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⏲️Less than 4 hours left to add your comment to the National Park Service's new rule that would, to quote the ACLU: "Fee requirements could make mass protests like Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic 1963 March on Washington & its “I have a dream” speech too expensive to happen."
💥Less than 2 hours left to make a comment to protect #Democrats' right to peaceful protests in Washington D.C!!!
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☠Nothing new to the #MinnesotaDFL, they just don't seem to care about hiding it anymore, like the rest of the #Luciferian #Democrats🚨#Satanists most sacred holiday, and highest day of human sacrifice🆘️…
🆘️The larouchepub article gives a history spanning over 1/2 a century of #Satanists in high places in #Minnesota 😏Ole Fritz, #WalterMondale, very bizarre ties & connections & a #MinnesotaDFL icon🙄 #WakeUp #WalkAway #ThesePeopleAreSick #TheGreatAwakening
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🐬It's getting closer and closer to the midterm elections and #Democrats need to #FlipTheSenate. If you can contribute—great—if not, there are other ways to help: by following their account, tweeting about them, spreading the word, volunteering, getting others to contribute, etc.
🐦Let's start with Heidi Heitkamp @SenatorHeitkamp, running for U.S. Senate in #NorthDakota. Please follow, tweet, contribute, volunteer, anything you can do, she is in a tight race.

💸To contribute, even $1 if you can spare it!…
🐦Next, Claire McCaskill @clairecmc, running for U.S. Senate in #Missouri. Please follow, tweet, contribute, volunteer, anything you can do, she is in a tight race.

💸To contribute, even $1 if you can spare it!…
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#gop #GOPCorruption #Republicans

By Spencer Savoie on FB:

"There is no morality in staying silent when your party's leader praises white nationalists shouting "Blood and Soil" or "Jews will not replace us," (common white power/neo-nazi slogans) (1/9)
There is no morality in staying silent when Mike Huckabee praises Josh Dugan as a "Good Christian Man" after he admits to molesting his sister and other young girls (2/9)
There is no morality in ignoring your party's leader when he mocks sexual assault survivors. (3/9)
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🔥🔥🔥Michael Beschloss was on @Morning_Joe promoting his new book "Presidents of War" and said that he wouldn't be surprised if Trump didn't use WAR as a political cover for the Russia investigation.

💥What if Trump uses WAR or some terrorist incident before November 6th?
🇷🇺This is from Putin's playbook which he has been using every step of the way.

Read this to find out how Putin came into power in Russia.👇

📉Yeltsin wanted Putin to succeed him (so he could be pardoned for crimes), but only had a 2% approval rating.

✍️Many journalists wrote that the terrorist incidents—4 bombings that killed 293 people & injured more than 1000—were the work of the FSB, ordered by Putin.

🗞️Some of those journalists are dead.

🦸‍♂️The citizens, understandably terrified, hailed Putin as their hero.
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🏛️In an extremely brave move last week, U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp stood up for #Democrats and survivors of sexual assault and rape by voting "No" on Brett Kavanaugh.

😡Unfortunately, she is facing backlash in her conservative state, #NorthDakota…
💸Please consider giving Senator Heitkamp a little help—a small donation of $1 or $2 is enough—to thank her for standing up for #Democracy and women's rights.

🐬WE NEED TO #FlipTheSenate

🔑Her seat is key to doing this.
🔗Here's the link to make a donation of any size to Senator Heidi Heitkamp & to find out more about her.

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1) Columbus Day 2018 is half time at the 2018 Mid-Term Bowl. The score is GOP 17 and Democrats 16. Let’s recap the first half.

#BlueWave #RedWave #2018MidTermElections…
2) Going into the game the Democrats were riding their #BlueWave of enthusiasm. They were so confident America was tired of all the lies and sordid behavior of Coach Trump that the Democrats could win the game easily.
3) They laughed at their good fortune every time a GOP player would pledge to work closely with their coach; such easy pickings.

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@Sen_JoeManchin IS A YES!
#MAGA #Winning
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Jeff Flake—or some reasonable Republican in Congress—does need to make sure this FBI investigation is legitimate.

Anybody, anywhere who knows anything that could affect the Brett Kavanaugh investigation needs to try to contact the FBI themselves—they just might not have the time
🕵️‍♂️If they don't get back to you, please keep trying the FBI. They need to hear anything that would affect the Kavanaugh investigation.

🔥If you believe this is a "political hit job" you're not reading enough.

But this is a good place to start:👇…
💥And remember: Jeff Flake is not a hero for #Democrats. He voted to recommend Kavanaugh to the full Senate—without re-opening Kavanaugh's background investigation—so there's little doubt how he's going to vote.

