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Which artists (any medium!) are making thought-provoking art about the reality of the pandemic right now? Who is really engaging on this subject and making art that grapples with it? Tell me who is doing interesting work, I want to follow them
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We need inclusive spaces for organizing & gathering in the time of #COVID and #LongCOVID. Check out this brief guide for gatherings and call for disability solidarity, created with the What Would an HIV Doula Do? collective. 1/🧵

#DisabilityTwitter #PandemicsAreChronic White and black text on bla...
Practicing inclusion during COVID-19 means acknowledging the health and safety needs of all people, then taking steps to communicate and provide safe(r) and more accessible options for gathering.
This includes not only working to understand the reasons spaces may be inaccessible to individuals with varying needs, but also committing to following community-centered practices to improve safety for all. #AccessIsLove
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Meant to post this yesterday but in its first month on the market, #BlackDisabilityPolitics sold 1,820 copies while being #OpenAccess! For an academic book this is a huge success. Thank you all for your support & for showing that open access doesn’t mean no/low sales! Photo of multiple stacks of...
You can download and read the #OpenAccess version here:…
If you’d like to buy a copy, you can purchase directly from @DukePress using code E22SCHLK for get 30% off the paperback. Or purchase from your favorite independent bookseller.…
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Remember when I said COVID would be a mass disabling event with the majority of Americans disabled and people were like “Stop using scare tactics! Stop exaggerating!” But here we are. I want us to prepare for disabled futures not fear them.
And when I say mass disabling event, I don’t just mean long COVID. I also mean all the people with psych disabilities, esp PTSD, from the trauma of the pandemic (like front line workers) & everyone who have had medical care denied or delayed in an over-taxes hospital system.
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WANTED: IDA (International Documentary Association) is looking for a NAI (Nonfiction Access Initiative) Program Manager! 🧵

#1IN4Wanted #JobPosting #DisabilityRepresentation #DisabilityAwareness #DisabilityJustice #FilmIndustry #ProgramManager #Wanted
DESCRIPTION: The NAI Program Manager is the lead on the development and implementation of IDA's new fund, the Nonfiction Access Initiative. The Program Manager will work to implement the NAI Research & Design (R&D) process, outreach, and implementation.
The Program Manager manages the initiative's Access Coordinator, logistics, research, NAl public programs, and NAI submissions.
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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Disability Inclusion Fund's Twitter chat on disabled-led joy. Anyone is welcome to participate and you can follow along using #DIFJoy. For more about the DIF and Joy Grants, read about us here:
If you're new to Twitter chats, the key for this one is to use the hashtag #DIFJoy in your responses. Please be sure to include A1 A2 or A3 and so on based on whether you're responding to Q1 Q2 or Q3 etc.
While Twitter is accessible and fun for some, it may be overwhelming and inaccessible for others. Please take breaks and return to this chat whenever you'd like! Reminder: if you're using GIFs or other images, please include alt texts. #DIFJoy
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I’m on the road but wanted to get this thread out as the creep of fascism feels larger and closer. Another resource list, this time using @MsKellyMHayes’s self-reflection prompts on planning for disaster, including @prisonculture’s guiding questions for moments of injustice. 🧵
Here is the episode of Movement Memos where @MsKellyMHayes discusses her prompts.…
A wonderful complementary article is Deana Ayer’s blogpost “Balancing urgency and patience when the world is burning around us.”…
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🚨 EMERGENCY PLS RT: My dear friend and sister Aasiya @Ecohesian is w/o power needed to live. Without a generator every disabled person who requires power for life sustaining equipment in #ONStorm is at risk. It’s not hyperbole—legislated disability poverty in canada kills. #LNOB
Though to be clear poverty and disability poverty is deadly in a myriad of ways. It’s not always such an acute situation. Poverty is traumatic. #Poverty is violence. #Ableism is deadly. Ableism is traumatic. Ableism is violence. The same can be said of the #ClimateCrisis. #NAUWU
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Sharing a small list of organisations led by and working with people with disabilities in Ukraine to donate to, this is a crowdsourced list and initiated by @jenbo1
#DisabilityJustice 🧵
NGO Fight for Right - focused on serving Ukrainians with disabilitie…
Dostupno UA - among other amazing activities, they are developing a mobile application will help you navigate Ukrainian cities and find barrier-free locations that are friendly to people with disabilities
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Tomorrow's session in our doctoral seminar on public health ethics centers "Disability, Ethics, & Public Health."

