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A thread on #coronavirus, vulnerability, and power

Disabled people know what it means to be vulnerable and interdependent. We are modern-day oracles. It’s time people listened to us. 1/x…

#HighRiskCovid19 #COVID19 #COVIDー19 #CripTheVote #SuckItAbleism Graphic with a black background and a photo of an Asian American woman in a power chair. She is wearing an orange-red jacket and black pants. She is wearing a mask over her nose attached to a gray tube and bright red lip color. Her hands are resting over her joystick. Photo credit: Eddie Hernandez Photography
Even before the coronavirus pandemic, systems have always tried to kill and oppress marginalized people.

These crises and assaults reconfirm who is considered disposable and unworthy of assistance, resources, attention, and treatment. 2/x
This time feels different for me with the very real threats of health care rationing and shortage of ventilators for critically ill patients in the United States. 3x

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#DisabilityTwitter #Madison disabled students need your help. Please spread the word & if you have expertise or clout also email the school board. Madison plans to buy a multi-million dollar facility to house (segregate) “alternative” students, aka disabled students, esp BIPOC.
Let @MMSDschools know that disabled students deserve to be integrated & included not isolated & incarcerated. This is the same district where a black disabled girl’s braids were ripped out & a black disabled teen was pinned & punched by 3 police officers. That’s just THIS YEAR!
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"Using an inhaler is not a choice. I never planned to rely on a medication that released greenhouse gasses. Yet in order to breathe I must use an inhaler every day."…

#SuckItAbleism #EcoAbleism #CripTheVote
"... I understand the urgency of the climate crisis. Systemic changes do need to happen to preserve our health and our environment. Yet as someone who is disabled, I know that scapegoating disabled people won’t help anyone, and it most certainly won’t help our planet."
"We need to hold corporations and governments accountable. We need to push for actions that place people and planet over profits."
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I’m not in an affected area but I was working through scenarios on what I would do this week since this is only a matter of time as a disabled medical baseline customer in San Francisco. Some thoughts 👇

#PGEshutoff #PSPS #SuckItAbleism #CripTheVote #SF
1) there is 1 community resource center per county that is open only during the day with capacity to serve 100 people based on what I read.

How in the world would that be adequate in San Francisco? If I went there to recharge some equipment imagine the wait time!
2) I live in a multistory building and while power outages are not uncommon, an outage of 2-5 days would trap me in my home since the elevators will be out. If I had to evacuate I would have to leave my power chair which is several hundred pounds.
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CN: assisted suicide

FYI, we have another #MeBeforeYou ableist clusterfuck coming up:

👀 “Susan Sarandon has voiced her support for assisted dying after taking on the role of a terminally ill woman.”…

#SuckItAbleism #RepresentationMatters #FilmDis
“In the film, Lily suffers from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), which is a progressive degeneration of the nerve cells that control muscle movements. Around 80% of those diagnosed with it die within two to five years.”
“But despite her sympathy for those who choose to end their lives in such a position, Sarandon said it's not a choice she would make if she was terminally ill herself.”
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So I googled this.

Some "paper straws" are actually made of papered rye chaff (the stalk), and "certified gluten-free" paper straws won't tell you what the adhesive is made out of. They may test less than 200 PPM but DO NOT DRINK FROM PAPER STRAWS IF YOU ARE GLUTEN SENSITIVE.
I went to multiple manufacturing websites. Rye paper straws are one out of five "paper straw" makers who work in the food industry. That's a big yikes from me. Keep those straws away from your mouths, not only because they're gross and mushy. They might be literal poison.
I want to add:

There is NO transparency required about straw allergens & restaurants. None. Your biodegradable straw might be corn or rye, but they won't tell you. It might be literal straw stalks (grass allergies anyone?). We need to get rid of straw bans.

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Please read the work by disabled people on why this rhetoric & conflation is harmful to the disability community @AndrewYang & everyone else giving their hot takes on the

#CripTheVote #ableism #sanism #MentalHealth #SuckItAbleism #ElPaso
By @MADtastically & @Azza_Alt:

Efforts to Address Gun Violence Should Not Include Increased Surveillance…

By @Imani_Barbarin:

Ableism Is the Go-To Disguise for White Supremacy. Too Many People Are Falling for It.…
By @sesmith:

Don’t Blame the Mentally Ill. Blame the Guns.…

Video from @RootedInRights:

People With Mental Health Disabilities Shut Down Dangerous Ideas About Gun Violence…
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Good question. Here's why treating plastics as one kind of thing in science and activism isn’t useful and can even cause harm.
A thread.
#plasticpollution #plasticspollution
Plastic = many polymers with many associated chemicals. A paper by @ChelseaRochman et al "Rethinking microplastics as a diverse contaminant suite" warns that treating plastics as a single compound misses effects, sources & solutions
Likewise, single-use can include medical plastics, disposable packaging & other items. Conflating them can cause harm. E.g. straw bans: see @DisVisibility on how disabled people use straws to create livable worlds. #suckitableism
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How do we honor the our disabled elders & ancestors?

When I first found out that Carrie Ann Lucas @DisabilityCubed died 3 days ago, it was painful. Like countless of sick, chronically ill, and disabled people, she died at the hands of the medical industrial complex.
Carrie Ann created disability culture, family, and community. She lifted people up and defended their rights. She fought the system with every tool at her disposal. She loved her friends and family fiercely.
Stories can carry our history, joy, love & grief into the future. We can preserve Carrie Ann's crip wisdom by sharing stories about her. I'm delighted to publish 2 guest pieces for @DisVisibility by disabled parents about Carrie Ann, a badass unapologetic queer disabled mother.
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