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I guess once the not safe for EU labels start rolling out, Billingsgate Market will need an E-Coli section for UK consumption only.
Just so the @Conservatives can feed the UK more shit, we have the #SewageScandal #CovidEnquiry #Profiteering #NHSCrisis #PartyGate #BrexitDisaster
Any more shit?

But we all know what your doing wrong

We need a
A government that thinks of people not their pockets and profits Image
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As an autistic adult, here is a concept I thought of that would have REALLY benefitted me and prevented burn out. (Every autistic is diff, though!)

🫶using “masking” to the childs benefit. Allowing them the power to be themselves, while also getting by in an NT world. 🧵#autism
Ex: “Hey, B. We are going to the grocery store. And you’ll have to __wait in a line__ and you probably don’t want to! But you are special. (*Use whatever term you want-fairy, superhero, princess.*) and you have to try your best to blend in with everybody else while there.
BUT when you come home, or feel safe enough to, you can take the mask off and be yourself. if you need help while out, let me know.”

As the child ages, you would reframe and have the concept grow to work with them. Never hiding their autism, or treating it as “bad different”
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Just doing some digging. #Pain is extremely nuanced. And the approach should also. W my kids #health & #pain there has been continued lack of knowledge, assumptions, & unwillingness to understand.
➡️#Anatomy of those that had #TPAIT & lack of understanding
by many docs 1
how this can impact #pain
➡️ Not identify or understanding impact of #MalabsorptionSyndrome
➡️Assumption that removal of #pancreas should immediately ‘solve’ issue of #ChronicPain
➡️ #GastricEmptying issues
➡️ Age of my kids (too young to have #pain)
➡️ Lack of 2
understanding & identification of #MedicalTrauma
➡️T3c #Diabetes
➡️ Impact of #NASH on #pain & options for #care

There are numerous factors that are critical in #Treating an #ChronicPain in #Individuals. They list of few listed above that are factors w my kids, have often 3
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Medical professionals unmasking in light of recent political declarations that the "pandemic is over" just screams to me like a 21st c. replica of the Lister controversy. American drs refused to accept antiseptic practices for decades after it was discovered. 1/4
Despite an abundance of evidence that it saved lives, drs refused to incorporate antiseptic practices. Despite overwhelming data. Depsite clear outcomes. Despite published studies. Lister failed to convince other drs that germs were real, esp American trained drs. 2/4
History didn't hold those drs accountable. They just murdered thousands of patients throughout their careers bc they refused to adhere to best practices. I really hope someone, anyone, has learned from that history. 3/4
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🧵1) of 9 #DisabilityTwitter #DisabilityRights #Disability #chronicillness #ChronicPain #RareDisease Is our country 80+ yrs later treating our most vulnerable citizens any different? 👇 Just killing us in different ways.…
🧵🧵2) "the Nazi ideological conviction which labeled these persons "life unworthy of life".This country makes it near IMPOSSIBLE to get disability after paying into it via taxes for decades once we become ill. Medications unaffordable unless you're rich.Why? Image
3) Yr after yr & appeals we fill out COUNLESS FORMS. "The limited space & wording on the forms, as well as the instructions in the accompanying cover letter, combined to give the impression that the survey was intended simply to gather statistical data."
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When Mary went to hang out with "friends" March 28 2020 no one imagined this!

#MaryCollins Hidden In A #Mattress In Front of Police

Perps waiting for trial!

#murder #disability #Charlotte #NorthCarolina @MarysVoices


Clips @misery_podcast… Image
Living her life before her life was stolen. Always remember. Never forget. Mary Santina Collins ❤️

#MaryCollins #Murder #Charlotte #NorthCarolina

April 16th 2019
Mary 💔 @MarysVoices

Mary Santina Collins 1999-2020

In March 2020, #MaryCollins age 20, was #murdered in #Charlotte #NorthCarolina, stabbed 133x, her body hidden in a mattress. "#Friends" took advantage of her #disability & trust.

#JusticeForMary #JusticeForMaryCollins

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profile below is using ableism as engagement bait. He tweeted the packaged peeled fruit thing yesterday like it wasn’t discussed extensively years ago. Looks like he wants to ride the omnidirectional outrage for engagement at our expense.

Pls unfollow.
#DisabilityTwitter Cropped screenshot of heade...Image
Well thank you app for hiding that 2nd photo so I couldn’t alt text it.

Pic here (again apparently) with alt text. Alan MacLeod tweeted 18 hou...
This exact photo was used 7 years ago in a tweet that drove outrage engagement.

It’s pretty hard to consider that the person currently tweeting it is doing so in good faith.

Here’s a blog post from 2016 about it. Link preview photo is the same picture…
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2021 is the year I realised that the queer community is ableist to the extent that it’s disabling its own members.

Ableist even to the point that it would kill its own members.

Here’s a thread about why that came as such a shock to me, as a queer activist of over a decade.

If 220,982 UK people had been killed in 3 years, two thirds were queer and most people were happy because they mistakenly thought only queers would die, you’d compare it to the AIDS crisis.

You’d call it fascist.