We began this convo in the fall history of public health seminar via extensive discussions on eugenics and basic notions in critical disability studies.

Tomorrow we'll extend our work by attempt to apply working knowledge of #DisabilityJustice and #DisabilityEthics to public health practice and policy. Last week's application exercise of the REAP Framework in evaluating the influence of #StructuralRacism in policy serves +

As a critical bridge to this week's unit, since of course ableism and racism intersect past and present in all sorts of nefarious ways in public health contexts.

(The app exercise involves continuous Medicaid coverage under the current PHE)

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🗣 #ADoctorADay 1/? — Who better to report for spreading dangerous information than Dr. Simone Gold? We need everyone to go to… to report her harmful disinformation— not to mention that little insurrection snafu— & share this! #NoLicenseForDisinformation 1/
Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, is one of the most infamous new voices of the #COVID19 pandemic. With help from the Tea Party Patriots, Gold&crew became disinfo superspreaders overnight,& it has not stopped since. Report her. 2/#NoLicenseForDisinformation A black graphic with red and white font that reads: Report Dmedical board of california contact William JMEDICAL BOARD OF CALIFORNIA  LICENSING DETAILS FOR: G 70224
Dr. Simone Gold’s dangerous conduct starts before the White Coat Summit, when she began prescribing hydroxychloroquine for covid, despite the lack of evidence. She brags abt clearing out a LA pharmacy of its HCQ, while rheumatic patients struggled to find our essential meds. 3/
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Even the most cursory glance at the economic situation of people with disabilities in Canada paints a bleak picture. Disparities in income, wealth, and economic opportunities have widened since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the proposed....1/7
Canadian Disability Benefit has yet to become a law, it serves as an important reminder to analyze and understand the economic challenges faced by those with disabilities. 2/7
#disablethedifference #disability #disabilitystudies #disabilityinclusion #disabilityrights
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Hey! I’m the person in the hospital, they gave me my phone back but threatened to take it away if I contact anyone but my father, I’m too scared to say the name of the hospital till I am out in case of retribution but I will keep everyone updated thread about everything 1/
TW: transmisia/ableism I came into the ER they only called me by my legal name and pronouns -many people still are but not all While in the ER they refused to turn off the beeping machine connected to me that was till another nurse came over and did it b/c he understood autism 2/
Once I got back and placed in a room they took all of my belongings away from me - including my phone (which is also my communication device) for 16 hours and still are threatening to take it away if I “get agitated” or contact people 3/
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Something I’ve always struggled to try to explain to able-bodied friends is the need to “perform” pain to be taken seriously by healthcare workers.

So I thought I’d do a thread on it...

#ChronicPain #NEISVoid #ChronicIllness
Pain is relative. So my 5/10 is not the same as anyone else’s 5/10. And, when you’re in chronic pain, your pain tolerance necessarily goes up so that you are not roaring and screaming in pain 24/7.
As well as that, pain is exhausting. If you’re in pain all the time, you can’t afford the energy to be screaming in pain 24/7. Sometimes you don’t even have the energy to grind your teeth or breath harder.

