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🏹 So... let's talk about that carrd about Tulpamancy stuff, shall we?

Been a while since I did some Syscourse after I got burned a buncha times. But I feel like I can say something about it.

TW: Light Religion Talk, Sysmeds, Syscourse

🏹 As for the carrd I meant:

I will also put out there that it's very strange that you can't really access that link on the homepage. Either me and my host are way too stupid to find the clicky part or the person behind it purposely hides it.
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Watching one particular sysmed on tumblr tear apart our thread about final fusion is great. Especially when they have the reading comprehension of a literal toddler.

Go play in your sandbox kiddos. #syscourse
What kills me is they didn't even pay attention to the fact that our account is different than the other system we were talking to in the thread. And criticized them for "not reading the statistics they JUST quoted."
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Here's a concept. Maybe if people weren't busy excluding folks from minority groups; they could be working on getting everyone in the group human rights.

Remember, everytime you engage in exclusion, you are helping your oppressors inch towards removing your rights.

Divided we fall. This poem is a perfect example of what I mean in the first tweet.…
Waiting for people to be like "don't compare x thing to what the Nazis did."

You do in fact realize that they burnt a medical clinic/library down that contained trans literature and an entire queer subculture?

You do know that gay people died in the holocaust right?
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Watching a system "fully fuse" and then "unfuse" is like one of those "well I told you so" moments.

Studies don't support that the majority of final fusions during DID treatment last longterm. Nor do they state anything about the beneficial properties of being a fused system.
If you can't tell by now this is going to be a controversial thread.

I'm just tired of folks promoting final fusion after a few months of being fused, only to discover that they've unfused.
I've read accounts by DID folks who say that as their sense of separateness decreased, they started randomly "fusing."

Yeah, that's a thing. We've had that for years before realizing we were plural. (around which time we likely fit the criteria for DID)
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🌠ToSD Summarized🌠
Hopefully an easily digestible thread on ToSD. There's a lot of misinfo on twit & other places so here's some facts w/ sources. Stay informed!
#syscourse #dissociatwt #plurality #dissociativeidentitydisorder #ToSD #structuraldissociation
🌖What is ToSD?
ToSD stands for "theory of structural dissociation." Outside of twitter, though, it's actually called TSDP more often. That's bc the full name of the theory is "structural dissociation of the personality."

I'll be using TSDP in this thread instead of ToSD.
TSDP is a theory that provides an essential framework for understanding & working with trauma & dissociation. The core concepts of the theory were proposed in an academic book called The Haunted Self (THS), published in 2006.…
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I want to talk about how people with DID-PTSD express their trauma, dissociation, reality, recovery, etc. in different ways, and how policing that expression can lead to harm. #dissociativeidentitydisorder #dissociatwt #pluralgang #DIDOSDD
(Up front, this thread is about DID-PTSD but if you find it useful for endogenic or non-disordered plurality then that's cool.)
A lot of #syscourse tends to focus on the "personhood" of alters, dissociated parts, headmates, whatever you want to call them. It's an understandable topic. Routinely, we are denied our personhood even as collective wholes. Having DID-PTSD means that you have
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