🕵️‍♂️Please contact the FBI if you have legitimate information!
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According to #Democrats, ALL women are always to be believed, whether there's evidence to support their claim OR NOT.

Let's see how right they are in this THREAD.

#HimToo #FalseAllegations
"Brian Banks spent five years in prison after being falsely accused of rape"…
Teen charged with lying about being raped by college football players…
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1) This is a circle jerk of a statement..

Ok, let’s look at this letter by Ms. Keyser, who Dr. Ford says was at the 1982 party...

Ok, so Fords credibility should already be suspect, Ms.Keyser was not at this party and has no memory of Brett Kavanaugh.
2) Ms.Keyser wanted to reach out to the committee to cover herself from this FBI investigation and to let them know she will cooperate fully

That’s what any intelligent person that’s been dropped into this shit storm situation, should do.Protect & publicly distance yourself
3) This is a very important! Ms. Keyser stated she doesn’t know Kavanaugh, and never went to any party,movie,club or any other social gathering where she had even seen Brett Kavanaugh..Ms.keyser never even saw the man! ever...
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1/ #Kavanaugh, through his testimony, nuked precedent, making his #rapey past a personal and political matter.
#Democrats MUST fight dirty ☛within the Constitution☚, flip the script, use investigative means and powers of Congress to delegitimize and DESTROY him. #P2 #TopProg
2/ WHEN #Democrats retake the House, Judiciary Committee must launch massive #Kavanaugh investigation, his lies under oath, and the Summer of '82. Subpoena EVERY WITNESS, ALL docs the #TrumpRegime concealed, Judicial Crisis Network & Federalist Society for starters. #P2 #TopProg
3/ Since Gingrich poisoned the Beltway well, the #GOP has used every Constitutional and procedural dirty trick to strip the citizen majority of power. #Kavanaugh's #meltdown shows what happens when we fight back: they reveal themselves for who they are. #P2 #TopProg
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1. Deep swallows over and over.
2. Fast breathing.
3. Still somewhat calm.
4. Sitting in a daze.

I have no doubt she has taken a benzo to help her remain calm. However, her body is warning us that she is preparing to lie.

#Kavanaugh #KavanaughConfirmation #ChristinaBlaseyFord
.@SenFeinstein’s grandstanding is making it worse. #ChristineBlaseyFord is now breathing faster and drinking water more frequently.

Opening statement is going to be interesting.
“Broken Voice” for sympathy but notice no tears. This is what actors struggle with. Even some of the best can’t force tears.
#ChristineBlasleyFord is clearly lying.
Not a single tear reading an assault that has “ruined her life”?
She can’t tell it from memory?
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1. #Freedom is something we should ALL cherish as HUMANS. The presumption of innocence is something that LITERALLY SAVES LIVES and dates back AGES among civil societies.

Why has this changed for the #KavanaughConfirmation?
2. #Democrats are setting a very scary precedent for ANY type of civil or criminal hearing in America. We've seen this before. Did we not learn anything from the #SalemWitchTrials? The #MeToo movement is shifting that way quickly, and I don't think that was ever the intention.
3. This year's #MidtermElections are the most important in US History. If #Democrats take back control you can count on @DineshDSouza's predictions coming true. America as we know it will be destroyed. Their agenda is evil. Leave it at that. #VoteRed #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #MAGA
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1/ Let us know when you realize that #TheStorm and is about to take place here on #America soil & the political landscape will be forever changed by @realDonaldTrump

#TheStormIsHere #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #MAGA #Trump #DrainTheSwamp

2/ Let us know when you realize that the #USMilitary asked @realDonaldTrump to run for #President in 2014 to protect your country & your #Freedoms.

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #MAGA #Trump #DrainTheSwamp…
3/ Let us know when you realize that #DonaldTrump is playing #4DChess to eradicate the #DeepState & their co-conspirators. #TheStorm, #QAnon & #TheGreatAwakening will become known as the greatest military op of all time.

#Trump #DrainTheSwamp - #MAGA

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🚨I had a dream that Merrick Garland groped me. It must be from a repressed memory. I have no other details, no witnesses & no corraborating evidence but I'm positive it actually occurred. I MUST be believed. If you ask to hear from me, you're a bully & trying to silence me.
🤔Maybe Chrissy had a crush on Kavanaugh in high school. Had fantasies of him touching her boobies. Maybe it was all a dream. Maybe he never wanted anything to do w/ her, never went to a party she was at (or threw herself). Maybe Chrissy was so hurt she made him into a bad guy.
Dont ask me to fly anywhere... I dont go on airplanes. I only interned at University of Hawaii, I canoed there. When I heard Kavanaugh was nominated I was gonna move to New Zealand. Ya know, just the furthest fucking place to fly... 13.5 hour flight. That never crossed my mind🙄
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Know what people don't realize? The consequences that come with labeling someone, something they're not. Even if #Kavanaugh is proven innocent, the label itself will stick with him the rest of his life.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my situation.....cont.
When I was 12. Maybe 13. I had one good friend that I hung out with. Day In and Day Out. We were inseparable. He stayed with me, I stayed with him. For some reason, even though he was the one who was considered the "bad kid", his parents never really liked me.....cont.
He got in trouble at a young age and was sent away. To where, I've never known. His little brother, a couple years younger, used to get bullied all the time. While my friend was away, I stuck around and protected the little brother. Even stayed and hung out a couple times...cont.
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So Let me get this straight @NyTimes thinks #WeThePeople are stupid!

