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“Chapter 10,” titled “The King Won’t Die:

“Attack of the Aborted Changing of the Guard”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(publishing 10/2022)


CW22Q 10/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Oct 2022)

READ &/or dwl entire BOOK free AT SITE... #Midterms #generations #resist #culture #rebirth #psychology #history

CW22 10/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…[the 60s Generation] were biding their time, waiting—sometimes hopeless that it would ever arrive—for a reversing of the pendulum & a return in society to the ideals & visions of a better world…”

THREAD…… #Midterms

CW22Q 10/3
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Left Foot Forward:
Lurching the UK towards 'Reaganomics'

A ‘foot soldier’ for US economic fundamentalists, #Truss and her cabinet appear to be applying policy from an American right-wing playbook and lurching the country towards ‘#Reaganomics.’ /1
/2 For the most part, since 1980, #Republican economic policy has revolved around a single policy - hefty tax cuts heavily tilted towards the rich with enormous budgetary deficits as a consequence. Under the Reagan Presidency (1980-1988), income tax was cut across the board
/3 and the top rate of income tax reduced from 70% to 28%. Both Reagan and Bush ran up enormous deficits via huge tax cuts. When Clinton came to power in 1993, he had an awful mess to clean up.

Apart from leading to higher income inequality and punishing the poor –
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because of the importance of getting this information out to the public mind

in time to help with the most consequential election in world history -- the Midterm elections of 2022

i am giving away downloadable copies of the entire book, *Culture War…

i am giving away downloadable copies of the entire book, *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations* without Notes & References


This version is on the blog ... and feel free to read it there ...…

yet the downloadable version contains many pictures, graphs, etc. which are quite entertaining & helpful in making the points.

you can click this link -->…

or you can go to either of the blogs on which the book is now posted…

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“Chapter 9,” titled “To Save the World:

“Millennials...Psychedelics & Activism”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(publishing 9/2022)

THREAD… #90s #Ecstasy #psychology #history

CW22Q 9/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Sept 2022)

READ &/or dwl entire BOOK free AT SITE...

READ BOOK… #Millennials #90s #psychedelics

CW22Q 9/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “Not coincidentally, Millennial Generation parents were predominantly of the Vietnam Gen/ Boomers & Millennials echoed their parent’s more liberal & mind-expanding drug use.” []

THREAD…… #psychology #history #generations

CW22Q 9/3
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Last month, I had some old business to wrap up in #NYC , it was my first visit since the pandemic. I was shocked to see for my own eyes, just how bad it's gotten. Went to the design district & saw lots of empty showrooms. Then right at the entrance to the building I entered ...
stood a guy, bent over, half naked and pooping right onto the sidewalk! It reminded me of the seeds planted in 2014. When that communist moron; DeBlasio and his communist cabinet he assembled, took public urination laws off the book, because after all, they were "racist".
Now New York is building a huge tent city. Thousands of migrants are arriving every week and the city under their #SanctuaryCity laws must find a bed for all, Homeless shelters are full. 6000 hotel rooms rented for them, and they just keep on coming.
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@IndivisibleLNH @maddow @MaddowBlog @allinwithchris @thereidout @BucksCoBeacon @IndivisibleTeam @pa_indivisible @LetsTurnPABlue @IndivisiblePHL @ulleryatintell Here, the brave #NewJersey members of the #FettermanFlotilla venture into the open water (of the wide Delaware River) to retrieve the quack doctor, and save #Pennsylvania from his #MAGAextremist agenda!

#FettermanIsTheBetterman #NoOZ
Now the #FettermanFlotilla disembarks from the #Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River, bearing the #MAGAextremist #GOP candidate away from the Commonwealth, and back towards his #GardenState home (one of 10? How can he keep track?)

#FettermanIsTheBetterman #NoOZ
But wait!
It appears that a new crew of #Crudite awaits the #FettermanFlotilla on the #NewJersey banks of the Delaware River!!

Will they refuse landing to our volunteer fleet, #DrOZ and his political baggage?

#FettermanIsTheBetterman #NoOZ
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1. Biden tells us there's no inflation the same day higher inflation is announced.

#biden #democrats #Gaslighting #KamalaHarris #inflation #Bidenflation #bidenspeech
2. Biden and others tell us we're doing better than ever as they lie to us about creating jobs and getting rid of old jobs.
3. Biden says the economy is doing better than ever as our 401k's drop like bricks and prices are skyrocketing over our hourly pay.
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Is there a crisis of masculinity because too many man can't feel masculine unless women are without power?
Is that what the swing to the right is about? Image
Rarely do I think about masculinity or femininity. And, I cannot even imagine what it is like to worry about one’s “masculinity.”
The answer is obvious, but I missed it. Image
Grown men – very successful men – have thrown away their reputations to grovel after a buffoon. They will not be able to brag about their lives or accomplishments to their grandchildren. Image
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Dear @RepJamesComer Why don’t you concern yourself with what’s happening in Kentucky’s backyard, and leave #democracy and the #RuleOfLaw to the Chair of @OversightDems and hopefully 🙏🏾 @RepRaskin should #Democrats hold the majority.


