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As the snow melts in #Texas I hope we can all pause and reflect on the many implications of the #TexasBlackout.

In this THREAD I hope to address them all.

First let me express my sincere and profound condolences to all those Texans who have suffered devastating loss.
While it's been a hoot to bash someone as hateful as Ted #CancunCruz, the recent events in Texas have implications much more profound than the actions of one idiotic US Senator. I'll try to break it down into 3 sections.
#TexasBlackout #DemCast #EveryVoice #FreshVoicesRise
1. #ClimateChange/US Infrastructure preparedness.
2. A little history. Why and how did this happen?
3. Performative Governance/The Blame Game!

#TexasBlackout #DemCast #EveryVoice #FreshVoicesRise
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"Dallas Co. Judge Clay Jenkins gave a clear explanation in an @MSNBC interview about why TX is freezing in the dark. Jenkins laid the blame squarely on @GOP statewide elected officials, @GregAbbott_TX & @SecretaryPerry & the 3 member elected RR Commission.
Governors appoint
@ERCOT_ISO regulators & tell them what to do. @ERCOT_ISO has regulated electric utilities w/ the sole goal of providing Lg commercial users access to cheap power. 1 way they did that is to fail to require utilities invest in winterizing generation turbines, power plants/wind
generators which is a requirement everywhere else in the country.
The RR Commissioners similarly failed to require natural gas pipeline co.'s to winterize their pipelines by burying the pipelines deeper/insulating the pipelines better. Hence pipelines, power plants, & generators
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Oddly (or manipulatively?), an additional #Republican who voted to impeach #Trump--#SusanCollins--claims she opposes #TPP (now called "#CPTPP")…yet somehow blames Trump for TPP—even though Trump formally withdrew USA from TPP?

This brings the total number of #Republicans who tried to impeach #Trump, recently...who seem to *either support TPP or mislead people about the history of TPP* to be about 5/7...

#TPPInsiders are BIPARTISAN.
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#EpicFail. We are not a #SovereignNation anymore. We are not a #Democracy anymore. #Insurrection will be repeated at every election, but they won't wait till then. This was just the rehearsal. #Republicans did this because they knew they could never get legit elected again. #Coup
Why don't you give the rest of those #CapitolPolice & your 400 intimidated staffers more medals? Lots of good that will do when someone comes to kill them! You sweep it under the rug. No wonder some police felt so betrayed they went home & killed themselves. They should all quit.
@LeaderMcConnell says "Prosecute him!" b/c that way, the full extent of #McConnell's involvement in the #coup will not be laid bare. Sure #ProsecuteTrump, that ought to be easy after #MAGATerrorists come back w/30K guns in May as they promised & #QAnonShaman is confirmed as #AG. Image
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🔴 #LIVE: Watch Joe #Biden and Kamala #Harris’s inauguration ceremony live ⤵️

#InaugurationDay @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris…
🔴 #LIVE: Vice president-elect Kamala #Harris arrives at the #inauguration ceremony in #WashingtonDC.

Follow the event live here ➡️…
"A very different inauguration": Instead of a crowd, we have a "field of flags" at the National Mall.

Our correspondent @ketgorjestani is there with the latest ⤵️

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#Inauguration Day for #JoeBiden will look unlike anything the nation has seen before as the scars of #Covid19 and the Jan. 6 insurrection at the #US 🇺🇸 #Capitol turn the West Front into a virtual ghost town compared to years past.

@MaudJullien and @EleonoreVanel report ⤵️
@MaudJullien @EleonoreVanel 🇺🇸 Ahead of his #Inauguration, #JoeBiden attended a ceremony honouring the American lives lost to #COVID19 on Tuesday evening.

“To heal we must remember,” said #Biden with 400 lights representing the #pandemic victims illuminating behind him ⤵️
@MaudJullien @EleonoreVanel 🇺🇸 Donald #Trump leaves the presidency on Wednesday, ending his single four-year term stained by two #impeachments, political divisions and a #pandemic that killed 400,000 Americans.

Trump will skip the #inauguration and fly to his #Florida home.

@ketgorjestani reports ⤵️
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Look at this thread. Cong. Schneider makes the THIRD Representative to test + for #COVID19 after spending hours during the Jan 6 insurrection in a room with #Republicans that refused to wear masks. It clearly was a superpreader event.
In this thread is a video showing the following individuals refusing to don offered masks:
Andy Biggs (Ariz.)
Mo Brooks (Ala.)
Michael Cloud (Texas)
Matt Gaetz (Fla.)
Paul Gosar (Ariz.)
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.)
Doug LaMalfa (Calif.)
Markwayne Mullin (Okla.)
Scott Perry (Pa.)
It is likely one of them was a #COVID19 superpreader.
So far, they have all been 100% unrepentant. It's as if they wanted to hurt their colleagues.
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#republicantraitors #republican @HouseGOP @SenateGOP #trumptreason #insurrection
Blood is on the hands on these Republican elected officials. Never forget.

