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"Today we started a big, beautiful wall right on the Rio Grande," says @POTUS at start of #MAGA rally in El Paso, #Texas.
"Hopefully we do as well with the second summit as we did with the first," says @POTUS of his upcoming meeting in #Vietnam with #DPRK leader Kim Jong Un.
For his #MAGA rally tonight in El Paso, @POTUS says 69,000 signed up to attend but fire marshals allowed only 10,000 inside.
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1. The #DNS #democratnationalsocialists are destroying #USA which changed it's name from the #CommunistParty & infiltrated since 1930 in EVERY branch of Govt. THESE communists are #TheEnemiesWithin .@Livableworld #partyofeuropeansocialists #PES #WorldSocialism
2. The spider web of communism is enormous which grew after the fall of the #Berlin WALL #WallsWork . #SamWebb #JeromeGrossman #VictorSadell #DavidBonior & dsausa leader.
3. #LeoSzilard a #NuclearPhysicist fled #Hungary to be founder of .@Livableworld #ManhattanProject These grateful #socialistleaning #Senate candidates #EdwardMKennedy & #JohnKerry & more, endorsed by the council for .@livablaworld lobbied to reduce...
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This is the Lieutenant Governor of #Virginia #JustinFairfax he is facing his own allegations of sexual assault by a woman he had a relationship with 15 yrs ago. Fairfax says the claims are false.

We have yet to hear from the woman who says he sexually assaulted her. Justin is a 39-year-old Dem who is a supporter of the Affordable Care Act, tighter gun control, and increased taxes.

Justin is loved by your typical #Democrats
Are any of you surprised yet? ⤵️

Follow the money 💰

He was endorsed by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, which praised him because they said he “took bold actions in support of Planned Parenthood.”

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@docrocktex26 Yes & VA isn't just a southern state Northam isn't just a southern white leftist Gov. We have 400 yrs of context making this moment so critical. #Virginia is to white supremacist systems as South Bronx is to Hip Hop. Jamestown = Sedgwick Ave of American anti-blackness
@docrocktex26 Our 1619 Gen Assembly (House of Burgess) started forced African migration & lifetime enslavement. Our 2019 legislature meets in the former confederate gov capitol building. A Life Size Statue of RE Lee stands in frmr senate chamber where he accepted his traitorous war commission
@docrocktex26 VA is the belly of our racist beast. From that epicenter, in that smog, savvy focused ppl trusted him. Had he been honest, they would've advised him to step forward & say This is my past. This is my truth. Let's talk about this hurt & find healing And would've gone to bat for him
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#Virginia Gov #RalphNortham comes from proud family of wealthy farmers in Virginia.
His gr gr grandfather James had MASSIVE $27,500 land value, $15,150 property value in 1860.
Below is the census and SLAVE SCHEDULE for him and his son Levi Jacob
#RalphNortham is actually 3 generations away from slave owners.
That's incredible by today's standards.
His gr gr grandfather was born in 1797.
His gr grandfather was born in 1837.
He grew up on the farm where his family owned slaves yet he claimed he had no idea.
I call BS.
His family went from slave owning farmers with a huge farm, to merchants, then right into legal and politics.
Typical path for wealthy, established Southern Slave owners.

Now he wears blackface and wants to make it legal to kill babies.

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First, #Virginia's governor defends #infantacide, now this yearbook photo from college where he is dressed in #blackface surfaces a few days later.

#Kavenhaugh did nothing. Rep. #SteveKing's statement was taken out of context by The New York Times...
but their crimes were being #Republican.

#Democrats are literally getting a pass for baby murder and blatanty saying black people are stupid clowns.

Since so many #blacks continue to support Democrats regardles what they say or do, the shoe obviously fits for them and all other #Democrats are sick #hypocrites.
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Confederate flags EVIL
Black face? KKK?
not so much...

Democrats circle the wagons.
#RalphNortham #Virginia
Former Virginia Governor @TerryMcAuliffe tells us racism has no place in Virginia.
#RalphNortham #Democrat
Where did #RalphNortham go to school?
A medical school would print this crap in their
yearbook and no one said anything?

Time to look deeper

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1) Here be the one I was looking for. @RealSaavedra on #VAHouseD's seeking to allow #Abortions up to the moment of birth. Now. Really? What kind of sick demented ppl are these? I've always believed that, as it WILL become, when #RoeVWade is struck, it's a #StatesRightsIssue.
2) That said, if that goes thru, #Virginia will, like #NewYork, become officially #Californicated [ ! ] Next someone looking for 15min will propose #PostBirthAbortions followed by #Reps wanting #ChildSacrifice legalized!…
#ThesePeopleAreSick [ ! ]
3) As I have continuously said, #RoeVWade being struck will do zero, 2prevent those that seek a convenience in #Abortion, as it will easily slide into the #StatesRightsAgenda. Nothing will change overall. It's all so much bluster for nothing, like so many #Liberal causes [?]...
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🌎Donald Trump—🌪️Roger Stone—🔥Paul Manafort—🌬️Roy Cohn
There are so many connections between these four gentlemen, but the common thread between them all appears to be Roger Stone.…
🔪But Stone’s rules: “Attack, attack, attack—never defend” and “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack.” This “advice” came via renowned attorney Roy Cohn, who represented Donald Trump late in Cohn’s life.…
🌬️Cohn’s "original" 3-dimensional strategy via @vanityfair article: 1. Never settle, never surrender. 2. Counter-attack, counter-sue immediately. 3. No matter what happens, no matter how deeply into the muck you get, claim victory and never admit defeat.”

🍊Sound familiar?
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Andrew #Weismann #Muellers pitbull
1.#Weissmann served as @FBI’s General Counsel Under #Mueller

Mueller and Weissmann go way back. A 2015 press release from #DOJ announced that “Andrew Weissmann has been selected as the Chief of the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section.”

