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💻 The Russian attack on our 2016 election was arguably the worst attack on the U.S. in history.

#Democrats cannot put their heads in the sand about Russian influence & third party candidates in the 2020 election.

Hillary Clinton is right; #Democrats must learn from 2016.
🇷🇺 It might take more than a decade to recover from Russia’s attack & that is only assuming that the 2020 elections will go well for #Democrats.

⚰️ People are dying. We need to fight this administration & Russia—who are working hand in hand—with everything we’ve got.
🚨 Hillary Clinton warned #Democrats about a 3rd party candidate sponsored by the Russians.

🇷🇺 Tulsi Gabbard outed herself:

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TRUMP WANTS TO WITHDRAW FROM DANGER ZONES IN SYRIA - though the reason the troops were there had ended .

He is attacked for withdrawing the Troops.

1) #Syria #USTroops
He would have been attacked for endangering troops and even for some of them dying. And the same critics would have attacked him for trying to be the world's policeman though he promised not to be.

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't. 2)
And who benefits ? Who really benefits? Obama, Kerry, and the Democrats, because some of you might recall that Obama and Kerry have been meeting with leaders everywhere telling them to ignore Trump and hold out because they were getting rid of Trump." 3) #Democrats #Obama #Kerry
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What really is the Democratic Left?

Combating MSM, @DNC & the Right's misinformation campaign, propaganda & lies about where Left, Center & Right actually are politically w/ some fucking history & facts to protect our #Democracy from modern slavery #Neoliberalism.
French Revolution Nat. Assembly seating was origins of political Left & Right spectrum designations.

Left wanted reform, new constitution w/ Declaration of Rights of Man & of Citizen

Right wanted to continue Ancien Régime - monarchy & feudal nobility

1. Men are born and remain free and equal in rights.
2. These rights are liberty, property, safety and resistance against oppression.
5. The law has the right to forbid only actions harmful to society...…
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#BREAKING: Trump signs executive order to sanction #Turkey over #Syria - The sanctions may include #Turkish gov officials (Possibly #Turkey President #Erdogan. #TurkeySanctions See Document Below!!!
Please Share!
#Breaking Update: There is also a “Caveat” within this #Trump ExecutiveOrder for #TurkeySanction: It will NOT be implemented right away. It will be effective when #Trump gives the “Go”.
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Is it only the @GOP & those who lean to the right that our #DemocraticNominees need to constantly please? I didn't hear the @GOP candidates straying from THEIR messages in 2016 to woo #Democrats.
👇 thread
In your opinions #Democrats can't try to move the Country forward towards equity, healthcare, student loan forgiveness, better education, housing, or fair criminal justice system...why? Why is that?
Yes. We need to put up an inspiring #Candidate & mobilize voters
Thread 👇
...And by overcoming overt voter suppression every step of the way by the @GOP.
We can & should do better than this.
#JFK in his "We choose to go to the Moon" speech said...
Thread conts...👇
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How do I cheeek my friends history?
I am loosing 50 followers every other day.
Took 2 days off, lost 100 ppl.

@jack Shame on your employees.
I have never threatend anyone, swore, argued or had any negative conversations. Been here since 2011.
I support @POTUS
I support conservatives / Repuplicans like @Jim_Jordan @DonaldJTrumpJr so I am "punished" because I do not support the absolute, insanity the #democrats are turning this world into.

Example 1: This is crazy
Example 2:
Full stage show at elementary school.
This is normal right @SpeakerPelosi @AdamSchiff ?
This is the result of #Democrats legislation

Sex education should NOT begin in kindergarten. Sick ppl.

Child innocence is being destroyed . Shame on you

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#Democrats may appear to have no message, no platform & no viable candidate, but all of that is irrelevant. The Democrats ONLY quest is to destroy our President at any cost. And I do mean ANY. Getting #Hillary back in the White House was merely to give Democrats access again
2/ the government printing presses. America was to finance the entire NWO and the Elites along with it. The #DeepState is an elaborate cover used by BOTH sides of the political aisle. I find it highly ironic the DNC has been exposed, along with Joe Biden, his son, John Kerry and
3/ HIS son, as well as Nancy Pelosi & her son, as beneficiaries of countries like #Ukraine #China & #Iran We have heard stories of different companies funded handsomely in large part using TAXPAYER DOLLARS & at the behest of AMERICAN covert agencies: the CIA, the FBI & NSI;
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I need to share this to everyone supporting the right side. You stand by Trump because you believe he's draining the swamp....peeling off layers of corruption. Really? I heard the left side version years ago & before that the right side & before that the left side again &..
THEY always use the same script, but change the theme. For example, Trump to "drain the swamp". We believe in this story so blindly that someone will roll up his sleeves & clean up the corruption in D.C.
Folks, how long are going to keep falling for the same script??
Imagine you go against the mafia and at the same time you work for them. Think about it. The truth is THEY will not go against their own. Btw the Left pushing to impeach Trump. That's another distraction to get people on the left and right to vote harder to maintain...
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Here's an idea:

#Democrats in Congress order their Sergeant at Arms to arrest non-cooperating Executive Branch officials.

#Trump orders #SecretService, #USMarshals, #FederalProtectiveService and other federal police officials to protect Executive Officials from arrest.
Barricades are set up around federal buildings.

Armed forces face off against each other on either side.
Do you think it can't happen?

After Lincoln's assassination, President Andrew Johnson fired Secretary of War Stanton.

Stanton did not take being fired at all well.
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In a few days, it is Yom Kippur. It is a time of reflection, of thought.

Your party has a problem. 1) #JewishDemocrats #Antisemitism #JewHate #Democrats #YomKippur
It refuses to condemn anti-Semitism among its members in Congress, many of its Congressional Delegation refused to condemn BDS one-sided boycotts of Israel. 2) #Antisemitism #Congressmembers #Democrats #BDS #Israel
Much of the Congressional & Senate delegations run to get the endorsement of anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, & few object, in fact, few of the Jewish Democrats in Congress object with the exception of Ted Deutch. 3) #Democrats #Endorsements #JewHaters #Farrakhan #JewishDemocrats
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@rlefraim wrote, "INTERESTING QUESTION
The Democrats in Congress have decided to characterize Trump's efforts to get foreign cooperation to investigate corruption of US politicians in the past, as "illegal",....
1) #criminal #corruption #illegal
though there is nothing illegal about finding out about past possibly criminal behavior.

But, let them be consistent.
2) #illegal #corrupt #Democrats
What Presidents of the USA (and other high officials) have used their influence on foreign nations to get cooperation to find information about American politicians and their activities? Let's See. 3) #Presidents #foreigninfluence
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🏴 Whistleblower Form Secretly Changed; CIA May Have Known

the original whistleblower form had been doctored to allow for second hand accounts less than a month before the alleged whistleblower (((ACCUSED))) @realDonaldTrump of wrongdoing
. . . not only would she have know of the change in the document . . . Haspel very likely authorised the change herself

Haspel has long held suspicious ties to one of pres Trump's most vocal critics. Obama CIA chief @JohnBrennan, Muslim convert and a liberal communist . . .
🏴 @RepAdamSchiff is under public scrutiny as he continues to be a driving force in the house's impeachment inquiry. Many believe Schiff is working with the whistleblower & knew about the complaint in back August

🇺🇸 #LiddleAdamSchiff #AdamSchiffResign
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1/ @voiceofsandiego suspects @SDDistAtty @SummerStephan may be leaving the #Republican Party. Why? Read her rambling response:…

What is clear: #SanDiego is full of ambitious politicians who change party, office and/or districts to stay in/run for office.
2/ Related: 2 of 3 recent Chairs of @sandiegodems were "reformed" #Republicans

They changed their party registration then worked against #progressives when they run against #moderates. Women of color were especially impacted by moderate party policies & actions in 2018
3/ @sandiegodems used "member communication" $ to attack @CD4Monica @vivianmorenoSD in their elections

Both women won- despite institutional #Democrat opposition. Hopefully this teaches local Democrats about the power & need for #diversity & representation in #SanDiego politics
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#democrats lie about everything. The phone call betwwen @realDonaldTrump and #Ukraine has been released.
Nothing illegal in the conversation.
#Trump today with the President of Ukraine
Here is @JoeBiden bribing UKraine with $1,000,000,000 of #American taxpayers money.