This is the scenario with covid eugenics and disabled people.

A right-wing power grab has taken hold globally because solidarity only exists on the right.

Far-right, ableist, eugenicist rhetoric crept into the mainstream and it’s flourishing in the queer community because of the cowardice and conformity you pretend to stand against.

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Thousands of trolls are targeting the left and #DisabilityTwitter, often pretending to be disabled and anti-vax/mask.

Here’s Cambridge Analytica’s ex-lead psychologist designing disinfo to target you on behalf of big business.
#HARTLeaks #KochNetwork
🧵1 Patrick Fagan chat log from...
If people are worried about covid, they avoid shops, go to fewer restaurants, stay away from offices etc.. Big businesses lose money.

Oil companies and commercial property companies lose money if people work from home. People use less petrol, which is the main thing.

People want sick pay, medical care, air filters and ventilation if they know the risks.

Businesses don’t want to pay. They fund pro-virus propaganda. Disinfo about covid and #LongCovid.

Covid’s the 3rd leading cause of death. 3% of the UK has LC. They need to hide it.

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its so easy to tell immunocompromised people to just stay home if they are rightfully afraid of getting Covid - or the flu, or norovirus, or even just tue common cold (which can kill us), or whatever other germs the eugenicist plaguerates demand the right to spread. 🧵
The pandemic did usher in the age of delivery apps, which does help. But its not a panacea for meeting one's basic needs, especially for follks living on a shoestring budget - which certainly describes most immunocompromised folks who are sheltering at home,
denied the right to participate in society for the plaguerats' normalcy. 🧵
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After 6 weeks in hospital with severe gastro issues and needing my PEJ tube resited. They believed I was drug seeking the first 2 1/2 weeks because I was asking for antiemetics that worked. Even though they saw my PEJ wasn't right, they didn't apologise they booked it in before
the media ran my story which they knew about. Being ignored and then suddenly rushed in on a Saturday night? Erm ... not worrying at all!
So they have got 2 psychiatrists involved regardless of I want them in the background or not. This I was told didn't need my consent!
I mentioned I had ME to the consultant and next thing I have 2 pysch, the head quack actually told me the PACE trial wasn't flawed and that pyschs just wanted to help PwME!! He didn't like that I was a campaigner for those of us living with disabilities! He also told me that I
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The past like 6 months I've had terrible urogyn care. I had a UTI, gyn didn't do a culture, gave me 3 day course of meds, I didn't get better. I waited weeks to get a simple appt to do a sample and see an NP. She dismissed my issues entirely. But culture comes back positive. 1/11
Then tells me I'm "too complex" and drops my care. I scramble and go with an infection for weeks waiting for urogyn opening. Surprise I still had the same infection, the 3 day course of meds didn't treat it bc I have a shitty immune system and it was already too severe. 2/11
Then first urogyn decides I need thousands of dollars in tests and tries to convince me I need surgery. When I explain some EDS issues she tells me I'm "using my disability as a crutch and would get better if I just centered myself." So I switch care again. 3/11
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We need inclusive spaces for organizing & gathering in the time of #COVID and #LongCOVID. Check out this brief guide for gatherings and call for disability solidarity, created with the What Would an HIV Doula Do? collective. 1/🧵

#DisabilityTwitter #PandemicsAreChronic White and black text on bla...
Practicing inclusion during COVID-19 means acknowledging the health and safety needs of all people, then taking steps to communicate and provide safe(r) and more accessible options for gathering.
This includes not only working to understand the reasons spaces may be inaccessible to individuals with varying needs, but also committing to following community-centered practices to improve safety for all. #AccessIsLove
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Could someone tell me what AI/app we all use to find mutuals of someone we don't consent to being mutuals with?

I need that app. I don't have time to play "who's friends with who" in the followers. An app can do that for me.

#UnfollowAbusers #UnfollowAbusersFriends #Obviously
And hey, I get that not everybody can do this.

I get that I have privilege. I have a job I'm willing to quit if the abuse continues, evolves, or IS NOT TAKEN SERIOUSLY BY HIGHER UPS.

I don't need the job.

That's a great place to be. Not everybody has that class advantage.
And yeah, I realize some of you are on the job market right now. You need salary and health insurance. So you can't exactly go around unfollowing ppl on the search committees & such.

You can't. But I can. I have tenure. What else am I supposed to do with tenure?

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Why is the word "access" a signifier that slips to "love."

Access is not love. Access is the law.

I don't need you to "love" me in order to make something accessible.

In fact, I don't want your "love." That implies a relationship I don't consent to.
This is not easy shit to say publicly because of how widely adopted access = love.

Justin Dart started this.

Justin Dart's motto: "I love you. Lead on."

No. I don't love you. I don't have to love you. Love is not part of my bid for civil rights. I won civil rights in 1990.
This idea that I, a disabled person, need to "love" you, in order to get access from you?

That seems abusive to me. Actually. Now that I think about it.

I should have access because it is the law.

Not because I love you.

Not because I show you any kind of "special" emotion
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Do ppl understand that ppl die from #MECFS?
Common cause is starvation as the stomach shuts down.