#Mueller #Weissman…
2.#Weissmann has dedicated the majority of his 30-year professional career to public service and #DOJ and taught criminal procedure and national security law courses and seminars at #NYU School of Law.”

#Mueller #Weissman
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The most important thing happening in the student loan market is states stepping up to protect their borrowers. And the reason why is simple: they know that the student debt crisis isn't something in the horizon. It is here.
Data from @NewYorkFed demonstrate what states are facing. Here are a few quick stats:
In the last year, 46 states saw an increase in student loan debt, and 26 saw it jump over 5% in that time.
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1/4 ▶️U.S. Senate

☑️Tim Kaine @timkaine
❌Corey Stewart

▶️U.S. Congress VA-01

☑️Vangie Williams @Vangie4Congress
❌Rob Wittman

▶️U.S. Congress VA-02

☑️Elaine Luria @ElaineLuriaVA
❌Scott Taylor

▶️U.S. Congress VA-03

☑️Bobby Scott @BobbyScott

h/t @DemWrite
2/4 ▶️U.S. Congress VA-04

☑️Donald McEachin @Donald_McEachin
❌Ryan McAdams

▶️U.S. Congress VA-05

☑️Leslie Cockburn @LeslieCockburn
❌Denver Riggleman

▶️U.S. Congress VA-06

☑️Jennifer Lewis @JenniferForVA
❌Ben Cline
3/4 ▶️U.S. Congress VA-07

☑️Abigail Spanberger @SpanbergerVA07
❌David Brat

▶️U.S. Congress VA-08

☑️Don Beyer @DonBeyerVA
❌Thomas Oh

▶️U.S. Congress VA-09

☑️Anthony Flaccavento @flacc4congress
❌H. Morgan Griffith
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🐬It's getting closer and closer to the midterm elections and #Democrats need to #FlipTheSenate. If you can contribute—great—if not, there are other ways to help: by following their account, tweeting about them, spreading the word, volunteering, getting others to contribute, etc.
🐦Let's start with Heidi Heitkamp @SenatorHeitkamp, running for U.S. Senate in #NorthDakota. Please follow, tweet, contribute, volunteer, anything you can do, she is in a tight race.

💸To contribute, even $1 if you can spare it!…
🐦Next, Claire McCaskill @clairecmc, running for U.S. Senate in #Missouri. Please follow, tweet, contribute, volunteer, anything you can do, she is in a tight race.

💸To contribute, even $1 if you can spare it!…
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Prosecutors file new charging document against ex-@realDonaldTrump campaign chairman @PaulManafort, signaling a possible plea deal, reports @AP.
A guilty plea to charges in his second trial (which was to be held in Washington, DC) is to be entered today by @PaulManafort, according to media reports.
According to the filing, @PaulManafort will enter a guilty plea to a single count of conspiracy to obstruct justice.
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Immigration & Customs Enforcement—more commonly known as ICE, is a law enforcement agency of the federal government of the U.S. tasked to enforce the immigration laws of the United States & to investigate criminal and terrorist activity of foreign nationals residing in the U.S.
ℹ️ICE has two primary components: Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO). It is an agency under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security and was established in 2003 following the 9/11 tragedy.…
ICE was designed to keep us safe from terrorists—for instance, the terrorists who took over the planes on 9/11 were living undetected in the U.S. for over a year.

Pls read this thoroughly before commenting. The Trump administration has corrupted this agency to do horrific acts.
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"A life threatening storm surge likely" along portions of the coasts of the Carolinas and Virginia from #HurricaneFlorence, according to @NWS.
“We are absolutely and totally prepared” for #HurricaneFlorence, @POTUS replies to radio pool reporter @karentravers, but acknowledges there's a chance, however, it's going to be very bad.
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Trump: Day 590
-153rd Day at Trump Golf Club
-196th Day at Trump Property
-Failing to Bring Back American Jobs
-Sons Spend $200k on Secret Service
-Names Donald Palmer to Fed EAC
-Christie Funneled $500M into AMI
-Omarosa Recorded All WH Convo's
-McCain Laid 2 Rest in Annapolis
Day 695 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 547 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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🎖️Yesterday, the people who ran and/or run our country:

🗣️Former President Barack Obama: So much of our politics our public life—our public discourse—can seem small…and mean… and petty. Trafficking in bombast and insult and phony controversies and manufactured outrage.
🗣️Former President Barack Obama (cont'd): It’s a politics that pretends to be brave and tough, but in fact is borne of fear. John called on us to be bigger than that."

👇Meanwhile, in Loudon County, #Virginia...
🍊Trump's golf count is now up to:


💰[Trump's golf cost to American taxpayers. Who is O.K. with this?]
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
Aug 15-22, 2018
1. Ricky Johnston from Las Vegas admitted to receiving over 600 images of toddlers & children engaged in sexually explicit conduct. He was sentenced to 144 months in federal prison.

#childpornography #childsexabuse #RickyJohnston #projectsafechildhood…
2. Operation Darkness Falls results in arrest one of the most prolific dark net drug dealers in the world.
Matthew & Holly Roberts used the darknet marketplace to distribute #fentanyl #oxycodone #heroin #meth & other drugs.

#darknet #silkroad #alphabay…
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A phrase to keep in mind as you are reading these next tweets ⤵️
2⃣What is #KIK ⁉️
3⃣Latest tweets from #KIK:
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Warning about a possible dam failure in #Virginia after heavy rainfall.
The city of Lynchburg (population 80,000) is ~1.5 km from the dam.
In latest flash flood warning @NWSBlacksburg states “the dam has not failed” (yet).
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