But why is that a problem...?
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A brief thread on #ADA30 and the future of design: Disability justice is foundational to #designjustice. Ch. 2 of Design Justice begins with the disability activist slogan "Nothing about us without us." (Freely available here:…)
Figure 2.1, at the start of Ch.2, is the cover illustration for “Nothing About Us Without Us: Developing Innovative
Technologies For, By and With Disabled Persons” by David Werner, 1998,… A line drawing of a group of 6 people holding a banner that
In the chapter, I argue that employment diversity is important, but that ultimately, #designjustice challenges us to push beyond the demand for more equitable allocation of professional design jobs.
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“I thought perhaps there was a time when a PM making a false statement in Parliament would apologise..” @MichaelMarmot on #childpoverty #healthinequalities2020 @ToynbeeHall @equalitytrust @FairLondon
“Our lives depend on public health...” says @khankfarza in her critique and talks about the need to understand racialise #trauma and address hierarchy #healthinequalities2020
High level of community involvement in health initiatives but lack of presence in the research highlights @khankfarza #healthinequalities2020
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#thread on ableist language: I’ve seen a lot of Madison folks using ableist language to talk about the #pandemic protesters & I want to talk briefly about why this language is harmful on multiple levels to disabled ppl & to the cause of collective liberation. CW: ableist language
The most common thing I see is folks referring to protesters as crazy, insane, mental, nutjobs, etc. This language suggests all the protesters (yesterday 1.5k in Madison) have psychiatric disabilities & often imply that as a result they’re dangerous or not worth taking seriously.
This discursive approach is ableist bc it suggests that people with psych disabilities are inherently dangerous, dismissible, disposable, etc. It adds to the oppression of folks with psych disabilities, relies on this oppression to be effective.
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Refreshing townhall abt #AntiAsianRacism around #Covid_19. Lingering thoughts: Demand a lil vs. demand liberation; We dont have institutional leverage but we have the majority so we need to act as one; How do we ensure that we don’t return to business as usual after all of this? ImageImageImageImage
As part of the 2% non-Americans of 2,500+ listeners, I was majorly impressed by the organizers & panelists. Thank you for the refreshing convos. 🎨 beautifully done by IG:

#AntiAsianRacism #racism #discrimination #yellowperil #capitalism #whitesupremacy
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This is absolutely not how to go about writing a bill. Who are the #ActuallyAutistic stakeholders you worked with?


PS - You’re still amazing. LOTS of autistic people think so. Keep it up (just not this bill). We’re here to help.
HB1722 isn’t an autism bill. It’s an ABA industry bill (an industry that autistic people who’ve gone through it have strong objections to).

@pwcdanica isn’t evil. She isn’t being malicious. She’s a smart, empathetic, much-needed official.

So, what happened? Let me explain. A screenshot image of the t...
ABA (as applied to us) operates on false assumptions about autistic people. That’s the root of why it so often causes such damage and trauma. Yet, it’s promoted by leading autism groups. Why?

Well, those groups were built with good intent but not with autistic people. So...
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#DisabilityTwitter #Madison disabled students need your help. Please spread the word & if you have expertise or clout also email the school board. Madison plans to buy a multi-million dollar facility to house (segregate) “alternative” students, aka disabled students, esp BIPOC.
Let @MMSDschools know that disabled students deserve to be integrated & included not isolated & incarcerated. This is the same district where a black disabled girl’s braids were ripped out & a black disabled teen was pinned & punched by 3 police officers. That’s just THIS YEAR!
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The MYTH of #HighFunctioningAutism

(sorry, long thread; also about #ABA, but PLEASE try to read it!)

For skeptics who believe an #Autistic with a job or a profession or a child or a relationship leads a life similar to a #Neurotypical (#Allistic), please read this./1
Also, to #AutismParents wanting an #Autistic child to grow up looking & acting “normal” & considering #ABA, please read on.

This is a 2-hour snapshot from my fairly functional day as an #ActuallyAutistic, outwardly very “successful” #Neurotypical-appearing health professional./2
The following represents a particularly SERENE 2-hour slice of my day, a lot less harrowing than the rest of it.

In other words, this is #AutisticMasking at its LEAST taxing./3
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White disabled people really need to stop with hot takes on representations of disabled people of color that don’t even MENTION race (see below). #disabledbutnotreally #disabilitytoowhite…
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Thread! CW: police violence

Friends, you know I don’t share violent content often but I’m sharing video of a #MadisonWI black disabled high school student who was assaulted by police. Read the thread for the longer narrative courtesy of @AboutFreedomInc
Earlier this week, a Black high school student with a mental disability, who attends West High School, was failed by @MMSDschools and assaulted by @madisonpolice officers.
West High School staff called the cops on the Black disabled student (I haven’t heard why). The student left and went home. The cops came to the student’s home and violently arrested them. The student was cooperative, but that did not stop the violence.
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Honestly I always believed this was a distraction/stunt. Everything is PR & staging in this administration, for this narcissist. He can’t get anything actually done legislatively so he creates crises to “solve” & be the “hero” 🙄
And honestly, there are so many ways this administration is doing serious long term damage to disabled communities. Special Olympics does good work but it IS a private org. We need funding for education, work training programs, healthcare & accessible infrastructure.
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