guns in May as they promised & #QAnonShaman is confirmed as #AG. Image
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