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Hey #Dissociatwt We had one of the most terrifying somatoform symptoms last night, possibly after a trauma dream but it’s all foggy. We could feel our legs but could not feel the outsides of our skin on our top half but we were able to move our limbs. At the same time the inside
of our body was hurting so much, it felt like we were drugged. The pain was such that we felt we needed a huge amount of pressure to relieve it BUT we couldn’t feel our skin on any of our top half of our body. We tried rocking to feel the bed underneath us, we tried slapping
we still couldn’t feel and we felt trapped as we couldn’t get enough momentum to get out of bed as our top half wasn’t able to feel the edges of body. I then thought maybe if I doubled over our weighted blanket that would help but it didn’t. I then tried punching and that helped
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Anyone know of any credible articles or research on lack of mind/body connection affecting proprioception & movement? IE we’ve spent so long being detached from our bodies that new neural pathways need to be formed when doing physical exercise? #Dissociatwt #therapistconnect
Let me explain..if we’re learning a new move in the gym we often know we’ve sent a message to that body part to move but it doesn’t. We’ve found ways of helping pathway establish like slapping that area, looking at it, talking out loud, doing the movement at same time as others
When we are running, if there is anything that signals ‘danger’ eg we can’t see where our feet land, uneven ground, shade or low light and especially down hill sections we FREEZE. It could be that this is a separate ‘trigger’ but I think the two are connected.
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Please RT! A free resource about Dissociative Identity Disorder thanks to @firingthemind. Talks combining lived experience alongside professionals in the field of #DissociativeDisorders are hard to come by! via @YouTube #TherapistsConnect #dissociatwt #DID
A recording of the live webinar featuring Gill Frost, Valerie Sinason, Amanda Ball, and Alf McFarland, held on Wednesday 30 June 2021.

For anyone who is a survivor of abuse or trauma, please take care when viewing this video as some content may be triggering.

Event information;
DID – or dissociative identity disorder – is a little-known and widely misunderstood condition, even within the medical and therapeutic professions. Any scant knowledge amongst the public comes mostly from poorly researched or sensationalist films or television series.
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Let’s talk: Monsters Inside, highly stigmatized mental illness, and how society incarcerates mentally ill people they perceive as violent and dangerous. 🧵
#CancelMonstersInside #dissociatwt #dissociativeidentitydisorder

[CW: Institutionalization & Police Brutality]
Portraying mentally ill people as violent is not a new phenomenon. Systemically, mentally ill & neurodivergent people are characterized as violent, erratic, unpredictable, and as threat to society.
Being portrayed as dangerous leads to the removal of mentally ill people from larger society. Historically, that looked like indefinitely warehousing the mentally ill in state institutions and asylums.
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Singlets will watch the scene from Suicide Squad and be like "OMG it's so cool that they share a body and have superpowers."

But then when they see plural systems/DID systems online they're like, "what a bunch of fucking fakers. So cringe." #pluralgang #dissociatwt
Scene in Question:

You can't enjoy media inspired by real life plurality and then go online see DID systems and go, "fuck them kids."

Like, that's not how anything works lmao
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🌠ToSD Summarized🌠
Hopefully an easily digestible thread on ToSD. There's a lot of misinfo on twit & other places so here's some facts w/ sources. Stay informed!
#syscourse #dissociatwt #plurality #dissociativeidentitydisorder #ToSD #structuraldissociation
🌖What is ToSD?
ToSD stands for "theory of structural dissociation." Outside of twitter, though, it's actually called TSDP more often. That's bc the full name of the theory is "structural dissociation of the personality."

I'll be using TSDP in this thread instead of ToSD.
TSDP is a theory that provides an essential framework for understanding & working with trauma & dissociation. The core concepts of the theory were proposed in an academic book called The Haunted Self (THS), published in 2006.…
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I want to talk about how people with DID-PTSD express their trauma, dissociation, reality, recovery, etc. in different ways, and how policing that expression can lead to harm. #dissociativeidentitydisorder #dissociatwt #pluralgang #DIDOSDD
(Up front, this thread is about DID-PTSD but if you find it useful for endogenic or non-disordered plurality then that's cool.)
A lot of #syscourse tends to focus on the "personhood" of alters, dissociated parts, headmates, whatever you want to call them. It's an understandable topic. Routinely, we are denied our personhood even as collective wholes. Having DID-PTSD means that you have
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Trouble working with or finding your inner world? Hopefully this info helps folks. 🧵 We keep finding folk having trouble with or mistaken impressions about inner worlds. #pluralgang #pluralpride #plurallife #dissociatwt #DIDOSDD
We have found some plural & DID systems “trying” too hard to make/create their inner world, imagine it, picture it, visualize it into existence, etc. It seems that somehow there's some mistaken information about inner worlds being shared in the community.
We are pretty sure most already have this “place” and are overlooking it, making it too complicated, or under the mistaken impression that it has to be more elaborate, therefore *that* must not be it, it must be more grandiose.
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dear DID/OSDD, system, and/or plural community, we need to talk about race.

sincerely, an angry and tired system of color (meaning, we have a non-white body).

#pluralgang #dissociatwt
disclaimer 1:
much of this tweet is going to be directly addressed to white systems (meaning systems with a white body—we are not going to clarify this any more).
while we are aware that BIPOC can be racist against other BIPOC, we see the behaviors we are addressing most...
...frequently in white systems. this does not mean we are exempting fellow SOC from checking their behaviors.

(SOC=system(s) of color)
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