When a mob of President Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday,
they forced an emergency recess in the Congressional proceedings to officially certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. The disruption came shortly after some Republican lawmakers made the first of a planned series of highly unusual objections,
based on spurious allegations of widespread voter fraud, to states’ election results. The chambers were separately debating an objection to Arizona’s results when proceedings were halted and the Capitol was locked down.
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"Feel free to copy/paste, I did." ~ @lex31555

Here it is, abridged, and with pictures:

"I have listened to everyone else’s hatred, rhetoric and outright lies for the last four years, so now I am having my say.
Let me be clear, I am not a Biden fan.

But what has Trump done in the past 4 years?

(you fill in the blanks, there is are ample resources. Trump has been called every name in the book, and they're making up new ones all the time)
The "____" in the White House brokered four Middle East Peace Accords, something that 71 years of political intervention and endless war failed to produce.…
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Who knew that Capitol Police could exercise such great compassion, kindness and restraint in the midst of a rebellion and insurrection activated by #maga #domesticterrorists ? They literally tried to overthrow the government based on right wing Republican conspiracy theories
spewed by #trumptreason and #republican enablers Question, does the constitution still matter with the exception being when white people are upset at the election result because Black People & #BIPOC had the audacity to turn out and vote against white supremacy, racism, and
and Covid19 incompetence demonstrated by the 46-1 regime? But when we take a knee in protest (1st Amendment right to peaceable protest) we’re called thugs, SOB’s, N***ers and more. 😡 #amerikkka #dismantlewhitesupremacy #america #insurrection
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@SenTomCotton @SenTomCotton You called for the use of the military to stop the #blm protestors last summer. People who protested the extrajudicial killing of Black people by Police officers.

"If local politicians will not do their most basic job to protect our citizens, let's see how these
@SenTomCotton @SenTomCotton your words are empty.

anarchists respond when the 101st Airborne is on the other side of the street," Cotton said on Fox News.

Hmm, I wonder what your thoughts are now that we have actual anarchists & whites supremacists led by #trump try to overthrow the US
@SenTomCotton Government. You were very forceful in June 2020. What say you now?! #tomcotton #republican #hypocrite #racist #gopsenators

Sen. Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican, on last June pushed for the use of military force against Black Lives Matter demonstrators
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The question everyone, especially law enforcement, needs to ask is: how did #Cult45 members get into the Capital building?? Someone on the inside is complicit in this fascist display. #WashingtonDC #DCProtests
#MitchMcConnell fully enabled & helped create this fascist Frankenstein monster. His empty words now mean nothing.

#Cult45 #WashingtonDC #CapitalHill #Thugs #TrumpRally
#Cult45 thugs roaming the Capital building shouting “DEFEND TRUMP”. Their goal is not truth, democracy or the constitution, it is fulfilling the delusion of a psychopath. #WashingtonDC #TrumpRally
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AFP: #Trump tells supporters at Washington rally he will "never concede"
AFP: #Trump urges VP Pence not to certify #Biden victory in Congress
AFP: Video shows police evacuate US #Congress offices as #Trump supporters protest on Capitol Hill
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Angela Chao
The sister of Mitch McConnell's wife is the only US appointee to the #ccp Bank of China.

Her husband Jim Bryer owns IDG Capital China.

He is one of the largest investers in #China Tech Companies.

He invests in many Chinese Military linked Companies
@JoeBiden's creepy videos, with the Asian kid was Mitch McConnel and his wife Elaine Chao McConnel's grand child.

It was when Mitch's wife was sworn in by @joebiden

Chao family owns a massive China Naval shipping company -
Foremost group

They recieve 1st class CCP treatment
Angela Chao
Is the only American ever to be appointed to the board of directors to the #CCP owned and operated #Bank of China
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So @TuckerCarlson finally gets its, most of us already knew, and in plain sight so will you.
#Voting #Manipulation #Democracts & #BigTech
1. Electronic Voting is not as secure as hand counting. Voters can see it and it makes them nervous. Leaders given every reason to not trust the technology.
2. #Tucker "The people who are now telling us to stop asking questions about #VotingMachines are the same ones who claim our phones weren't listening to us, they lie
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In d "Rocky Mountain Heist" Documentary (2014), d @battlegroundtexas PAC was mentioned. Narrated by @michellemalkin, she tells of the "CO Model," how a "Gang of Four" flipped CO blue, & this proves they can do it to any state of the Union (#Texas).