@RepJamesComer is your disinformation attack on Hunter Biden to cover up Kentucky Public Pension Funds holding 25% in Russian investments and the role Congress and Senate #MAGARepublicans may have played?

c: @OversightDems @RepRaskin @CREWcrew

The amount of Russian investment in Kentucky Public Pension funds is currently being overshadowed by the FYE 2021 positive results.


c: @OversightDems @RepRaskin @CREWcrew…
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“It is their [government’s] responsibility to make the determination on eligibility to vote and to send you a voter education card,” Meade said. “It is purely natural for a citizen to rely on the government to make those determinations and that they be accurate."#VotingRights
#Democrats-#Biden are at fault. It was setup to fail by design to put more black people back in jail/prison.
"Meade was one of the chief architects of Amendment 4,which voters approved in 2018 and setup a framework for most ex-felons to regain their voting rights."#VotingRights
"Alison Novoay,spokesperson for the Palm Beach County Supervisor of elections,said in an email that the state notifies their office when a prospective or registered voter is convicted of a felony or otherwise ineligible."
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Rabbi Elyahu Kin: What is #Esav/#Esau know for? #Edom #Jews #Judaism #Torah #Talmud #Israel #Edom #USA #Europe #Christians
Rabbi Elyahu Kin: #Edom the last Empire will come crashing down. #Jews #Judaism #Torah #Talmud #Israel #USA #Europe #Christians
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My thoughts on the current situation regarding the FBI and President Donald J. Trump:

We as a society in this country have reached a point where each and every one us will have to look in the mirror and contemplate
#FBIRaidsMarALago #Republicans #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica /1
Where do we draw the line? The line that we will defend. When is enough, enough? Where we won’t continue taking this abuse we have taken by the political establishment.

#FBIHasBeenPoliticized /2
Whether you align with Democrat. Whether you align with Republican.
Whether you align Independently.
Whether you align with whatever.
None of it matters. What we all have witnessed is the politicization and weaponization of the FBI.
#DemocratsAreADisaster /3
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With tensions up, as good a time as any to comment on #China, both the #CCP and #Taiwan. First regarding US Speaker #Pelosi's approach and the CCP sabre rattling, I noted earlier:

For China to dictate the speaker's travel schedule would be unprecedented Image
and too much weakness even for the #Democrats. For the party politically, canceling the trip would be a lose lose and going a win win. Cancelling the trip would strengthen their reputation for weakness and causing US loss of prestige abroad. They are already set to fare very
poorly in November. Going on the other hand is a win win. If nothing happens (to #Pelosi), she and the Dems get a minor boost for being "strong" or "brave" and the like. If she is hurt or killed, then as I commented the upcoming historical GOP takeover of both houses in November
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(1/11) Do you ever stop to ask yourself:
“Why is the GOVERNMENT such an inescapable part of my PERSONAL LIFE?!” Because that’s how they control us.
#Democrats want even MORE control.
How’s that working out?
Time to hit “STOP” and then “REVERSE.”
Think about it…
#Liberals #POTUS
(2/11) Getting married? Government is involved! WHY?! What PURPOSE do they serve?
Having a baby? The placenta will still be warm and the government ASSIGNS THAT BABY A NUMBER!
And don’t kid yourself… it’s not about “population”… it’s about CONTROL! …
3/11) They stamp your baby with a number so that they can track its every move and then POUNCE the second it’s old enough to pay taxes.
Buying land? Wanna build a house? Start a business? Don’t you worry, citizen! The government will be up your ass…
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(1/4) My tolerance for “Well meaning but misguided #Democrats” and “#Libertarians who want to stand up for the cause” has finally been thoroughly exhausted.
I’m not being alarmist when I say @POTUS and his radical #Leftist are attempting a power grab…
(2/4)…that, if successful, will be almost impossible to remove.
By destroying the economy, he increases our dependence on govt. assistance.
By doing things like ending the filibuster and electoral college in addition to making DC a state and lowering the voting age…
(3/4)…he would ensure that only far left democrats would be elected for the foreseeable future.
I don’t care if you find republicans distasteful… if you’re being attacked by a Bear and you need a weapon to fight it off…
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Imagine “””IF “””” @elonmusk #Retweeted this #VOTE for #Democrats or #Republicans based on what @JoeBiden has accomplished so far since being #Elected Image
I need a few #BigDogs in #SocialMedia to #Retweet this non scientific poll of #Voting !!!!