We're now seeing trend amongst #LongCovid patients; where many of those severely ill are seeing huge rapid weight loss. I'm begging parents to take action early if your child 1)
Has the signs of #LongCovidKids.
Majority of ppl who become severe do not start out that way. Rather they steadily decline.
Common cause of decline is pushing through PEM.This is why we talk about the importance of early diagnosis. Promise you as a parent if your child becomes 2)
Severely ill w LC, you'll need to know you've done everything to care for them from the start. There are many parents out there w sick children who
a) dont know its LC because they aren't educated about LC
b) are in denial.
Those children likely to become more sick as they 3)
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#DisabilityRights #DisabilityTwitter
I'm told that Medicaid must be stopped in one state before one can even apply in the next. That is up to 90 days out of pocket on treatment costs for the disabled. That is unacceptable.
#DisabilityRights #DisabilityTwitter
That 90 days is enough to limit a disabled person's ability to move within the U.S. Healthcare is expensive.

It is worse when the disabled person has developmental or intellectual disabilities.
@RepPressley @SenMarkey
@SenWarren @RepMoulton
#DisabilityRights #DisabilityTwitter
For autism & intellectual disability, there is a huge wait for services: 3 months MA Health application +
10 months DDS eligibility application + gods know how long on waitlists for services.
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I live disability theory. I don't need to read a lot of it.

If I was always reading disability theory, I would NOT BE READING other thinkers I want to read, like Cicero, Epictetus, et al.

Ex: Everyone telling me to read Sara Ahmed's COMPLAINT rn. I'm living Ahmed's book rn. Back cover of epiphany maga...
That photo is the back cover of @epiphanylit . It shows Sara Ahmed's essay "No," a very good essay, alongside my essay, "Some Husbands I Work With."

I had to publish that piece as a "short story" at the time. I told the Editor, "You know this is real, right? I don't feel safe."
Editor at Epiphany? Totally fantastic. Understood that I would change a few minor details, thereby fictionalizing my life, so that the husbands at my work place would not 1) sue me nor 2) hurt me. #AcademicTwitter
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Comprehensive exams in Ph.D. Programs for English need to change. The form of the exams -- and I am speaking my opinion on four different PhD granting programs in the USA -- is fucked.
There is far too much focus on time. Able-bodied notions of time. Being on time. Doing the exams in time. And "using" time in some kind of way that everybody just assumes (?) we know how to "use" our time.
I know of one program -- I'm looking at you, Canada -- where students may opt to take 24 hours to complete written exam on a given set of questions.

That is humane.

Other PhD programs rules and regulations about time? Not just inhumane, but silly.
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I mentioned earlier in the week that IPSO are't willing to create guidelines on reporting disability because they don't get complaints. They asked me to provide 5 recent examples of media ableism so please drop examples below #DisabilityTwitter #NEISVoid
Ideally it must be from an IPSO participating publication. However this includes Daily Mail, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Times, The Mirror, Metro and more.…
And of course please send me any current stories to complain about
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I need the record to show the way
The State of Florida
treats me, a queer disabled woman
who is also cyborg,
thus gender nonconforming
bc cyborg is not gendered

#LetTheRecordShow #DisabilityTwitter
I am employed by @floridastate

On November 8, 2022, an employee of FSU kissed me WITHOUT MY CONSENT in front of another employee of FSU in the parking lot of Gaines Street Pies
This is called battery. I am a tenured, Associate Professor at FSU, and I am not okay with battery committed against me by a colleague in my Department.

Here is the police report about the battery: 2023-90000198

@TDOnline @WCTV @mycbs4 @abc27
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Hey. Can someone tell me why we don't have outrage about The Supreme Court's first decision of the term? Where The Supreme Court sided against disabled veterans? Like, are we really just too tired or do we not care about disabled veterans cuz I'm confused.
And the fact the ruling was 9-0 with nobody on the side of disabled veterans? That's yet another reason why I'm an anarchist. Have fun with your Democrats and your Democracy. If your Democrats can't even rep for disabled veterans? who need time? to make a deadline? then no.
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Hi #DisabilityTwitter . Could I have some support as I do something rather audacious?
You might be thinking: "Cy, you already published your email to HR across all platforms today. You can just sit back and relax."

But that email was basic. I learned nothing from that email. Nothing that I did not already know.
But now I want to apply for something that I know my hero, an icon in philosophy, and you will all know her name in 20 years time, will read.

Her name? Shelley Lynn Tremain.

Yes, you already know her. Some of you. The rest of you? Catch up.
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My email this morning to HR. I am sharing this an activist practice & in peace & love.

"Dear HR, Your employees have:

1) threatened me
2) sexually harassed me
3) discriminated against my identities
in front of all my colleagues and all my students on listserv
4) disregarded my consent
5) kissed me on the mouth as if I ever wanted that
in front of another colleague, & wife of the colleague who committed battery against me

So I am going to need your Office to change your tone.
I am going to need you to learn about and embrace disability justice principles [link].

And then I am going to need you to begin practicing disability justice principles.

Towards me.

In the very mechanisms that your office uses regularly.…
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