Rosenstein tells @POTUS to fire @Comey…

Then decides he will wear a wire to impeach @realdonaldtrump

While running the #MuellerInvestigation in hopes to #ImpeachTrump
Then Later claims he didn't tell trump to fire #Comey
Onle gave him grounds to fire @Comey

Claims he already knew Trump wanted to fire #Comey

How do you set a Trap?

#Rosenstein memorandum was all a coupe to impeach trump all along…
Why Would #Rosenstein Give Trump Grounds to fire #Comey

When he knew that Trump Already wanted to fire Comey for running a corrupt investigation!

Keep in mind #Democrats wanted Comey out also. Til #trump Fired him.…
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🤥Wow, it's taking a really long time to think up this lie!!

🔥🔥According to @Maddow, neither the White House nor the GOP Senate has explained why they don't want the FBI to reopen the background investigation of Kavanaugh. #Democrats have been calling for this for days!
💥The president and GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee seem extremely desperate to stop this step—which has never been an issue before!

🔥What is going on?

🤥At least give us some reason—& stop deflecting! There are no "Rules of Conduct" for Supreme Court justices!
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1/ #LiberalHypocrisy
#Q: What evidence is there that #ChristineBlaseyFord's accusations against #JudgeKavanaugh are purely political in nature? Let me start the list:
1. She claimed not to be politically motivated, yet she only provided her letter to #Democrats.
2. #DianeFeinstein, who received the original letter with the claims by #ChristineBlaseyFord, has refused to release the complete, unredacted letter.
3. #ChristineBlaseyFord claimed to want to desire how did a story (given only to the #Left) get leaked to the press?
4. #ChristineBlaseyFord claimed to want to remain why did she pay for a polygraph test long before this went public?
5. #ChristineBlaseyFord claims that there were two men in the room during the why did earlier versions have four men in the room?
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1. @SaraCarterDC Carter told @seanhannity that sources are say that the FBI has two sets of records on the Carter Page FISA docs and other records relating to the Russia probe. If true which of the 2 sets will be release via @realDonaldTrump req. does Trump have to ask for both?
2. @SaraCarterDC ... there were certain people above Peter Strzok and above Lisa Page that were aware of this,” ... “I also believe that there are people within the FBI that have actually turned on their former employers are even possibly testifying and reporting what happened.
3. If this research pans out it's #TheBigUgly for the #Democrats, @SaraCarterDC says everyone involved in this attempted coup of a duly elected President should be put in front of a Grand Jury and prosecuted. #MAGA…
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#Republicans #Kavanaugh confirmation vote is scheduled for this week.

Me: "looking at the timing of the late reveal of this sexual assault by the #Democrats
How #Democrats Voters feel.
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🔥Hillary Clinton is calling on the White House to reopen the background investigation on Brett Kavanaugh.

That’s the procedure.

The FBI is not refusing to investigate.

They’re not saying it’s not “their thing.”

#Democrats everywhere—especially in the #Senate—should support!
💥💥💥@SenateDems please support this request!

‼️The investigation can not reopen without the White House directive!

Another thing! Sinclair Broadcasting posts an article saying “Hillary Clinton urges White House to request...”

💥If you click, you get different GOP headline!
💥💥It’s called the Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION!

🎯I’m thinking investigating is “their thing!”
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This thread is to cover #Hypocrisy by #Democrats and their #Racist projections on #Conservatives that MANY PEOPLE do not see.

This is the heart of the #WalkAway movement.
This has been their way since day one.
Transferal of blame.

We should start where it mattered the MOST. The #CivilWar Era.
The #Democrats did NOT want slaves to have rights. They wanted to keep these black men and women as PROPERTY. They didn't want them to be able to vote. They were "property" and "commodities".

#WalkAway #MAGA #QAnon
A more radical arm of the #DemocraticParty known as the "Ku Klux Klan" or #KKK were known for threatening, harming, and even killing FREE black men and women. Historians still debate whether the KKK's original grassroots movement is what lead to the #CivilWar.

#WalkAway #MAGA
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