The prosecuted he had fired, was investigating #HunterBiden for corruption.
@JoeBiden thunks he's th Fone

@JoeBiden is a failed version of "The Fonz" from Happy Days
@POTUS @BreitbartNews
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Prediction: Impeachment is a trap being set by Republicans. They're going to use it to make Biden unelectable by making it a comparison of who is more corrupt. It's a Trump said / Biden said competition and Trump is better at slinging mud.
Watch recent footage of Giuliani speaking on MSNBC. He's chomping at the bit to tell the world how Biden and his son interfered in a foreign country's dealings, forcing a prosecutor to be fired. Was the prosecutor corrupt? Or, was Biden corrupt? Thinking of an elephant?
Republicans desperately want Warren to get the DNC nomination. They know they can beat her at the ballot box. No Trump voter will ever vote for Warren. Not one. She's Hillary 2.0, even more so than Biden. Their second choice is Sanders, who they're ready to label Socialist.
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#HologramTHREAD: DNC Bullshit

I've slept on this. I've thought about not saying it. I've thought about just keeping it to myself.

I can't.

The DNC made a special provision to keep Tom Steyer in the race and give him a shot at Debate #5.

Billionaire Tommy Boy, late to show up
to the Election of the Century, (1) bought his way into Debate #4 with dubious means, and now (2) had the DNC kowtow to him to keep him (and his money) around for a while longer.

As someone representing a true grassroots candidate, this is INFURIATING. Here's what it is:
Because Steyer has been pouring his $$billions$$ into Iowa and New Hampshire. Every so often, odd polls would show up with Steyer pulling 6% in an early state. There's no way that Steyer can get 3% nationally: He has zero grassroots. He runs $$millions$$ in online ads to get
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This is an extraordinarily bright women with a solid grip on what is happening. EVERY DAY we go without the Wall, 400K or MORE #Illegals are shipped into the interior of America JUST IN ARIZONA, never to be seen again. The diseases they carry will ultimately find their way into
2/ our PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEMS. A few diseases that are carried by illegals: TUBERCULOSIS, PNEUMONIA, LEPROSY, CHOLERA, Sexually transmitted diseases, EYE DISEASES in children the CDC cannot even identify, diseases we eradicated 60 years ago: POLIO, MEASLES, MUMPS, & RUBELLA.
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In #Pakistan, Govt & pundits shouldn't make too much of #Trump appearance at #HowdyModi. It's a circus for #Indian PM, endorsing @realDonaldTrump for a 2nd term while the pro-#India lobby in DC works with anti-#Trump base, & hoping to keep him away from #Kashmir if possible @AQpk
PM #Modi has this in mind while trying to appease #Trump at #HowdyModi: #American restrictions on I.T. visa abuse by #Indian immigrants (aka 'Skilled Immig'), ending #India oil imports from #Iran, jeopardizing #Indian interests in #Afghanistan, & Trump rehabilitating #Pakistan
#Trump turning the screws on #India on trade tariffs, forcing end to oil import from #Iran & forcing India to buy from #USA/#KSA/#GCC, talking to #Pakistan on #Afghanistan, & restricting immigration from India, are things that worry #NewDelhi deeply. Watching #ImranKhan in....
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Tell us what happened at the #standardhotel. #QAnon
Watch video
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The Council for National Policy #CNP, "The Secret Society"… "the heart of a great conservative movement that helped to make America strong and prosperous in the 20th century – now helping to ensure she remains free and secure in the 21st century,"
Some CNP members - Mike Pence comes quickly to mind - in the context of bolstering their conservative credentials, have proudly revealed their CNP membership, even though CNP's policy is to keep membership a secret. Here is it's 2014 Membership, the latest…
If you prefer, you can watch this report on The Council For National Policy via @YouTube
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Ahhh, so Democrats who want to ban meat are going to appear at a STEAK fry In #Iowa.

More rules for thee, but not for me.
19 of the hypocritical #Democrats who want to ban meat were at the Iowa #SteakFry, though they only mentioned a few in here:

Kamala Harris
Cory Booker

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My open thoughts to my, your, OUR @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
1) I am a Trumper until the bitter end! #Trump2020 #KAG #MAGA 🇺🇸
I am a pissed off #Californian #CA
That being said...
2)🇺🇸At your #NewMexico rally you said “I wish we could move the wall & let them have their open border”. #SanDiego
I am no #Snowflake and take this in jest, you are quite funny!
3) The ones who don’t are the criminal, cabal, lawless #Democrats that run our state #CA
It was a little disheartening to hear.
Millions of us, here, in #TheSwamp support you.
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