If YOU think 🤔 you can get #DataMining with #Numbers , please Retweet the above POLL on re electing @JoeBiden !!!! Image
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CLAIM: "GOP had 40 year plan to get rid of Roe; Dems had nothing"
FALSE!!!!! #40yearplan #Roe #democrats
Here's how things ACTUALLY happened
Excuse all typos....I'm rushing. I hate seeing a field in which I have expertise butchered on social media. It's repulsive.
First of all, there was no formal 40 year plan that the GOP executed at will. This is absolute nonsense, and people need to retire that argument now. This is not how law operates. There are so many variables that come into play.
Second, the Dems acted much like the GOP -- using Congress, states, local government, and courts to protect choice. And political parties don't act alone. They act with social movement actors and voters--in the US and globally. Abortion advocates and pro-choice judges are Dems.
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All the @gop knows is violence. #Republicans don't know conversation and @TheDemocrats are too scared to call out and challenge these people.
"But Justin," I hear you #Democrats voices say in my head, which is probably a problem I should look into, "what would you do to combat this?" A simple ad in his district and you can have this for free, @TheDemocrats.
The @GOP talk about protecting lives, but have you ever notice their ads are always showing violent ways to get things done. Hunting and killing #RHINOs, burning down @JoeBiden's policies, and never explaining what policies they offer instead?
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A lot of Dems feel blindsided by Roe V Wade being overturned. Seems like it happened suddenly and many want an immediate fix. I can tell you this event DID NOT happen overnight. It happened because Republicans turned... 1/4
...out to vote in every single election in high numbers for the past 50 years with the goal of taking over the Supreme Court to specifically overturn Roe. Dems often have to be motivated to vote. Political pundits always have to gauge Dem "enthusiasm" while Republicans... 2/4
...just show up and vote. Folks, you cannot just vote in one election and see all of your goals accomplished. Like @staceyabrams recently said, voting is like medicine. It needs to happen routinely. Everyone needs to show up to vote for any positive change to happen. 3/4
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.@speakerbowers @GaSecofState @GabrielSterling I want to thank you all for what you did to protect the Constitution and our vote. As I like to tell Trump and his following, they are the RINOs, what you see are real Republicans standing up for the Constitution. >
Real Republicans stand up for things that Trump does not. The 6th should have shown them that. A President trying to overthrow the Constitution and did do and has done everything he could to "cancel" our votes. >2
A President that sends his hordes to the Capitol to kill anyone he was against... like Mike Pence... to destroy our REAL electors' votes. A President that was happy that the police were getting beat the sh*t out of them by "his people." A President that condemned our> 3
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Did you know the @TheGrayzoneNews story about #PaulMason is tied to the #LabourParty? Here is a thread that explores the anti-left / abusive outfit Labour have outsourced lots of former staffers work to: #ValentProjects

The report by @KitKlarenberg displays secret communications between #PaulMason and various intelligence community wonks, in a coordinated effort to smear indy media, and 'take down the left' - Corbynites especially. Because apparently, 'anti-imperialism' is BAD. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤡

Mixing deplatforming, "full nuclear legal" (we've had a taste of that from the #LabourParty), and various other abusive and dehumanising techniques, this 'intel contractor' was happily working with #PaulMason and others to put leftists at risk.

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June 1, 2022. Happy Pride Y'all. You are loved by so many - please never forget it. A special WHAT THE FLORIDA 🧵to kick the month off. Are you angry yet? 1/11 Image
Florida #Democrats seem to be apathetic to the idea of running candidates against the #cult right sycophants that stand behind Governor DeFascist. 2/11
#FionaMcFarland, a cult-right state house rep, is running relatively unopposed in a seat that was previously held by a dem. 3/11
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90% of the funds raised by Fiona McFarland, FL House 72, came from out of state last election. She voted yes on:
Election Crimes & Security 🙄
Don’t Say Gay 🙄
Stop Woke 🙄
Anti-trans in sports bill 🙄
Restricting VBM drop boxes 🙄4
Forced birth post 15 weeks gestation 🙄 1/4
The only person who has filed against her? A local teacher who has no website and hasn’t raised any money. McFarland has raised over $120K already. @jacobogles reported about her funding sources last election but why even bother in what is essentially an unopposed race? 2/4… Wonder if there is still a ton of out of state money for this term? 3/4
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