"Battleground Texas is a local effort with national implications. With our 38 electoral votes, once #Texas goes blue, a #Republican can never make it to the @WhiteHouse again." --
Scrolling down to the bottom of their About Us page, the Battleground Texas PAC lists several other PACs, including Texas Future Leadership Program TX-FLiP, @bluestarproject, & @MovimientoTX.
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I know Trump doesn't seem to have an obvious pathway for retaining the presidency, but there's a cluster of phenomena that concerns me. It includes everything from Trump's fortification of the WH, as if it were a Medieval castle, to Pompeo's unctuous assurance of a 2nd Tr term..
2) to Mitch McConnell decision to throw the institution weight of his #Republican controlled senate behind Trump's spurious election fraud claims; to Bill Barr tasking his DoJ with finding vote fraud (which triggered resignation of his election crimes head…
3) Trump's replacement of the #1 & #2 at the Department of Defense, which seems especially significant given that former #2 Mike Esper refused to put US troops on America's streets.…. That's accompanied by gossip that Trump intends to replace the..
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House #GOP Lawmaker: #Biden Should Be Recognized As President-Elect

"Rep. #TomReed (R-N.Y.), a co-chair of the #bipartisan #ProblemSolversCaucus, said Tuesday that #JoeBiden should be recognized as the president-elect while many top #Republicans...…
... are still siding with (Outgoing! 🥳) President Trump* in refusing to #concede the #election. Most #Republicans in #Congress are backing #Trump's efforts to challenge his loss to #Biden, despite the lack of evidence of #VoterFraud. Reed issued a statement congratulating...
... #Biden within hours of his projected victory on Saturday, and on Tuesday said that Republicans should recognize the outcome if there isn't evidence to back up the Trump campaign's claims:

"#JoeBiden has rightfully earned the title of being the projected president-elect...
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Thread: I joined @FoxBusiness @LouDobbs tonight to discuss #TeamTrump legal action in the #2020Election. We have hundreds of lawyers on the ground in #Philadelphia and around the county to challenge election irregularities. Please watch and SHARE!
2/ There was also a federal civil rights lawsuit filed in #Pennsylvania to challenge the issues of barring #Republican poll watchers from being able to watch what’s happening, witness irregularities, and document and challenge them.
3/ The #TrumpCampaign also filed a lawsuit in #Georgia that challenged late absentee votes that were mixed in with the rest. The judge dismissed the case due to lack of evidence. What we’re seeing is #ThirdWorld level nonsense and it is disgusting that it’s happening in #America
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If #JoeBiden wins, he’ll be the third US president to deal with #PMModi — Here’s how that could play out - by @pabsgill…

#Elections #Election2020
@pabsgill #BIExplainer | 20 charts that explain why Indian Americans are more likely to vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 US Presidential Election - by @pabsgill…

#Elections #Election2020
Indian Americans are more likely to vote for #JoeBiden in the 2020 US Presidential Election rather than the incumbent #DonaldTrump.

#Elections #Election2020 #USElections2020 #USElectionResults
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1. #TRUMP supporters across the country are turning out in HUGE numbers not only to see a #TrumpRally but also to participate in a #TrumpCaravan or a #TrumpParade this was ours a few weeks ago #TrumpCountry 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
2. Massive Jewish #TrumpParade passes by Trump Tower on 5th ave in the heart of NYC!! #Trump2020 #JewsForTrump
3. So many Trump parades in New York today! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #Trump2020 #TrumpParade #Trump2020Landslide
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Whenever I see #Antifa trending (especially when driven by inauthentic troll network activity), I’m reminded again of how #fascism operates. It requires the conjuring of both enemies & scapegoats. It’s worth revisiting different works on fascism. Like #Yale prof @jasonintrator.
(Full interview here:…).
Trump & #GOP use of manufactured enemies, is such a thoroughly predictable aspect of practicing #fascism, that it’s almost cartoon-like at this point. Something cult members fall for, while everyone else stares in disbelief.
Umberto Eco in his famous 1995 essay, “Ur-Fascism”, (…)
talks about how social & economic frustration makes fertile ground for fascist movements & susceptibility to fascist rhetoric & techniques. #Election2020
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2 dozen senior Trump admin officials fear he'll use gov't power to refuse to leave office or "create favorable terms for negotiating his exit." They worry too about foreign adversaries using the internet to undermine the election. thread>…
NYT sources: most senior officials w/ Senate-confirmed jobs, regular access to Trump & highest-level briefings; some still serving. Several are currently in Intel, law enforcement, nat'l security & are focused on violent, far-right white supremacy groups encouraged by Trump.
Officials: "in 1st debate, when the president offered one of the most astonishing performances of any leader in modern American history--bullying, ridiculing, manic, boasting, fabricating, relentlessly interrupting & talking over his opponent: that’s really him.... That’s Trump.”
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